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Going out on a limb here…

Vote counting is still going on in several states including Florida where Nelson is closing in on Scott and a statewide recount is being triggered. In Arizona, it looks like Democrat Kyrsten Sinema just passed Martha McSally for the Senate seat vacated by Jeff Flake. In Georgia, Kemp just declared himself king and resigned as SOS but if his vote count goes below 50%, there will be a runoff between him and Stacy Abrams. Back again to Florida, Gillum and DeSantis are also getting close enough for a statewide recount.

But it’s the senate seats I’m most interested in. Because Sinema and Nelson could reset the senate back to the status quo that we had before the election. And if THAT happens, something very interesting might occur.

Did anyone notice how many people have taken to the street tonight in support of Bob Mueller? Acting AG Matt Whitaker is expected to sharply curtail the investigation and protect Trump like Sessions wouldn’t. That’s almost guaranteeing that the House judiciary committee will have to pick up the investigation where Mueller left off.

I know this really annoys some pundits who assume that we are too stupid to know that the House has many committees and can multitask on other issues, thank you very much. What I hope these very important keepers of national civility are realizing is that voters are not having that whole kumbaya shit this time. Trump has crossed too many lines. He can’t be trusted and we voters want to get to the bottom of this as much as we want decent healthcare. The protests are not going to stop. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t kind of get bigger this Veterans Day weekend.

Anyway, here’s my wild scenario, for what it’s worth. Matt Whitaker can’t act as AG. The public won’t stand for it. Trump will be without any protection until the Senate comes back. When will that be? IDK but you don’t get instant AG if you’re forced to nominate someone. And the vacancies act says that if the President fires a senate approved political appointment, he can’t just shove someone else in his place willy nilly. Technically, the next person in authority at the justice department would become AG. That would be Rod Rosenstein.

It sure sounds like Sessions was fired. Trump asked for his resignation, Sessions gave it. I’ll let the lawyers parse this one. Preet Bharara seems to think that Sessions was fired, and if anyone should know what it’s like to be fired by Trump, it would be Bharara. If that’s the case, Rosenstein is acting AG. There’s nothing Trump can do to change that unless he wants to fire Rosenstein. It would be a Saturday Night Masacre. That’s what got Nixon to the tipping point.

All of that is going to play out in the next two months until the new Congress is sworn in. Lets just ponder about why Trump is pulling out all of the stops and forcing a Constitutional Crisis in order to protect himself. Protect himself from… what exactly? All the more reason to ignore the pundits and protest.

Ok, so here’s my wildly improbable scenario. Mueller continues to do his thing. The truth gets very close to coming out. Trump strikes out like a cornered animal and someone finally realizes that when the Senate comes back, the numbers may not have changed all that much but the players have. There are a couple of wild cards in there now. Some of them are pretty ambitious people. Ambitious people with experience in running an executive branch. Ambitious people who may have been humiliated by Donald Trump. I’m talking about Romney. It’s too soon to tell whether he’ll be another Jeff Flake.

But what if he wouldn’t have to be? What if Pelosi and Republican Senators make a deal? Get Trump and Pence out of office and let Romney serve out the rest of Trump’s term. Sort of a Gerald Ford shuffle remix.

This has several advantages to the Democrats. First, they get rid of the big orange and his bootlicker. Second, the pundits get the President they always wanted. Third, Pelosi looks like a practical peacemaker and the Democrats get political capital for brokering a deal that spared the country a lot of turmoil. We only have to wait two years before we run against him. Fourth, whatever dark secret Trump is hiding, and I’m betting it’s a very big one, may never see the light of day. It might be one of those secrets that we would all be better off not knowing, like Oumuamua really was a interstellar sunsail engineered by intelligent lifeforms from a planet orbiting the star Vega, which is only 25 lightyears away from here.

Ok, my brain is a little busy tonight.

Thoughts? Taunts? Eye rolling? Does anyone have a better idea?

Put it in the comments.

22 Responses

  1. I definitely think if enough evidence is made public and there is enough of an outcry some republican senators will turn on Trump. Not out of principle of course, but because it’s politically expedient for them to do so… you know people like Romney are itching to be the one that “Brings the country together and restores true conservative values”

  2. No eye rolling here, RD. Good stuff. I want to see him humiliated. I want all the gory details and secrets to come out and I want his supporters to experience a life lesson.

  3. Pelosi if she assumes the role of President will not stay in that position for long… They’ll have some special election..

    • I don’t think she’ll want that to happen even temporarily.

    • why do you say that? that she will not stay … for long.

      • Because whatever would lead up to Pelosi taking office will be a constitutional crisis even more traumatic that watergate. We have a LOT of right wing crazies with guns. I’m not afraid for Pelosi. I just don’t think she would want to be the person responsible for instigating a second civil war. Her taking over the White House would be too provocative for reasons that are completely irrational. Besides, sometimes a real leader exercises power in a less visible way. Appointing a “moderate” Republican to serve out the end of Trump’s term would be consistent with history and she might be able to get big concessions in the deal. I can think of a couple things I’d want in return.

  4. Well, that is very interesting! I don’t even know how I would feel about that, since I cannot stand Romney, but he is of course preferable to Trump, as anyone would besides Pence. Actually, I think Pelosi should be President under such circumstances. The Republicans demonize people like her for more than just the reason that it’s fun for them. They want to make it impossible for them to govern. Look at all the people would would sagely say, well, Hillary might be good, but she could not govern because she is “too polarizing.” Do that to every Democrat, and then none of them can govern. I would far rather have Pelosi be running this country than Romney. Plus, if somehow he got in this way, he would win the next election, since as you say, the media loves “moderate” Republicans. Or we’d get Kasich, just as bad. Of course we desperately need Trump to be out of office, but have to win the 2020 Presidential election, no matter what. And I would not offer the Republicans a bailout.

    On the elections, I was quite excited to see Nelson moving up, but I am afraid he is running out of votes. There is this strange undercount in Broward, where 25,000 people seemingly did not vote in the senate race, but voted in the gubernatorial race. Some attribute this to a bad ballot setup, which would be beyond appalling, particularly given the butterfly ballots of 2000 which caused people to mistaken vote for Buchanan instead of Gore. How hard is it for them to draw up simple ballots????? Anyway, I do not see how even a hand recount can make up 15,000 votes. What a shame. Vote suppression and refusing to use available voting machines in Miami-Dade and Broward, thus forcing people to stand out in the rain for four hours, or maybe even give up, all are part of a completely corrupt Florida voting system. I hope Sinema can pull this out, but it still looks daunting, because there are going to be votes from R districts coming in. I would love to at least get one of these two Senate seats, somehow.

  5. It actually looks like Florida is going to do the exact same thing they did in 2000, including going to the Supreme Court if necessary. I imagine that the Florida Supreme Court is stacked with conservatives at this time, so they would not need to. But they are arguing that they can only do one recount at a time, and then time runs out for the other one to be done. If this is true, then Gillum should do the best thing and refuse the recount, because he cannot win, whereas Nelson would have a chance. Florida is really run by very bad people, even though there obviously are many millions of good people who live there. It may be necessary for the Democrats in the country to ignore the U.S. Supreme Court, as it is going to be the place where Justice does not exist, and which Republicans use as their line of defense against anything they don’t like.

    • I, too, wish to see a Democratic President and Congress, if we ever get that again, simply ignore the courts as long as Federalist Fascist Society members dominate the courts. How could the courts enforce their legal (mis)rulings if both the Executive and Legislative branches chose to stand against them?

  6. What is fucking wrong with Florida?

  7. Check this out!

  8. What a president!!!

  9. Whitaker’s first career, as an action figure. 😛

  10. Pelosi would be the next in line if she becomes Speaker of the House if tRump and Pence are removed from office. Then Pelosi would be the first female president.

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