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Sessions and a word about who your friends are

Jeff Sessions is out. We are now in a very critical phase. Trump is like a cornered animal. He’s going to have to face Democrats come January and considering how much they’ve been forced to give up, they are going to want to get to the bottom of what happened in 2016 and what Putin has on Trump. It’s a national security issue, in addition to uncovering the corruption.

So, we can expect Trump to do everything he can think of to protect himself and his family. “Firing” Sessions is just the first domino to fall. Trump has until January to shut Mueller down and change the subject.

But the day will come when Democrats are able to check the president. That can’t be avoided.

This is the time I think we should consider who our friends are. There’s a real possibility that both Trump and Pence are implicated in corruption that rises to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors. As much as I think Nancy Pelosi is a savvy and effective politician, I don’t think even she wants to take over the White House under these circumstances. It would be very chaotic and destabilizing for the country.

Just remember that, oh you Republican lurkers. Democrats are not necessarily the enemy. Robert Mueller was appointee by a Republican. Rod Rosenstein is a Republican. Indeed, all the high profile justice department officials are Republicans. The investigation and indictments to date haven’t had any hands of a Democrat on them. They haven’t been able to call witnesses or subpoena anything for two solid years while this investigation has gone on.

It has all been Republicans.

Right now, we’re not too fond of Republicans for good reason. But occasionally, we get one or two in the right places who have integrity and want to let justice prevail, even if their own side is involved.

And there are plenty of Democrats who do not want to rock the global markets or alliances or ruin the economy by doing what might look like a coup to the Trump supporters.

The people we should encourage are the ones who want to stop the chaos now before it spirals out of control. They’re the ones who want a smooth transition of power that involves the least amount of instability.

Those are our friends, regardless of party affiliation right now.

The ones who want to take it all down with them when they fall are not.

19 Responses

  1. Well said. And I think there are many millions of Republicans in that category. All hands on deck. Don’t let trump drag this country down.

  2. Why the hell is she not calling for recusal? I want these Democrats to play this smart.

  3. The POS senate will let him get away with it no matter what the house uncovers. That’s why it is imperative Bill Nelson and others get recounts.

    • Whatever bad juju is going down is going to happen swiftly. This was in the works for a couple of months. It’s unlikely that any Democrat in the senate is going to have time to protest.

      • Nelson called for a recount. It could come down to 1 senator just like with the Kavanaugh hearing. When it comes time will we have anyone on our side? Murkowski? Romney? If they are willing to put country over party then Nelson winning the seat could be the tipping point of true accountability.

      • Rumors about Jr being indicted were swirling before Sessions firing and he wanted to stay until Friday but Kelly said no.

      • Rumors about Jr being indicted were swirling before Sessions firing and he wanted to stay until Friday but Kelly said no. Will it still happen?

  4. 21 republican senators are up for re-election in 2020. Our efforts must be poured into these races because flipping them could be the only way to remove Trump. I can’t and don’t trust that the 2020 presidential election will be free and fair. But gaining control of the senate in 2020 is likely our only recourse.

  5. My comment may be unfair but isn’t there more these influential people can do than to tweet and write articles?

  6. The media could have discussed these possibilities for the last few weeks, and alerted the voters,, but they preferred to talk about the caravan, and the 15,000 soldiers which were going to protect the border, until the day after it expired as an election issue. Very fortunately, we managed to win the House, though it could have been by even more, had the public had that on its mind. Amazing that Trump fired Sessions and appointed his would-be protector Whitaker one day after the vote was over.

    I wonder if this is going to get to the point where the FBI, even the military, have to make a choice as to where their loyalty lies. If Trump ignores subpoenas, and then Kavanaugh helps him to get away with doing so, then where are we?

  7. If Benedict Donald manages to fire Mueller, the new Democratic majority in the House should start their own investigation, and appoint Mueller to head it. 😈

  8. Dems just said they will have Mueller testify on live TV should he be fired. And remember all those sealed indictments. They will be filed should Mueller be fired.

  9. Indictments are coming! Indictments are coming! 🙂

    And apparently, Rosenstein is the Acting AG, whether or not the Trump Admin admits this or acknowledges it or not.

    Whitaker cannot be appointed, according to the law.

    Indictments are coming!!!

    • When has the law ever stopped Trump from doing what he wants? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble. Just pointing out that he’s got a lot of followers who will support whatever he does and it’s not going to be easy to enforce the law if they continually give him a pass.

    • Someone just said Whitaker can be acting AG for up to SEVEN months without Senate confirmation. 45* is going do everything he and his co-conspirators can to derail Mueller before the Dem House majority gets installed. There was also talk of Rosenstein retiring. Sounded like Whitaker has Special Counsel oversight. Also talk of reopening Hillary’s email server investigation because of course that is way more important than obstruction of justice or conspiring with a foreign power.

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