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Voting Stories

What are the polls like in your neck of the woods? Share your voting stories here.

I’ll go first.

I voted today at the Rosedale Methodist Church in Verona, PA. My township was recently excised from Mile Doyle’s district to a new district PA17, that technically doesn’t exist yet but has two incumbents running. All of this fun is courtesy of the PA Supreme Court, who was pretty sure that Republicans we’re winning way too many seats after they drew them congressional map in 2011. New maps were drawn. In my new district, Republican incumbent Keith Rothfus was running against incumbent Democrat Conor Lamb.

I got to the polls at 6:55 am and noticed that the parking lot was already busy. The polls didn’t open until 7 am but I saw that the doors were open so I went inside.

I was voter number 2 in my precinct. The poll worker was having a very hard time signing people in. The pages in the three ring binder were all stuck together so it took a lot longer to flip through the pages than it should have. That might be a problem, I thought, because the line behind me was already snaking out the door.

The machine operator reset her cartridge, started my machine and was going to flip it to the ballot but I told her I was one of those people who always reads the safety cards in the seat pocket in front of me on airplanes. So she left me to it.

It was easy as pie.

I voted straight D.

Sometimes I let Republicans get a small starter office just for diversity. Not this time.

For me it was Tom Wolf for Governor, John Fetterman for lieutenant governor, Bob Casey for Senate, Conor Lamb for PA17, Anthony Deluca for state rep.

I pushed the big red “VOTE” button, confirmed that I cast my ballot and immediately felt my blood pressure return to something like normal. I felt almost buoyant. To me, it was like having the opportunity to hit the reset switch and even if we don’t have a tsunami today, at least I got Conor Lamb in the House for a full two year term.

Then I walked outside into the rainy morning and saw that the church parking lot was completely full and both precinct lines were running up the stairs and out the doors.

It was 7:11am.

Your turn.

50 Responses

  1. We voted in PA07 at around 1115 am, and waited maybe 15 minutes… HOWEVER, I was surprised to find that the old loose leaf binder was replaced with a tablet and you had to sign in with a stylus or finger. I don’t know about anyone else but my signature when signed this way doesn’t look like my signature when I sign with a pen… In fact when I got my new credit cards I signed them JMAC which to make electronic signature easier for me. The poll worker accepted my signature so I guess that’s it… I don’t think they can go in later and say the signature doesn’t match, but who knows… The state might lean R, before the gerrymander fix, but at least Lehigh county leaned D so I anticipate a D win in the 7th… I also had to vote for the remainder of Dent’s term in the 15th… I am hoping Susan Wild won both

  2. This is what I wrote on one of your competitor’s blog. You know, the folks that used to write with you. Anyway this is what happened here in good old NE Texas. Hey, I got harassed at the polls today by the election judges who were doing exactly what they were told to do by the election commissioner. I brought 3 forms of ID to the poll. 1. My voter registration card. 2. My state issued Drivers license and 3. my U.S. passport. I live in an AA district and apparently these were not good enough because while all 3 has the correct address I had to “prove” that I lived in the same house that I’ve lived in for over 2 decades. Insane. All in all with all the proper credentials which were in perfect order and being a consistent voter in virtually every election for the last 31 years it still took me almost 20 minutes to get my ballot. Where we are headed as a nation is despicable. Just no excuse for this sort of thing. Just imagine what is happening to those who don’t have all their ducks in a row. Voting shouldn’t be difficult and should be for everyone 18 and over regardless of whatever challenges they face in their life be that residential status, skin color, income, or felony convictions. This is supposed to be a democracy and not an oligarchy.

    • That is 20+ minutes with me being the only voter in the building. I was in the building for a bit over 30 minutes and was the only voter and the 13th according to the machine. Not unusual in my neighborhood at all. In one election I purposely went late in the afternoon and if I recall correctly I was the 9th voter. One of the problems AA’s have in my state is that politicians don’t pay any attention to their needs. Well, if you don’t vote or participate in the election process they will just ignore you. They don’t even have to be motivated by racism (even though many are) because elected officials tend to only answer to those who show up and vote. Not to mention that if you don’t show up to vote against racist POS or misogynists or people who tend to hate you then you’ve just marginalized yourself and allowed your enemies all the leverage over you.

      • You used the r$&&@cist word.

      • It’s a holdover from 2008 when the Obots swarmed the site and called us r@cists because we wouldn’t give up on Hillary.
        Creative spelling of the word is encouraged.

      • That’s just appalling, Gregory.

        Pretty anticlimactic here in Boulder: I voted 2 weeks ago (the day I got my ballot in the mail). I did drop it off at the County Clerk’s office in person, though.

    • Wow! I’ve got a comment in moderation. Must have tripped a key word or something. Didn’t say anything out of line though.

    • In 2016 in WI, about 300k were turned away because of not having ‘proper ‘ ID. US citizens who looked like me needed to prove they are citizens. Why isn’t it enough that we are registered and they verify that info?

    • So Gregory P, you are not a European. I thought since you said GNP in one of your previous comments on another thread, you may be though that was very thin evidence.

    • So Gregory P, you are not a European. I thought since you said GNP in one of your previous comments on another thread, you may be though that was very thin evidence.

      • Oh, I am definitely European. It is just that I live in a district that is probably 85% black. If I am having problems with voting I can only imagine the nightmare that many are going through. I took 2 forms of picture ID so that I couldn’t be denied. It is a big reason why a lot of people in my district don’t vote.

  3. I voted early on Oct. 27 in Kane County, Illinois.

    I heard on the radio that there were lines out the door of the Cook County early voting supercenter in downtown Chicago yesterday.

  4. Well, it is a little different here in L.A. No weather issues, though I very much wish that we would get rain instead of the endless series of dry, hot, days. And where i live, no real battles to worry about anywhere on the ballot, except a few of those tricky Propositions. Democrats will win every state office, and Feinstein will win. And D’s will win in my area’s downticket races as well. All good, but not as tense as I feel about the rest of the country.

    The only “story’ is that a woman came in, and apparently asked if her daughter, a first-time voter at 18, could stand with her in an adjacent booth, and she could tell her how to vote. Because that is what she did, right next to me. No big deal, but she should have let her daughter decide her own votes, I think. On one of the Propositions, the daughter wanted to vote “Yes,” but the mother said that “No” was the right vote. I agreed with the daughter, and was tempted to enter this discussion!, but of course it is illegal, so I did not. Line was not very long at 10:30 AM, but I’m sure we’ll have a good vote total here. Now I must fret about Florida, where the voting breakdown by party so far, is favoring Republicans by about 2% so it is a dicey race, and we always seem to lose there. This is really going to come down to Independents, who of course broke for Trump last time, because of Comey’s idiocy, but which we just have to hope go for the Democrats by a substantial amount this election.

  5. Note: sometimes, your comment may be thrown into the moderation queue for no apparent reason. I try to release them as soon as possible and very rarely throw them in the spam vat. But on occasion, it may take more than a minute to approve them. Don’t take it personally.
    Unless your name is Niles. Or Blizz. Or Ivan.

  6. I played this song the night Hillary won the nomination, because of the “glass ceiling” metaphor.

    I had hoped to play it the night she won the election, but…


    May Laura rest in peace in Raspberry Heaven.

    For the sake of both Laura and Sumo Dude, I hope the glass was fake! 😮

  7. bye bye Comstock

  8. Florida is being Florida. Media is still a problem. Brace yourselves.

  9. Congrats, RD! Conor Lamb wins!

  10. I’m happy Conor Lamb won, RD! I voted by mail last week. 🙂 Still on pins and needles. Have been all day. Had to take off work. Worried.

  11. Kris Kobach loses! Small mercies…

  12. I hope Romney primaries Trump in 2020.

    • Nope we need a strong Democrat and all anti-trumpers who voted for Dems now will continue that in 2020.

      • Yes we do, but just in case I’d like Trump to have to spend resources getting the nomination, too. Inimicus inimici amicus est, as the Romans used to say.

  13. This IS very satisfying for the reasons mentioned in the tweet.

  14. True, but I so wanted Beto to win and that lizard gone. 😦 and…Gillum/Nelson…

  15. 3 DEM women governors! woohoo!

  16. Perfect! I like these new crop of women leaders.

  17. Whack-a-mole for every lie.

  18. Good tweet though I don’t particularly think highly of the tweeter.

    • (a collapsing economy + a loathed war) ~ trump => I would say majority of the electorate is on track. 2020 will have to be a year of complete course correction.

      • Let’s not get cocky. 2020 is going to be a tough, hard slog – and it needs to be fought in every single state. A lot can happen in two years, and incumbency is an enormous advantage.

  19. Moral of the story, if we had run Democrats against Rs in House races in districts where Hillary won in 2016, we would perhaps have had House control?

  20. I have this same question.

    • Dumbass r@ci$t white folks. Duh. 👿

      • So they voted for DeSantis but not the amendment?

      • There’s gotta be some kind of strategy in states like TX, FL & GA to combat the racism and misinformation… it can’t just be right before elections either. Needs to be some kind of creative and persistent campaign to educate the people of these states and to somehow demonstrate that they are voting against their best interests.

  21. So many women, mostly on the Dem side!

  22. Call it Hillary Effect

  23. OH and FL will have R governors in 2020. But then again, they had R governors in 2016 too.

    • I am disgusted about DeWine’s win, here, in Ohio. I really thought that Cordray had this. We’ve got to get out from under the thumb of rural bigoted idiots. I will not cry when they have to buy shitty insurance that does not cover pre-existing conditions.

      • Lest we forget, Benedict Donald would not have won gotten close enough that his master, Putin, could rig the elections to take him the rest of the way if he had won the votes of rural bigots alone.

        The suburban and exurban bigots, and the amoral twits who weren’t bigots themselves, but didn’t give a happy monkey fuck what happened to non-whites as long as they got their (trivial) tax cuts, did the dirty trick for Putin.

    • Unfortunately it won’t give Dems the ability to block Trump’s judicial appointments, but I always thought winning the Senate this time around was highly unlikely.

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