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      Devotion to Trump is based on emotional patterns that most people grow out of by age 5.https://t.co/zf39OK34Au— Ironhorse RESISTS (@Ironhorse76) April 21, 2019
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      This post is by Tony Wikrent I have been looking at the work of Cornell University law professor Robert Hockett, who is serving as an economics adviser to Representative Alexandria Occasio-Cortez. I have been delighted to find that Hockett has been working the same angle I have: applying the classical republicanism that informed the creation of […]
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15 Responses

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  2. Looks like this wave gets us a house majority and a number of governorships. It would be great to get the Senate too, but I think we will have to be happy as long as we don’t loose ground.

    Wednesday cant come soon enough

  3. Of course, he did. What kind of bribes did he extract from these countries for this waiver, that is the million dollar question. VOTE BLUE!

  4. Best TV theme ever.

  5. I shouldn’t even write this, because we need positive thoughts. But it is such an exemplification of how inane the media takes are now. I made the mistake of turning on MSNBC for three minutes; there was some kind of panel, on which was someone named Beth Rouey, or something like that, whom I have seen before. Here was her comment: “This can be a double-edged sword for the Democrats, because people are tired of fighting in Washington, they want to get things done. So while many people may be sick of Trump and not like what he is doing, they might not want to elect Democrats, to run Congress, because then there will be endless conflict.”

    1.Republicans control Congress now. So how will keeping Republicans in control end the fighting which Beth thinks they are sick of? 2. If they are unhappy with Trump, why would they vote to keep Trump’s unfettered reign? 3. Is she saying that people would prefer a fascist state, where there was no disagreement, everyone would just do what the dictator wanted, which in this case would mean the end of decent healthcare and Social Security and Medicare, because at least there would be no fighting about it? This is a person on TV, who may be chief Washington correspondent for some publication, and this is her analysis. People may be sick of Trump, but they do not like all the fighting in Washington, so may vote Republican. They pay her for this. She is apparently proud of her logic. This is what we face with the “media.”

  6. 👿

    A billboard is basically equating Benedict Donald with Jesus Christ.


  7. 😈

  8. Democracy is coming to the USA.

    And then, Vladimir, it’s coming for you, and all your fellow fascists.

    And even if you escape us, how will you escape the Almighty?

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