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      A couple days ago I was thinking about the problem of surveillance states and I realized “this problem is likely to become less of one because of climate change.” And I started thinking about all the opportunities and good things climate change makes possible. My grieving was done. My pre-grieving, I suppose. I see grieving […]
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Good Morning -Last Weekend

We’re almost there! My blood pressure will either return to normal on Tuesday or I will have a stroke. It’s very binary.

I have two events today. Canvassing this morning in the weekend’s GOTV and something else right afterwards. If you’re like me a bajillion organizations have been pinging you for your time. It’s the weekend, there are probably a few hours where you may have nothing better to do. Consider phone banking, canvassing or some other activity for your house district. If you’re lucky, your SO will make you pancakes and French press coffee. 😋

Check your canvassing options here at SwingLeft.

64 Responses

  1. 😛

  2. ’80s Hi-NRG Eurodisco break!

  3. All we need are competent people who take care of the people in their state/country in a responsible way, accountable to the public at large. That is not too much to ask.

    • Republican governors and Republican secretaries of state all have the same outcome which is voter suppression and corrupt elections. The only way to fix our base problems such as gerrymandering, governance for the well to do, police violence against the poor and minorities, etc. is to elect people who will actually do something about these things. Those people are not Republicans no matter how reasonable the Republican seems. They all drink from the trough of Ayn Rand, heretical Christianity, misogyny and racism.

  4. Recently we were talking about how people live longer these days, here and everywhere (like in India) with our friends. My oldest relative is my BiL in India who is 75 or 76. He is fairly healthy, still has a good head of hair (:)) and handsome features from his youth, walks straight and has no discernable major health issues. Same with my brother who is next in age to him. All these people had a good job, good healthcare and housing to make them lead a life free of worry. I made the observation that a little over a minimum baseline of employment, healthcare, and housing had kept these people healthy and living long in India. In fact, that minimum is all it takes for everybody, most everywhere to have a productive life. Everything else is icing on the cake. How difficult is it to make sure that everyone one has reasonable minimum access to employment, healthcare and housing?

    • These are correct but I take issue with the idea that people need or must work in order to add value to society. The role of the strong are to take care of the weak and uplift everyone who cannot or even chooses not to participate in our work for cash structure. There is just no reason that quality housing, quality medical care and a quality diet aren’t freely available to everyone. Everyone’s needs should be met in a country like ours. Then once that happens we can actually start doing something about the rest of our social problems.

      • You lost me at “chooses not to participate in our work for cash structure.” Are you saying they would still add value in some way, perhaps bartering for their skills and services? I can see providing for the weak, especially children when it comes to their health, safety and education, but i am not keen on taking care of an adult who would rather do nothing all day than work for a living.

        • Just by existing people and animals have value, add value. People shouldn’t have to work and add to the GNP for them to be considered valuable members of society. People should just do what they can. We’ve got to get over this worry about what other people do or don’t do. It is ingrained in our society but is a rather poor viewpoint in my opinion.

          • “Do what they can” sounds both idealistic and terribly difficult to implement in a country this large, esp with all our destructive “isms.” We do not have that mind set, and with humans being what they are, a system like that would fall apart pretty quickly and then what are you left with? Propably would work for a tribe of like minded individuals or a hive of bees, but Americans, doubtful!

          • I think you’re talking about universal basic income. I agree certain professions don’t pay but we need them, artists, writers and so on which may need some sort of bootstrapping (not talking about disabilities and other hardships which every humane society ought to provide for). But to categorically say everyone needs that kind of basic income is a bridge too far.

          • Definitely not a bridge to far. It would actually solve many, many problems. One of the problems we have that most people don’t even consider is that we over consume our resources. We do this because everyone must earn money in order to survive. As a result at least 60% of all terrestrial vertebrates have now perished and as much as 50% of the worlds insect biomass has disappeared as well. All we are going to do is continue to devastate the environment and consume resources when we actually have the potential to be so much more. People are literally working 12-16 hours a day just to survive. This has got to stop. Life isn’t about acquisition of wealth, living in big houses, driving new cars.

          • Gregory P, are you European? just a curiosity question. I am not an expert in this and that is my disclaimer. I just want competent people who are not corrupt or kleptocrats (like the ones we have now) to craft social policies that does not hurt the bottom rung.

          • Greg:

  5. … vote the Republican mfers in Congress out!

  6. If you didn’t already vote like I did and experience long lines, here is the relief!

  7. As much as I am repulsed by Michael Moore he just made a statement that smacked me in the head. Ari Melber had just played Moore’s prediction that Dump was going to win, taking MI, WI, OH and PA, the states Romney had lost. He said that he tried to tell his Dem friends living in “the bubble” in NY and CA that Dems in those states were going to vote for dump, not because they loved him but because “they wanted to throw a Molotov cocktail.” So, these voters thought the only or the best solution, because they were left behind, was to destroy it all? I turned him off at that point, he was going to make a prediction about the mid terms, but i still have no sympathy for these voters. Hillary would have fought for them (and the rethugs would have undermined her every step of the way) but they chose chaos and destruction for us all and i cannot forgive them for that. (Assuming of course that Moore was correct in his assessment.)

    • Well, the whole burn it down thing and blow everything up thing was very popular with the bernibros. Of course, they never would think about how all the people that were going to suffer under Trump because it was always all about them and they did not get their way so they want it all burned down. In a lot of ways they are no different than the Trumpers.

      • There just no reconciliation between what Trump and Republicans stand for and Sanders rhetoric. To go from Sanders to Trump is insane in every sense of the word and demonstrates that many of those Sanders supporters were just people (or bots) who were supporting Sanders so they could derail Hillary or people who are politically naive with no coherent system of belief or morality. People who want health care, social security, social justice or a reorganization of wealth do not vote for Republicans under any circumstance. Honestly, if you can watch the news or see crap on Facebook and that confuses you then there is something wrong with you. This is the most divergent both political parties have been in my lifetime. Never has the line been clearer.

        • Well, I have to say the fact that propaganda on Facebook actually worked makes me wonder what is wrong with those people too.

  8. Uncle Jam Wants You–To Get The Funk In Yo’ Soul and VOTE!

  9. I hate going to Indian parties and I found a new reason tonight. I found myself talking about politics with a bunch of men. I was on my own. One said he sees the majority supporting trump on immigration, another said Rove was a genius…they were making illogical arguments like Democrats are bad too and in the same breath saying Rove and Rs are geniuses for gerrymandering and winning the electoral college. I despise these motherfuckers. I pushed back but their fucking confidence in their ignorance was repulsive and I walked away. I am still angry. Indians here are generally rich and they are all fucking racists and sexists, there I said it (but it was my husband who said that in the car on the way home).

  10. {I will just post the comment again because the first one went into moderation because of the R word}
    I hate going to Indian parties and I found a new reason not to tonight. I found myself talking about politics with a bunch of men. I was on my own. One said he sees the majority supporting trump on immigration, another said Rove was a genius…they were making illogical arguments like Democrats are bad too and in the same breath saying Rove and Rs are geniuses for gerrymandering and winning the electoral college. I despise these motherfuckers. I pushed back but their fucking confidence in their ignorance was repulsive and I walked away. I am still angry. Indians here are generally rich and most are fucking r*cists and sexists, there I said it (but it was my husband who said that in the car on the way home). Most lack humanity which is why you see women like Seema Verma ready to do damage to Medicare and that makes me sad and angry.

    • Yes, too many of all stripes seem to believe elections are just a game and it is all about winning and domination, not the will of the people. Too many have forgotten the old stand by: it isn’t whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game. Gerrymandering, voter suppression microtargeting turnout within districts to win the state are all forms of cheating in my book. The people aren’t deciding who governs, the liars, thieves and cheats are. Those party goers may not be so happy when the “winners”decide that they must go and leave everything they have earned here behind. But then again, maybe i was brainwashed to believe that the white hats will always win in the end, the cavalry will always come to save the day. Maybe i have been manipulated all along as part of their brilliant gamesmanship. In the end, It’s just politics, not public service.

      • Those party goers may not be so happy when the “winners” decide that they must go and leave everything they have earned here behind.

        American ‘Idi Amin’ will appear for them and their children, sooner or later if this continues.

        Expulsion of Asians from Uganda. In early August 1972, the President of Uganda, Idi Amin, ordered the expulsion of his country’s Asian minority, giving them 90 days to leave the country.

  11. Ha, she took all this time write this. Why so long after 2016? Because she and the rest of the media motherfuckers wanted to pin the donkey on Hillary, that is why. I have been ranting against FB for a while. These people should have raised hell but they are writing articles like this well after over two years since the damage was done and continues to be done.

  12. Pretty pathetic. It is as though he wants to demoralize the American military. Pootie will be very happy with all this.

  13. Now this is the real hair-raising story, the real fear inducing condition the country is in. Not the imaginary fear that trump is mustering for his r*cists/nationalists base. GO VOTE!

    • While trump is openly fanning the flames and calling them his base, I don’t know how his administration or the law enforcement will act to contain the threat.

      trump won’t do anything to recognize this threat; FBI and LE are hamstrung by him not to go after domestic threats; social media companies have abdicated their responsibility in running their dangerous platforms… all of this feeds into what is going on.

      And I just read a thread where the author was noting how Netanyahu is profusely thanking trump telling off his own grieving community in Pittsburgh.

      And US military is putting barbed wire on the banks of Rio Grande.

  14. must read thread. shows how an idiot can spread mis/disinformation, how quickly on twitter this time using RT feature. I have seen a few academic publications on the ‘reach’ of a tweet from years before and this thread tells you how it works. And it so happens that the idiot in question likes it because he does not understand what is going on. Perfect for Republican muckrakers. Bad for the rest of us.

    • Well, wow, J. Wohl never stops googling himself, I guess. What IS it with this delusional level of confidence he has in himself?

      He has been publicly rebuked (and mocked) by the twittersphere, made an utter fool of himself in his BS “press conference” and the FBI is investigating him. He even lost his “job” with a RW idiot website.

      Yet, he continues this unflinching and blind faith about his own brilliant infallibity, in spite of the preponderance of evidence to the contrary. I’s been one the funnier events to witness lately, but come on! Time to humble out, dude!

      Most of us here, I’m sure, have continually reassessed and evolved our thinking and behaviors as we encountered difficulties and challenges through our lives. Not so, Little Sir Wohl.

      Wohl has demonstrated zero introspection as events unfold, just like his zero hero Trump. I can only hope he is anamoly rather than a representative of his generation.

  15. Look at that picture and as IBW says, these are not hillbillies but rich enough people, cruel and defined by lack of their humanity. You might see an Indian motherfucker there in that crowd too.


  16. This is illogical. How can he be the candidate and also enforcing election rules. Where is the common sense here?

    • Something tells me the Rethugs wouldn’t let a Dem get away with what Kemp is doing; the electoral system has been rigged for a very long time in the Rethugs’ favor. Now that their ratfuckery is obvious and being rubbed in our faces,Tuesday will be some indication of whether we can still win in an unfair, “closed” election with voter turnout. This is going to take a very, very long time to fix, if it can be fixed at all. Methinks, we will need lots and lots of country-before-party republicans to make this right. Our house needs to be fumigated, not just cleaned, if some semblance of working balance is to be restored.

  17. Win or lose, it may be time for people to turn off the media. I do not like to say this, because it seems like deliberately avoiding information. But reading about how the New York Times is covering the “caravan” with the same frequency as it covered “Hillary’s emails” makes it obvious that either they desperately want Trump to win, or they are complete fools. Why should anyone give them one cent, or minute of time? CNN as well, apparently also blanketing coverage with “the caravan” which is a ludicrously fabricated thing designed to elect more Republicans.

    This is not a game, it is not some fun diversion. Maybe politics used to be more like that, where you want your side to win, but the other side was not wholly awful. Now it is life or death for democracy. Can you imagine American media during WWII writing “The Nazis must be given credit for their single-minded pursuits, while the Allies often lack a coherent message”? That’s what the media is doing now. And as the poem presaged, eventually the totalitarians will come for the media, and there will be no one left to defend them when journalists are thrown in jail, and shot at by the right-wing mob. A dark picture, but it well could come true if Republicans hold on to the Congress with the aid of the media which wants the Republicans to win, and/or sees it all as a sports competition, where there’s always “wait until next year” for the disappointed fans. There is no “next year” in this war, but they somehow do not comprehend the nightmare they are enthusiastically creating for their transitory gratification.

    • The media does not know how to operate in the age of Trump. They cannot accept that we have a propagandist as president and treat him as if he was normal. Headlines like Trump says X should be completely eliminated for fact based headlines like the caravan is 1000 miles away and will take months to get here and is mostly desperate people fleeing violence.

      • Agree. When history is written they will write that these people were complicit, inadvertently or not.

      • Go look at Garance’s twitter TL and you will find all the stuff wrong with the media. They are saying his gambit is working. Maybe but not if we vote!

        • They are not writing about the anxiety the majority is feeling but some minority excited by this vile man

    • I think the media knows exactly what they are doing to the country and they just don’t give a shit. There are some true journalists and investigative reporters left but their voices are being muted, if not silenced outright, in favor of the big scoop, the sexy scandal (real or imagined) or the next cult leader which gives them ratings which equal dollars which equal influence which equals power which equals doom for the rest of us.

  18. There is some “story” today about how the evil Brian Kemp in Georgia has charged the Democrats with trying to hack the election system. Of course, Kemp is the Secretary of State, still able to keep his position, while he tries to suppress the Georgia vote, in order to be elected governor. There is not the slightest evidence of anyone hacking the election system there, though Kemp may well have kept the system vulnerable to allow the possibility of hacking in his favor. But the media dutifully reports the made-up narrative, two days before the election. This is what we are going to have if Republicans win. Our equivalent of Russia’s “Iron Curtain,” where all the stories are planted and controlled by the state-run media. As a boy in school, learning about how much of the world did not even have access to facts, nor a free press, I wondered how awful that must be. I don’t know what we have here now, but there’s one major network which Goebbels would be proud of, plus a bunch of other media who are so desperate for “scoops,” that they don’t research, don’t verify, don’t put things in context. That’s how Trump “won” last time, because no one at Facebook or Twitter cared that the Russians were saturating them with millions of lies and fake stories designed to get Trump elected and Hillary defeated; and because the media latched onto a ridiculous non-story fed to them by the right wing, about Hillary having a private email server, just like Colin Powell did, and which was never hacked or compromised, but they did not want to tell us those facts. This is where totalitarianism meets unfettered, soulless capitalism, and a devil’s bargain is made between them.

    • Kemp’s internal polling must have cratered for him to be pulling that kind of stunt.

    • Ironically, I am convinced, based on knowledge of how voting systems work and how they cannot be protected from hacking, that it was the Russians who hacked the votes in MI, PA and WI which gave trump the electoral votes. No one, not even the media, are willing to point out that very real possibility but the republicans waste no time accusing the dems of doing this.

      William, the Russians invasion of social media was not the only way they affected the outcome of the 2016 election to favor trump.

      The truth is that voting systems can be hacked into and change the votes without detection by the election officials. It’s been proven. Until the American people face this inconvenient truth, our elections will always be subject to hacking. The only way to try to thwart that from occurring in the 2018 mid-term election is to vote in such large numbers it would be impossible to change the votes without alarming the public.

      The German people banned voting machines from their elections because they asserted that machines counting the votes undermined the citizens’ right of actually “seeing” their votes being counted in a transparent way by hand rather than in a black box inside a machined where no one can see for certain that the votes were counted as cast.

      • I know that Manafort was tweeting or writing something about “Watch PA, WI, MI” a couple of weeks before the election. And of course it could have been about internal polling–but it well could have been that his many Russian contacts told him that they were going to change those votes just enough so that Trump would win by a small amount. Manafort could have said, “Watch FL” or “Watch VA,” but he picked the three states where Trump ended up “winning” by a hair. And I know that while right before the election, the MI poll were within a point, one could not find any WI poll where Hillary was not ahead by at least four points, nor scarcely one in PA. And whereas the national polls were pretty accurate; after the idiocy by Comey, Hillary was up by about 2-3 points nationally, and won by about that; the states where the polling was the most off (I’m referring to states where the polling showed a lead of less than 10 points), were PA and WI, two of the three that Manafort referred to. So Manafort’s polls were more accurate in the three states he mentioned, than all the national pollsters, but those latter pollsters were accurate in most of the other states? The red herring is that people keep saying, “Well, all those national polls were off.” But they were not. Just the state polls in WI and PA. And in Michigan, apparently there were broken ballot boxes and all sorts of strange things. So yes, you could well be completely right. But of course the media will not even delve into it.

  19. I’m with the Germans on this one. Kathleen. If we have to use machines due to volume, we definitely need audit trails and paper back ups, if not real paper ballots, in the event a recount is needed.

    • Cats,

      Thanks, but even machine generated “paper trails” cannot be trusted. After all, the machine generates the paper back up and that is what is manipulated. We proved this in 2006 and HBO produced a documentary of the investigative work done in showing how the machines with a paper trail could easily be manipulated without detection – “Hacking Democracy”. Unfortunately, proving that these voting systems Which, by the way, were unanimously supported by the members of Congress without ever having a debate nor public a forum with the American people who were paying for them before implementing them, Even after the documentary came out and shown on HBO, Congress remained mum about the findings that the machines were not safe, much less transparent. The ONLY Congress member who agreed that machines should not count our votes was Cynthia McKinney. She is no longer in Congress. Wonder why?

      This is serious and for 13 years the outcry of many of those of us involved in election reform against these these machines fell on deaf ears not only by fCongress but election officials as welll. Why?

      Unless we return to counting the votes by hand o election night and post the results at each precinct, we can never be sure who won and no demcracy can truly exist in a non-transparent counting process.

      It was Joseph Stalin who said “It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s he who counts the vote that does…” These voting machines are controlled by the vendors who manufacture them and the election officials are told by these vendors that they have no legal authority to view the inside counting of the votes due to “trade secret laws”. That alone should be a huge red flag that these voting machines have no place in counting the votes of a free and open society.

      • I hear you Kathleen, but how in the world do you count millions and millions of paper votes AND be sure that the tallies are accurate and untampered with? At any level there can be hanky panky. Was that addressed? How does Germany do it? During one of the aborted recounts of 2016, i remember seeing plastic bags filled with paper ballots, apparently sealed/certified at the top in some way BUT if one of those bags is torn, the whole bag was not counted! I was shocked. How easy would it be to just tear bags, esp if there was a way to access the count of who got how many of the votes in the bag.

        • Cats,

          You have citizens observing the opening of the ballot boxes and see them counted out in the open with the results posted at the precinct where they can be photographed. That is doable, if the American people want transparent and fair elections. It’s the politicians who fear this kind of election process.

          Also, it was the TV networks who demanded that the vote counting go quickly so that their ratings would go up on election night in anticipation of the final results. This is why the election process was complicated in order to make the machines “necessary” to count the votes as quickly as possible. I would rather take a week even two to count the votes by hand than worry about the networks ratings. Plus, election officials are partisan and if you watch Hacking Democracy (which is online for free), you will see how easily they have been corrupted.

          Believe it or not, the German people watched the work done here in America and presented in the documentary “Hacking Democracy” which convinced the German people that the machines were the antithesis of a democratic republic. It was THE PEOPLE who stood up and said NO to the machines. Of course, the citizens of Germany have a constitution which, ironically, was helped written by the Americans after WWII. This constitution states that is their “civil right” to see their votes counted in a transparent, without having to have technical expertise to understand that process and to trust it! A German citizen also has standing to file a lawsuit to their Supreme Court. We don’t have that here! It was 2 German citizens who filed the lawsuit demanding that the machines be banned and these citizens also had the help of German compute security experts who were able to prove that the machines were not safe and could be easily hacked and manipulated. On the other hand, our computer security experts want to make money off of devising so-called security measures so that we can KEEP the machines! One even started a computer security company so that he could benefit financially.

          The system is corrupted to the core by the very people who are supposed to protect and ensure our elections process is a true reflection of the will of the people and NOT of those in power who want to stay in power in perpetuity.

          I know about this because I was part of this and was invited to come to Berlin to speak to these same people about the state of elections here in America.

          I am convinced that if the American people knew exactly what was going on in our elections process, they would demand the same thing the German people did. Unfortunately, our congress, the media and the voting machine manufacturers do not want a return to hand counted paper ballots. In fact, members of Congress did everything they could to undermine what was uncovered in Hacking Democracy and convinced the American people that the machines were safe.

  20. They are all the same women!! Haha… good. Thank God, there are not more of these.

  21. I talked to three young people into voting today at Olivia’s Macaroons (in G’Town, get the salted caramel, yummmm). One of them noticed and commented on my I Voted sticker on my jacket. I ‘lectured’ (after 12 years in academia, I have earned it) to them the importance of getting involved and shaping their future.

    • Way to go, pm! I have to wait until Tues to vote, no early voting here. Must be nice to do it early. I am expecting long lines.

  22. Humor break.

    • Diana is one of the few people in the DC Universe who might be fast enough to do that. 😛

  23. Nov. 4 is the birthday of Ayano Minegishi of Lucky Star. :mrgreen:

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