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    • The Flynn Pardon Is The Right Thing To Do + Mishandling Russia
      So, Michael Flynn has been pardoned by Trump. His crime was lying to the FBI about talking to the Russians before Trump was inaugurated. Even a man like Trump can do the right thing occasionally, usually for the wrong reasons. It is entirely reasonable and routine for a President-elect’s advisors to talk to foreign governments. […]
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What would Fred Rogers do?

The “President” seems intent on coming to Pittsburgh today. As Sarah Sanders says, it’s his nature to fight back when he’s criticized. We might well wonder why the most powerful man in the world feels like he has to strike back at others when his feelings are hurt. But this is not a man who understands the privilege of his position or can rationalize when vengeance or need for attention is inappropriate.

So, I look to Fred Rogers today. I saw his Neighborhood set when I volunteered during a fundraiser for WQED when I was a student at Pitt. The castle where King Friday and Lady Elaine Fairchilde lived stood out in my mind and I have a fleeting memory of seeing Rogers as he passed through the studio.

We are very proud that Fred Rogers called Pittsburgh his home. Here’s what I think he would have said about today. This is from his book The World According to Mr. Rogers.

Love isn’t a state of perfect caring. It is an active noun like struggle. To love someone is to strive to accept that person exactly the way he or she is, right here and now.”

Maybe it’s not possible to perfectly care for Donald Trump today. Maybe we should allow ourselves to struggle with that. But we can show him how we love each other and will not let manufactured resentment and hatred overcome us.

Hold hands, look both ways when crossing the street and watch out for each other. We are all Pittsburgh today.

54 Responses

  1. Very difficult time ahead so painful… Regarding why tRump “feels like he has to strike back at others when his feelings are hurt”; my view he has no choice his behavior which we unfortunately know way too much about the so called “Hitting Back” appears to be an abnormal personality response he consistently fails to restrain. When he perceives a slight, an insult, a criticism, any disagreement, bingo he erupts and launches an abusive attack on any available target to inflict damage and make himself feel great again. Bad news he has the power as President to create the greatest of harms and it’s escalating. A disaster waiting to happen our country is allowing him to deploy US Armed Troops to the border to threaten and victimizing refugees who have a federal and international legal right to approach this country. Recall when Republicans deployed the Ohio National Guard to threaten civil protesters they supposedly did not intend to kill 4 innocents at Kent State, but they did and they are dead. Some news person this weekend, can’t recall who, but described the Pittsburg slaughter as an event that felt like the canary in a mine dying, my view it is one of many.

  2. Sorry RD. I am of the belief that this man and his supporters are so opportunistic that they will do anything to get out of this hole and accommodating him because we are better surely sounds good but he will take the wrong cue from it and we will only be worse for it. But this is a life conundrum and good people have to go about the more significant business of the day and make do with appearances for this vile human being. This is an abuse of power on his part. Maybe someone in the photo op will tell him directly to his face to stop demonizing people and spreading conspiracies in his rallies and tweets and that gets into print and the visuals.

  3. She was right about everything. Read and weep.

    • Media is figuring out NOW, what he mean when he said ‘no anchor babies’ that he campaigned on.

    • Unbelievable. If you did not offer citizenship to us and our kids, we would not have come here in the first place and that goes to every immigrant who found their way to this country and made it prosper and what it is today. Fuck trump!

      • This was known and he talked about it during the campaign and the media didn’t take him seriously. With this SCOTUS having Kavanaugh in there, anything is possible.

        Germany at some point offered the equivalent of green cards at the height of IT innovation in the last decade or more. A lot of Indians who would otherwise be interested did not take them up because there was no path to citizenship. What do you do with your children in a foreign country without a guarantee of them growing up as citizens? Even if you did, would you then make it one rule for whites and another for non-whites? Wow, America is sliding backwards rapidly.

        Aren’t there any hit pieces on Stephen Miller that the media could conjure up. I feel like he is the evil behind all this.

        • I was kind of hoping that Frederich Trump didn’t get naturalized until after Fred was born, but no such luck. The only bright spot in all this would have been to get Trump’s father’s citizenship retroactively revoked (and possibly therefore his own, as well). Unfortunately, Frederich appears to have been naturalized in 1892.

          On a more serious note, I hope the SCOTUS (even with Kavanaugh) squashes this one like a bug. This was a horrible idea back when Harry Reid suggested it, and it’s a horrible idea now. The 14th is the keystone of most Civil Rights legislation in this country – weakening it in any way (and especially disallowing citizenship to some of the native-born) would be catastrophic.

    • This “president” is an illiterate who does not have an iota of intelligence or curiosity to learn/know how this country came to be what it is today. He is going to burn it down.

  4. It’s BS he is distracting and attacking.

  5. Brazil… one of BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) countries. I am afraid for India.

  6. Is it time for the media to take him seriously? We are getting into very dangerous territory here.

  7. Time for every big name — looking at you Preet Bharara, Sally Yates, just examples — but people of their caliber to get on the street and get this man to resign. John Brennan braved that but there are a lot of others sitting on their hands right now and they have to ACT!

  8. LOL, fire that reporter. This kind of lack of talent in journalism is what has led to current state.

  9. Heads up. When it rains it pours.

    • Mueller’s office is aware of this scam and has referred it to FBI. Good.

    • ROFL, who is Jacob Wohl? the future of GOP. Mueller kicked him and his buddy in the teeth.

  10. NYT MAGA Maggie and others falsely branded Hillary as corrupt and a liar during the campaign. A 24 year old I was trying to talk to believed all of that false accusation and conspiracy. And there are many millions like her over there and here we are. Vote them out!

  11. VOTE!

    • I agree 100%. Trump has decided to double down on white nationalism for the midterms. Of course, they have tried tax cuts etc. and they did not work already. So they have decided to repeat 2016 with racism and all that.

  12. Keep all his shenanigans in the back of your head as you vote next week. The goal should be at this point to get him out of office asap and we have to win the House at least to make any headway.

  13. None of the PA leaders or congressional leaders accepted the invite. Good for them.

  14. Good article on the 14th amendment. There is a reason trump and his cronies are presenting the caravan and asylum seekers as an INVASION. This is not all trump — there is a GOP force behind him making him their puppet. This is quite an insidious force undoing the progress America has made in these past centuries.


    “invading armies” :

    The major exception to this territorial duty of allegiance is for diplomatic personnel. They, like invading armies, never claim the protection of the local laws and never incur any allegiance to it.

    • That article is from 2015 when trump was talking about this during the campaign. Why is not the media/press ready to tackle this issue forthrightly and truthfully now when he brings it up?

    • Bring it on! I love the good attorneys and judges in this country.

  15. Hi RD, your beautiful city did well today. Following your twitter TL… looking forward to reading your report later.

    • Well, that was annoying. Was on the bus stuck at Negley station for 20-30 minutes while Trump the Busway down. I could swear there were secret service dudes on the bus. The one who sat down next to me looked a little too deliberately like a Pittsburgher. His jacket *squeaked* when he sat down. What was THAT all about??
      Anyway, glad that’s over.

  16. 😈

    NOT approved by the Comics Code Authority…

  17. Sights and Sounds around Pittsburgh. Thread.

    • It’s also the last sentence of the Kaddish, so it’s doubly appropriate here (Kaddish isn’t really a prayer for the dead, since the dead aren’t mentioned anywhere in it, but is typically said by mourners). For those not familiar with it, it goes like this:

      Oseh shalom bi’m’romav, hu ya’aseh shalom aleinu v’al kol Yisrael v’al kol yoshvei teivel

      May the One who makes peace in the heavens make peace for us, for all Israel and for all who dwell on this earth.

  18. Even the right wing Federalist does not want this. I have seen in Europe the effects of non-citizenship and whoever endorses for America such ideas, are fools. Trump is a fool and an idiot. I used to say/think that some White Eastern European immigrants here in America show racist tendencies (toward people like me, for example) but their children would grow up to be different — I used to say, something magical happens to them. Let us not lose sight of that. WE need to get this WH squatter to resign ASAP. His ideas are a danger to this country.

  19. He wants people to be horrified/shocked/disgusted it’s what sociopaths do. There are 2 ways in which to get back at sociopaths – ignoring them (we can try but it’s a bit difficult at this point) or shaming them i.e. making sure we have the biggest blue wave this country has seen on Nov. 6th…

  20. Everybody has an opinion in this social media age, especially those who don’t understand the legal/social underpinnings of what America is all about. STFU!

  21. trump did, this morning 😉 he is posting a PR video of his visit to your fair city. I don’t know how you live a life of privilege for 70+ years and still have no wisdom to share. And I don’t know how people who support him can’t see it.

  22. I VOTED! Judging by the crowd from last time, there was a long line and this is a Democratic heavy state.

  23. Good read. In practical terms, today’s debate about the 14th amendment will touch all “documented” immigrants also because of the uncertainty. As I have said elsewhere, without a guarantee of free, fair and speedy path to citizenship, you won’t find immigrants coming here, and though I hesitate to make this distinction, you won’t find immigrants coming here by choice like so many have done through the decades. There is a tremendous social cost to all of this and there is a reason why these ideas are not frivolously bandied about. But trump is not known for intelligence, let alone wisdom.

  24. “Birthright citizenship” will be an issue for exactly one more week. People should not let Trump dictate the fake issue which permeates the news right before the election, but many are doing so. He can’t do it, he won’t do it; he just wants everyone talking about it. He wants to get the haters amped up to vote. He wants people not talking about taking away healthcare, Medicare, Social Security. He doesn’t want the murders and pipe bombs and his encouraging of them to be the issue. The media falls for this every single time. I’m surprised that Trump didn’t float the idea of handing out a million dollars to every citizen, and then let the media talk about it. Why are people debating whether this is a good idea? It isn’t, it is unconstitutional as well. Plus, anything ostensibly removed by executive order, can be put back by someone else’s executive order, making the whole thing inane. Voting Is All.

  25. I think instead of (or in addition to) attacking the lack of morals in his immigration policies, the media has to show and highlight the absurdity of it too. That goes for the birthright citizenship and 14th amendment. It is as absurd as his floating a 10% middle class tax cut before the midterm while the congress is out. Start with the premise that everything he is doing is absurd. Here is the absurdity of him sending troops to southern border.

  26. Putting this here for archival purposes. It has been fascinating to learn about the history behind the 14th amendment and the challenge to it from Wong Kim Ark in 1895. History repeats itself. But America will prevail, trump be damned.

    The court decided United States v. Wong Kim Ark on March 28, 1898. For 120 years since, anyone born in the United States, regardless of their race or class, or the immigration status of their parents—except for the children of foreign diplomats—instantly becomes a U.S. citizen.
    But that story has never been simple. Wong would never get to freely enjoy the benefits of citizenship. He was still required to show extra documentation—including the signatures of white people affirming his birthplace—every time he came and left the country. The United States would invade China several times over the next decades. Wong is believed to have finally gone back to China for good, dying there after World War II.

  27. What about Haiti? That was the question I heard a lot about Hillary (and Bill) during 2016. I knew that there was not anything the kind of nefarious conspiracy stories that Bernie supporters and definitely the muckraking Republicans and trump supporters dredged up and media reveled in. I wondered what the Haiti story was and never bothered to read about it until now. Here is some of it written in a fairly balanced way. I wish I had seen this article from September 2016 during the campaign when that 24 year old Bernie supporter kept saying ‘what about Haiti?’


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