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Guess who’s coming to Pittsburgh?

From WaPo:

President Trump and first lady Melania Trump will visit Pennsylvania on Tuesday to commemorate the victims of last week’s mass shooting at Tree of Life synagogue, the White House announced Monday, even as the mayor of Pittsburgh publicly requested that the trip be postponed until after the funerals.

The White House announcement comes as tens of thousands of people have signed a petition calling for the president to refrain from visiting the city until he denounces white nationalism.

At a regular briefing, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said the president and first lady will make the visit to “express the support of the American people and grieve with the Pittsburgh community.”

“This atrocity was a chilling act of mass murder. It was an act of hatred and above all, it was an act of evil,” Sanders said, adding that the president “cherishes the American Jewish community for everything it stands for and contributes to our country.”


I don’t think anyone wants him here. A Rabbi at Tree of Life Synagogue was gracious enough to say he was welcome but that’s kind of his job as a religious leader.

The prospect of him coming here, doubling down on his pro-gun rhetoric and blaming the media for the violence perpetrated on innocent people makes me sick to my stomach.

But I want you guys to know that Pittsburgh is full of tough and decent people. The whole world will be watching. So we have to make our message count and be meaningful enough for everyone to learn from it.

I think we can. And we can do it without any violence from our side. I trust Mayor Peduto and the city to lead by example.

I’ll be working tomorrow downtown but will let you know if anything important happens in my immediate vicinity.

We’ll be Ok.

34 Responses

  1. He is only doing it because he thinks it will help him get votes for Republicans, and some praise from various media sites. That is the motivation for everything he does. He is not going to comfort anyone or heal anything, but he will get a speech written for him which will sound like he actually cares, when he does not. And it will be on TV, and will invariably get praised by people who are desperate to normalize him, or who are so foolish as to believe that if he just mouths a few words, this will improve things. I’m sorry you and all the other people in this and surrounding towns, and all the Jewish people everywhere, have to go through his charade. I will certainly not watch. What will bother me even more than what he says, will be the commendation he will get from some. If he had an iota of empathy, he would respect the request of the mayor of Pittsburgh, but it does not fit his agenda to do so, he wants the TV time, and the praise.

  2. Mayor does not want him there. But forcing him and others to endure him is what the narcissistic bully wants.

  3. I trust Mayor Peduto and the city to lead by example.

    Unless, people show that he is not wanted there and shun him, everything else said so far about his side of responsibility ledger in perpetrating that horror will wash away and their politeness and civil (normal) behavior will give him cover. It is a conundrum for the good people on how to confront shameless motherfuckers like him.

  4. Mr. “Some very fine people on both sides” and Mrs. “I don’t really care. Do you?” should be ashamed to show their faces in Pittsburgh, or anywhere really.

  5. This is PR photo op redux. He will throw Kleenex, not paper towel this time.

    • For me, it is going to be as insulting and disgraceful as the photo op of Khashoggi’s son shaking the hand of MBS after he had the man’s father butchered. 45* did this to Squirrel Hill; Pittsburgh responds as a decent American community should. He is an outsider and should keep his foul stench far, far away, while they mourn.

  6. You know what ! All this high minded indirect stuff is BS. It won’t have any effect. They should confront him directly. They should show to the voters they are the ones with the values and they should emphatically name him, reject him and shun him. Hillary showed us that and if the media was responsible she would have won with that message. Hopefully media has seen the devil that they won’t sell their souls now. Confront the motherfucker and don’t pussyfoot around him.

    • I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow but I expect Pittsburgh to rise above it.

      • Show him videos of the carnage. Something tells me that he has not seen any of it. Show to the world his face while watching it.

    • Sorry, Joe, I am sick to death of words., specially when they are provable lies. Deeds matter, what you DO, not what you say.

  7. Mayor or other hosting his visit should directly say to his face, politely that he should stop demonizing people in his rallies and his tweets. Get a Rabi who may be courageous enough to say it to his face as part of his participation. A religious leader has every right to demand this of a miscreant in the interest of society ‘s well being. Make it a request or even a plea but say it to his face while he is there. Period.

  8. Pence brought a fake Rabi to his event.

    • I just read about this. It is unbelievable, but it is Pence, who if he ever gains power, will make Christian prayers mandatory in schools, and would like to make other religions illegal. This person is not a Jewish rabbi, he is part of a particular sect whose goal is to convert Jewish people to Christianity. He can certainly believe and preach what he chooses, but to have him give the opening prayer at this event is an appalling insult.

  9. Ali Velshi was talking about HIAS (sp?) and the wonderful humanitarian work they have done for refugees since the 1800s. He also talked about what the Muslim community is doing to help their Jewish neighbors through this, “anything you need, just tell us,” their spokesman said. They offered to escort them if they felt unsafe, funds for funeral or medical expenses, get them groceries, essentially to help them in any way they could. It was beautiful to hear in this graceless hell we now live in.

    • I saw a clip where Mr. Rogers said that he tells people that when there is a tragedy, “always look to find the helpers,” those who do what they can to help in that situation. He said that when you find out about those, it gives you some hope.

      • The spirit of Fred Rogers is with us.

      • William, I can’t remember where i saw it (Velshi again?), but IIRC ALL of the murder victims were retired and working as volunteers to help others. Bowers killed the helpers. They died, he lives. What have we become?

        • Many of us were always like that, at least potentially.

          Much of the problem with our country goes back to the fact that the vanquished Cavalier and Borderer cultures were not re-educated into oblivion after 1865, but were allowed to regenerate–because the Northern elite, when you got down to it, did not really like true democracy. either.

          • IBW, as you probably are well aware, the Republicans made a deal to pull the federal troops out of the South, in exchange for their delegates voting for Hayes over Tilden to become President. I do not recall the exact history, I read it voraciously in my American Heritage monthly book as a boy. I think that the electoral vote was tied, and so it went to the state delegations, and Louisiana was the key state, and Republicans got enough delegates to go for Hayes as part of that deal. Hayes became President, the troops were pulled out, and Reconstruction ended, and Jim Crow South began.

  10. This is what I was also thinking. Trump U. forced him to settle and who knows what this will do but if it does anything, it is going to be bad.

  11. So trump is reinforcing for others the Synagogue murderer’s fixation on HIAS and refugees, right?

  12. Some woman introducing Corey Stewart, he is the Nazi sympathizer guy running for senate in VA, said (paraphrasing) ‘let is turn the blue wave into blue grave.’ Heck of a job, sparky.

  13. You do realize that the synagogue shooter hated Trump?

    • The, ahem, shoothead thought Trump was not right-wing enough.

      Now bugger off.

    • OooOooo! A little defensive are we, Niles?
      Dang, you hitched yourself to his wagon and EVERYBODY you know knows it. It’s gonna be hard to live that down when the Trump era is over.
      I guess all the Germans who participated in Kristallnacht were just lone wolves who hated Hitler. And all the Hutus who slaughtered the Tutsis had no idea that the Hutu radio stations were calling Tutsis cockroaches.
      And those Bosnian women were raped by Crazy Serbs.
      I just have to wonder what is it in your dark and scary mind that makes you WANT to accept this spin so you can protect this soulless man. What is it about YOU, Niles that would make you prefer heartlessness, selfishness and cruelty towards others even when it can’t possibly benefit you in any way? Why would you prefer to kick the helpless and allow the wealthy and powerful to get away with murder and theft on a monumental scale, theft of even your stuff, benefits you have worked hard for? Are you afraid of Trump and the people he rewards? Do you think so little of yourself that you search desperately for someone even farther down in the totem pole to kick around, if that person exists? Does being a complete and utter shit to people with even less than you have give you a sense of worth?

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