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Good Morning from Pittsburgh.

A few years ago, I was in dahntahn Pittsburgh on Light Up Night standing by the old Hornes building as Mr. McFeely lead the city in a singalong.

Everybody knows the words.

22 Responses

  1. Pittsburgh affiliate of Bend the Arc: Has responded to tRump, he is no longer welcome in Pittsburgh until he denounces white nationalism…
    “Our Jewish community is not the only group you have targeted,” the group wrote. “You have also deliberately undermined the safety of people of color, Muslims, LGBTQ people, and people with disabilities. Yesterday’s massacre is not the first act of terror you incited against a minority group in our country.”
    Well said.

    • And what is Trump’s typical response to a challenge? That’s right, he doubles down.
      Let’s just say I wouldn’t be shocked if he made a surprise visit.
      Butchaknowwhat? He can’t divide us. He doesn’t know Pittsburgh.

      • He has a fragile ego, believes he is never ever wrong he will absolutely respond with rage and contempt toward those who challenged his view of his perfect self. My guess is to expect him to assail the community in some way. A shunning would be the most powerful damaging response for a man like tRump.
        My best guess is the tRumps Republicans will try to provoke or stage an event that would feed their Democrats as Loser mob theme right before election day and, unfortunately, you have some beds of Nationalist across the borders in Ohio and WVA that can show up on short notice.
        The Wave election next week is the real chance, real power to that will sweep the hate mongers out of office. And yes, I do believe tRump Republicans are that diabolical. An anti-hate wave celebration, march or gathering for November 7 would be perfect and the most effective to stop these people.

        • Shunning him! He KNOWS he is being shunned by a majority which is why he holds on to his rallies for dear life and the R party corrupt enablers (who are using him for their own nefarious purposes). The media still to a great extent are enabling him and that needs to stop. We and the media have to find a way to neutralize those rallies.

  2. Doubling down, why? yes. He knows he will be blamed for his hate rhetoric in articles and opinions and he is preempting that by intimidating the media and trying to silence them. As far back as I can remember, the first murder his rhetoric instigated was that of an Indian immigrant tech worker in one of the southern cities (I forget) in a bar. All he has done through out the campaign and in the last two years need a full a reckoning and hope the media will not be cowed down.

  3. Maybe NYT and others of the American media (The Star is Canadian) could start writing about these former trump voters.

  4. She wrote this before Saturday’s massacre.

  5. Best thing the Media could provide this country is a tRump blackout let us grieve in peace. Their click bait reporting on every action his mental illness drives him to perform is not news.

  6. Lot of us saw this coming. Neutralize those rallies and take away his twitter. Abolish Fox and the rightwing radio. But then we have new media like the motherfucking social network. Technology is a double edged sword.

    • I was at a Indian classical music concert at a temple during the early months of the campaign and trump’s rhetoric in 2016. I remember telling my nephew about how trump may be inciting violence with his rally speeches and how I feared that some second amendment nut case might just show up at the concert hall which was just a large warehouse like shed in the back of the temple. Now the WH squatter expects them to fortify it all. Absurd!

  7. With the Pittsburgh synagogue horror, have you all noticed how the gun debate has evolved and evolved for the worse? It used to be when something like this happened, we would not know the motive or the persuasion of the shooter and the NRA and rightwing nutjobs would admonish everyone to stop talking about gun control. Now in addition to gun control, we have to talk about the expressly announced intention by the shooter himself that is the evidence of radicalization by hate by a president and his party. His hate speeches at rallies, in tweets are being weaponized by seemingly everyday supporters of his. The “Trump Effect.”

  8. When Mr. Rogers met Koko the gorilla, she took off his shoes.

  9. From Jim Wright at Stonekettle Station –

    back in World War II the United States intelligence community … compiled a detailed psychological profile of Adolf Hitler. The report said, in part, that Hitler’s basic rules for maintaining power were: never allow the public to cool off; never admit a fault or wrong; never concede that there may be some good in your enemy; never leave room for alternatives; never accept blame; concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong; people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it.

    The entire post may be found at his site – https://www.stonekettle.com/

  10. Merkle is leaving and I am fearful of leadership that will replace her. Look at Brazil.

  11. A mini-trump in the making in Brazil and now he is the head of that state.

    • Too many people like an air of certainty, a person who acts as if he knows, and has no doubts about anything. Fascists evince that. People are afraid of ambiguity, hate intellectuals who see nuance. Reagan was a fascist, but he was a simple thinker who was sure he was right about anything, and would smile as he mocked all the people who disagreed with him. People loved that. The media admired it. Bush was another simple thinker. Trump is Archie Bunker, but without the bit of humanity that Bunker possessed. People think this is refreshing. Most of the fans of that show didn’t realize that it was written by a liberal who was making fun of types like Bunker. This evil maniac in Brazil who just sent squads of people into universities and schools to rip out all the anti-fascist literature; who is going to privatize the Amazon rainforest, which could destroy the planet, apparently appealed to the same pathetic need for people to hear simplistic, angry, biased rhetoric.

  12. He is still doing it, as of today, 7:41 AM, 10/29/2018

    Twitter should close his account.

    • But one or two or a few is enough…which the defenders don’t want to recognize, willfully or not. His dog whistle to white nationalists and others is no longer cryptic nor is it whisper. He is doing it loud and clear with impunity.

      Many of Trump’s defenders argue that his rhetoric is mere shtick—that his attacks, however cruel, aren’t taken 100 percent seriously by his supporters. But to make this argument is to concede that following Trump’s statements to their logical conclusion could lead to violence against his targets, and it is only because most do not take it that way that the political violence committed on Trump’s behalf is as limited as it currently is.

  13. gab.com is down. This is what should have happened to Facebook (instead fucker Zuckerberger is a multi-billionaire) and other venues like 4chan, reddit, and others I don’t even know. I didn’t know about gab until this horrible incident.

  14. This is good. Now I would like to see a bigger number of other more visible and famous names to run for congress esp. the senate in 2020.

  15. trump apparently is considering an Indian origin lawyer Neomi Rao to fill Kavanaugh’s position at the DC Circuit court. She is a Republican, worked in W’s admin and is a law prof at George Mason on leave to run trumps regulations related org. and her bio says she got GMU’s law school renamed for Scalia. Ashamed of these Indian origin motherfuckers. You know, lack of talent, misplaced talent, people who would not otherwise scale to any heights, that is trump’s admin.

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