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    • The Flynn Pardon Is The Right Thing To Do + Mishandling Russia
      So, Michael Flynn has been pardoned by Trump. His crime was lying to the FBI about talking to the Russians before Trump was inaugurated. Even a man like Trump can do the right thing occasionally, usually for the wrong reasons. It is entirely reasonable and routine for a President-elect’s advisors to talk to foreign governments. […]
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The “President” threatens to visit Pittsburgh #neveragain

Somehow yesterday, he managed to eventually read words of sympathy for the Jewish synagogue members who were gunned down by a man who had his brain soaked in right wing conspiracy theories. The shooter was convinced that Jews are planning to replace white guys like him with refugees.

If that sounds familiar, maybe it’s because “Jews will not replace us” was what the neo Nazis in Charlottesville were shouting last year. And Trump called them “very fine people”.

If you want to understand why Trump would say that about Nazis, go back and read the post about what Virginia Heffernan wrote about him. He doesn’t have a core or values or any cause he would die for. He’s got about as much introspection and internal consistency as a shark.

So, why is he coming to Pittsburgh? The real reason could be really loathesome.

After redistricting earlier this year, part of Mike Doyle’s solidly blue district was pushed into the neighboring district of Republican Keith Rothfus. He’s the Republican incumbent for PA17, a new district that doesn’t even exist yet. What’s even more confusing is that this district actually has 2 incumbents. Democrat Conor Lamb’s Pittsburgh neighborhood of Mount Lebanon was also pushed into PA17.

As of this year, I am also in PA17. My very blue township is one of the factors that has made PA17 a “lean Democrat” district from what should have been a blow out for Keith Rothfus. Now, why am I bringing all this political crap up in the context of a shooting massacre?

It’s because Keith Rothfus is in trouble. Pennsylvania is going to be in the spotlight again come Election Day. The blue wave will take place here. We have more competitive house races than anywhere in the country right now. We don’t have early voting in this state. And we don’t have a voter ID law. There are no paper trails on our voting machines. I think the governor ordered trails earlier this year but I don’t know if that was implemented.

In other words, a lot of mischief could happen in PA next week. Especially if 2nd amendment gun owners are motivated enough.

This is why Trump’s visit may be coming to PA. Keith Rothfus R-PA17, has an A rating from the NRA. Rothfus is one of those hard right Trump Republicans that has been under the radar. But this tragedy may focus attention on this House seat. Conor Lamb is a pro-gun Democrat who supports sensible gun regulation.

So, my guess is that Trump will make a visit not to comfort the victims, because let’s face it, he isn’t capable of comforting anyone. No, I think he’s going to come here to comfort his 2nd amendment supporters. No matter how tragic the event, no matter how hate filled the perpertrator, it’s important for 2nd amendment voters to know that Trump is on their side. What better way to remind them of that than to tell them that Democrats want to take all their guns away. It doesn’t have to be true. It just has to be a winning message.

That’s why I think he’s coming. To which I say to the White House, Don’t.

Don’t come to my modern, future oriented, open and friendly city and desecrate the neighborhood where Fred Rogers lived.

We need helpers right now and Donald Trump is not a helper.

22 Responses

  1. Or he is attempting to provoke the Resistance to mob violence….

  2. Oh RD, I am so sorry. As a longtime Denver CO resident I understand the community shock and depair that comes with a mass shooting. And, in particular, the reverberations that echo for years, even decades.

    Furthermore, when I heard Trump declare his intent to visit himself upon your beautiful city, I cringed in empathy. Please know your blog community supports you and greatly appreciates the you that only you can be. (I am coming to appreciate Mr. Rodgers more every day).

    Take care.❤️💔❤️

    • I really do know it’s Mr. “Rogers”.
      And I’m aware of at least one grammatical error. I tried to not let it bother me. Anyway, I love you all. 💕

      • No worries, no grammar Nazis here. Gawd knows I commit grammatical acts of violence All. The. Time. I’m not into editing. Maybe one of these days, I’ll get an editor.

  3. Fred Rogers and Gene Kelly.

  4. Every single thing that Trump does or says is for his own benefit. We here all know that, but so many people, and tragically so many in the media, keep looking for other reasons, the kind that most human beings have. There is no motivation whatsoever behind what Trump does, other than trying to get what he wants, which is unlimited power, adulation, and revenge on his enemies.

    Right now, he is desperately trying to get more Republicans elected, so that he can do anything he wants, including purging the Justice Department. Any words that come out of his mouth are no more meaningful than the words of a carnival barker, whose only purpose is to get you to buy a ticket. Words are just tools to Trump. He doesn’t care one iota for the people who died. Nothing he intends to do would fix any of it.. He certainly is not going to be for gun control, his fealty is to Russia and to the NRA. He is not going to stop the Nazis, they are his base. He is going to utter a series of verbal expressions which sound like words, but whose only design is to make him look good. People in the media who pore over his utterances as if there is some external meaning behind them, are fools and dupes. I am very sorry that he is going to cause further pain to you and to anyone else there or anywhere who feels a deep sadness because of this awful event. He is worse than a ghoul; he feeds on others’ pain.

  5. Sound like you have every reason to worry. Really sorry that you don’t have early voting. Hope your blue wave is so big that the Cheeto and his minions can’t quibble over it.

  6. Posted today by Voting Hillary over at Uppity’s, bears reposting. Did he actually refer to a “synagogue” as a “mosque?”

    VotingHillary, on October 28, 2018 at 4:38 AM said:

    Folks, we all know what went down in Pittsburgh today and I want to give you an honest account of how my community reacted.

    First, heartfelt prayers to those lost and their loved one and major props to the Pittsburgh police for their courage and prayers for their wounded.

    Second, the Squirrel Hill area is revered for its sense of community and welcoming to all. It is a predominately Jewish neighborhood but has always been welcoming to those of all faiths and is very close to many of our major universities.

    Third, when the call went out for the need of blood donations, the outpouring of volunteers was overwhelming not just in the city itself, but also in the outlaying suburbs. Folks had to be asked to come back tomorrow because they couldn’t keep up with the number of volunteers.

    Lastly, Trump said the mosque should have had armed guards and it would have turned out better. The citizens of my town our REPULSED at his response. He is coming to visit here.

    I want you all to know that the WV border is only an hour away.

    So when he shows how my town “supports” him, please know, he is hiring them from WV.

    TRUMP IS NOT US IN PITTSBURGH. Hillary won here.

  7. I rant against Facebook all the time but YouTube isn’t all that behind in its destructive influence. Thread.

    • Well, to be fair the column on the right in YouTube is based in part on the viewers own viewing habits if he or she is signed into Google (something I *never* do), as well as the viewing habits of others who have watched that video before. It’s different for everyone.

      • Her comments are in a thread. The videos on the right are recommendations as you know and leads the viewers down a certain path.

  8. “He doesn’t have a core or values or any cause he would die for. He’s got about as much introspection and internal consistency as a shark.”

    Furthermore (as I think I noted at the time) he seems incapable of appreciating what these whack jobs would do to his own family (or else he’s too self-absorbed to care). After all, his favorite son-in-law, favorite daughter, and his grandchildren are all Jews. Maybe he thinks being uncommonly rich would help them, but with very few exceptions it certainly didn’t work out that way the last time these guys got their way. If anything they’d make someone like Ivanka a particular target.

    • I know that this is not your narrative, but I do see Trump supporters eagerly pointing out that, gee, his son-in-law is Jewish, and so is Ivanka now. Actually, so is white nationalist totalitarian Stephen Miller. I don’t see any of them stopping Trump from putting out anti-semitic whistles every day. And the entire right-wing apparatus has been doing so, which inevitably led to the person deciding that Jews were behind the dangerous caravan, so he was going to go into a synagogue and kill as many as he could. It is no coincidence that the largest anti-semitic act of violence in the nation’s history came under Trump, and that hate crimes against Jewish people went way up in 2017.

      I don’t know what kind of Jewish people Kushner and presumably Ivanka are; whether they are intended as some kind of buffer for Trump. This mass murder was a clear and direct result of anti-semitic themes propagated by Trump and his right-wing echo chamber. Adam Server has s very good, if chilling, editorial about it on The Atlantic. One Trump aide had told him a few days ago that this story about a horde of foreigners coming to assault our border “might not be 100% accurate, but it is the play: i.e., it is a political strategy intended to win votes. It killed eight Jewish people and three officers yesterday.

      • I know, and I know he uses Ivanka and Jared as cover when he cynically appeals to the murderous fringe Right. Maybe it’s because he’s been so sheltered and privileged all his life, but I don’t think it has really registered with him that those guys are seriously genocidal and often refer to his daughter as a “race traitor” for her marriage. They’ve killed over stuff like that.

        And yes, this demonization of George Soros certainly echoes the demonization of the Rothschilds by anti-semites before WWII. I don’t view Trump as the instigator of this, because it started decades ago, but he has certainly fanned the flames (as has Fox News and Rush Limbaugh). It’s interesting how they don’t apply the same twisted stereotypes to Sheldon Adelson, isn’t it?

  9. Here’s the thing: There’s really nothing “neo” about neo-Nazis. There’s a direct, continuous history from the German-American Bund, the Silver Shirts, Lindbergh’s America First, and Mosley’s British Fascists, through guys like Francis Yockey, to Willis Carto (founder of the Liberty Lobby and the “Institute for Historical Review”), Revilo P. Oliver (one of the founders of the John Birch Society – yes, that was his real name), and Julius Evola directly to the National Alliance, the National Vanguard, the European Liberation Front, and similar organizations in the US and Europe. The one exception to that actually seems to have been Rockwell’s ANP (something that Amazon’s Man in the High Castle gets terribly wrong). Rockwell’s organization seems to sprung up as a spontaneous manifestation of a disordered mind – he had no documented Nazi affiliations or sympathies before or during the War.

    They’re not neo-anything – they’re just Nazis (and they haven’t changed a bit since the 1930s).

    • You’re right. What can we do?

      • Of course the best way is to somehow elect a good Democratic President, who will set a better tone. Anti-semitism, though always present, and always pernicious, was pretty well kept under rocks during the Clinton and Obama administrations, and even mostly under Bush. And the FBI and other organizations were alert to it. Obviously, Trump has unearthed it, and given countenance to it. It will take more doing now, but good leadership from the top would help.

        It is frightening to see how much anti-semitism has grown not only here, but in Europe as well. I recently read a few of the comments of Carole Cadwalladr, who is a very smart journalist writing for The Guardian. She stands up against it, and she is besieged by some evil Brits like Farrage and others. Hypernationalism is all over the place, and a recurring feature is anti-semitism. Stopping it is a task for people of all nations, and it always has been. Getting rid of Trump is necessary. Cornyn and Kevin McCarthy wrote some anti-semitic things today, though they would say they were not. There is no bottom to the Republican Party, they would stoop to it if they thought it would help them keep power. Republicans mostly used to decry this sort of thing, but now it is just another card for them to play.

        It is possible that it will take millions of people standing up and simply refusing to accept the world that Trump wants to create here. Boycott everything right-wing owned, including any news site which enables the Nazis. Get off Facebook and even YouTube, which apparently has become a place where anti-semites can guide people to hateful videos. and radicalize them. Make it clear that the lost revenues are due to good people standing against this.

        Not that it is cheery, but a great book, if you have not read it, is Philip Roth’s “The Plot Against America,” which imagines an alternative reality where Lindbergh, running on an “America First” nationalist platform, beats FDR in 1940, and pretty obviously is collaborating with the Germans, whose cause he had supported as against Roosevelt. It is brilliantly imagined, and engrossing, and perhaps not that far from a real possibility back then.

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