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The Greatest Speech

Charlie Chaplin, The Great Dictator (1940):

The “President” threatens to visit Pittsburgh #neveragain

Somehow yesterday, he managed to eventually read words of sympathy for the Jewish synagogue members who were gunned down by a man who had his brain soaked in right wing conspiracy theories. The shooter was convinced that Jews are planning to replace white guys like him with refugees.

If that sounds familiar, maybe it’s because “Jews will not replace us” was what the neo Nazis in Charlottesville were shouting last year. And Trump called them “very fine people”.

If you want to understand why Trump would say that about Nazis, go back and read the post about what Virginia Heffernan wrote about him. He doesn’t have a core or values or any cause he would die for. He’s got about as much introspection and internal consistency as a shark.

So, why is he coming to Pittsburgh? The real reason could be really loathesome.

After redistricting earlier this year, part of Mike Doyle’s solidly blue district was pushed into the neighboring district of Republican Keith Rothfus. He’s the Republican incumbent for PA17, a new district that doesn’t even exist yet. What’s even more confusing is that this district actually has 2 incumbents. Democrat Conor Lamb’s Pittsburgh neighborhood of Mount Lebanon was also pushed into PA17.

As of this year, I am also in PA17. My very blue township is one of the factors that has made PA17 a “lean Democrat” district from what should have been a blow out for Keith Rothfus. Now, why am I bringing all this political crap up in the context of a shooting massacre?

It’s because Keith Rothfus is in trouble. Pennsylvania is going to be in the spotlight again come Election Day. The blue wave will take place here. We have more competitive house races than anywhere in the country right now. We don’t have early voting in this state. And we don’t have a voter ID law. There are no paper trails on our voting machines. I think the governor ordered trails earlier this year but I don’t know if that was implemented.

In other words, a lot of mischief could happen in PA next week. Especially if 2nd amendment gun owners are motivated enough.

This is why Trump’s visit may be coming to PA. Keith Rothfus R-PA17, has an A rating from the NRA. Rothfus is one of those hard right Trump Republicans that has been under the radar. But this tragedy may focus attention on this House seat. Conor Lamb is a pro-gun Democrat who supports sensible gun regulation.

So, my guess is that Trump will make a visit not to comfort the victims, because let’s face it, he isn’t capable of comforting anyone. No, I think he’s going to come here to comfort his 2nd amendment supporters. No matter how tragic the event, no matter how hate filled the perpertrator, it’s important for 2nd amendment voters to know that Trump is on their side. What better way to remind them of that than to tell them that Democrats want to take all their guns away. It doesn’t have to be true. It just has to be a winning message.

That’s why I think he’s coming. To which I say to the White House, Don’t.

Don’t come to my modern, future oriented, open and friendly city and desecrate the neighborhood where Fred Rogers lived.

We need helpers right now and Donald Trump is not a helper.