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Virginia Heffernan takes the measure of the man

Quote of hers she retweeted to her @page88 twitter stream:

Do the Trumpists even know what they want from him?


You can find more of Virginia Heffernan’s impressive work and observations at Trumpcast.

39 Responses

  1. are there other people, living or dead, like him?

    Yes, yes, there are, thousands of them. Heffernan is describing his rally goers. He is his rally person. It is time for every individual who is not like him or his rally goers, to consciously and overtly object to what we see happening with our own eyes.

    • I am not being flippant here and very serious when I make that comment. These rallies should have been nipped in the bud but media motherfuckers were having too much fun with it.

    • Hillary warned us about the people who were trump’s base – a basket of deplorables….I remember how outraged trump and they were at being called this and how deplorable the media was by piling on Hillary and criticized her daily for daring to call them out for what they were. trump and his supporters’ behavior have proven her right again, but you will NEVER hear the media acknowledging it because they know they enabled trump throughout the campaign.

      • It was another example of them taking her words out of context and twisting them for maximum effect. She said HALF of his supporters were deplorable (the racists, sexists, homophobes, islamophobes xenophobes) and the OTHER HALF were the people she hoped to reach (and help), the ones who were angry and afraid because they felt forgotten and left behind by their government officials. As usual, not inaccurate.

  2. Re trump supporters, my best guess whether they just tolerate him or adore him, is that he is giving them what they want religiously ( the courts so they can control how we live), economically (making the rich richer and the poor poorer) and/or culturally (he is making their right wing conspiracy wet dreams a reality and he is destroying their “enemies,” the elitist, know-it-all liberals; in the case of his core base, he is enshrining their victimhood and it feels so good). If he is in power for two years or eight years or until he dies, it won’t matter in the end. Our democratic republic has been slowly dying from neglect for years now and this is what the beginning of the end stage looks like. I know, i know, we have to vote them out and i will vote with the rest of you, but I am old, a skeptic and a pessimist. We, and I mean all Americans collectively, don’t have the wherewithal, even if we have the desire, to overcome our internally and externally compromised electoral system. Lastly, I fervently hope i am proven wrong without bloodshed or foreign intervention.

    I am ready for my verbal tongue lashing now…and apologies for the long-winded comment.

    • Cats, I think you’re right. What do they want from him? They want him to kill us.

      • Sue, it is not a coincidence that their side has the gun rights psycho faction and does everything they can to stir them up. The husband of the woman i volunteer for went ballistic on me Monday, when i used leptospirosis and Puerto Ricans in the same sentence. We were talking about her friend’s dog who had developed chronic vomiting and diarrhea for no apparent reason. He blurted out that they (the Puerto Ricans) were too stupid to know they had to boil the water first and of course I wrongly blamed trump for that stupidity. I had said NOTHING about trump or FEMA’s response, but his face was red with anger and i was stunned at how quickly his wrath towards me was ignited. Honestly, I would not have been surprised if he had picked up a gun to shoot me. This is a highly intelligent, well read, accomplished man who has very strong rethug ideas about this country and i can see him using violence against libtards like me whom he despises with every fiber of his being (this is not our first disagreement). He has spouted every anti Hillary meme out there to me, the last one being that Hillary, not trump, conspired with the Russians in 2016. His wife (also a gun “enthusiast”) voted for Stein because she hates both trump and Hillary, but quickly tells me Hillary would have been far worse than trump had she been in the oval.

        • You volunteer for her, Cats? In what capacity? Distance yourself-if possible-from this couple. They’re unreachable and he sounds dangerous.

          • She is a wildlife rehabber who used to do all the Pa RVS mammals but now just does bats. I was close to walking out on Monday. I’m really just an elf at this point, trying to figure out how to make a graceful exit! Thanks for your concern, Sue.

      • Sue, you very effectively cut to the heart of it, and thus my writing a more lengthy analysis of it would probably be redundant. But I want to also add the strange mixture of ignorance, religiosity, and free-floating anomie and anger which fuel it.

        For the most part, these are people whose disappointment, frustration, general bigotry, jealousy, have been honed into hate by the Republicans who need their votes. There is no way even to have a rational discussion with any of them, they don’t believe in empirical facts or evidence. They have taken refuge in a worldview in which they, with their lack of knowledge, ignorance of history or social movements, are always right; while the people who have that knowledge are not only always wrong, but are trying to rob them of their belief system, thus rendering them into broken husks of humans with no validity or purpose.

        Trump gives them a purpose. Like the phony evangelist preachers have done, like demagogues before him. He tells them whom to hate, and gives them opportunity to do so with impunity. You see the crazed faces of the people at the rallies shouting “Lock Her Up!,” as if they are waving pitchforks at the devil. They have no idea what she should be locked up for, but they do not care. There is no human reasoning attached to this. They need enemies. In the Middle Ages, various people were called “The Antichrist,” so people could hate them and kill them. In Tsarist Russia, the peasants with miserable lives were goaded into displacing it onto Jewish people, and the Tsars encouraged pogroms in which tens of thousands of Jews were murdered. Hitler seized upon the same perversion in human nature, and it of course satisfied his own psychoses. In this country Black people were lynched, immigrants were hanged for crimes they probably did not commit. It’s all been here, it just never was as collectively organized. The internet helped that along, as well as the radio shows.

        Without Trump, these people have no purpose, other than scrabbling along. The rallies are like football games to them. Orwell had “two minutes of hate,” but these people need more than that. Trump gives them a steady stream of people to hate and wish ill to. Sometimes the demagogues run out of targets, but Trump never does. Trump provides the fantasy that once they destroy all these targets; all the liberal icons, all the media, all the people who don’t treat them they way they think they deserve to be treated in life. That Trump does it all for himself, is something they can’t allow themselves to realize. They see him as their avenging force, punishing all those shadowy people and entities who have robbed them of their prelapsarian paradise.

        • William, I heard that Trump is going to do ten more rallies before the election. One of my questions is when-exactly- does he president? What a dangerous time we’re living in.

          • That is what “presidenting” is for Trump. Making as many deals as possible to enrich himself, and then parading himself around so as to receive the adulation he needs for food. He doesn’t understand or care about any of what we would think are issues. If no one had health insurance outside of himself and his family, he would be happy with that. If the minimum wage were reduced to 30 cents an hour, that would be fine. To him, it’s like a child’s game with cardboard cutouts; he probably used to rip those up when bored or vengeful.

            The rallies are to try to get more Republicans elected, and that is because the Democrats might try to impede him. If he can frighten or threaten or confuse enough people, he might be able to keep Democrats from winning enough seats to matter. At this point, he is like some kind of con man machine which has short-circuited, is on tilt, and is conning ever faster and more weirdly. I would expect that in his last rally, he is going to promise everyone a 25% tax cut, while telling them that the caravan is going to burn down their houses, unless they vote for his side.

    • Agree with you in that I am not optimistic either. These malevolent forces need a counterforce, a repellent but the R party, the institutions, the arbiters of truth namely the media are somehow detached or openly shirking their responsibilities and the good people have no one on their side. Media which brought down Gore for sighing can’t seem to get a hook on trump. There are lot of people complicit here.

  3. With regard to the “both sides are doing it!” idiocy of Kasich and the media: The motto of Michelle Obama was “when they go low, we go higher.” It was a very optimistic phrase, and obviously does not work in this political climate. So Holder made a little joke out of it, using it as a metaphor. “When they go low, we will kick them.” “Go low” was a term which probably came from boxing, where it is illegal to hit your opponent below the belt, for obvious reasons. A “low blow” is a deduction of points in a boxing match, and then of course has become a metaphor. So for any person who knows anything about words or the history, it was obvious that Holder was not advising people to literally kick someone else, but playing with the image; if someone actually is going down on the ground to attack you, your only physical recourse would be to kick them. And Hillary, seeing the outrage of the Kavanaugh hearings, and probably regretting her championing of Michelle Obama’s phrase during the campaign, said that the Republicans and their band of deplorables are not entitled to “civility,” by which she meant that just acquiescing or being unfailingly polite to them is not appropriate. Anyone who knows what the word ‘civility” means, would understand that.

    But of course the deranged denizens of the right wing, and the media which always covers for them, desperately try to find an equivalence between those statements and the attempts to murder Obama, Hillary, BIll, Biden, Holder, Brennan, Soros. It occurred to me that it is sort of the equivalent of those awful “stand your ground: laws which have skyrocketed the killing by guns rate in Florida. You are arguing with someone, he calls you a name, so you shoot him. And I’m sure it is obvious to us that whatever Hillary says about anything, whatever she has said for 30 years and more, is always twisted, as if she were the “it’ in a dreadful junior high school game of bullying. The horror is trying to give the fascists the excuse to ramp up violence. The lesser but still real horror is the realization that there are millions of people who have no ability to reason logically; and that there is a media which actually supports these people in their insane logic, for fear of upsetting them. Thus it is “both sides forever,” except when the Democrat or liberal does something wrong, and then the media has no need to play “both sides” and can just go after them.

  4. :mrgreen:

    For RD:

    • Very clever, IBW: RD = scientist, Fe = iron! Have to admit it took me a minute to puzzle out. I also consider RD to be an iron woman!

  5. Good one.

  6. GOP Congresscritter Jeff Fortenberry of Nebraska has got his knickers twisted. 😛

    Riiiight, Jeff. Sophomoric vandalism of political signs is right up there with mailing letter bombs. 🙄

  7. He just makes sh*t up because his base likes it so they all can laugh at the libtards. These people are crazy. vote the motherfucker out at the next opportunity.

  8. I am thinking MAGA Maggie didn’t write this.

    • It is Michelle Goldberg. I turn the channel whenever these Hillary hating women show up on TV but this article is good, places the focus where it should be. Now if they had done this during the 2016 campaign when the rallygoers first started chanting ‘lock her up’ instead of fully participating in Hillary hate enabling trump and his minions, we would not be here.

  9. And mine too! 🙂

  10. Crazy, add Cory Booker and Clapper to the list.

  11. Media, DON”T analyze this message, don’t, just report that it is insane for the president of the most powerful nation to be tweeting this tweet. That is all.

    • He knows the meaning of “spate”? He does know that CNN and his critics are not the president, right?

  12. NYT motherfuckers, read and weep.

  13. Re 3am tweet, tRump has a severe mental illness or he behaves as a person who has a crippling mental illness.

    • He is now fanning the flames calling it a “bomb” in his tweet. MAGA Maggie explains that SHE THINKS he is saying it is a false flag. How enabling of her to spread his (unsaid) message.

  14. But, but THIS is what he wants… It is not like he does not know what effect he has but this is exactly what he and his base wants, cruelty towards people they hate (like Hillary). Terrorize those whom they don’t like, beat up verbally or physically people they dislike… This is trump’s America now and this is the Republican party in America now. He and his supporters are flailing, distracting, deflecting and playing victim because it is not working.

  15. I am a fan of Ms. Heffernan’s work on Trumpcast and her written work in essays for the L.A. Times.

    This is one of my favorites, which was published a few months ago.

    She prefaced a Trumpcast show at that time by reading this aloud.


    • Good one, Herstory! I have always believed that the election was rigged in his favor and that Hillary is the true 45. Let justice be served swiftly and fairly. He is a usurper and a criminal and should be treated as such. No pardons.

    • Herstory,

      Finally, finally, someone is addressing the elephant in the room! THANK YOU, VIRGINIA HEFFERMAN!! I have never believed trump was a duly elected president by the people, Hillary was. He is illegitimate, period. I can never refer to him as my president. I view the legitimate winner of the 2016 presidential election as my president, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

      The media, the republicans, the Russians and trump were confident that if he won by “suspicious” means no one would question it or make a fuss (like they would if it were Obama or any man for that matter) because she is a woman. Everyone knew that she would not be allowed to contest the election without being vilified by the media, trump, his supporters and the republican party. Trump even threatened to contest the election if Hillary won because I believe he knew what the Russians were doing on his behalf.

      We were robbed and our country has suffered almost irreparable harm because of the misogyny/patriarchy which has a strangle hold on power with a desire to keep it “by any means necessary”.

      We can only hope and pray that the women who are “good and mad” about how Hillary was treated and is still being treated will only grow stronger and put an end to this madness. If ever there was a time for women’s justifiable anger to bring about real and positive change that will save our country before it’s too late, that time is NOW.

      The best way to avert the Russians from stealing the 2018 mid=term election for the republicans is to vote in huge numbers. EVERYONE GET OUT AND VOTE AND TELL YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS TO DO THE SAME.

  16. They are transporting the white van of the suspect’s. It has all kinds of trump stuff on its windows. They covered it with a blue tarp and the wind did not cooperate and revealed it blowing cover along the way. Now there are three armed officers holding on to it riding on top of the pick up truck.

  17. He is a trump Republican. Maybe explains 3 am tweet and others.

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