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    riverdaughter on Who is paying for Donald’s new…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Who is paying for Donald’s new…
    jmac on Who is paying for Donald’s new…
    Catscatscats on General Mattis’s Statement
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Who is paying for Donald’s new…
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30 Responses

  1. […] Source link […]

  2. saw the video earlier. fantastic. I like the high energy.

  3. you all saw this? He is losing it. Some news outlets are repeating his claim when the headlines should say “Congress not in session, Trump desperately lies about middle class tax cuts before midterms”. Media/press should be smarter.

    • Daniel Dale, a Canadian reporter (Toronto Star) is tireless in exposing trump’s lies. No American reporter/outlet comes even close.

  4. Biggest venue, Biggest venue in Houston. He could not fill this one which I heard was not big.

  5. It’s a rollercoaster of reactions. I have no idea how Trump’s favorables got up to 47% in one poll. But the polls on individual races seem pretty good, and of course Trump is actually not on the ballot, though some in the media want to make it so, since most of their campaign coverage is about what Trump said each hour.

    It is unnerving to see the media, even most of MSNBC, revert to all the wrong things they did in 2016. “Democrats are worried,,” “Republicans on the attack,’ “Both sides engaging in questionable behavior,” “Trump has a clever strategy.” I mostly have it turned off, but my concern is the effect on voters. At the least, the media wants a close election, no matter the consequences. At the worst, they want the Republicans to win. People’s lives are at stake, and to the media it is Tuesday Night Football. I saw an MSNBC chyron today telling us that “Republicans show higher turnout than Democrats in early Texas vote,” not mentioning that there aren’t nearly as many Democrats as Republicans in Texas; and that Independents hold the key to this election; and that Democratic turnout is higher than Republicans in the other early voting states.

    The enthusiasm and the early vote turnout seem like good signs for Democrats. I could even see us winning the Senate, but I would not want to get my hopes up. The path would be holding all the Democratic seats, and gaining two out of Nevada, Arizona, and Tennessee. It is far from impossible. Republicans have more money left to spend, not surprisingly. They are doing everything they can to suppress the vote. They are basically running a campaign based on racism and anti-immigrant fears, they have no winnable arguments on economic issues. Democrats will get many more votes than Republicans overall, but that is unfortunately not how this very undemocratic system works. We need to have things break our way in a few key contests, the way that we won those very close Senate victories in 2006. One hopes that the surge in early vote is not just the same people just voting early, but a sign that the Democratic turnout will be massive. I think of that touching scene in “Nemo,” where all the fish caught in the net realized that their only hope was to all push down at the same time, thus breaking the net, and escaping. If Democrats actually vote, and are not deluded and divided by Republican dark money lies, we will win.

    • Do you remember where you found this? I’d like to get a pin or sticker or magnet.

      • No, but you can download the image just by right-clicking the image, then clicking “Open Link in New Tab”. Then go to the new tab, right-click the image, then click “Save Image As…”, give the image a name, and then check whatever folder you downloaded the image into–probably either “Downloads” or “My Pictures”. (If you’re using another OS besides Windows, I don’t know if this would be the same or not.)

        As for the 3D objects, I do not know if or where you can get those.

  6. Prince Jared is pals with murderer Prince Salman and may have even enabled what happened with Khashoggi, but he gets a townhall on CNN as a reward and gets asked if he is having fun? Look at the timing! TV/media are insane and selling the country. The guy to do it some guy called Van Jones. Neither left nor right and certainly not serious. VOTE!

    • Oh, the media owners are quite sane, but you’re right that they’re selling this country out–to Mommie Dearest Russia, because Tsar Vladimir has promised them they can keep those low, low GOP taxes on the rich.

      Of course, Vlad will stab them in the back if and when it ever becomes convenient for him to do so, but they are blind with greed.

      • Those “cottages” in Nantucket don’t buy themselves, you know!

      • OTOH, maybe Vlad should beware. His predecessor in another regime, Uncle Joe Stalin, trusted Hitler against the accurate advice of Soviet spies, right up until the morning of June 22, 12941, when he woke up with Adolf’s “friendship” buried between his shoulder blades.

        • *sigh* 1941.

          The surface gravity of a neutron star does not suck even half as much as TurdPress does. 😡

  7. Our +14 Repugs Congressional District has moved from lean Red to toss up poll makers forgot that a large college in the district was not in session when the Republican was elected. Good news if those students vote and really good news if the Greens truly vote Blue to stop the reckless roll back on climate regs. That 47 approval a joke, sad.

  8. I love the CCR soundtrack with the video.

    In the same vein, the NY Times had these two columns about protest songs. Loudon Wainwright III wrote of his favorite protests songs and then there was a follow up column of readers favorite protest songs.

  9. My one minute of seeing what the cable news is showing today: MSNBC running chyron, ‘Trump dangles prospect of middle class tax cuts as midterms near.” The only non-misleading part of that sentence is “midterms near.” There is no way to pass off or excuse that kind of headline, it is concocted by people trying to get more voters to vote Republican. There is no prospect, there is no dangle, it is just a blatant lie by Trump to wangle more votes from his marks. Might as well run chyron saying, “Trump floats idea of giving everyone an extra $100,000, Democrats not on board with plan.” How about, ‘Trump promises pie in the sky by and by.” Or “Trump promises to fulfill everyone’s wish list if they keep Republicans in control of Congress.” People see these chyrons, and think, “Hey, a middle class tax cut sounds good.” That is why the network heads have them put there. No chyrons about a pipe bomb in George Soros’ mailbox. NYT writes, “pipe bomb found near Soros’ home.” Yes, a mailbox is very near the home, so close that someone might open the mailbox and be blown up, while Trump is busy dangling the tax cuts.

  10. Cable show narratives, if today’s media were transported back to Germany, 1935:
    “Hitler’s attacks on Jews a winning strategy so far.” “Nazis vs. citizens: are both sides responsible for the growing violence.?” “Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s media mastermind, interviewed by our panel.” “Would a World War be good for German economy?” “Democratic resistance to Hitler lacking coherent message.” “Hitler’s popularity rises, what are the reasons?” “Hitler supporters say that he has no intention to kill millions of Jewish people.” “The human side of the Nazi leaders, shown in new video.” “Hitler criticizes ‘fake news, and the lying press.'” “IG Farben reports record profits.” “Hitler outmaneuvers Democrats again, wipes out unions.” “Goering Town Hall tonight.” ” Watch Maggie Haberman’s exclusive Hitler interview.”

  11. “All the Democrats have to do to beat Trump is not be crazy for a few months.”

    But you just couldn’t do it. The Kavanaugh confirmation protest was the final nail. The Democrats were unhinged, and all the House and Senate races started tilting to the right. Just a few months ago you guys were supposed to flip the House and maybe the Senate too.

    Not only will you NOT take the Senate, but the House ain’t gonna flip either. The GOP might even increase their majorities in both chambers.

    That blue wave you have been waiting two years for?

    It’s waving bye-bye.

    Oh, and Mueller? He’s got nothing.

    There will be no impeachment. There will be no investigations run by the Democrats. There will just be 6 more years of covfefe.

    And the best part? You got beat by a guy you think is stupid. You have nothing but sneering contempt for Trump, his family, and his deplorable supporters.

    He played you.

    • “You have nothing but sneering contempt for Trump, his family, and his deplorable supporters.”

      Which that lot has earned, in spades.

      Also hearts, diamonds, and clubs.

      If Niles proves to be correct about the election, it will be because of the same old Republican and Russian (but I repeat myself) cheating.

      “You got beat by a guy you think is stupid.”

      I don’t think anyone here thinks that Vladimir Putin–the guy who actually beat us in 2016–is stupid.

    • In other words, he lies, he cheats and he steals. Your idea of a man, a leader, a champion, we get it. Could you please go away?

    • I get the impulse to squash Niles and Blizz for the trolls they are. But they are very useful. We don’t have to believe or be demotivated by what they say. We can figure out what their marching orders by letting them post their messages here.
      They’re only black pixels on a screen. They can’t hurt us. Instead, figure out what is being said and why.

      • RD, I knew you would respond! I appreciate your open mindedness and your ability to turn a weapon into a tool. It is not that they are wearing us down by showing us the errors in our thinking or that they are weakening our resolve to save our country; it is the constant drumbeat of rethug, immature prattle. It’s annoying and far from thought provoking. If we could see them, would we see them sticking out their tongues, stomping their widdle feet and wiggling their fannies at us? I for one will skip over their posts henceforward and leave it to stronger stomachs to figure out why they bother to comment here. I get enough of the negativity, mindless parroting and banality from my repub acquaintances. I come here to read your thoughtful posts and to enjoy the comments, experiences, cross posts and links that your faithful followers share.

        • Stop a second and think how you can respond to a comment like this. Let me tell you what I see in this:
          The writer is concerned. He is getting the impression that the only way to stop the Democrats from taking the House is to suppress the vote. How is he going to do that? He has to make you feel like nothing you do matters. He’s making it sound like he knows the final outcome. But how can he know that? That would require inside knowledge of a scheme to steal the vote or he has seen the future. While I wouldn’t rule the former out, it is absolutely true that he hasn’t seen the future.
          And what is he really scared of? Accountability. He doesn’t want the Republicans or Trump held accountable for anything. We might get around to impeachment one of these days but mostly we want to stop the Republicans from eroding the social safety net. That’s numero uno. Well, that and climate change.
          So he’s doing a fucking haka, shaking his junk, bulging his eyes and sticking his tongue out.
          I get that you’re sick of this shit. So am I. But I don’t let it get to me anymore. I try to learn from it. I’m looking at a guy who’s scared shitless that his side is about to lose. Those bombs set him off. You gotta ask yourself why. I’m guessing it’s because it looks really bad for Trump and his minions.
          And it isn’t going to keep any of us from voting. So, you know, try to be amused at the ridiculousness of this comment.
          This is all they’ve got at this point. And WE have an election coming up.

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