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    riverdaughter on Who is paying for Donald’s new…
    riverdaughter on Who is paying for Donald’s new…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Who is paying for Donald’s new…
    jmac on Who is paying for Donald’s new…
    Catscatscats on General Mattis’s Statement
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Who is paying for Donald’s new…
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  1. trump-centered list we should be talking about and with receipts. A thread.

  2. […] Source link […]

  3. Electing a guy with no SHAME can cost you a country. And I was just thinking about this very thing this morning. He is not fit to be president or be in any leadership position whatsoever, not even his own businesses. He is not a smart businessman, not a competent businessman, he is nothing without his daddy’s money.

  4. Buh Bye Dennis Hof. Although I do not wish demise on any sentinent being, I reserve the the right to bade a hale and hearty farewell to this one.

  5. Who gave you surplus? Check other stats in that thread.

    • Yup. Turned a $1.4 trillion deficit into a surplus. He would easily have won a third term, had such been allowed. Yes, some of it was due to the Silicon Valley boom, but much of it was due to the fiscal policies. I was not a fan of deficit hawkishness, but it worked. He actually started off with a modest stimulus package, but Dole filibustered it, and President Clinton realized that the Republicans were not going to lift a finger to stimulate the economy, so he was compelled to try a different course.

      Does everybody remember his first major budget bill, and the Republicans saying in unison that it would destroy the economy; and that every single Republican in House and Senate voted against it? The only way it passed in the House was because a few Democrats who knew that voting for it would cost them their seats, did so anyway, out of courage and conviction. One of them is now Chelsea’s mother-in-law. Of course the Republicans were wrong as always, and raising taxes a small amount on the wealthy, plus the revitalized economy, wiped out the deficit, and we had the greatest prosperity since the ’60’s. And then GW Bush and his people wiped it out in a few months, by giving the wealthy a significant tax cut, and the middle class a couple of checks of a few hundred dollars. And after that, they crashed the economy. But somehow most of this is distorted by the media, and conveniently forgotten by the voters, who apparently cannot discern that trickle-down economics is a lie and a fraud. If this economy is going to crash even worse than before, I do hope that the media types who think that the Clinton era is encapsulated by Monica Lewinsky, and that Hillary Clinton is encapsulated by how she answers rude and insulting questions about the affair, lose their money, and their posh apartments, and have to work in cramped cubicles, checking invoices.

      • Marjorie Margolies. She was a big deal news anchor when I lived in Philadelphia. I’ll always admire her.

    • Say what?!

  6. What is happening at Fox? If that old fossil Murdoch turns it around, the world would be a better place.

  7. Interesting. One of my comments is going to a black hole. It does not show that it is in moderation. Anyway, it was nothing profound.

  8. Maybe trump knows some evil twin he can use.

  9. This may have been posted here previously and I missed it. The crux of the deplorables’ support of Trump:


    • It is a fascinating, if disturbing, theme for extended analysis. It has gone on throughout history, and has been exploited by monarchs and aristocrats, who would deflect the people’s misery and frustration to a scapegoat, usually Jews. In our country, it was mostly the Blacks, more lately Hispanics. And of course women, once they dared to run for office, and compete for jobs with men.

      The “deplorables” ( a very legitimate description, Hillary is always perceptive, usually ahead of everyone else, and of course gets excoriated for it) in general lead lives that are worse than Thoreau’s “quiet desperation.” They know very little, do not even have the pleasure of intellectual stimulation. They have no economic power, and almost no chance of changing it. So their only gratification is in what they are told will be “liberal tears.” If other people are sad, or frightened, or depressed, they can feel superior to them. I love college sports, but I am well aware that some of the fandom, particularly in the areas we would expect, Deep South and Texas, is all about this kind of tribalism. If your rival loses, it makes you happy. Your team or school is always right, the other is always wrong. It’s simple, and I guess it is not too harmful when it regards sports, but it has been allowed and encouraged to pervade politics and society. That is why these multiple articles about “understanding the Trump voter,” are self-indulgent and worthless, because there is no way on earth to change their minds, it is like a religion that they hold onto; because outside of their hatred for liberals, Blacks, Jewish people, women, Hispanics, the media, Hollywood, et al, there is nothing left for them. I am much afraid that if we manage to actually take at least some of the country back, these people’s unreasoning anger and frustration will lead to many acts of violence.

      I don’t want to attack every single Evangelical,, but there has to be something in their supposed religion that makes them capable of such blatant hypocrisy, where if one of “theirs” commits a heinous act, it is twisted into being not only acceptable, but as proof of their piety. If they would at least be consistent, one would figure that they would be appalled at Trump and the criminals he has working for him; but they aren’t at all. So this purported religion, and of course by extension, Trumpism, is a cult, where there is no interest in truth, or science, or anything empirical; just the cult’s belief system, and the tribal identity. Trump’s 2016 “victory” is like their sacred myth, which tells the story of how they triumphed over their enemies, and cast them into despair and hopelessness. They go to the rallies to have the story told over and over again.. For many, it was the highlight of their lives, and they are never going to admit they were wrong, or stupid, or deluded. Because their entire sense of identity and ego preservation absolutely depends on having enemies to hate and destroy. Evil but clever demagogues throughout history have perceived and exploited the power of hate; they even dole it out as nourishment to those people who need it for their sustenance.

      • ” Evil but clever demagogues throughout history have perceived and exploited the power of hate; they even dole it out as nourishment to those people who need it for their sustenance.”

        Fine comment, though–It’s hard for me to think of Benedict Donald as clever.

        I suppose that is one reason that I insist so strongly on Putin’s role in all this; unlike Benny Don, Vladimir actually seems to be smart enough for this.

        • Ivory Bil, I don’t think Trump figures these things out, but it is sort of an evil cunning inherent to con artists and totalitarians. Find someone or something for the masses to deflect their unhappiness and anger onto. In Trump’s case, he has said that he has always lived for getting revenge on his enemies, so he is simply transferring that to his audience. I actually don’t think that very many of the evil people throughout history were malevolent geniuses, they were simply malevolent, and they had some innate ability to convey that to their target audience, many of whom very unfortunately were warped in their own way. It’s not as if Trump somehow convinced all these millions of people to ignore empirical facts, to hate the liberals, etc. They were already there, and that was the Tea Party, and before that, Buchanan and George Wallace and Nixon and Huey Long.

    • Excellent article Herstory, explains the inexplicable, thanks for sharing. Hillary was so right in calling half of his supporters deplorable. More like pack animals than humans.

  10. If trump helps to cover this up and the media/TV people do not hound him for it, the moral depravity of these people has seen no end and our country is lost. I hope the International press/media and other countries doggedly bring Saudis to justice here.

    • This is the kind of thing you see in fiction, in movies and in fact, there was a famous movie, I forget the name that had a scene in which the bad guy suggestively cuts cilantro while looking at the victim’s fingers. This is beyond anything we should see in reality and certainly not from your own leaders.

  11. Obama still does not understand what we are facing. I just saw a clip where a year ago, he said jovially that he would have been happy to have his ACA plan called “McConnell Care or Trump Care.” Of course he meant that what was important was what was in the plan; and that if naming is something other than “Obamacare” would have helped the Republicans support it, that was fine with him. And that is a good-natured comment,, but it bothers me, because he apparently still does not understand that we are in a climactic battle for this nation’s existence. Their side wants to completely destroy the Democrats, and anything they have stood for since the 1900’s. Obama still thinks that we can all get along. He used to always praise the Republicans in the House when he ultimately would make some kind of weak deal with them after they regularly threatened not to raise the debt ceiling, thereby destroying the full faith and credit of the United States, You cannot get along with these people, they are thoroughly corrupt and malign.

    • Obama was Chamberlain when we needed Churchill.

      Or, for Marvel Comics fans, Prof. Xavier when we needed Magneto. 😛

      • Yes, I agree. Obama was looking for peace in our time while the Republicans had already started the blitzkrieg.

  12. If a Democrat was handling Jamal Khashoggi murder as the Republicans are, they would be running 7×24 ads showing the “Prince” full beard with headdress and his his threat against the US….”Censure of any kind would be met with “greater action” from Riyadh” a twin tower less Manhattan skyline in the background accompanied by a Voice over of Trumps threats to Journo’s!

    • By the standards of other Western and more-or-less democratic nations, the Democrats are a centrist party, not a leftist party.

      Also, many of them are moderates in temperament as well as political views, which makes them ill-suited to fight against the smash-mouth tactics of the Deplorable Party. Moderates have a hard time getting angry enough.

      Plus, they fear that if they did win, it would mean the Left would play a more prominent role in our politics–which would mean higher taxes on the wealthy, and most of the moderate Dems are somewhat wealthy, too, and they, like all other politicians in our system, depend on wealthy contributors to be able to run for office.

      • …Hmmm don’t know Democrats, in my view are a one trick pony Party, Hopy Changy everyone but us are the racist grudge and grievance blah blah blah. I’m a moderate with some left views, I believe that all people are equal, have equal rights in all things period, and that from a legal government prospective it’s a given, look at the tax code for proof no discount for being gay, transgender, black or a woman. It’s the political parties who want this to be an open question and for Democrats it’s the battering ram that stifles the Party and keeps them in line.

  13. From Lance Mannion:

    Donald Trump and His Faithful Base of Hideous Men


    tl;dr version: Deep down, they’re not strong “winners”, and they know it, and that’s what makes them so intensely mean. 👿

  14. Oh and the photo of Trump massaging the glowing globe would be included too…

    Urgh… why must Democrats eat their own female leaders. It’s not just the Republicans attacking, Warren, Clinton, Feinstein, Heitkamp, I’m not voting for the most highly successful women Speaker Pelosi hell no. It’s Democrats, left leaning reporters, hell even the me-too crowd, go figure. What the duck seriously as if there aren’t enough substantial issue’s out there they could be discussing to show their worth 3 weeks prior to the mid terms. It’s Stupid, diversity matters, women of all ages all colors are respected consequential members of this resistance and all are needed.

  15. Get Hillary on a show. She has thoughts, even interesting ones (/s), and wants to talk about a million things going on with that motherfucker trump and there is a midterm election with Democrats running/voting in numbers unheard of. But ask her about the BC’s blowjob for the hundred millionth time. She is consistent and says what she has always said. Perspective! But the media motherfuckers have their hook. Analyze/parse every word and sentence she says to write opinions after opinions to make her the bad guy (guy, gal what is the difference, Hillary is not a human to them). Rinse. Repeat. Rehash.

    The way they treat her is shameful.

    • I bet this guy is thinking he should have voted for Hillary and the media motherfuckers (mostly women journos) want Hillary to go away. Are they stupid?

  16. Another hit piece. You, MAGA Maggie, that motherfucking bitch you are, are getting ready to stop Hillary, aren’t you? {Philippe Reines, STFU}

    • So MAGA Maggie is misrepresenting what Reines said. Surprising, (NOT). If Bernie can run again, if Kerry is mulling a run, why not Hillary? Theoretically, why go after her? Why push her off the stage when so many people love her?

      • Excatly, stop, she is a Stateswoman accomplished and talented she won the most votes against this and the last President all while being female.

      • Exactly. Biden has run twice, and hardly got any votes. Romney ran twice, and would like to run again if he could. Kerry would love to run, that is why he keeps appearing on TV. Hillary won the popular vote both times she ran. I swear, the Democrats are likely to nominate some “new” candidate who cannot win. Who is Haberman writing on behalf of, other than herself, and her coterie of frat boys and mean girls which make up much of the media, and which got Trump elected just because it was so thrilling to be able to snark at Hillary? And Hillary, who is always gracious, always wants to be liked, will never, ever attack the media; while Trump, the bully boy, does it in the most unpleasant terms, and the media lives for it, almost like twisted masochists who have such a low opinion of themselves that they would much rather be whipped than treated with dignity by someone they are jealous of.

    • Actually, Hillary would probably have the best chance of winning of any Democrat. But it is a case study for psychonanalysts as to why Haberman and Dowd and the rest of them have this pathological hatred for her, as if she were the worst of pariahs, someone who should be locked away in a shed somewhere. Hillary won the popular vote, in the face of incredible interference by Russia (10 million anti-Hillary tweets from Russian sources, as we just learned, so much more int hat vein). Haberman, who has done more than any other journalist to try to normalize Trump, is either certifiably insane, or she is carrying Trump’s water; surely he would rather face the likes of Warren or Harris, than Hillary, who routed him in every one of the three debates.

    • This is the winning message, i think. This is the issue where there is a clear difference between the parties, and most people can see it. This is the most important issue in the election, even by polls. Just keep hammering away at Republicans taking away protection for pre-existing conditions. And you can throw in “they are ready to take away your Social Security and Medicare.” Republicans are currently lying through their teeth about how they are going to protect coverage, while they are doing everything they can to get rid of ACA and everything else associated with it. Democrats always do better when they focus on such issues, not the social issues, which are legitimate, but can be dealt with if they ever gain political power back. In the latter, they are talking to their own audience; with the former, they can reach voters who would otherwise reflexively vote against them.

  17. They all belong in jail.

  18. VOTE! He is revving up his maniacal crowd to storm the voting booths. We need that much more numbers to offset them.

  19. Riverdaughter,

    I don’t know if you have any plans for October 28, but here’s something you might find interesting.


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