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    riverdaughter on Who is paying for Donald’s new…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Who is paying for Donald’s new…
    jmac on Who is paying for Donald’s new…
    Catscatscats on General Mattis’s Statement
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Who is paying for Donald’s new…
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Book Review: Good and Mad

Omg, just go get this book by Rebecca Traister. You will not be sorry. Buy copies for your friends. It is the best thing I’ve read all year and it’s timely AF.

It will blow your mind.

More: I’ll try to write a more lengthy review later, as well as one for the chilling The Fifth Risk by Michael Lewis, also a must read.

Traister’s book has so many quotable passages it’s hard to narrow them down.

26 Responses

  1. From The Daily Banter, by Justin Rosario:

    Dear Republican Voters: Stop Blaming The Left. You’re Trash. Own It.


  2. I remember Traister voicing concern and fear on Hayes well before election that Hillary might lose.

  3. I just bought two copies, one for myself and another for my daughter.

  4. pm317

    Hillary didn’t “lose” it was stolen from her with the help of the Russians, the media, along with Bernie sanders and his bros.

    • Get that book. The Russians are just a part of it. Traister digs deep into how the race got to be so close in the first place. You can’t look away. It was like a train wreck.

      • Yep, When I saw her on Hayes and heard what she said, my heart sank. It may have been in late October and we were getting close. Let me see if I can dig that video up.

  5. RD, is she kind to Hillary? If she is not, I don’t want to touch it. Sorry.

    • She’s fair to Hillary.

      • Uh huh.

        • No, she really is. I think she spent some time figuring it out. She gets it now.

          • Because it’s too late. Amanda Marcotte gets it now, too. Enjoy Justice Kavanaugh, ladies.

          • To Sue’s point below, it is astounding how intelligent people who presumably understand how the political system works, did not comprehend that Hillary losing would bring the worst Supreme Court history, as opposed to a moderate one which would protect our rights. It is not a difficult concept; the President nominates Justices. But all this cavilling about Hillary, as if we were choosing just the right guests for an exclusive dinner party, rather than trying to save the country from Radical Right insanity. Among the many awful aspects of the last few years in America, was watching one-issue or true believer men and women in the media, people who call themselves liberals or progressives, carp and peck and sneer at Hillary Clinton. You are bravely fighting a duel to the death, and your seconds are complaining that your doublet is not stylish enough, and that it is too bad that someone else couldn’t be fighting the duel instead.

  6. Ga6thDem, what is happening in GA? How can a Sec of State keep his job and still run for office?

      • Kemp is denying people the right to vote if there is some small difference like the extension on your zip code is off by a digit.

  7. Yeah. More anger. That’s the ticket. Turn those knobs up to eleventy!

    And don’t forget to SCREAM!!!!!

    • This is what deranged looks like.

    • Of course we’re angry, Niles. We expected Congress to hold Trump accountable and they didn’t. But to be honest, we’ve been waiting for this election for two years. Two painfully long stupid years of ignorant man children like you shaking your tiny fists and throwing temper tantrums because no one was paying attention to you.
      Frankly, we’re sick of it and mad as hell.
      It’s pretty telling that you guys think that voting is tantamount to an act of violence.
      If you don’t like it, tough titties.
      What are you going to do about it?

      • Guess who showed up on that Banter thread to which I linked?

        I think Justin stung a few people. 😈

      • And the ignorant man-children won’t, or can’t, see which country they are truly serving.

    • Silly Dude your fear is showing. Don’t you think we could come up with 100x the people you do beating people up? Every Trump Hitler rally is great evidence.

    • I dunno, Niles, given that your idol’s response to political disagreement was to urge his followers to “knock the crap out of them”, I’m not sure I find your outrage completely convincing. Perhaps you need to clutch those pearls a little tighter.

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