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Behold the Hairy Men.

The Republicans:

Yeah, they’re making a lot of noise and shaking their spears and shit but there’s still an election in less than a month and it looks very likely that they are going to lose bigly. There’s not a lot they can do about that except stick their tongues out and make obnoxious noises.

Get your ass to the polls and ignore the ugly hairy men. Check your registration at I Will Vote. And if you’re a female living in a voter ID state, get your paperwork in order, especially if you’ve ever been married or divorced. If your name has been changed, you’ll want to be sure it matches the one on the registration rolls. Would I put it past the hairy men to do a haka at the polls this year? No, I would not.

Be prepared.

Then crush their hairy little souls.

Finally, repeat this Tolkien quote from now until November 6 and teach it to every person who says their vote won’t count:

“Despair is for those who know the end beyond all doubt. We do not.”

Pass it around.

Hug a Republican today.

36 Responses

  1. Your new post is very appropriate considering that we now have Justice Bart O’Kavanaugh.

    To continue in the same vein, I just finished reading Charles Blow’s op-ed in the NY Times today.

    The link does not show the headline of “Liberals, This is War.”

    I was also reminded this weekend of the scene from “The Untouchables” when Sean Connery as Malone lectures Kevin Costner as Eliot Ness on how to get Capone. It should be required viewing for every Democrat and Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” should be required reading. There should be no bi-partisanship until the Rethuglican party is defeated at the state and national levels.

    • I should say that the link did not show the title when I pasted it and I forgot how it appears once posted.

      I do like the sign the protester is holding.

      If the House goes blue, it will be possible to start to investigate Old Bart, as a first step to impeachment or resignation.

  2. Most of the white men and their women who voted yes are not lawyers. They don’t know what they are talking about.

  3. I really worry Facebook is becoming an arm of the Republican party. They know full well, Democrats are smarter and would reign them in but since it is all nicely working out for spreading Republican manufactured information, they are tilting over that party. That is very bad for democracy in this country. It is not just that a corporation lobbies, it is that this corporation is providing a problem platform that benefits one political party more. That is like having a full blown national/international campaign apparatus for one political party (as we saw in 2016).

  4. Off-topic and may make you smile…

  5. Saw this on Garance’s TL. How appropriate for the times we live in!

  6. Maybe we should bring back that Trevor Noah video RD posted couple of days ago.

  7. Nobody I follow/peruse on twitter tweeted the pic of Bart O’Kavanaugh being sworn in.

  8. This is what we are up against. They supported Roy Moore more after the scandal. Old hairy men (and their women) with their hairy little souls.

  9. Peter Baker of NYT wrote an article on trump’s (and Rs) superior skills this week.

  10. Media is the problem. Exhibit 100000011100101 Phillip Rucker of WAPO.

    • Didn’t I just read that Obama was giving paid speeches to Wall Street and Michelle was going on a “luxe” tour, I think for a book? Barely a ripple, but Hillary, Bill or Chelsea writes a book and goes on tour and it is yet another example of the dynastic Clintons exploiting the country, scouring for shekels they don’t deserve and spreading their evil ideas about women, POC, LGBTQs and human rights. The hypocrisy of the media shills and the festering GOP is more blatant with each passing day, but apparently only Clinton supporters can smell it.

  11. Media is the problem. Exhibit 1000010101010101 both-siderism

  12. I very much hope that the above will come to pass. But I will state a few of my opinions, which of course some might want to disagree with. First, I do think that fighting Kavanaugh was the right thing to do, and that supporting Dr. Blasey Ford was also very important. Right is right, and wrong is wrong; and political considerations should not get in the way of that when the issue is so strong and clear. However, it is true that this will probably cost the Democrats a couple of Senate seats that they might have otherwise won, and maybe some Congressional seats as well. The sad truth is that Democrats rarely win elections on what we might call cultural or even social issues. They usually win, when they win, on the economy.

    The two times in our history when the liberals/progressives made great headway, were first, in the 1900-1920 period, when the Progressive Movement was fueled by millions of immigrants who came from Eastern Europe, hoping for freedom and the ability to be paid for hard work; only to be thrust into the tenement slums, working 20 hours a day in miserable conditions. Then after WWI, Harding called for “a return to normalcy (sic)” and the Republicans won three straight elections with their “the business of America is business” mantra–until they destroyed the economy, and we had the worst Depression in American history. So FDR came in,and we had a truly liberal period. But do note that all this came when the “Solid South” was still solidly Democratic in voting, a vestige of Reconstruction. And then there was also that brief golden moment of 1964, when a grieving nation appreciated the healing work that LBJ was trying to do; and also shied away from the radical foreign policies of Barry Goldwater, to give LBJ and a Democratic Congress a landslide victory. Something like 320 House seats, 67 Senate seats–that was truly a high-water mark.

    But then the morass of the Vietnam War, and the inevitable law and order “Southern Strategy” of the Republicans paid off, and it is has been pretty bad ever since, worse now. Unless we count the brief interregnum of Carter, mostly due to Watergate, Democrats only won in 1992, when a serious recession had about 12% of the East Coast out of work; and the Democratic candidate was a gifted and genial Southern born person who related to the working class voters of rural and Southern states. And then in 2008, when the outgoing Republican President had a miserable popularity of about 29%; and even so, the Democrats would probably not have won with their candidate, if not for a collapse of the banking system and massive unemployment beginning two months before the election. The economy got mostly fixed, but meanwhile Republicans mostly running on deranged social issues, made immense gains in the Congressional and state races, and then got themselves installed in 2016, now control the entire country.

    To me, the moral of all of this is that Democrats win on economic issues, not social issues. If you can remember Nixon and his cohorts railing about hippies and demonstrators in 1972, you can see the effect. Trump is playing that same card: appealing to angry White people, mostly men; but remember that a majority of White women voted for him in 2016. My point is that while of course Democrats need to stand for women’s rights, minority rights; and against people like the preppy sexual assaulter Kavanaugh, this does not really win elections; there are too many Republican voters who do not care, or who even take the other side. If I were strategizing, I would say, run against stagnant real wages (even if people do not understand the concept, they can feel it, and see it in their pocketbooks). Run against rising healthcare costs, and the soon to occur unavailability of affordable insurance. Run against the upcoming major cuts to Medicare and Social Security, all to pay for the enormous tax cuts for billionaires already passed, and more to come. That is how Democrats win.

    After we win, then we can of course hold illegally behaving men to account, and making the social system more egalitarian. But at least to me, running on “rage against the patriarchy” can be cathartic, but runs into the problem that many White women, particularly in unfortunately key rural states, do not see things the way that educated liberal White women in urban dominated states, see it. Interestingly; and perhaps corollary, the projected turnout of younger voters is abysmal. These are largely people who are pretty egalitarian in their views, but who often do not have jobs yet; or get enough money from their parents not to feel the economic pain. They support liberal social positions for the most part, but do not feel impelled enough to vote for them. I wonder how many older people are going to vote Democratic just because of MeToo. I think that the economic message is how Democrats win elections, and then once in power, they can effect major social change. As we all know, we very much need to win this election, and by large margins. I’d take any way to win, right now, to literally save the planet, and the decent creatures, great and small, which inhabit it; which group includes some of the people, and all of the animals and sea creatures and birds and flora and fauna and bees.

  13. This op-ed has a good historical perspective of the Supreme Court. During FDR’s administration, the conservative justices were overturning the economic policies that were being used to end the Great Depression and FDR wanted to add additional justices who would support the economic policies. An ally of FDR’s in Congress died before the additional justices could be added. The court got the message that people needed economic help and many of the conservatives resigned. It was interesting read it.

    • But there was no trump then, a shameless, conscienceless, lying, cheating, fraud for president. How much do you think that matters now?

      • It may be a faint hope, but having Barf Kavanaugh on the same bench may make Roberts consider his legacy on the court. It might influence Roberts to be more moderate as he did when he sided with the majority on the ACA.

        I believe the Rethuglicans know that their machinations were wrong, but they went ahead and did it anyway.

        If the midterms and 2020 elections go blue, it may make the conservatives realize that their time is past.

        • Yes. I also feel that Roberts may worry more about how his court will be viewed and align with the 4 non-Rs for example, when Mueller shows abundantly clear what trump’s campaign conspiring with Russia did. He may put country first over party.

    • I think that Professor Friedman is very well meaning and far too optimistic in this article. The so-called “Nine Old Men” whom FDR inherited on the Supreme Court, were almost all appointed by business oriented Republicans, some going back into the 1890’s. They were wrong on economic issues, but they were not evil partisans, the way that Thomas, Kavanaugh and Alito, at least, are. These people will never move an inch, either off the Court, or to more moderate positions. I doubt if Gorsuch and Roberts will, either. The Federalist Society is very effective in finding judges whose prior opinions show such a Far Right bias, that they can be counted upon to vote for the Federalist side every single time. Roberts did one thing, voted to preserve ACA; though some suggest that he did so politically, because he knew that if the Court overturned it, it would hurt the Republicans in the next election. Be that as it may, Roberts gutted the Voting Rights Act, and championed Citizens United. Counting on him to do anything decent is pretty much futile.

      The goal of putting these Far Right judges on the Court was to cement a complete takeover of the American democracy. And the Justices will not veer from this task. I do think that the only way is to add seats. I don’t care how horrified the media will be, just do it, if you have the votes. I don’t care if people say that it will cost the Court legitimacy; it has none now. I really think that the only way to save the country is to stop this domination of the courts by radical judges who are pushing for a religious oligarchy. Don’t apologize for it, don’t try to thread a needle, just add seats. The only other option is for Blue states to simply ignore the Supreme Court decisions, but that is a difficult path. We’ve seen what the Republican Congress does, pass bill after bill which is opposed by popular majorities of up to 70%. They don’t care. Neither will these current Justices of the Supreme Court, no matter how the election tides flow. Wait until a Democratic President and Congress tries to raise taxes on the wealthy back to reasonable levels; or pass strict restrictions against air and water pollution; and the Court says that the bills are unconstitutional. Win the Presidency and the Congress in 2020, and then add Court seats. “Packing the Court” is what the Republicans have been doing for 50 years. I saw something which noted that “conservatives” have dominated the Supreme Court now for 50 years, even though Democrats have won the popular vote for President in seven of the twelve elections during that period. This is a travesty of democracy. And note that the way they play the game now, none of these Radical Right Justices will ever leave the Court while a Democrat is President. And further, if one suddenly dies during a Democrat’s tenure, if the Republicans control the Senate, they will not hold hearings on him (McCain and Burr vowed never to let Hillary appoint a Justice).

      • You have made many good points.

        I believe that the opprobrium directed at the justices for overturning the economic programs that were needed to bring the country out of the Great Depression may have played a part in the resignation of the justices over time.

        At the time FDR took office in 1933, at the worst part of the Great Depression, the Federal government was not a great presence in the lives of people. There was Congress, SCOTUS, the postal service and the armed forces. Efforts to relieve suffering were at the level of state government. It was perhaps novel that FDR was attempting to institute the nationwide programs and the justices did not see that it was constitutional for the Federal government to do this.

        I agree that Gorsuch, Alito, Thomas and Kavanaugh are partisans as was Scalia. I think that Roberts has the ability and the obligation to be less partisan as the Chief Justice. It is his reputation on the line in history if he cannot steer the court to moderation.

        FDR’s plan to pack the court with additional justices may have worked as a threat and a message that the obstructionist justices would become irrelevant.

        I agree with you regarding the legitimacy of the Supreme Court as constituted now with Gorsuch and Kavanaugh. Reagan was the one who reached out to the evangelical voters because he saw it was a way to win elections.

        I believe the leaders in the Revolution and the effort to create the Constitution, who knew of the Glorious Revolution and Jacobite Rebellions of 1715 and 1745, put the prohibition of a state religion in the First Amendment to prevent religious strife. I do not want the country to be a religious oligarchy. I do not want to see students forced to pray or public meetings begin with a convocation. (Full disclosure-I became a Buddhist over 45 years ago.)

        I’m not sure that additing additional justices to the Supreme Court is the way to go. I think that if the House goes to a Democratic majority it should investigate Kavanaugh going back to the stolen documents during W’s administration. If he resigns or is successfully impeached, then there is an open seat. If there is a sufficient Democratic majority in the Senate, then the Senate could reject any additional tRump appointment.

        In 1987, I remember reading in The Atlantic Monthly stories about whether the Democrats were doomed to be a minority party as they had lost the presidential elections in 1980 and 1984. The Rethuglicans won again in 1988. Part of the pushback on Bill Clinton was because the Rethuglicans had come to believe that they were entitled to the presidency. The Rethuglicans never wrote off parts of the country deeming any victory worthwhile, while the Democrats wrote off most of the red states especially during Obama’s administration.

        The upcoming mid-terms are another battle to limit the damage the Rethuglicans can do. Increasing the number of justices on SCOTUS would be like the arms race. We do it so they do it.

        Democrats have started to realize the importance of winning at the state level. It will unfortunately take us time to catch up. It would help immensely if the Rethuglicans implode through because the public begins, through better civics education, to see through them.

  14. The mask is off and she looks as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside.

    • Ayayayay! {{facepalm}}
      How about,”beauty is skin deep but ugly goes clear to the bone”? That way the beautiful mean people are not exempt.
      Like Ivanka for example.

      • 🙂 I did what I did all too knowingly. She is the villain now and does not deserve any civility.

  15. Vote for him. He will be good to everyone, even the haters and losers.

  16. Duh! {questions over Mueller’s authority have been repeatedly silenced by the courts so far. Will it remain so?}

  17. I am finding a bit of consolation with The Julie Ruin.

  18. Trying again, and fuck Spammy sideways with a rusty chainsaw:

    From a fellow Wonketarian:

    I am so angry that I am afraid to either speak or post. Abject rage has overwhelmed me, and what that rage compels scares the FUCK out of me. That is what I resent the most about this criminal, authoritarian, r@ci$t, misogynist, ILLEGITIMATE regime; never before in my now 55 years have I EVER felt the blistering animosity and scalding indignation that now consumes me. More disconcerting is the dark, determined drive to visit brutal vindication upon those so DAMNED deserving. I have NEVER felt like this before. I am afraid of what I’m feeling.

    I do not want to feel these things.

    I feel much the same way. 😡

    (DC Comics reference ahead)

    I am glad that neither those red power rings, or Eclipso’s black diamonds, are real; I’d be a good candidate for either one right now.

    • Absent supernatural power devices, we are all going to have to figure out how to make drastic changes, sooner rather than later. We and the planet do not have the luxury of a long-term plan, such as the one by which the Republicans eventually slithered to their current status. I wish that more people in a position to reach large amounts of the populace, would try their utmost to figure out a gameplan. Voting, of course, is crucial. But we are not going to take over large swaths of the country; and the evil people have the Supreme Court, and it will be a gargantuan task to be able to replace even one Radical Right Justice with a decent one.

      So what can be done? I think that Blue states and their governors should find ways to keep more of their taxpayers’ money, rather than have it all get siphoned off to Red states. Blue states should enact significant environmental and health care legislation. If the Supreme Court says they are unconstitutional, ignore them, and enforce the state’s laws. People should try very hard to avoid giving any money to large corporations, particularly those owned by right-wingers. Buy from local farmers, patronize local restaurants, etc. Never visit a red state for vacation, unless are visiting family. Buy as little gas as you can reasonably manage to do. Further, people on our side should absolutely stop voting for Republicans for anything. We keep electing “moderate Republican governors like Hogan in Maryland, who may be decent people, but who will never help Democrats take over state legislatures, which are so important in the census. When Democrats take over a state, they must relentlessly gerrymander, because Kavanaugh and friends are going to allow the most blatant form of it. No more trying to hold the other side to a reasonable standard, by exemplifying fair play; it is too late for that. There is much more, but this is at least a start for the discussion which it is imperative to have at a national Democratic level. Oh, and Democrats should stop attacking the likes of Joe Manchin, whom I do not like politically, but who is the best Democrat we are going to get out of West Virginia. The other choice is to lose the state to a right-wing idiot who will vote with Trump every time. Purity politics is certainly not our only enemy, but it is a serious one. Note that Republicans ALWAYS fall in line, despite their inane stated misgivings. I do not like war analogies, but certainly those brave Allied forces which fought the Axis, did not squabble among themselves, it would have been disastrous in regard to winning the war.

  19. So the buffoon has apologized to #BeerO’Kavanaugh and his family on behalf of the nation! He never apologizes for anything. So why is he sucking up to this BeerKan? All this show and exaggerated celebration is to legitimize the unthinkable they perpetrated on American people and we don’t have to go along with it.

    • He claims to speak for the nation, always to make it sound like there is this immense support for his positions. His statements, whatever they are, are a kind of con man’s spiel, designed to target people and issues he wants to attack or advance. One should never take anything he says as having any meaning beyond his purpose in saying it, much like David Mamet’s characters. Words are simply a mechanism to get what they want.

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