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Quote de Jour

Do not mistake the rule of force
for true power. Men are not shaped by force.”

– Euripides, The Bacchae

84 Responses

  1. Remember, remember, on the sixth of November…

    • Exactly – and learn to think strategically as well. This is the culmination of a decades-long strategy by the Right, after all.

      • That’s exactly right. We can’t be as ruthless and scorched earth as they, but can we, please, develop a long game?


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  2. Considering how that play ends, I’m not sure I’m exactly comforted by that quote 😉 I guess it all depends on who your Pentheus is (and likewise who your Dionysus is).

    • Kavanaugh is just an instrument. I think we can all figure out who Pentheus is.

    • 1. Climate change will be past the tipping point (the Republicans have actually already contended via articles, that it is too late to save the planet, so this is their rationale for eating, drinking, and being merry for a few years). Hurricanes will be more frequent and worse. There will be massive droughts and then occasional massive rainstorms which will lead to various catastrophes. Trump will ignore it, and build his mansions on higher ground, for a while.

      2 The crippling of the FDA and other regulatory agencies will lead to incidences of contaminated food and water. Nothing will be done, it will get worse and worse.

      3. The air will get worse, and in some areas, will not be breathable. The Republicans will build on higher ground, or spend most of their time abroad.

      4. Real wages will decline. The average American will be worse off financially than he/she has been for decades.

      5. Medicare and Social Security will have been drastically cut, to pay for the trillions in tax cuts to the billionaires. Many people and families will be unable to make ends meet, and will not be able to pay medical bills, or even get actual (not “junk”) insurance.

      6. Anti-semitism will proliferate. Horrific incidents like the one in Fairfax, Virginia, today, will be more frequent and worse. Trump’s Nazi minions will continue to attack “global elites,” and narrow that down to “Jewish people.”

      7. Black and Hispanic people will be increasingly marginalized, while Republicans find a few people of color to front for them at rallies, and maybe even a couple in the Congress.

      8. The economy will have begun its inevitable collapse, as the middle class will have lost much of its buying power, and the staggering deficit will cripple any government spending. The 1% will grow incredibly wealthy, the rest of the people will have less purchasing power. Many jobs will have been robotized and outsourced, and they will not return.

      9. The Russia probe will either have been shut down, or more likely, simply ignored. Trump and the Republicans will never release it, perhaps will release a few paragraphs here and there, if they help them stonewall it.

      10. The free press will have been crippled by lawsuits from the likes of Peter Thiel.

      11. The FBI will be filled with Trump stooges, and will persecute only those whom Trump directs them to harass and arrest.

      12. The United States will be a pariah to most of the civilized world. Very few people will want to travel here, still fewer will want to live here. The only “allies” we will have, are Russia, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia, plus perhaps a few other countries run by totalitarians.

      Some of this may be vitiated, if Democrats win the House, but most of it will come to pass.

      • What play features Cassandra? Not that I disagree with you, William.

        • Sue, I tried to answer your question about six times, but every one of the posts disappeared, which I hope is just a glitch!

  3. […] Source link […]

  4. Now that we are all officially dead (again) and my last prediction was 100% dead-on balls accurate, I wish to prognosticate anew:

    Two years from now as Trump is gliding to his landslide reelection over #Kamala/Cory_2020, the following things will be true:

    1. Abortion will still be legal in most (if not all) states.
    2. Women and POC’s will still have the right to vote
    3. Racial discrimination will still be illegal.
    4. America will be enjoying unprecedented economic prosperity and growth
    5. The Democrats will still be “resisting”.
    6. Winters will still be cold.
    7. The US will not be involved in any new wars.
    8. You will all still have Trump Derangement Syndrome.
    9. Gays will still have the right to love and marry each other.

    • Hi Niles, is your boy going to answer Mueller’s questions or is he going to let Kavanaugh fight his battles for him?
      Hey, did you read about how much money he owes the IRS from his fraudulent companies and tax schemes? The man has never made a legal deal in his life.
      I wouldn’t count on this all dying down, Niles. No siree. Just wait and see. You ain’t seen nothin yet.

        • You and your kind are dinosaurs, Niles.

          Demographics is the asteroid.


          To the rest of you:

          Remember, remember, the sixth of November…

          • Don’t expect one election to fix this. This has been a decades-long process, and it will take a decades-long strategy to undo it.

          • I did not say otherwise, Propertius.

            By the Holy Ascended Madoka, you are becoming a most tedious scold.

          • As for demographics being destiny: back in the heady days of the counterculture, we assumed that when the boomers took control conservatism would be doomed. Somehow it just didn’t work out that way. If anything, the country took a pretty hard swing to the right on our watch (from which it has never recovered IMNSHO). The ruling class is really good at culturally conditioning the peasants – I expect that to work on the millennials as well as it worked on all the generations before them.

            All this crap didn’t happen by accident – it’s the culmination of nearly 5 decades of single-minded planning and effort (ever since the Powell Manifesto: http://reclaimdemocracy.org/powell_memo_lewis/)

          • WHAT you say is largely correct; for example, the importance of the Powell Memo.

            The WAY you say it is, however, like fingernails on a chalkboard.

          • The misruling class’s cultural conditioning might work as well on many white millennials.

            But conservatism in the USA has always depended on white supremacism to get enough stupid non-elite whites to make a majority.

            What happens to that strategy when there no longer are enough stupid white folks to make it work?

        • You’ll never extinguish us, Niles.
          I’d sleep with one eye open if I were you.
          Because I don’t know you, I don’t know where you live and I’m not going to track you down. But somewhere, some woman is going to know what you’re all about and exercise her power on you in a way you won’t see coming.
          Somewhere, you are known.

  5. I enjoyed reading this op-ed in the NY Times today. I think she accurately sums up Susan Collins and compares her unfavorably to the late Sen. Margaret Chase Smith.

    I hope Bart O’Kavanaugh, i.e. Brett Kavanaugh does not get too comfortable in his chair at SCOTUS. There may be enough Democratic senators in 2021 to remove him for lying under oath.

    • Those three women on display used as props by their men colleagues and bosses have no real education in law or any other subject matter. They are elevated secretaries to these motherfucking white men. They are fucking illiterates.The fact that they would go out there and show themselves like this subservient to the men is proof they are worthless. Lisa Murkowski being a lawyer understood the gravity of what Kavanaugh did. These women on the other hand, they are props to the patriarchy.Vote these fuckers out.

  6. I had not thought of this (duh), that the turtle kept the seat open despite Merrick Garland’s nomination to have this base effect in 2016. Why are not Democrats this strategic? Wasn’t there anything Obama could do to seat Garland?

    • They might have been on fire for 24 hours but now they are resting on their laurels.

  7. How convenient for these fuckers, Manchin and Collins to say it was someone else and not Kavanaugh (just because he lied under oath and said it was not him; and she didn’t lie under oath)! Selective justice is no justice at all. Collins went after Franken without any evidence.

  8. Wow, I didn’t know that. Hillbilly women! What do you expect.

    • Manchin is a fucking BBA from West VA University. Grassley is a fossil with no education I bet. Collins is a fucking BA. Capito is a fucking BA not a lawyer… These are motherfucking hillbillies. Are there no lawyers/prosecutors on the judicial committee among Republicans? They are motherfucking illiterates.

      • They represent the triumph of mediocrity–not the former “F” students, but the former “C” students.

        • Being an immigrant I understood the significance of what America created when compared to the rest of the world. Now these mediocre motherfuckers are ruining this country. It is like giving diamond to a monkey.

  9. How must Ford be feeling today? And the white Republican men are purposefully gloating all over these women who are in pain. They are all like mini trumps. Vote these mfers out. That is the only real solution we have.

  10. Yep. Will some enterprising journalist unearth why the Bushes, father and son, were so intent on lobbying for this guy despite its adverse effects on the country? I know he worked for W and all that but what else is there?

    • Kavanaugh’s family was humiliated by the hearings. This from a man who wanted to know the exact curvature of Bill Clinton’s penis.

  11. Is John Roberts a preppy boy too? How about that other guy Alito? Thomas just pretends he is one since Republicans let him be Republican. Anyway, he is out the door.

  12. Perfect response.

    • And why your wretched offspring and his handlers were compelled to cheat to win.

  13. For our blogmistress: 😛

  14. Lest we forget the ultimate cause of the current reactionary ascendancy, without which even Grandmaster Putin would scheme and strive in vain:

  15. Good night, all.

    Cuteness break: a girl and her dog. 🙂

  16. For the umpteenth time, I hate TurdPress because it won’t let me fix my own mistakes. 😡

    The correct picture: :mrgreen:

  17. Could we please stop picking on the women and blaming the “white” ones, I know many pale females who are kick ass Democrats and Independents, this bs and counterproductive. 45 white guys, 1 black man and only 4 White women voted for this creep. Voting starts Wednesday here and I want all women of all ages and race to believe they are respected and know they will be making a difference by voting to flip Congress Blue.

    • Thank you.

      • Yes, thank you! I found the older Trump voting women around me in NC incredibly frustrating, but had absolutely no problem remembering it was the overwhelming majority of white men who made Trump’s installation even possible.

        Them, and the women subjects of the male ruled religions – which religions, strangely enough, all those demonizing white women have absolutely no problem with.

  18. This is unprecedented. Any law school would be proud to tout their graduate.

  19. Now, in classic Hitlerian fashion, Trump is railing about “left wing mob not fit to govern.” Make no mistake, they are Hitlerian. One thing I wold recommend is that people stop using the word “conservative” to describe them. They are fascists. “Conservative” implies that they are careful people who want to preserve institutions. They want to destroy institutions. They do not want to conserve our natural resources, as Theodore Roosevelt, a conservative, did. They want to destroy them for their own monetary gain. Every time we and the media and Democrats in office use the word “conservative,” it gives these totalitarians credence. Find another term for them. John Cornyn, who keeps lying about paid protesters, is not a conservative, he is a fascist who wants to end free speech. Hitler ended free speech, and that is what these people want to do, and I am not exaggerating.

    • He lies and distorts with impunity and he has the bully pulpit and a megaphone. He has no shame and no conscience. People like this should never be brought anywhere close to the power he has. This is how countries fall. I can’t help but feel that many who have the visibility, the stature and the influence are still lying low and are not putting their fair share out there to save the country.

  20. It is perplexing (nah…) to me why NYT published their blockbuster investigative effort chronicling trumps massive tax evasion and fraud in the middle of an extremely heated and mind numbing nomination hearings. That story is already lost and trump is seemingly off the hook.

    • Pm, you answered your own question there, thus the “nah,” eh? The NYT appears to have a handful of kick ass investigative reporters, but generally speaking i consider the NYT actively complicit in demonizing Hillary and polishing the turd before the election, with no apology or acknowledgment of their hands, feet and ass being on the scales to bring her down. Our only hope now is that NY state nails the trump crime family with back taxes and penalties that will bankrupt their corrupt asses. I heard someone on the tube say the NYT was also reporting what a triumphant week the Orange Malignancy just had. Can a newspaper be charged with aiding and abetting a criminal?

      • I heard someone on the tube say the NYT was also reporting what a triumphant week the Orange Malignancy just had

        Yep, that was the drab Peter Baker article where he does not mention anything, not even a whiff of the tax fraud/cheat investigation that came about this week. DC NYT stenographers always railroad the kick ass NYT investigative reporters NYT and that I think is by design.

        • Putin had his 800th good week in a row. Maybe the New York Times will write about that, too.

  21. wow, didn’t know about this. Something tells me these people were prime for a trump to come along. I bet abuse, sexual or otherwise is rampant in trump’s base and those men would kill to hear from somebody like trump exonerating them. In the wake of Kavanaugh saga, I had seen a video of a trump supporting mother say in front of her two daughters that groping was fine; this was a reporter’s video.

  22. WTF! Instead of talking like this, can he say in simple terms what Republicans majorities in all three branches has been doing to average people, policy wise, taxes, rights, …talk about the damage having a single party run the government, dammit! There is plenty of evidence. What are these people thinking?

    • Sounds like the second coming… of Obama.

      I am not impressed

    • Sorry Corey, I cannot love anyone who does not love me back, or who is not at least willing to hear me out and respectfully agree or disagree. I cannot love someone who wants to subjugate me or exterminate me. Does he really think that showing love and understanding to a trump idolator will get you anything more than a spit in the face, derision, a death threat or a tirade of lies and misinformation? Better to say we will listen and compromise for the greater good where necessary but we have basic principles of decency, mutual respect and trust, compassion, fairness and justice for all (equal under the law) that we cannot forgo.

    • Oh what i wouldn’t give for Arya’s Needle and her expertise with same! IBW!

  23. From a fellow Wonketarian:

    I am so angry that I am afraid to either speak or post. Abject rage has overwhelmed me, and what that rage compels scares the FUCK out of me. That is what I resent the most about this criminal, authoritarian, racist, misogynist, ILLEGITIMATE regime; never before in my now 55 years have I EVER felt the blistering animosity and scalding indignation that now consumes me. More disconcerting is the dark, determined drive to visit brutal vindication upon those so DAMNED deserving. I have NEVER felt like this before. I am afraid of what I’m feeling.

    I do not want to feel these things.

    I feel much the same way. 😡

    (DC Comics reference ahead)

    I am glad that neither those red power rings, or Eclipso’s black diamonds, are real; I’d be a good candidate for either one right now.

  24. This is one hell of a statistic. My question is how hard is it to vote McConnell out?

  25. I loathe these two reporters, MAGA Maggie and the weird Parker. Yeah, they are women. Sue me. Not sparing those who betray us.

    • If they were male African-Americans, the term “Uncle Tom” would fit.

      • And what they promote is gossip/propaganda that always, always helps trump reinforcing his malicious ways to hurt this country. Even in this snippet, they are parroting without evidence something that helps trump. Nowhere have they reported how the Bushes worked the phones to put that motherfucker Kavanaugh in the SCOTUS and perhaps had more influence over senators than trump.

        Peter Baker is another guy who is doing a lot of damage reporting propaganda about trump that helps trump while burning down the country. His wife, Susan Glasser sees things more clearly but does not appear to have any effect on him.

      • Maybe we can call them Aunt Pollys…

        • LOL, yes, when I wrote that comment I was thinking about an equivalent to ‘Uncle Tom’ and came up with ‘Aunt Jackie’ but left it out.

  26. If you are 15 and you have socialized with and know your assaulter before it happened, why wouldn’t you remember who the assaulter is? All her life, she would be thinking Brett did this and maybe beating herself down for socializing with him and his group. Collins/Manchin saying Ford is mistaken about the identity of the assaulter and his side kick is so so convenient for them and given all that cooked Ed Whelan stuff of evil twin, why wouldn’t the press go hard on these people and call them out? What did Judge, the alcoholic wasted guy say in his FBI interview?

  27. The characters in this thread that promoted the use of her nick name (some maybe blindly, unthinkingly) and maybe started by the person who raped her is so trumpian, it is not even a surprise. Kavanaugh and his peers besmirched Renate and he and his ilk have already besmirched Ford and other accusers. Blaming the victim but especially viciously to take the accountability off the perpetrator.

  28. Media is our biggest failure now, in addition to everything else. Because they are functioning as a reinforcing force to the minority power grab.

  29. Pm, Shannon nailed it in that tweet. It’s all about the benjamins. That “massive, unending failure” netted them big bucks and will continue to do so until everyone stops watching and reading the outlets that do not serve the truth. Maybe at that point the real journalists will start an underground press free from corporate pressure. At some point, this house of cards government has to collapse on itself.

    • The media is the biggest problem, I think. Because they have given cover and support to the Republicans for decades. I have even lost interest in figuring out why; the most obvious reason is that they are owned by billionaires who put money over everything (Les Moonves: “Trump may not be good for America, but he sure is good for CBS”), and/or rabid right-wingers who want the Republican agenda to rule. And then there are the opportunists like Haberman; the good old boys’ and girls’ clubs who just love to mock and derogate Hillary and Bill Clinton. And then the stupid and obtuse “both sides folks,” whose logical faculties stop with that.

      The media is awful. They made Dukakis look like a clown, when he was a caring person and a good governor. The mocked Gore relentlessly, convinced people that the candidate whom you were most comfortable drinking a beer with, and who had the more conventional wife, was the one to vote for. They gave Bush every benefit of the doubt; they actually wanted Trump to win, whether for ratings, or revenge on Hillary or whatever. They are not going to save us, even though there are a few admirable journalists out there. And as Hitler had his Goebbels, many of the so-called media parrot anything Trump says (notice that every hour on the cable stations has about thirty minutes of footage of Trump’s rants and speeches, as if he is the Emperor of America, or Big Brother). And they act like it all is some kind of fun contest with winning and losing weeks.. I can just see them a couple of years from now. “Next, we will discuss the massive arrests and killing of protesters over the last few weeks. Some people say that this is what they deserve, and that we are fighting against liberal mob violence. Some say that we are living in Nazi America. Our panel will discuss. And then later on in the hour, we will talk about a new article which contends that Trump is the greatest American ever.”

  30. This picture makes me want to spit on them, is that too harsh? I have never felt such loathing. She wore lavender eye shadow to look pretty (LOL) for her big TV moment. These are the same Catholic School girls who save themselves for their ‘Kavanaughs’ while those ‘Kavanaughs’ go after Holten Arms girls or god forbid, Gaithersberg High girls or some other beach girl they will nick name, doing trains. ‘we didn’t go to Yale, we didn’t want big careers, why did you? It is your fault you put yourself in there. You could have just been a good nice girl waiting to get married to some preppie guy like us.’

    • Apparently this fucker Collins is married to some lobbyist who has extensive Russia connections. Press/media could shed some light on that, no?

    • From the article above: “They are a party run by white men, for white men, with the tacit support of a certain kind of white woman. ”

  31. When they say that she (Ford) is mistaking the assaulter for someone else, they are also suggesting (knowingly or not) that she subjected herself to this kind of thing so often that she could not even keep it straight about who did it when. Is that correct? FBI if they had interview Ford, could have asked her if this was the only assault in her life and if she had said yes (as it appears to be), why would she not remember the assaulter?

  32. Facebook is Fox on the Internet.

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