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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d hate to be this DOJ lawyer…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d hate to be this DOJ lawyer…
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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on This part is interesting…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d hate to be this DOJ lawyer…
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The billion dollar 8 year old victim

It took awhile for Trevor Noah to grow on me after Jon Stewart left the Daily Show. Jon was barely tethered to his seat and Noah is much more laid back. But now I get it. It’s the way they both look at the world. And Trevor gets to the core of Trump’s shtick:

Yeah, let’s get past this Kavanaugh disaster so we can focus on how a poor little rich boy from Queens figured out how to make white guys like Niles into the world’s biggest losers.


36 Responses

  1. Oh, Niles and his ilk were always going to be losers, under any regime.

    They are the witlessly loyal yeomen, happily tugging their forelocks to their alleged betters. I have little use for Matt Taibbi–actually, I despise him–but he was right about the “peasant mentality” of non-elite white conservatives in Amurka.

  2. Lest we forget what drives the cr@wd@ds:

    • In the final analysis, even Putin would be helpless, if not for these few dozen million potholes in the highway of human progress.

  3. Spending most of my life in and around NY City I have been following Trump for years. Many have seen his shtick for way to long and knew 20 years ago that he was a phony. The history of Trump has already been written.

  4. This is so good I am bringing it here. Billion dollar man with toilet paper stuck to his shoe and nobody told him, LOL…

  5. I didn’t know this until now, did you? What is the going rate for his rallies now?

  6. Of course, another lifeline for the perjurer. If they interviewed Ford, they would have to interview Kavanaugh and therefore, said no to her.

  7. RD, that Noah video is powerful. I hope many see it. I have called trump’s shtick diabolical and that is what it is. It is not that others have not thought of it as a strategy. I am sure many Republicans have thought of it and maybe balked at the idea of using it. But this guy has no shame, no conscience and he deploys it (and losers like Niles fall for it).

  8. Country would have been better with Hillary. She had Amy Klobuchar on her list.

  9. Hillary understood this. Winning means power to change (for the better) without winning, there is nothing you can do. But Bernie bros and others on the left let her down.

    • Bill Clinton understood this. Just yesterday I saw a tweet about him saying that Republicans are ruthless in these brawls and they fight on but Democrats pile on (paraphrasing).

      • One of the best ways not to “pile on” is to avoid slagging the vast majority of Bernie supporters who ended up voting for Hillary when all was said and done.

    • Found it!

      • Democrats fell all over themselves in the eagerness to show how moral they were, by forcing one of the best Senators to resign, without benefit of the investigation he called for, and was entitled to by Senate rules. All they cared about was, “Oh, he is accused! Oh, we must stand up for all women (even Republican operative friends of Hannity and Stone)!” So he was forced to resign. Not only is his loss greatly felt, but there is a very real possibility that Tina Smith is going to lose that seat, which might assure Republican control of the Senate for three more election cycles.

        And they’d do it again; the next Democrat who is accused of putting his arm around someone or trying to kiss them, will be drummed out. Mathematically, this would ultimately lead to 65 Republican Senators, and 35 Democratic Senators, all women. A moral high ground is important, but holding it while all your troops are being destroyed, is only good for history books. And in this nightmare dystopic political universe we see, it doesn’t even get you anything. There is some stupid right-wing story about Elizabeth Warren overstating tax deductions. I did not bother to read further, but you see the intent, to negate Trump’s massive tax frauds. The Radical Right has an endless supply of these, most made up or vastly exaggerated. But they suffice for their deranged base, fed by the corrupt parts of the media. Thus Democrats are not even allowed to hold that moral high ground they value over all. As President Clinton is saying, if one side is slogging through the mud with their weapons, intending to destroy you, you are not well served by stopping to argue about whether your commanding officers are doing and saying everything exactly by the book.

        • I should just add, that I am absolutely not talking about countenancing rape or anything close. Yes, Democrats were absolutely right to fight Kavanaugh, even though of course it carried a political risk. But with the other stuff, overstating deductions, etc., the forces of evil will try to eliminate every Democrat from winning a Presidential election. And what is worse, they’ll say, “See, you people did it! What goes around, etc. You defeated Bork (he got a vote, and six Republicans voted against him), so we defeated Garland (he never even got a hearing for 293 days)” I used to wonder what happened to those kids in elementary or junior high school who didn’t know anything, didn’t want to learn, never studied, just figured that they would get passed through to graduation. They all grew up, and most of them became Republicans, devoid of logical faculties or knowledge.

          • “I used to wonder what happened to those kids in elementary or junior high school who didn’t know anything, didn’t want to learn, never studied,”

            I think it’s a mistake to underestimate the opposition this way. They’re *wrong*, but they’re obviously not stupid. People who can manage to sustain a multi-decade long campaign to reverse labor and civil liberties protections are anything but stupid and lazy. The guys at AEI, Federalist, and Cato (and Heartland, for that matter) aren’t dumb – they just don’t care about anyone but themselves and people who are exactly like them. They went to school, and as Kavanaugh would put it “worked their tails off” – but their motivations were completely self-serving. To turn the old aphorism around, don’t attribute to stupidity that which can be explained by malice.

  10. Flake is a yes, of course, why wouldn’t he be, that motherfucker!

    Now we depend on the kindness of Collins or Manchin to kill this nomination. As Hoarsewhisperer is tweeting, if they make Manchin the vote that killed this nomination, it is a win-win for Rs because they gain a senate seat. But if Collins is a yes, Manchin is a yes that too is a win-win for Rs. Vote all these mfers out in November. This is too much.

  11. Yes. Bill Clinton understood that and that’s why ruthless Republican operatives, including Judge Gin Blossoms, worked day and night to destroy him. Not just his Presidency, him. And, now, he’s the left’s favorite piñata when they mention him at all.

    • Sue, if you have not, you might want to take a look at my “play” finale written yesterday in the “Rage” thread, before it disappears into the internet ether. I think you would enjoy it, at least the extent that one could, given the theme.

      • Will do, and I agree with you about Franken and the purity ponies who are apparently determined to see that the Democratic party never wins another national election.

  12. Ok Democrats stop with the fainting spells it was absolutely the right thing to resist Kavanaugh. He like Trump is unfit and temperamentally unqualified for a position on the Supreme Court. Republicans are fooling themselves that this helps them, I live in a red state and I can assure you their angry-fearful anti women bias is not working here our Senate rating just moved to solid Blue. It’s the Party Stupid not just Trump!

  13. I’m personally tired of all the Testes-cracy=testes dictatorship corruption and I do not see any form (or entity) this train would be derailed.
    I’m going to vote and everybody should…yet, there’s not guarantee that the results would not be manipulated as 2016.

    What history tells us is, that physical force is necessary to overthrow the abusive force of the few that control and manipulate the many.

    I believe a United States-Exit from the current Federalist Power would be the best choice in order to avoid bloodshed. But that would require a vote. Big task.

    Yesterday, I decided to stay away and turn off from the constant menacing circus this federal government has become, just sickening.
    I did it in 2003 with the war against Iraq; got back into participation after the “selected W” ended, with the hope for Hillary…it did not happened.

    I am a #Metoo. I was raped 45 years ago by a drunk Texas summer camp counselor -voted favorite? Son of -then a politician running for governor, Clayton Williams. During the campaign, Williams publicly made a joke likening the crime of rape to bad weather, having stated: “If it’s inevitable, just relax and enjoy it”. Ann Richards defeated him.

    I’ve never shared this with anybody but my older sister until now, in this womanhood heaven, kindly provided by RD for 10 years.

    Thank you so much RD.

    Not saying good bye to you, I will keep visiting, every now and then…

    • Bellecat, I am so very sorry to hear of that story, and I hope that you will keep heart, and continue to participate.

    • I’m so sorry bellecat. It must have been horrible to see your rapist’s father on television running for the highest office in the state. The only thing that kept him out of the statehouse was that the asshole refused to shake Ann Richards’ hand. Please don’t leave, I would miss you very much for what it’s worth.

  14. I nominate Gorsuch and Kavanaugh to be the first justices to be impeached (and removed) after Mueller’s report comes out.

    If there was anything positive about the whole Kavanaugh debacle, it is that it has taken attention away from Mueller’s investigation.

    • Yes. And we have the blockbuster NYT article on trump’s tax fraud. High crimes and misdemeanors.

    • On what basis would you impeach Gorsuch? And where do you plan on locating the minimum of 17 additional Democratic Senators it would take to convict him, given that only 9 Republican Senate seats are up for election this year (and that 4 Democrats voted to confirm him in the first place, including my own reprehensible Michael Bennett (DINO, Goldman-Sachs))?

      As the man said, “He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot, will be victorious.”

  15. Taking another frightening step toward Nazism, Trump and the Republicans now employ their bogeyman, George Soros. Every honorable protest is blamed on him. All the dark money poured into the Republicans is deflected into this absurd narrative that Soros is this force, without whom, there would be no opposition to Trump. Does that not sound like the entity in “1984” who may not have even existed, who was used by the totalitarians as a foil upon which to focus the hate of the proles? First, Soros does not provide money to protesters. Second, if he is such a powerful force, why to the Republicans control every part of our political process? But this is of course not based on logic, just propagandized evil.

  16. They have set up Manchin. He should follow Heitcamp and at least stand on the right side of the issue. Go get a different job if you lose. Make a case to constituents for why your no matters.

    • Yes. Sir Thomas More to Richard Rich: ” Why Richard, it profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world… but for Wales??”

      For West Virginia, Joe? West Virginia?

  17. One more comment. As would be expected from the dystopic story, the end result is of course going to be that Democrats will lose this fight; that a horrible partisan hack is going to be appointed to the Supreme Court; that a decent person like Heitkamp is going to lose; that all of this is probably going to cost Democrats some valuable seats. It doesn’t mean that the fight was not necessary, but in the twisted country that America is right now, the evil forces not only triumph, they turn the resistance against them into more victories for themselves. At some point, this will change, one presumes. But once Hillary lost, it was very naive for anyone to think that the ensuing horror would be very short-lived. That garbage that Sarandon and others were propounding: that this is a necessary short blip, that Hillary losing was just fine, because now we could have the Sanders politically pure brigade win great victories, could not have been more deleterious had Trump and Russia invented that narrative, which they actually probably did.

    Of course no one should give up, certainly not with a crucial election coming up. I had read a month or so ago that McConnell and his allies thought that the timing of this was perfect; that getting Kavanaugh approved right before the midterms would demoralize the Democratic vote. Let us pray that it does not. The vote is all we have left, at least in this country; I doubt that England will rush in with troops to recolonialze us for the Crown. We are on our own in this regard.

  18. Manchin caves… it looks like a done deal now… BUMMER

  19. This tweet summarizes perfectly where we are. Putin has won by leaps and bounds.

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