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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d hate to be this DOJ lawyer…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d hate to be this DOJ lawyer…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d hate to be this DOJ lawyer…
    Niles on I’d hate to be this DOJ lawyer…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on This part is interesting…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d hate to be this DOJ lawyer…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d hate to be this DOJ lawyer…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d hate to be this DOJ lawyer…
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Rebecca Traister talks to Ezra Klein about her new book Good and Mad: The Revolutionary Power of Women’s Anger in today’s podcast. Traister observes Thad Christine Blasey Ford and Hillary Clinton can’t be angry without it backfiring on them but Bart O’Kavanaugh can actually use anger to his benefit.

As for Kavanaugh, his Supreme Court nomination is his reward for his career of doing the dirty work of his party. It knows he’s reliable. He’s proven his “loyalty” with his Trump-esque temper tantrum last week. And now he’s a made man, bound to do what the party and Trump want him to do regardless as to how many people he hurts.

I wouldn’t want to accept this appointment under these circumstances. He’s deeply unpopular, we know what he’s going to do and he will go down in history as one of the worst Supreme Court justices that dismantled our government that we have ever had. His name will become about as warm and fuzzy as Roland Freisler. That’s the legacy he’s going to leave his daughters.

As for the senators who vote for him? There are no words. They simply must go, if we can still vote them out in November.


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  2. Act V

    Lord Cynical’s opulent house. Many guests are present, in a raucous and celebratory mood. Toasts and cheers are going up from the dining room. “One, two, three, for a corrupt judiciary!”

    In a comfortable sitting room, Lord Cynical and Lord Entitlement are drinking wine.

    Lord Entitlement: ‘My Lord Cynical, I once again offer my heartiest congratulations to you! I must confess that I myself, among others, had moments of doubt and concern. But you always told us not to worry. And you have both predicted aright, and have efficaciously maneuvered our victory. A toast to you!”

    Lord Cynical: “Thank you, My Lord Entitlement. am glad to have played my small but effective part in our victory. I continued to tell you that Mr. Flake was all show, all affected concern; that he had neither the intention nor the will to stand firm against his betters. And the rest of them are so afraid of what would happen to them if they countered us, and so obtusely and willingly obedient to whatever lies and misdirections we throw up, that I had no doubt that they would be with us at the end, after making their usual little dance steps. So the outcome was always assured.”

    Lord Entitlement: “And now, we will reap the rewards! And what rewards there shall be!”

    Lord Cynical “Yes, we control the Crown, and the Parliament, and the Courts of Law, and the Press. No one can stop us in our aims, there is no one to contradict whatever fabrication or falsehood we tell them. We are impregnable, unassailable, and uncontradictable.”

    Lord Entitlement: “What a wonderful moment; although, to be accurate, we had been making great strides toward it for all these recent years. Now our victory is both assured and complete. But, my esteemed Lord Cynical, why are you not boisterously celebrating with the revelers? I long to go in and join them.”

    Lord Cynical: “Ah, Lord Entitlement, do go in at your pleasure. I feel in the mood to reflect a bit. And I do confess that my exuberance feels tinged with a bit of melancholy.”

    Lord Entitlement: “Why so? Are you ruminating that at some point the masses will overthrow our aristocracy, that this Age of Reason, as they call it, and the writings of some of the radical thinkers of our time, will lead to discontent and insurrection? We can put it down.”

    Lord Cynical: “I do imagine that at some point, not in this age, but maybe in another century, there may be revolutions. And it is possible that one of them may succeed–for a time. But I know enough of human nature to be assured that at their essence, most people cannot stand too much freedom. They yearn to have us tell them how to conduct their lives. They are not capable of analysis; they are easily led, and want to be. So although I can well see the possibility that our class may be under siege from time to time, and perhaps even removed from power, it will not happen in England, not for any longer than when our monarchy was taken away, only to have the people clamor for its return. The masses love to complain, but when strong leaders emerge, they quickly fall in line to worship them. They do it with religious leaders, they do it with kings and emperors. Take those away from them, and they turn to destroying each other. Mr. Hobbes has explained it all to us in his great work.”

    Lord Entitlement: “Ah, that is a comfort, as you are well known as a man of great percipience. Was it always so with you?”

    Lord Cynical: “I will tell you a little secret. In my younger days, I was a bit of an idealist. I even thought that our aristocratic class might effect some changes in the position of the common folk, perhaps give them more than lives that are nasty, brutish, and short. But as I saw more of the world and the people who inhabit it, I learned that the people would not use power well even if they had it. One of them might occasionally have a worthwhile idea, but his fellows are immediately jealous of his intelligence, so mock and contradict him, call him an apostate or a radical, and then he is destroyed by the very people he was trying to spur to action. We royalists know how to maintain order; and we are skilled at finessing or bludgeoning the way to our ends. But…”

    Lord Entitlement: “But, you still fear that in some manner, our centuries of rule may come to a final end?”

    Lord Cynical: “No, my good Lord, it is not that which I fear, at least not for another millennium. It is just that the little shred of idealism which has not left my heart, tells me that there must be something more to life. How many magnums of champagne can one imbibe? How many fineries wear? How many castles, how much pomp? Indeed, how much power? Even now, I grow weary of the spectre of endless days of wealth and unfettered power.. Is there not something more that we humans were intended for? Ah, perhaps we will be replaced by a new breed of men who crave power and wealth simply for its own sake; who do not read, do not care about history, past and future; who are shallow and limited enough to make a Commandment of rapaciousness, and a Commandment of power; to invent an enemy whose destruction is their greatest goal; and who will goad the benighted masses as implements to their ends. Theirs would be a soulless world of hate and prejudice, ever stoked by fear and envy. It would be a Hell on Earth, with no redeeming value or purpose.

    But I run away with myself, these are perhaps just the fancies of an elderly man on an autumn night. You are right, you should go in and celebrate with our fellows. But I would wish to sit our here by myself for a while longer, as befits my mood.”

    Lord Entitlement exits to go to the celebration in the dining room. Lord Cynical continues to sit, staring musingly into the flames kicked up by the burning logs in the fireplace.

    The curtain falls. The lights go out on the stage. The theatre is entirely dark.

    • Powerful, stylish and tragic. Well done, William.

      • Thank you, Sue! It might sound a bit presumptuous to say, but when I read it after I posted it, the final part brought a tear or two to my eyes. I’m glad you got to read it.

  3. This is my hope. Roberts will side with the 4 because he does not want his court tainted by this interloper. That also assumes he, Roberts does not have any skeletons because trump would have dug around already.

  4. quite a fluid situation. one of the Rs is not available for vote on the weekend.

    John Paul Stevens says no to Kavanaugh based on his behavior in the hearings. His unacceptable behavior disqualifying him is getting lost. Democrats should hammer on that more because everybody saw it and everybody understands.

  5. No do overs for you, motherfucker! You put a whole swath of the country and a political party on notice with what goes around comes around and such other rant.

    • Exactly and would his master (trump) let him apologize? (never apologize, deny, deny, deny)

    • He singled out an entire political party. How is that good?

  6. More than Ford and the FBI investigation, his behavior should be key. That will also give fence sitting senators an opportunity to say, he made his bed and was asking for it.

  7. Hey IBW, look at this!

  8. I would like people who have influence (like Stevens) to call senators and know this guy is not fit to serve on the court based on his own testimony/word/behavior. Like Stevens said, we don’t want a part time judge on SCOTUS because he has to recuse himself for having shown his bias against a whole swath of litigants.

  9. How many lifelines did he get so far?

    * Fox Interview
    * Female Assistant
    * 4 or so (a/c emptywheel) lifelines within the hearing
    * Sham FBI investigation to avoid perjury (Big one)
    * Now an Op-ed in a conservative paper for do over?

  10. We need someone to primary Manchin

  11. Whomever paid off his considerable debt is banking on getting what they paid for.

    He was Trump’s pick, not McConnell’s. Interesting.

    The fact he’s written that OpEd which shows up in tomorrow’s paper, tells us his confirmation is not assured. Surprising at this point.

    I wonder how the rest of the SCOTUS will react. Anthony Kennedy is going around Sacto high schools this week, talking about how important the Constitution is, how democracy is declining and dying…

  12. When Kavanaugh is confirmed it will be a huge win for him, Trump, the GOP, the rule of law, and the Constitution. It will be a huge loss for the news media, NeverTrumpers, and all the other Democrats.

    • *yawn* Shut up Kremlin troll

    • If it happens, it will be a win for the first three, but a loss for the rule of law and the Constitution.

      Besides, Niles left out the biggest winner of all, Russia (may it suffer the fate of Carthage).

      For that matter, may the cr@wd@d culture, for lack of a better term, also suffer the fate of Carthage. That culture is a dinosaur, and I look forward to the “asteroid”, whose name is Demographic Change, which destroys it.

    • You guy has toilet paper stuck to his shoe.

  13. Roland Freisler!!! Good catch, Riverdaughter.

    It looks like all the young Federalist Society legal buttonmen who ramrodded the Bush v Gore coup will have been rewarded with Supreme Court chairs. John Roberts, Neii Gorsuch & Bart O’Kavanaugh. Who says crime doesn’t pay???

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