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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d hate to be this DOJ lawyer…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d hate to be this DOJ lawyer…
    Niles on I’d hate to be this DOJ lawyer…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on This part is interesting…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d hate to be this DOJ lawyer…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d hate to be this DOJ lawyer…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d hate to be this DOJ lawyer…
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Timing is everything.

So, McConnell is planning to wrap things up ASAP on Kavanaugh’s confirmation. What’s the hurry?

Could it have something to do with the NYTimes’ exposé of Trump’s fraud and tax evasion over the decades? Did the GOP know that sh*t was going to hit the fan?

This president shouldn’t be appointing ANY Supreme Court nominees. He’s a thief, a cheater and a con man. Literally. And this particular nominee could not be worse. The Portland Press Herald summer it up succinctly:

regardless of what questions the investigation can answer, we already know this: Based on what he demonstrated in his own testimony, Kavanaugh lacks the character and judgment to serve on the Supreme Court.

In his widely watched appearance, Kavanaugh revealed that he has an explosive temper and resorts to bullying when he feels threatened. He was understandably under stress and fighting a high-stakes battle for his reputation, but his temperament was tested during the hearing, and he failed the test.

Kavanaugh also showed himself to be impermissibly political for a job that is supposed to be above politics. We’re not naive. We understand that federal judges are nominated by presidents and confirmed by senators, and that electoral politics influences their decisions about who gets to serve.

But we have never had a Supreme Court nominee who ripped off the nonpartisan mask the way Kavanaugh did Thursday and identified himself as an enemy of a political party that represents the policy preferences of millions of Americans. He blamed his predicament on bizarre conspiracy theories, claiming that his troubles stemmed from “pent-up anger about President Trump” and opponents seeking “revenge on behalf of the Clintons” and were not the result of allegations that emerged while he was being evaluated for an important job. After his partisan rant, Kavanaugh will never be able to judge a case without the animus he expressed being considered a factor in his decision. This is not the road we want to take.

For what it’s worth, I believe Christine Blasey Ford. I also believe that Kavanaugh can’t remember it. But instead of being prudent and conciliatory and apologizing for his wreckless behavior, he doubled down on it and insulted more than half the country. I’m not talking about just women. I’m talking about anyone who didn’t vote in these people and their outrageous, cruel and destructive behavior.

Why do Republicans want to take this road? Are they just not interested in electoral politics anymore? We should all be asking ourselves these questions.

Why the rush on this guy?


This one’s for Brett:


21 Responses

  1. Stood in line to fill my bus pass surrounded by the potent marijuana silage coming off the guy in front of me. That’s some strong shit. I could get a contact high on the bus these days.
    Once again, there is a screaming toddler being ignored by his mother who refuses to comfort him. Omg, this would be over in a few minutes if she just picked him up. Where are my noise canceling headphones…?
    It is mornings like these that make me question my commitment to reducing my carbon footprint. 🙄

  2. My view their motive for Kavanaugh on the Court is simple, they know come 2020 their corrupted entitled degenerate conservative base will be out of power in Congress and the White House for a very long time. And because they have so completely abused and degraded their brand while alienating the majority of voters in this country any minority they cheat themselves into will be impotent unable to harm or effect change. So, for the Federalist, their control of the un elected 3rd Branch of Government is their only hope to impede progress.

    • This is their last chance. They don’t have time to replace this fucker with another one. He had to be rescued so many times during the testimony but he still could not conceal his real persona. Meanwhile people who know him and even vouched for him are running away from him.

  3. I could not sleep either. Some of this shit was reported by the same reporter in 2016 before the election but of course, emails and MAGA Maggie.

  4. They are back to ‘she is lying’ and not ‘mistaken’ because ‘Squi’ has been interviewed by the FBI and they know he would have shot down the ‘mistaken’ theory.

  5. Anybody know of a comprehensive list of the women slaughtered by men this year, maybe last year’s name and counts so I could post on Don Jr’s and media twitter feeds to help them grasp what real fear is between boys and girls . Found one for the UK but not for US. Oh and certainly Senator Grassley would need a copy of that list which unfortunately would include Mollie Tibbetts and Celia Barquin.

  6. Yep, this happened. MAGA Maggie’s EMAILS! took precedence over Susanne Craig’s investigative myth busting work. Hillary even brought it up in one of the debates and he of course lied.

  7. What should the Democrats be doing right now about K and what should Democratic voter and others who care about this country should be doing in November. VOTE Democrats up and down the list!

  8. They want Kavanaugh because he is totally theirs. Not that Gorscuch or Alito or any of the others would not vote their way virtually every time, but Kavanaugh is like having Trump on the Court. He will even tell them about the weaknesses of the other Justices, so that they can blackmail them to leave. He is a confirmed spy and cheat, and thus one of their own. Never has a nominee threatened the other party with the revenge he will exact on them. This would horrify many, but it is just what Trump and his cabal want him to do.

    Also, they never retreat. Never. They double and triple down. Anyone who accuses them of anything is a liar, a pawn of Hillary or Soros or any of the enemies they use to scare or anger their brainwashed base. For them, there is no interest in truth, no efforts at analysis, just the achievement of their own corrupt desires. Anyone who gets in the way is to be demonized, mocked, persecuted.

    And as an extra bonus for them, when they win, they get to infuriate and sadden the other side. They live for that. They want O”Brien’s image in “1984,” “Imagine a boot endlessly stomping on your face.” As to midterms, they still have their red states, still have their billions of dark Citizen’s United money to run false ads, get the easily duped people to think they are voting for something worthwhile, when they are as always voting for people who despise them, and just want to grift more of their money from them. There are certain states where they can’t lose, and others where a bit of vote suppression will get them wins. That’s what they think, anyway. They’ve lost the popular vote for President in six of the last seven elections, and yet control the Supreme Court with the most radical activist core of Justices ever seen. So they feel like house men in a rigged casino game, knowing that even if they have mediocre cards, someone will conveniently deal them a winner from the bottom of the deck, or make the ball plunk out of the opponent’s numbers, and onto theirs. “Winner, once again!” They are assuming that they will win this, and then everything else; and if somehow not, then the elections will be declared invalid by their stooge Court, which will also let them gerrymander districts to a degree never before imagined by Representative Gerry in his prime, and suppress the votes of everybody but them.

  9. Flood their offices with your calls.

  10. I am livid over all this bs.

    • They want to keep us in a perpetual state of dismay. Did you get the text alert? Meanwhile, his hillbilly supporters are rubbing their hands in glee because he is sticking it to us. How long can this continue?

      • *sigh* Once again, if Benedict Donald had only received the “hillbilly” vote, he would have lost the Electoral College convincingly.

        The majority of Trump’s Chumps live in the suburbs and exurbs, not the countryside and small towns.

  11. This reminds me of the skullduggery that went on with my tenure. The chair of the department kept a copy, a single copy of my dossier in the administrative assistant’s office. I went to meet some of the faculty voting on my tenure and one said, ‘who has the time to go to the admin asst office and look at the dossier,’ it then dawned on me that they were voting on my future without as much as looking at my CV.

    These motherfuckers are voting on the future of this country.

  12. Six people interviewed by FBI. Four of them are Kavanaugh’s friends. One is Deborah Ramirez. One is a friend of Dr. Blasey Ford who had said that she didn’t remember the event described. These are the people that the FBI were told to interview by McGahn. This is more of an investigation intp Ford, trying to find inconsistencies in her story. Not a single effort made to corroborate Ford’s or Ramirez’ stories, even though dozens have been named by Ford, Ramirez and Swetnick; and some have tried to come forward on their own. Clearly, Christopher Wray is corrupt or corrupted, like virtually everyone Trump has hired. The FBI has lost immense credibility, now is closer to the Gestapo than a mostly honorable law enforcement agency. It’s like one of those horror movies where the person rushes to the police station to tell them about the aliens taking over; the police officer says not to worry, that they’ll get right on it; then when the person leaves, we see that the officers, the whole police station, is filled with aliens.

  13. Projected turnout in midterms for Millenials is far below that of every other age group. What is wrong with so many of these people? Too much pot? Too many video games? They figure that eventually in the future they might get around to voting for something, but not now? They don’t like any of the candidates? All of these, and my choice: They have no real comprehension as to how the election results will affect their lives, even on a daily level, and they don’t understand how government works. That’s how they thought that somehow the DNC fixed the primaries; and that Bernie was going to be able to get the Congress to pass free tuition for all students, by raising taxes on everyone; and how he was going to get a transaction tax on Wall Street enacted. One does not want to indict an entire generation; obviously some of them do care, and work to better things. But far too many seem to affect an air of arrogant nonchalance, not wanting to participate in any endeavor which does not come out exactly the way they want it do, or which takes any consistent effort. And thus the older Republicans, a distinct minority who vote in every election, are able to control the results, while the Millenials are satisfied with either complaining about things, being indifferent, or basking in a marijuana haze.

    • Shorter William”: “Get offa my lawn, ya brats!” 😛

    • IMO they are the generation that was forced to listen to Channel One in school every day… It’s way too easy to mold minds with propaganda now, marketing science put together with daily doses for the young mind has run its course. The only good think is that I believe Channel One went out of being last year…

  14. With Halloween coming up soon, how about a different kind of fright?

    It’s Pat! (no, not Julia Sweeney…) 😉

    I don’t know how the casting was done, but I have this image of the director saying:

    “OK, Pat’s the patient, now which one of you guys is gonna play the mad dentist?”–and everyone else immediately looks at Myron Grombacher. 😈

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