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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d hate to be this DOJ lawyer…
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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on This part is interesting…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d hate to be this DOJ lawyer…
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Move along now. Nothing to see here.

Mitch McConnell is going to spare all of us the silly little details of the abbreviated FBI investigation into Kavanaugh’s creepy past. The vote must be expedited so the public will not see what’s in the report. Only the senators will. I’m betting the Democrats will get the redacted version.

WASHINGTON ― The report from the FBI’s background investigation into the sexual assault allegations leveled against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh will be shown only to members of the Senate, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) announced Tuesday.

“We will get an FBI report soon. It will be made available to each senator and only senators will be allowed to look at it. That’s the way these reports are always handled,” McConnell told reporters on Capitol Hill, noting that background investigations are typically added to a nominee’s file for senators to access.

Well, Ok then.

Let’s see what Thursday brings.

OT: The new version of the WordPress App for iPhone iz weird. Me no likey.


21 Responses

  1. McConnell does not have the votes yet. He keeps saying they are going to vote and yet they do not. By now Kavanaugh is such a laughing stock that many senators could vote against him for that reason alone.

    • I came here to say the same thing. He does not have the votes. Murkowski scoffed(?) at him saying he said he wanted the vote last week.

      People who gave him a chance like Ben Wittes, Akhil Amar and others, including 3 of his clerks (!) don’t want him confirmed now. Two Maine newspapers have said no. Yale does not want to do anything with him. Harvard cancelled his class and does not want him teaching there. I bet all those mothers don’t him coaching their daughter either.

    • pushed post too quickly. An ethics complain at his current job has been filed and it will be I think looked at by Merrick Garland!

  2. I saw Hillary live at the Atlantic Festival this afternoon. She did great as usual. On the other hand the interviewer/host Jeffrey Goldberg was an ass (to her at times).

  3. Thursday protest at the Court is going to be something!

  4. Can some enterprising reporter read Mark Judge’s book and write about all the stuff Bart O’Kavanaugh did?

  5. This is crazy. The preppie boy will not hesitate to spit on these non-college educated white guys. He will never want to have a beer with you, stupid motherfuckers!

  6. Are these people drugged? What are these people smoking? How can this be still going on? They are all mentally ill including of course, the buffoon. Get him out of the WH. THIS IS NOT NORMAL.

    • And what MAGA Maggie does not say in that tweet is that the buffoon was making fun of and mocking Ford.

  7. Vote them out! There is nothing else to do at this point. Get rid of this cancer.

  8. This guy is diabolical. He knows that which should never be done but does it anyway because of self interest.

  9. It’s like you are in second grade, where the teachers and principal hold all the power. But of course you are only seven years old then, and do not expect to be treated as an equal in power. And some of the teachers are very nice and care about you. What we have here are people who conned their way into power, and who exercise that power like tyrants, and who do not care one bit about anyone else except the people that give them tens of millions of dollars to do their work for each other. Justice, fair practices, historical norms, all mean nothing. I’m surprised they even pretend to be doing things like having an FBI investigation, but that kind of pretense will end soon, because they don’t need it, just the power.

    And those people, mostly white males, but also a majority of white women, who voted for Trump, what are they getting?. Not any economic gain. Not health care or environmental care. Not even the stupid story that Trump conned them with, that he was some kind of business genius. They won’t care about the NYT story today, they’ll say it’s fake or liberal, or anything to deal with their cognitive dissonance. They are the ultimate suckers, but they bring everybody else down with them. Tell them liberals are upset with something, and that seems to make up for all the things that they are losing, as all the things that once made this a shining democracy, are destroyed or corrupted. Mark Twain told us about how foolish and petty and easily deluded the majority of people are. But he also had hope for humanity. He would be very sad if he saw the current state of America. But he would write about it. I wish we had someone of that stature and influence in our literature now. The last one, Philip Roth, just recently died.

  10. People watching Maddow? This NYT blockbuster is really something. They have elected a criminal to the presidency and still enabling him and his corrupt and criminal ways. This is crazy.

    But you know what, for all the hard work of these reporters, real journalist, those motherfucking frauds, MAGA Maggie and stupid Schmidt will cancel this out with their stupid reporting next week and this will all be forgotten. Isn’t that how it happened during 2016?

  11. When Senator McConnell told President Obama that if he told the public about the credible Intelligence information involving Russia’s efforts to influence the election, McConnell would claim that he was interfering in the election in a partisan manner, President Obama should have realized, if he had never before, what kind of person he was dealing with. And he should have realized that if this person gained the virtually absolute power than he would have, if Trump got elected, it would be a dreadful tragedy for this country, and for 300 million people who live in it. And Obama should have traded on his own popularity, and against the miserable popularity rating of McConnell, and told the American people. And if McConnell made good on his threat, Obama could have told the people that it was McConnell who was interfering with the election, and aiding a foreign power which was attempting to rig it. And what do you think would have happened then? But Obama chose not to do it, for whatever insufficient reasons. And now we are here. If good men in a position to do something, do nothing, or not enough, this is what happens.

  12. If MAGA Maggie, or NYTMike, or Ashley Parker, Robert Costa, or that drab Peter Baker or those Axios mfers write any stupid fucking spurious gossip stories tomorrow and even if it is about Rod Rosenstein, I hope everyone spits on them and ignores them. Stay on this NYT’s criminal and tax fraud report on trump and stay on the Kavanaugh con and how the FBI is being hampered from doing its job. Call Flake, Manchin, Murkowski, Collins, and anyone else you like. We can’t be distracted even if these fucking less than mediocre reporters will try.

  13. This has gone up and down and back and forth, but I am going to make a prediction: I think that Brett Kavanaugh will not be confirmed to the Supreme Court. Whether he is withdrawn, or he is encouraged to withdraw to save face and stoke partisan anger, or he is not confirmed by the Senate, I do not know; but it feels to me like he is not going to be there. Now, we will still get a Far Right Justice, and the Court will be awful; and all of this Kavanaugh tumult might hurt us in the midterms; and we might be subjected to infuriating articles about how the Democrats won a small battle but at great cost. But those are things we will have to deal with. Kavanaugh should not be on the Court, and that is that. Neither should the next nominee, but at least that one will probably not be as awful a person as Kavanaugh.

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