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Morning Music

Fall is here.

The opening lines of this one sound like autumn. Beautiful song from an unexpected collaboration:


12 Responses

  1. Hey, dude with the earbuds, stop staring at my wet hair. It always looks this way in the morning. So sue me.
    Why don’t I wear these black pumps anymore? Oh yeah, my feet keep falling out of them.
    Bus crowded. And it’s one of the buses with the funky layout and the super hard ugly seats.
    Other than that, it’s a great morning! I need my latte.

  2. Dude with earbuds was wearing a gigantic brief case with cross strap like a messenger bag but close to the middle of his back like a backpack.
    A briefmessapack?
    There is a massive person blocking my access to the simple syrup.

  3. Ahhhhh, latte. Food of the gods.

  4. Just looked at my shoe. I have tissue stuffed in the toes and silicone disks on the back and I still can’t keep the suckers on. I need to face it that my feet have no heels.
    At all.

    • At least they are not different colors, as in one black and the other navy blue, 😉

  5. It is going to be like this for the next 40 years, right?

  6. This is key, in all these high profile women coming forward and some of these men should be grateful. If they want positions of trust and accountability in public offices, they have failed the test already and it should be brought to light.

  7. This is the second newspaper in Maine calling for a NO on Kavanaugh. Sen. Collins, can you hear them now?

    • I was looking at the date that Brett Kavanaugh was involved in a bar fight and police were called and there is a police report. It happened in Sept of 1985. He was born in Feb of 1965. Does that not make him drinking in a bar underage? Forged ID? Assault? Why did he get off? A Yale frat boy with privilege. Lying about his age! Being drunk and starting a fight! Yea, he was no amateur drinker or liar! He has lied about being 18 when he was 17. Lied about the legal drinking age. One thing we know for sure. He is a liar, a drunk and a mean drunk!

  8. When will people hold McConnell accountable for selling his country?

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