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      Back in August, when it became clear that schools were going to reopen in countries like the US and Britain that did not have Covid under control, and which never would control Covid until there is a vaccine, I wrote an article warning against going back to school while Covid was out of control. I’d […]
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Saturday Night

Everybody likes beer, so says Brett Kavanaugh. Get comfortable, grab a beer, put on some AC/DC …

28 Responses

  1. ONly beer I can tolerate is Corona Light. Some Belgian Trappist beer are pretty good.

  2. Well… perfect video for your post:

  3. […] Source link […]

  4. I hate the taste of beer, probably based upon one taste test sip once.. My dorm friends would keep insisting that a cold beer was great, so I tried another sip then, and hated that. I have no idea why anyone likes beer, but obviously, many do, emphatically including Kavanaugh.

  5. SNL. pretty good.

  6. His behavior at the hearing, partisanship and going after the Clintons without evidence should disqualify him permanently.

  7. Senator Flake is going to be on “60 Minutes”? He is some kind of national hero for calling for a one week limited scope FBI investigation, which was clearly necessary? I’m not saying that I didn’t appreciate his effort here, but look how bad things have gotten, that one Republican who takes a tiny step is hailed as a great person. Of course, the media loves this kind of thing; they want Democrats and Republicans to “work together,” when the Democrats hold power; they expect the Republicans to get their way when they are in power. After just about the most partisan Administration in history under George W. Bush, Obama was elected, and immediately rushed to say that there are no Red States, no Blue States. He tried to work with Republicans, who vowed to block him at every turn, didn’t even let his Supreme Court nominee have a hearing. Then the Republicans, through Russian collaboration which Obama did not tell the people about, got back in power, and now are trampling over any remaining Constitutional rights.

    And yet the media still hopes that the parties can work together. Republicans just rammed another immense tax cut through the House, trying to get it in there before they lose control. This will further insure the complete collapse of the American economy, which some future Democratic president will try but be unable to fix. Finally, the odds are enormous that Flake will vote for Kavanaugh, and that he will be approved. But Flake will still be viewed as a national hero. How much heroism would it take to vote against him? All but one Democrat will, but they are not viewed as heroes, they are described as partisan and ideological by the media. I read somewhere, and I would believe it, that three lawyers who went down to Florida in 2000 to make sure that the vote recount was stopped, were John Roberts, Neil Gorsuch, and Brett Kavanaugh. This plot against democracy has been carefully engineered for a long time, this is the culmination of it now. A form of heroism would be voting against Kavanaugh, not calling for a limited one-week FBI investigation, and then saying, okay, we had it, and then voting for him while smiling proudly.

  8. Jerry Nadler has this right. Let us give him the gavel in November. Him going after the Clintons reminds me of a saying in my native tongue — if you shout pumpkin thief, he touched his shoulder — this guy knows his chicken are coming home to roost, even without the Clintons doing anything now. This partisan/vengeful mindset should disbar him from any judgeship. He is a political operative.

    • Amen!
      Thank you for this post.
      Good to see people talking how unfitting as a judge Kava-Naughty is, just by his ranting demeanor and unfounded accusations on the Clintons and the democrats without a prove of evidence.

  9. In Texas, send Cruz home.

  10. Vote them out! (and vote them down). I don’t know Willie Nelson’s music much but this is a new song he sang at Beto’s rally, you where 55K people showed up.

  11. I want this to catch on. Not just some unknown, indecipherable bias, he made it abundantly clear it is about the Democratic party and people who support that party which is reinforced by his own past behavior as a political operative going after a Democratic president and Democrats in general. That should disqualify any judgeship.

  12. BTW Tim Berners-Lee is developing a system to counter FB/Google/Apple where you don’t have to give up control of YOUR information to the overlords who give you that storage space and some networking utilities for you and people you want (and don’t want) to access that information. This has been topic in our household since Flicker or other started, why would you give up information about your life and the control over it to some unknown entity? In fact, what Berners-Lee is suggesting with his startup and his product (I think it is called SOLID) has been one of the ideas we have discussed.

  13. Wow, does not include any other witnesses or Ford or Kavanaugh. So they are protecting Kavanaugh from perjury. Judge will lie or say he does not recall and Keyser has already said she does not recall and Ramirez has admitted she was drunk but has other witnesses are not questioned. We know where this is going. It is a sham! Wow!

  14. They are covering up for his perjury in plain sight. What will Mr Flake do? Yeah, yeah, I know, I know…


  15. What is going on now may actually be worse than if the Senate Republicans had just confirmed him. What we see now is the President controlling the FBI . Only four witnesses, not even including Dr. Ford. This is the kind of thing that goes on in fascist countries–oh, right. If the FBI cannot conduct a proper investigation, then we might as well all move to somewhere else. And if Flake were really some kind of noble figure, he and the other two Republicans would have told McConnell that they wanted the investigation to only be a week, but within that week, that the FBI could handle it as it best saw fit. But they did not. So now we will learn nothing conclusive, and Kavanaugh will be confirmed, and the Republicans will say, “well we even gave you an FBI investigation.” This country is worse off than we imagined. Might as well fire Mueller, fire everyone, put a bunch of ICE people in. No one is going to stop it, though if the Democrats somehow can win both houses of Congress, they could make the Republicans’ lives fairly miserable. And if they do, they should not shrink from any of it, because if the Republicans get power again, they will crush them even further, no matter how nice the Democrats were to them. Make it a non-violent war, and if you lose, at least you fought them. I hope Comey is proud of blasting Hillary for 45 minutes after finding no crimes;; and writing a letter to Congressional Republicans two weeks before the election. But as we know, Comey is so full of himself that he doesn’t even see what he did.

    • Scope is within the jurisdiction of the WH, according to Matt Miller. But no WH has interfered like this before. Of course, these thugs will use every loophole there is. That is in their DNA. If after all this, K gets voted to sit on the SCOTUS, I am going to boycott all news, especially TV networks.

      • Among other things, the Republican Party is the party of loopholes. They have learned and been taught to look for every means to get their way. They don’t even hold hearings on Democratic judicial appointees. They would have been willing to shut down the government multiple times under Obama. They wanted to deny Hillary any Court nominees. Any possible means, legal or non-legal, they will use. I honestly do not know what can be done about this. Even out of power, they find ways to sabotage. They fix elections, suppress votes, rig voting machines. Lawless and amoral to the utmost degree.

        I would never urge violence; and besides, they have the guns and the people who will use them. But I do think that there should be a major campaign to stop spending money to benefit them. The ultimate power of the Democrats is that there are more of them, and they mostly live in the areas of highest national economic production. We really are in a war for the soul of America, and our side must realize this, and fight it by legal and legitimate means.

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