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      (With the Bolivian coup overthrown, back to the top.  I’ve noticed this is the article of mine front-line activists refer to most.  Originally published May 16, 2016.) So, we have had a right-wing coup in Brazil. In Venezuela, the left still controls the Presidency, but has lost control of parliament. In Argentina, the right has […]
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Mother of All Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings

The Anita Hill- Clarence Thomas hearings were noteworthy for introducing us to pubic hairs on coke cans and letting us know just how deep the bench of clueless, sexist male senators was on *both* sides of the aisle.

But yesterday, that was epic. And I don’t say that with any sense of satisfaction. I mean that Dr. Ford was steady by clearly unnerved. Brett Kavanaugh was completely unhinged.

It looked to me like he was personally coached by Donald Trump. Yep, if Donald Trump were ever nominated to the Supreme Court, this is exactly how he would behave. He’d cite his high school GPA, talk about team meetings at Timmy’s house, rage about how “disgraceful” all of this was, and get up into Amy Klobuchar’s grill about HER drinking habits.

I can’t imagine a candidate ever doing this at a job interview and getting hired. It boggles my imagination.

You know, I get it that he’s upset that his reputation is now in question. It must be very difficult for his family. But he didn’t have to go this route and have all of his past misdeeds laid out for all the world to see. All he had to do is ask the president to reopen his FBI background check and let the professionals investigate and take statements. Then, if there was something he didn’t want to get out, he could have withdrawn quietly with some kind of statement like, “I would like to spare my family the trouble and stress of a protracted hearing and confirmation process. I have informed the president that I am withdrawing my name from consideration.”

Instead, he doubled down, went into a partisan rant and disgraced himself better than any Democrat on the committee could have done.

But I don’t think he was ambushed at all. In fact, I think the Republicans knew all along that Brett had allegations of sexual misconduct. That’s why the statement from 65 female high school contemporaries of Kavanaugh coming out the very first day looked so weird. And all that BS about coaching the girls’ basketball team was intended to be his buffer from the very start. If you bring up his past, you risk making him look like a sexual predator of all these girls. Do you really want to go there, Senator Booker?? Really??

He was problematic from the beginning. Sooner or later the truth will come out. Nicole Wallace said the other day that she’s known the Kavanaughs for 20 years and they are pillars of the community. But I suspect that the people who met with him during the 90s know a much different Brett Kavanaugh. You know, the political operative who met with the elves and planned how they were going to take down Bill Clinton. That guy, I’ll bet he was quite a different person at work or in the bars and restaurants where the Starr investigation met to go over strategy.

We saw that part of him yesterday.

I don’t want him on the bench specifically because of the way he went on the attack yesterday. He has shown that he can’t be a fair or impartial judge on the court. And while I know that the idea of a non-partisan court is a fantasy, Brett Kavanaugh is going to be particularly notable because he will be the critical 5th vote. So every opinion he writes or joins is going to be filtered through the specter of what we witnessed yesterday. That right there is alarming.

Last year, Rebecca Traister said there would come a day when the #metoo movement faced a backlash and it would be horrific. After this confirmation process, I almost believe that it was the Democrats who were set up. Kavanaugh was specifically chosen to shut the movement down or at least stop it in its tracks. The Republicans picked a guy who they knew had issues that happened a long time ago and the Democrats took the bait.

The roots of misogyny run very deep in this country and the president appears to hate women with a passion. It’s a theme that runs through his supporters as well. They picked Trump, an ugly, ignorant, cowardly, temper tantrum throwing bully because they hated Hillary Clinton. And now the monsters of hatred of all sorts are allowed to run amuck and drag us all down with them.

There is a reason why the world is laughing at us but after yesterday, they must be looking at us not with pity and amusement but horror and shock. It could happen anywhere. The barriers between us and the rest of the world are going to go up.

We might be the country that faces sanctions in the near future. The only thing we can do at this point is vote. But I predict that this November, it will be women who get challenged at the polls. Women change their names throughout their lives and poll watchers are going to be looking for any opportunity to get rid of any threat to their minority party dominance.

And Brett Kavanaugh is their guy.

105 Responses

  1. This! His performance yesterday is what should leave him in the dust.

    I don’t want him on the bench specifically because of the way he went on the attack yesterday. He has shown that he can’t be a fair or impartial judge on the court. And while I know that the idea of a non-partisan court is a fantasy, Brett Kavanaugh is going to be particularly notable because he will be the critical 5th vote. So every opinion he writes or joins is going to be filtered through the specter of what we witnessed yesterday. That right there is alarming.

  2. But I predict that this November, it will be women who get challenged at the polls.

    Good pint. Beware! Women vote suppression.

  3. After this confirmation process, I almost believe that it was the Democrats who were set up. Kavanaugh was specifically chosen to shut the movement down or at least stop it in its tracks.

    A very perceptive observation. This is diabolical.

    • Thinking more about this astute point RD made. Trump is exhibit 1 in shutting down that movement while the Democrats are getting rid of their own perpetrators, Republicans are elevating their own to higher offices/institutions. This is a calculated strategy.

  4. I don’t understand why the Bushies are supporting this nomination after these hearings. I linked an article in the last post that said W is calling all the moderate senators. Maybe we should call W to shut him up.

    • W is supporting Kavanaugh because Kavanaugh worked in the Bush White House.

      Re RD’s main point, I don’t disagree but would change the emphasis just a little bit. I just don’t think that Trump thought that far ahead, ie., setting Kavanaugh up as bait to take down #metoo. After all, Kavanaugh was not McConnell’s first choice, even though McConnell enthusiastically fell into line after the pick became official.

      Having said that, I think Trump doubled down on Kavanaugh after Dr. Ford went public, not only to ensure the Republicans get their pick on the Court before the midterms, but also because Trump enjoys tweaking liberals (and feminists too). And to confirm how powerful he is, assuming Kavanaugh gets in. And to stir up his poor, persecuted base if he doesn’t. Even though he could have cut bait early and rammed through any “qualified” rightwing drone with a clean record, ala Gorsuch.


  5. He is unfit. Majority knows he is unfit. But the Rs will push him through. Trump 2.0

  6. She figured out that the calendar entry July 1, Tommy’s house for “skis” maybe when Ford incident happened and was leading up to it. Lot of people put this timeline together on twitter in real time corroborating Ford’s encounter with Judge at Safeway from his book. Crowdsourced investigation.

  7. It was very enjoyable to read this editorial in the New York Times this morning.

  8. It looks like a done deal. Flake is a Yes. I would implore Ford to file charges in MD. Take one for the country, too much to ask of a private citizen, I know.

  9. Remarkable women! Must watch.

  10. If trump grabbed women (America) by their pussy, Kavanaugh (and the Republicans) following him, put their hand over her (America) mouth.

    • While Glenn Spleenwald, Julian Ass Mange, Pill Swine, Susan Saranwrap, Lord Haw-Haw Goodman, and the rest of that motley crew all explained that the b!+c# was asking for it, anyway. 👿

  11. All of this is tragic. I, and I am sure many others, were not able to sleep last night. But I suppose it was inevitable, despite the various performance art. One the Republicans got control of all three branches of government, they were going to drive everything through. When they only held one or two branches, they did everything possible to get their way, even going so far as to block a Supreme Court nominee from even getting a hearing. for an entire year. So why should it surprise anyone what they are doing now?

    All those people who couldn’t bother to vote. All those Sanders worshippers who found every excuse not to vote, or to vote third or fourth party, just so they could be gratified when Hillary “lost.” People in various states who “like their own senator,” and do not understand that voting for one Republican is like voting for one zombie to join the others. They all vote the same. There are no independent Republicans. They are all about destroying the legacy of the New Deal, taking everything for themselves, and insuring that they cannot lose any elections, due to gerrymandering and vote suppression. Kavanaugh is a major piece in that plan, so of course he was going to be confirmed, no matter what he did to anyone. Republicans have no soul, no empathy; the only things which compute for them are money, power, and getting their way.

    And we all know that when and if a Democrat is ever elected President, or Democrats control the Congress, the Republicans will seize on every excuse to investigate them, without an iota of embarrassment. Thy are worse than hypocrites, they are utterly amoral. All the words in the world from the admirable Democratic Senators we are hearing now (Whitehouse is making a brilliant speech) are not going to save this country. The only possible thing is massive voting turnout, and (less likely) a much more informed electorate, which understands that you cannot vote for any Republican for any position. It may take a hundred years to undo what the Devil’s Triangle of Republicans controlling Congress, Presidency, and Supreme Court will wreak, but that shouldn’t dissuade us from starting on that now.

  12. You can see it on Flake’s face; he knows he’s doing wrong. I hope the angel Moroni kicks his cowardly ass throughout all eternity. Damn him to hell.

  13. Enter Mr. Flake

    Mr. Flake: “‘Zounds, but this is a kettle of consternation! I’m torn on one side, then t’other, by what I have heard! What a trying time for us men of good sense and good nature! I must mull it all over, like a stirred pot not ready yet to boil. We must all consult our consciences, gentlemen; we must all speak to our higher natures, before we decide our actions.. I always do such, though I know others will chart their course by the first wind. But I am a man of complex depths whose currents run varied and deep, so I must think, and study, and decide, no matter what agonies it may cause me. Now, I bid you all good day, while I retire to my rooms.”

    Flake Exits

    Lord Cynical: “Ah, there goes our good Mr. Flake, once again impressing us all with his vast reservoir of complexity and uncertainty. Do not bother him, he will soon return as always to vote for our design. But he needs must have his moment of attention, to show the world how profound he is. No matter, he will be gone from our body soon, undoubtedly to play his game with those who actually believe his protestations. Mr. Flake always does the necessary thing in the end, so thus maintains his small value to us for the moment. While we wait for him to return, let us toast to our imminent success.”

    Flake Enters

    Mr. Flake: “After such agonies of vacillation and torments of uncertainty, I have decided to put a Yea to your proposal. But please know that it was only after the gravest–”

    Butler: “Sir, there is no need to spend further words on me. All parties are in the dining room, waiting for first course. I waited to serve it, because Lord Cynical assured me that you would be back in only a few minutes.”

    Mr. Flake: “Ah, then, let us all dine!”

    • Dickens?

      • I was thinking of Restoration Comedy, or Sheridan!

      • I did write it all myself. 🙂 A short scene, but pretty good, I think! I love Sheridan’s plays.

        • It’s excellent, William. My next guess was going to be Daniel Defoe.

          • Thank you very much, Sue. I should read some more Defoe. I have “Journal of the Plague Year,” but never quite had the will to read it. I am not saying that we want to go back to Restoration times, but those playwrights had a great perception of fatuousness and pretension, not as present now.

  14. The Three Faces of Eve Evil

  15. And they know it, which is why they are doing everything they can get away with now, regardless of appearances.

    This is a bust-out. 😡

  16. #InvestigateKavanaugh

  17. You accuse a guy of raping someone 30 years ago with no evidence and try to destroy his life … and you’re surprised he got mad?

    RD, you were in a cult when you were younger right? They say you can take the person out of the cult but you can’t that the cult out of the person. Maybe it’s time to detox from your new preferred cult of leftist politics, just saying.

    • Dude, if you are so concerned about a false allegation call in the FBI. This is why people supporting Kavanaugh are not credible nor is Kavanaugh. The GOP has basically been admitting that he did it but that they don’t care that he did it.

    • Blizz, I always knew from a very young age that there was something deeply wrong with my family’s religion. Being held captive to it is not the same as being a willing participant. And it was as an observer that I learned how high control groups influence people. I am the least likely person to join one because I know their strategies.
      You likely have no idea what it’s like to live in one so you are a lot more vulnerable.
      I’m in favor of an investigation. If there’s nothing to hide, Kavanaugh should want one to clear his name. But that’s not why I object to him. His behavior yesterday was outrageous, disrespectful, angry and injudicious. No one who acts like that on live television should be on the Supreme Court. That monologue alone should have disqualified him and you know it. You would NEVER let a candidate nominated by a Democrat get away with that and you know it. You’d want his head. Both of them.
      Don’t even try to tell me otherwise. You have a serious problem with your perception of anyone who is not a 2nd amendment, states rights, no taxes Republican.
      Cult members frequently see the world as attacking them. It’s how they are trained.
      So spare me. I’ve got your number.

      • Is it his IQ number?

        If so, I’m guessing it’s room temperature.

        In Celsius. 😈

    • Let’s do something outrageous here and ignore the politics of the situation for a moment. There are multiple allegations against Kavanaugh which may or may not have merit. Regardless of whether they’re true or not, they’ve done enormous damage to his reputation. It seems to me that the only way to have any hope of determining whether these allegations are true or false is to have them rigorously examined by competent, professional investigators (which the members of the Judiciary Committee most assuredly are not). If they’re false, this is the only way for him to be publicly exonerated. If they’re true, he should face the consequences (and that almost certainly goes way beyond not getting a seat on the Court). And yes, we have to face the fact that, over three decades after the alleged incidents, we might not *ever* have a definitive answer.

      If you care about Kavanaugh’s reputation and you believe he’s an innocent man who should be cleared, then you ought to be *demanding* an investigation. If, on the other hand, you’re really more concerned about confirming him before the midterms because you think you might lose the Senate (something I think is pretty unlikely BTW – I think we’ll have a split Congress after the midterms), then of course you want to force a vote while you still have a majority – but if that’s the case please don’t pretend that you’re motivated by some impartial zeal for justice. If he’s confirmed without clearing this up, these allegations will haunt him forever. With 9 contested Republican seats and 22 contested Democratic seats in the Senate this year, I think you’ll still have the votes to confirm him after an investigation is complete.

  18. Flake should have said he would not vote to move the nomination to the floor until this agreement were made. But he voted for it to go to the floor. Now the only way the vote can be stopped is if three Republican senators (Manchin is apparently the only “D” yes vote) say they will vote against Kavanaugh unless there is this one-week FBI investigation. Blumenthal, who was very impressive today (my favorites of today were Blumenthal, Klobuchar, Whitehouse, Durbin, and Feinstein), said he was trying to be recognized by the Chair to say that the investigation must be real and thorough and not a sham. But Grassley ignored anyone trying to speak, and called for the vote

    The only person who can authorize an FBI investigation is Trump. The only people who can put any pressure on him are the three Republicans; presumably Flake and two others. If Trump refuses to do this, then the only recourse is for those Republicans to vote against the nomination. Would Flake actually do that? Would two others? And then there is the question as to how thorough the investigation would be, and it must include Judge, but since the Judiciary Committee now passed it through, he cannot be subpoenaed, though the FBI could put some pressure on him. So we will see. If Flake had just said hold this vote, we would at least have had the week delay. But I suppose that a possibility of this is better than nothing, particularly since a Manchin yes vote would get Kavanaugh on the Court, even if Collins and Murkowski were no’s.

  19. Of course, that one-week “limited investigation”would have to dredge up some major things, or Kavanaugh will get confirmed. Manchin is a yes, so we would need three Republican no votes on ultimate confirmation, which is almost impossible, unless the FBI unearths something I would not expect. I think the best they’ll get is some differences of opinion. There is obviously no objective concrete proof, unless Judge admits it, which is not happening. This may just end up giving Republicans electoral cover, but I guess it’s better than certain confirmation.

  20. From Rolling Stone:

    Marty Balin (of Jefferson Airplane/Starship) has died at 76. 😦


    May he rest in peace in Raspberry Heaven.

  21. I have developed a theory, which I think can explain the strange discrepancies here. I don’t know if it is right, of course, but it makes sense to me. And I think it is important, not to show off my theory, but because it could very much bear on the ultimate outcome. So if any of you like the theory, maybe you will share it, to get it out there. It is possible that someone has come up with it already, but I have not seen it.

    The thing which has been very strange to me is that on the one hand, Dr. Ford’s testimony is very believable. Thus Kavanaugh is either completely lying, or perhaps there is another alternative. What if, due to his possible history of alcoholic blackouts, he actually does not remember doing this? We know that Judge claims blackout alcoholism. The two letters he has written to the Congress say, “I do not recall such an event.” That is a strange phraseology. Most people would say, “this never happened,” whether that were the truth, or they were lying about it. In this case, it is possible that Judge cannot remember much of anything he did in college. I do not know much about alcoholic blackouts, I have actually never been drunk. But apparently they are a real thing. And movies and novels have used them. There is a noir movie, “Dark Angel,” where a seemingly nice protagonist begins to wonder if he could possibly have murdered someone, and cannot remember it, because he was heavily drinking and blacked out. His friends say he couldn’t have done it. But like Oedipus, he is compelled to search for the truth, and finally learns that he did do it.

    Could Kavanaugh be someone who was sort of a Jekyll and Hyde personality, who was a decent enough person when sober, though probably a spoiled jerk; but when really drunk, acted in aggressive and even violent ways? And then could not remember them, at least at some point later? So that he truly believes he never did what Dr. Ford claims? It seems conceivable to me. Judge’s book has “Bart O’Kavanaugh” passed out drunk. on at least one occasion.

    So Kavanaugh, who may actually have been a virgin, has this buddy Judge, who from his pictures, was a good-looking guy, maybe tried to teach his friend a few things. They drink a lot, sometimes to a stupor. On this occasion, they are very drunk. The see Ms. Blasey. They lust after her. They drunkenly push her into a room, close the door. Maybe Judge urges Kavanaugh to have his way with her, which he tries to do, but according to Dr. Ford, he was too drunk to get her clothes off. In a state of angry and violent drunkenness, he puts his hand over her mouth. The more depraved Judge turns out the stereo to drown out her cries. Then she gets away.

    What happens next? Do these men keep drinking, and eventually pass out? Do they forget about what happened? I have heard or read about enough people, men and women, who claim that they do not remember anything they said or did while drunk, including whether they had sex with someone, and/or did so willingly. So perhaps Kavanaugh, who is a strange mixture of Catholic repression and depravity, actually does not think he did any of this; that is why he keeps vehemently insisting that it never happened, that he was a virgin in high school, that he never physically accosted any woman, that he was never at such a party. His blackouts, his alcoholism, perhaps his suppressed guilt, does not allow him to remember.

    The danger, if my theory is correct, is that the only two people who could, either through slip-up or honesty, corroborate the events Dr. Ford described, may not be capable of recalling any of it. The FBI will do some cursory investigation, and not be able to clarify anything; and make a report; and then Kavanaugh will be confirmed by the Republicans who were ready to do so before this delay. I would much rather it be that Kavanaugh was lying, because then he might get caught out. But if he is a sick and twisted person who acts nicely when sober, but who has and maybe still does act like a brute when drunk, it will be much harder to prove. His Yale roommate attested to his drunkenness, and others might. But how can someone prove or get him to admit that he did what Dr. Ford claims–if he is certain that he never did it? Something to think about; and I hope that FBI people, anf others, will at least consider this as a possibility. Sherlock Holmes said that if you listed all the possibilities, and eliminated those that were impossible, the one that remains, however improbable, must be the truth. I don’t know what the truth is, but this seems like a real possibility.

    • This is what I was thinking a few days ago when I replied to Niles that possibly nobody is lying in this case. I’ve certainly known people whose personalities radically changed when they drank (and never for the better). Some became hostile and violent, some became hypersexual, some both. Sometimes they remembered their behavior, sometimes they didn’t.

      There’s also the possibility that Ford incorrectly identified her assailants. This happens more often than you might think. According to the Innocence Project (https://www.innocenceproject.org/causes/eyewitness-misidentification/), 70% of overturned convictions involve mistaken identification by victims or eyewitnesses. It’s the single, most common cause of overturned convictions. This would also be a case where nobody is lying.

      Or he may be guilty as sin, lying through his teeth and his buddies are covering for him (perhaps because they fear prosecution themselves).

      Or Ford, Ramirez, and Swetnick may all be fabulists with an axe to grind. Some people on the other side pretty clearly believe this.

      A Senate committee hearing has no possibility of resolving this. Twitter or blog wars certainly don’t. A formal inquiry by trained investigators who are practiced in interviewing suspects and witnesses just might.

      • I am almost certain that Ford did not incorrectly identify the assailants. She is certain. She even identified Judge. No one who is inventing things adds someone else who could refute the story. She is certainly not a fabulist. I think that too many people keep looking for alternative explanations for Ford, but I think that it is Kavanaugh’s statements which might lead to delving into his psychology and stability.

        • I am, too, but to be fair we have to admit the possibility just as we have to admit the possibility that her account is false (which I also do not believe). Traumatized people are apparently really, really bad at identification and memory is actually pretty plastic. Any fair investigation (and this investigation *has* to be fair) can’t exclude either of those possibilities from the start. The point of an investigation is to try to determine the truth, not to confirm our preconceptions (however righteous they may be).

  22. Apparently Coons had some influence over Flake (and perhaps those women at the elevator). But following Coons Effect, I suggest that every non-trumper talk to a trumper about what has been happening to their beloved country. Sort of stage an intervention. Get them out of their misery.

  23. Will the FBI verify the authenticity of his calendar? Is it really from 1982? I hope they do. A props guy said it is easy to forge. Why would he forge? To mislead maybe. On the one hand I think he was stupid to release it as evidence. On the other hand, it is weird to give that up voluntarily when it could be used by others to construct timelines.

    • They can certainly verify the age and manufacture of the paper and the ink, as well as its chemical make-up. They can probably verify roughly when it was written, assuming it’s not possible to artificially age the sample well enough to avoid detection. They can attempt to verify the handwriting, although the legitimacy of handwriting analysis has been called into question recently. They can probably determine if the entries have been recently modified, assuming the person who did it wasn’t extremely skilled. Whether they can do that all in a week is another matter, but at least they can try. RD would know more about the chemical details – I haven’t done chemistry in almost 4 decades.

      Does anyone else find it weird that an adolescent boy would keep a detailed calendar? Kavanaugh seems pretty tightly wound, but that still seems awfully odd to me. I was already in college when I was that age, but I didn’t even take notes in class much less maintain a calendar.

      • But they put that ‘Squi’/Garrett character in the calendar to use as his evil twin to advance their doppelganger theory (and inadvertently led everyone to July 1 date). That makes me think he produced the calendar for that reason and may have discussed that theory with Ed Whelan before he let it loose on twitter (I was thinking about this but Zerlina on MSNBC also made this point).

  24. I like Amy Klobuchar. I want her to run and win in 2020.

    • Would Kavanugh ask the FBI agent, ‘did you (blackout)?’ when the agent asks him that pertinent question.

    • I would favor her over Harris or Warren or Gillibrand.. She is down to earth, very bright, former prosecutor. Right now, if she runs, I would probably vote for her over anyone else who is likely to run

      • Watch the video below from today. She did a great job.

      • Harris is a bit hot headed; Warren old and not impressive; Gillibrand appears too strategic and perhaps playing quiet games. Rule of law should be front and center and Amy K is rising to the occasion.

    • I am very impressed!! I have watched the well of the senate floor for the ACA vote and Amy K was front and center talking to everyone and having everyone talking to her. The personal/group dynamics of hers was the best. Then there was Bernie who came in and walked around like he didn’t know what he was doing and like the loner that he is and went away, and came in again and then finally stood by the side of a group where Warren was hanging.


      • I have watched it multiple times. I tear up every time. Substantive, based on facts, and you want passion for the right reasons, you see it in every word and you hang onto every word. This should be played in every townhall until the midterms and beyond.

  25. Even if there were no women accusing him of sexual assault, he must be disqualified for his statement, his behavior, his judicial temperament, … he put on display on Thursday. He is a political operative unfit to sit on the supreme court. Why isn’t there a rallying cry about this? This is too important.

    • And as emptywheel tweeted real time as it was happening, without those multiple breaks and Republicans throwing him lifeline after lifeline, he would have been worse.

      • And, let’s face it, his “I’m a drunk not a rapist” defense doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence in his judgement.

  26. This is nuts! Shutdown Facebook. Moreover, it is becoming the equivalent of Fox News for the Internet to cater to a minority of stupid and gullible motherfuckers.

  27. If people want to call Graham’s office.

    • If it’s running even in SC that is bad news for Graham or any politician in SC.

      • And I don’t even believe it. And why is there this endless effort to poll, literally, or figuratively, the furthest enclaves of Trumpism? And why would a woman who was against Kavanaugh bother to call Graham’ office? I wonder what the percentages are for Whitehouse’s office, or Klobuchar’s, or Collins’? If Democrats somehow won 60% of the vote, we’d hear what the 40% are aggrieved about. Of course, this is all about spin, trying to make it look as if many women favor Kavanaugh. It’s pathetic for media to run with it.

  28. I am sure looking at this is uncomfortable for many men and women. And the fact that we have to do this to get the Republicans heed is a shameful fact of life now.

  29. This thread is good. How the world should be.

  30. Y’all take derangement to a whole new level. Thankfully the rest of the American people are seeing your insane behavior too.

    “It is necessary to destroy America to save America.” – The Democratic Party

    • “The rest of the American people” inside your yooooge bubble of unreality.

      You lot are disproportionately superannuated. Father Time is your greatest enemy. Even your unacknowledged master, Tsar Vladimir, can’t save your cult from him forever.

  31. Given that folks on that other blog fell for the Pizza-gate nonsense hook, line, and sinker, I’m willing to concede your expertise on the subject of derangement.

  32. Why can’t these mfers get a handle on this?

  33. Off topic: 😛

  34. This man is a flawed individual. I see a pattern of his wrath and perversion directed toward women (and perhaps men too) of “lesser” status. It was a monumental mistake to have put trump in the WH but he will be gone by 2020 if not before. It is suicidal for the country to put this man on the SCOTUS for a lifetime, having seen everything we have so far. He has now become a pawn in the hands of the Senate Republicans/WH who see their chance slipping away and are hanging on to it for dear life, let his reputation/life be damned. He, if he were a smart man would have withdrawn weeks ago at the first whiff of drinking/assault/debt and such coming out. Now if this goes sour, he will lose everything he had. If they/he go through with it, the country will burn.

  35. Oh no, we shouldn’t have to deal with this. Please go away!

  36. WH is controlling the scope of FBI investigation. They are not interviewing Avenatti’s client. Also off limits are his lying over drinking and witnesses saying otherwise.

  37. What did we expect, right? This is another sham investigation.

  38. […] and the Republicans look like they’re losing it, he himself is retiring. I expect he would indulge in some grandstanding but eventually vote in favor. Result: He expressed reservations, then […]

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