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      (With the Bolivian coup overthrown, back to the top.  I’ve noticed this is the article of mine front-line activists refer to most.  Originally published May 16, 2016.) So, we have had a right-wing coup in Brazil. In Venezuela, the left still controls the Presidency, but has lost control of parliament. In Argentina, the right has […]
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The $64000000 question

After Senate Republicans put up a sham hearing and determine to vote for Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court, at the behest of a president who wants to double down against women who have legitimate complaints of sexual harassment, leaving millions of American women with little recourse when accusing men of sexual misconduct (we aren’t going to believe you, we’re not concerned with how YOUR life has been ruined by coming forward and we’re going to vote any way we damn well please because you are of no concern to us), why would ANY woman of sound mind vote for a Republican ever again?

I only ask.


Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) was heard saying that he didn’t want the Republicans to look like a party of “creepy old men”.

Too late. That ship sailed when Trump was “elected”.

16 Responses

  1. why would ANY woman of sound mind vote for a Republican ever again?

    Not sure a sound mind would prevent all this:

    * Because they benefit from the hegemony.
    * Because they have no self respect.
    * Because they don’t have an independent identity from their men.
    * Because they lack the ambition to accomplish something.
    * Because they don’t care about what happens to other women.
    * Because they are stupid and follow what they are told to do.

  2. Gamble vs. USA, this is the case they want Kavanaugh’s fifth vote on. I am glad this news has made it into the mainstream. Remember this.

    • BTW, there are a slew of cases on Republican agenda waiting to get on the Court’s docket for this R majority to rule. It is like the Monkey trial, find some stooge, pay money, and bring it to the courts.

    • All reasonable people should wonder why the Republicans are working so hard and rushing to put this flawed nominee (he lies like no other except maybe trump in addition to everything else) on the Court. Period.

  3. a third, always a third…

  4. Some speculation. BTW, when is Avenatti’s client coming forward?

  5. PUSHED IT THROUGH… I hope one of these women, certainly Ford files complaints in Montgomery county… after Thursday.

    • I think trump also let on what K’s defense will be when he went after Ramirez… Ford was inebriated and as was he and they both remember wrong. It is a draw, dammit. Now go vote!

  6. Have wondered why all the tariffs? See this tweet below. If weakening America is the goal, trump is doing it on all fronts. Republicans are using him to implement their agenda but are also playing with fire. Trump is not acting in the best interest of our country. The circumstantial head scratcher evidence is everywhere. Time to call them out now.

  7. Avenatti delivers! Wow

  8. The Republicans’ bottom line is that they want the fifth Justice on the Court by October 5, new Court term, so he can rule on Gamble and allow Trump to pardon everyone; plus several other cases to mark the start of the depredations of the Trump Court. They must have their way, they cannot let a new nominee wait until December or so to be confirmed. Midterms are not a big problem, they would push him in during the lame duck session, it’s how they operate. But they want him right now. So the question is, whether these new horrific allegations will stop them, or whether their masters will demand that they go through with confirmation nonetheless. The people who run this country have made it clear to Trump and the Republicans that they must have the new right-wing rubber-stamp stooge Justice on the Court immediately, it is the culmination of a fifty-year plan

  9. What right-wing supporters and media do not want to consider, is that these women are not going to testify to the Senate under oath or sign sworn affidavits under penalty of perjury, on a whim, or in some weird attempt to slander Kavanaugh. And Avenatti has a good Bar record, and would never risk his entire credibility on this, unless he had every reason to believe that the story is true. That is why his client swore under penalty of perjury on the affidavit. No one knows exactly what happened in these situations, but they are credible and at least deserve an FBI investigation and testimony from other witnesses. Anyone who says out of hand that the stories are fabricated, is a fool or a blind partisan.

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