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It just occurred to me…

… that the reason Brett Kavanaugh thinks he can claim that he didn’t lose his virginity in high school or for years after that is because he was counting on his “partners” to not realize what was happening to them. He’d have a reputation if he slept with someone close to home. But a beach babe not from his caste that he and his friends had a turn with? What are the chances that she’s going to want to challenge his version of how he lost his virginity?

Oh, yeah, that’s clever all right. Diabolical even.

And the guy most likely to be able to resolve any of this is holed up in Bethany Beach like a terrified chicken.

31 Responses

  1. Either that or he was always too drunk to “seal the deal.”

  2. American sexual revolution has been a boon to upper caste, rich, entitled, spoiled brats but very bad for some of the lower caste girls.

    • I hate to tell you but it was that way before the sexual revolution. All the sexual revolution did was empower women not to have to bear their children and live in shame for the rest of their lives.

  3. Leave it to republican white men to invoke god and do some sick twisted shit behind closed doors. They think they’re the chosen ones. They think their misdeeds are forgivable and forgettable and they will try to lift the thumb of Justice off of the

    • Themselves at any opportunity they can * it’s diabolical, Faustian, Athenian, plain insanity! I hope some of you will be in DC tomorrow! We need all the people we can get to be the screaming voice of truth in Brett Kavanaugh’s face

  4. Off topic:

    Don’t you hate when you go out kayaking and…


  5. 😈

    • Stick a fork in him, he’s done.

      • From your keyboard to the screen of the Ascended Madoka.

      • Sue, I’m not sure. The blatant partisanship will amp up the pressure on Republicans to go vote for him, as they are virtually certain to lose their next primary if they do not. That was one of the major goals here, to blame this all on the Democrats, get the base riled up, and do better in the election; plus to intimidate any Republican who might might think of wavering.The Senate, along with just about every other aspect of the country, has become a sham, like English proceedings in the Middle Ages. They stopped using their Arizona prosecutor in the middle of the questioning. They make up rules as they go along. They have not the slightest interest in the truth, or they would have had the FBI investigate, they would have called Judge, and Ford’s corroborators.

        If they get Kavanaugh in for the new Supreme Court turn, they get all the rewards of the series of horrifying decisions which will ensue. And what Republican will stand up to this? Flake says he has doubts, what does that mean? Ford testified unequivocally, and had people to back her up, whom the Senate did not want to hear from. How can anyone think that this is some Democratic plot, unless of course they are simply partisans or brainwashed voters. And another point: how could anybody think that Kavanaugh would decide anything fairly; he would not only b as partisan as anyone who was ever on the Court, but even accentuated by his desire to wreak revenge on the Democrats for trying to stop his confirmation.

        • Kavanaugh is as vicious, whiny, belligerent, petulant and thin skinned as the man/beast who nominated him. He must not be given the privilege of sitting on the Supreme Court. His judgement and temperament make him unfit for any court, including food. Let him get a co-host gig on the Alex Jones show. No one watching him rant about the Clintons and liberal money and organizations could ever believe that he would be fair, open minded and honest, informed by rationality and conscience rather than vitriolic partisanship and his own self regard. I’m not saying that he won’t prevail -pray, God-he won’t-but I am saying that if he does, it will be a national tragedy. Graham, too, looked unhinged and history (if there will be history in the future) will not judge him kindly.

          • I completely agree. Lol, food court. And I agree with you that he has the puffy look of the alcoholic, which he undoubtedly was and probably still is, since it is said that one never really is cured.

            Republicans have abandoned any reasonable pretense of adhering to rules or protocol. I’m sure that if a Democrat wins the presidency in 2020, and they somehow have the Senate, they’ll go back to blocking all the judicial appointments without a vestige of embarrassment. I’m at the point where if Kavanaugh gets on the Court, I think that states should start ignoring Supreme Court findings. After Bush v. Gore, and Merrick Garland, and now this, this is not a deliberative body, it is a political rubber stamp which is the hallmark of totalitarian countries/

          • Kavanaughty working at the food court:

            “You want lies with that?” 😉

    • The difference between knowing you’re innocent and knowing you’re guilty as sin itself.

      But all of you knew that already, amirite?

    • A cr@wd@d drops by to say Obama and Garland were just better at covering it up in 5…4…3… 😉

  6. Can the TV people or others put together the moment and play it on a loop or tweet the hell out of it?

    • This article talks about that moment.


      Video in the link

      Ford had identified Mark Judge as in the room while Kavanaugh allegedly assaulted her and said that “P.J.”—a man named Patrick Smyth—was elsewhere at the gathering. (Smyth denied to the Judiciary Committee being present at any such gathering.) Ford also noted that it appeared that Judge and Kavanaugh had been drinking beforehand and were far more intoxicated than the other people there.

      In Thursday’s hearing, Kavanaugh was asked about the July 1 entry by Rachel Mitchell, the lawyer representing Republican senators, and replied, “It looks like we went over to Timmy’s” and identified the other boys who’d joined him. That was as far as that line of questioning went.

      FBI can find out who Timmy is and where Timmy lived on July 1 in 1982.

    • Ford should file complaints in MD. Let them vote but he will be trying to defend himself against these charges as he sits on the SCOTUS. How will it look?

  7. This was another depressing day in the history of America. I should have realized exactly what would happen, but after Dr. Ford’s testimony, I was thinking that maybe this would be a positive day. However, the whole thing was a sham and a set-up. Kavanaugh had been prepping for over 20 hours for this; he was told to make it about Democrats and Clinton, a rallying cry for the deranged base. And he lied some more, even about not watching her testimony, but apparently no one cares about such things. His absurd explanations for “devil’s triangle,” “boofing,” and “the Renate alumni club” didn’t seem to bother the Republicans, either. Actually, nothing would have. Their only concerns are pleasing their billionaire donors, pleasing Trump, getting a political operative far Right person on the Court so as to completely remake this country the way they want it, by a series of 5-4 decisions. Nothing would be allowed to get in the way of that. Nothing that Dr. Ford would have said would have made any difference. The far, far Right-wing Senators, which are most of the Senate, would have blamed the Clintons; the far Right-wing Senators who pretend to be moderate, would have praised Kavanaugh; Jeff Flake would pretend to agonize, and then vote the same way he votes every single time; Collins and Murkowski would say, it was a close call, but they trust Kavanaugh, and will vote for him. He had the votes when he was nominated, he would have the votes when they voted, no matter what. If they were honest, they would say that, but they would rather play the victim, and use their question time to self-righteously whip up fervor against the Democrats. It has sunk to endlessly ritualized performance art.

    Maybe the whole charade was not worth it at all, maybe it even galvanized the Trump base to vote. But we got to see Dr. Blasey-Ford shine as an example of courage and dignity. If Democrats somehow can win the House and Senate, things will look much better, and much of this daily assault on democracy will be stalled. I hope that people do not become so discouraged that they do not realize that the only way out of this is to vote as many Republicans out of office as possible, in every spot on the ballots. and not let them back in. That is one thing that people can do, if they have the stamina and the will. They are not a popular majority, even though they have managed to use devices and amoral power to control the actual majority. Vote or die, to adapt the motto of the French Foreign Legion.

  8. I believe Dr. Ford. Kavanaugh’s unhinged Trump act, costarring a frothing desperate partisan performance by Senator Graham, failed to deflect from the nominees glaring dishonesty during his testimony. At a minimal Judge Kavanaugh should not move forward to the Supreme Court. And further his current Judgeship should now be investigated in a new light, it is now very difficult to believe a man of his character would have been unbiased or honest in his rulings.

  9. This looks like an important development.

  10. The majority once again is questioning the FITNESS of the nominee for an esteemed American institution. But the Republicans are ignoring it and moving forward. The second half of yesterday’s hearing and what he showed himself to be should be enough to say he is UNFIT to sit on the highest court of the land. This trump 2.0 all over again.

  11. Look at this fucker! why? Sit in your fucking ranch and shut up.

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