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    jmac on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Trump disgusts the Republican…
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    Catscatscats on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    riverdaughter on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    jmac on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    jmac on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    riverdaughter on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    riverdaughter on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    riverdaughter on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    jmac on PSA: how to correctly complete…
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Republicans #notallRepublicans are evil.

Now comes the accusations of Kavanaugh exposing himself to someone and another of him either orchestrating or participating in a “train”. I hope you haven’t been eating breakfast.

It remains to be seen if either accusation is true. I’ll believe it when Jane Meyer and Ronan Farrow write about it in the New Yorker or multiple witnesses can confirm. For what it’s worth, I know these things occurred in the 80s on campuses (not from personal experience but from someone who was at one) so it shouldn’t be that difficult to track down witnesses. That might be why Grassley was so determined to ram Kavanaugh through the confirmation process and not get the FBI involved.

Meanwhile, there have been multiple Republican Senators on the record pretty much mocking the Democrats about how they’re going to vote Kavanaugh in because they can. Senators like Lindsay Graham, Mitch McConnell, Dean Heller and Jeff Flake.

They have the votes. They can do it even if it turns out Kavanaugh is a well known sexual harasser and former train engineer. I’ll bet they’ve all known for quite some time what’s in Kavanaugh’s dossier. For all we know that’s the real reason Trump chose him. For sure they know he lied about using stolen Democratic documents. We know that he was a Clinton “elf” in the 90s and made a list of prying and humiliating questions for Clinton to answer about his sex life. Kavanaugh has always been a very conservative, Republican political operative who for years didn’t even try to hide his partisan bias. His decisions aren’t motivated by any principle but from Catholic Kavanaugh making himself an instrument of his party.

If I were a Senator, the thing that would have turned me off of Kavanaugh was that incident with him and Fred Gutenberg where Kavanaugh looked at him coldly and hautily and then turned away without shaking hands. It’s like a perfect tableau that sums up all you needed to know about the man. Here is a privileged man of influence, connections and power dismissing a citizen who has had his life turned upside-down by Republican policy. That’s what we can all expect from him if he gets on the US Supreme Court. He’ll literally be looking down on us and acting like our concerns are of no importance to him.

And before the accusations even came up, Republican Senators were only too happy to confirm him. They’ll all line up behind Mitch McConnell and do whatever they want to us because we were on the losing end of a hacked election.

We’re the witnesses. We know who they are now. We see their true natures. None of us should have felt any expectation that the ones who say they can’t stand Trump for principled reasons would have thought twice about taking their turn screwing us when the time comes.

It remains to be seen whether the new revelations will change that. But once you see the ugliness in someone it’s hard to unsee it.

28 Responses

  1. He is the 5th vote and what does it say that there are already 4 of them there. NYT has a hit piece on Ramirez’s story casting doubt on her recollections. Mark Judge should be subpoenaed and now we know why the Rs have resisted an FBI investigation. This is a train wreck.

    • While NYT is doing both sides journalism on this story, this was what was happening.

  2. It should be expected that he will have lot of ‘supporters’ in the DC swamp who benefit from him, old classmates and others.

  3. I guess it has to get way worse about everything before it gets better, if at all.

    NYT trump stenographers are a national nightmare.

  4. I have said this before, but to me it is the crux of it. One side (the Democrats) basically try to play fair, do the ethical thing, want to work with the other side, which the media always insists that they do. The other side (the Republicans) are not bound by any considerations other than winning by any means possible, and bludgeoning through an agenda which is actually favored by only a minority of people. They have trillions of dollars which they spend to dupe people into thinking that they are on their side, when they are on the side of billionaires, radical evangelists, and fascists.

    They spent five years investigating President Clinton, found only that he had a consensual affair, and impeached him for it, just because they could. They lost the 2000 election, but got their candidate’s brother in Florida and his minions to stop the recount long enough so that they could get the Supreme Court they had stacked with partisans to declare that it was too late for a recount. The person they got elected then put two more hacks on the Supreme Court, seats that the Democrat should have had. When Obama got elected, they refused to confirm dozens of lower court judges, held one of them for two years until she passed away. When Obama got the chance to nominate the swing justice, they would not hold a hearing on him, something historically inconceivable. They vowed to never approve any potential justice that Hillary Clinton nominated in her entire term.They knowingly employed Russia’s assistance in fixing the election, suppressed about two million votes. took NRA money which was really funneled to them through Russia. They then appointed a far Right rubber-stamp justice in Gorsuch. They made some kind of deal with Justice Kennedy for him to resign, and immediately picked the ultimate stooge judge i Kavanaugh, and demanded that he be rushed through’ gave out 7% of his documents, when they had always demanded 100% from Democrats.When a woman came forward alleging that he had tried tto ape her at a party as teenagers, they would not let her call witnesses to corroborate. They want their locked in Supreme Court radical Right majority, and they want it now.

    I could write twenty paragraphs on this, but will forbear. Democrats in almost all cases issued faint protests, as when Obama did nothing to get Garland on the Court, did not go to the country every day and express outrage, and retaliate against Republicans by redlining bills. Take any analogy you want: sports, poker, Monopoly. If one side plays by the rules, and the other side cheats in every way possible,, how does the honorable side ever win anything significant? If it’s a poker game, you get out of it as fast as you can; if some kind of board game as a kid, you don’t play with that person again, and find other friends. But this is a match which has to be played, you can’t just walk away from it, or this country turns into a permanent dictatorship But as America stands now, and has stood for at least fifty years, the end result, that Republicans take over more and more of it, and find ways to entrench themselves even when losing various elections, is absolutely inevitable. You cannot win in a fixed game. You either have to play the way they do, as distasteful as that may be; or you have to change the game, which becomes less and less possible after 50 years of gerrymandering, and Supreme Court mandated voter suppression, which will get worse. There have been moments when something might have been done, but the Democrats didn’t want to look unseemly or risk the right-wing media’s wrath. What is happening now is as inevitable as the cheating and colluding poker players having all the chips stacked in front of them, and making jokes while the next hand is dealt.

    • They have trillions of dollars which they spend to dupe people into thinking that they are on their side, when they are on the side of billionaires, radical evangelists, and fascists.

      The evils of marketing with the instant communication provided by the internet have made this much more serious than I ever thought possible

  5. I wrote this before I had seen any news about Rosenstein about to be fired. Michael Schmidt, one of the most evil journalists in the country, and the rest of the Hillary-hating NY Times, get their way, by writing a misleading and sketchily sourced story which actually had no purpose but to get to this result, since the story itself was just about Rosenstein having possibly said or joked about this or that, and not doing anything. The NYT is hereby exposed as evil, as they were throughout the election. Not everyone who works there is evil, but the essence of the political side of it is. More elves, they are insinuated everywhere, like sleeper cells. The timing of that “story” was so palpably set up for Trump’s benefit, and he acted on it immediately.

  6. I detest NYT MAGA Maggie and all the rest of that klan with all my heart. They’re either stupid or corrupt or both. Bottom line they are not looking out for the country.

    • Don’t forget NPR! They may have many other essential programs, but their news reporting been stealth rThuglican for a while now.

      This “story” was covered on All Things Considered a few days ago, exactly as the NYT reported it. I kept having to turn off the radio to keep from punching it. They did this kind of thing all through the 2016 election and they’ve kept it up since then.

      They’ve only reported according to the image most people have of them when outrage over a particular issue forces their hand. Case in point is the story of immigrant children taken from their parents: NPR only reported that as legally and morally unjustifiable -after- most Americans were disgusted and outraged over it. Otherwise, they’re just the broadcast version of the New York Times.

      • Are they afraid of losing government funding? I stopped listening to them a long time ago.

        • Don’t think that’s it, that happened decades ago when Reagan was elected after they’d overtly made fun of him (oops!). Their news coverage has been trending rightward ever since.

          I try not to listen either, but need my classical music fix and sometimes don’t change the channel fast enough.

          • Yeah, I would listen to them for classical music if there were no other alternative. Around here in DC, we have an alternative station for classical music, WBJC 91.5. I give them money (and feel thrilled when they announce my name on air, 🙂 ) I have not listened to NPR for classical music either. I don’t care much for their ‘uppity’ selections. Give us our Beethoven man! 🙂

  7. There is a second woman from Montgomery county MD who has filed or filing complaint against K. She appears to be different from the other women reported so far. But looks like that has not hit the mainstream yet.

  8. No sign of K withdrawing. They will vote him in. They are daring us to take the next step. Once installed it will be hard to dislodge him just like Thomas and they know that and seem to be operating under that assumption.

  9. Meh…why is it that whenever the ultra-religious, “virtuous” people are being investigated, I always find out about sexual acts/slang terms I had no idea existed? I clearly need to start attending church if I want a more exciting personal life.

  10. The NYT story about Rosenstein was directly fed to them by Trump and/or his people, such as Kelly. It was deliberately intended to lead to Rosenstein’s firing. It is not a story about things that were done, such as a “scoop” about someone having hid a letter, or met with some Russians. It is a “scoop” alleging that someone said something at a meeting. That is not respectable reporting, in which the reporter understands that his “source” may have an agenda, and could either be making it up, or taking it wildly out of context. This is reporting which is all about trying to be important by getting on TV to talk about your great story, and maybe even win a Pulitzer Prize, which seem to be going to those who write the most sensationalized stories. It is what much of journalism has devolved into. And these various political sites such as Axios and Politico and Real Clear Politics are almost all started and staffed by right-wing money. They write an occasional balanced article to hide the fact that they are set up to push the right-wing agenda, and they are given far too much credence.

    • William, I wonder if Michael Schmidt is related to Susan Schmidt who was known as Ken Starr’s stenographer at The Washington Post during the whitewater/impeachment farce? Who was the leaker in chief on Starr’s staff? Brett Kavanaugh.

      • I am very impressed with your memory! I do not remember that name, but it is possible. Wow, it is quite something how some of these names keep popping up in various periods, almost like a Twilight Zone” story, except that these [people all tie together in some nefarious way. And very few people remember the various things, so they get away with it. I remember many of them, but not this one. And even if he is not related, I repeat that he has always looked to me like the person revealed as the head of the sinister organization in a noir movie. Appearance cannot always be extrapolated from, but this is more than physiognomy. And I saw him at least three different times on news shows, say, “Trump doesn’t have the guts to fire Mueller.” What honorable journalist says this kind of thing?

  11. Haha, K says he was a virgin at Georgetown prep and even later….hahahahahahahahahaha. He seems to trying dodge Avenatti’s tease of ‘train’.

    What a fucking liar!

  12. Interesting approach, this Avenatti. His client did not go to the New Yorker or timidly go to the Senate Dems but is using loudmouth lawyer. Maybe effective to scare the fuck out of the octogenarians Grassley/Hatch and all the rest of them. Hope he has solid evidence.

  13. Agreed. Avenatti’s approach is perfect at this point. Stating that his client will go public in 48 hours on the information is putting much needed pressure on the already unstable nomination process of K. I believe he will withdraw before Avenatti’s client goes public.

  14. Don’t know what HWS means. But I have been thinking about this too. Is this his revenge for being pushed out?

  15. Any thoughts on why Kennedy left the SC?

    • I suspect he was pushed out because he would perhaps have had to recuse himself if any trump related cases came before the Court because of conflicts — his son gave trump the big loans when he was at the Deutsche bank.

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