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    • Here was my neighborhood last night
      Because the family of a mentally ill Philadelphia man holding a knife called for an ambulance, and the cops showed up. They claim he “charged” them and they shot and killed him. The mental health unit is a pilot program and isn’t paid to work on the weekends. Protesters didn’t do this, looters did. (Maybe … Continue reading Here was my neighborhood last nigh […]
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Must go bleach brain now.

47 Responses

  1. Riverdaughter,

    Am I correct in presuming that you have read a story about Stormy Daniel’s description of tRump’s member?

    I was on my way to check my horoscope in the NY Post and came across this story. I read it and I think that the picture of the toadstool you posted is accurate, based on Stormy’s description.

    The NY Post is the conservative tabloid in NY and it does not have a paywall, so I use it primarily to read my horoscope. Here’s the link in case anyone else wants too much information as well.


  2. I laughed out heartily at this tweet in a public place.

  3. Your government employees:

    • James O’Keefe?

      Seriously, Niles?

      Do you really think we regulars here don’t all know better than to believe anything that irremediable lifelong waste of food, water, and oxygen says?

  4. Yeti Pubes is going to stay with me for a long time. Thanks, Stormy.

  5. I just discovered this a few minutes ago. 😛

    • I’d say Bugs (rather than the ducks) deserves his own battle, but with whom?

      Oh and when will POTUS be unable to restrain himself from twitter responding to Stormy’s rather uncharitable description of his little buddy?

      And how crazy is it when I, or anyone, writes a post which bundles Daffy, Donald and Bugs together with POTUS’s penis’s starring role in a porn actress/director’s book? Strange days, indeed.

      Thanks for posting this, Rap Battles is way clever and just the right amount of subversive 🙂

  6. I hope that everybody got a chance to see Hillary for a very long interview with Rachel Maddow tonight. In addition to her usual insight and intelligence, unmatched by any other figure in our political system, she offered two unsettling predictions. The first was that after the election, Trump will carry out wholesale firings of anyone whom he doesn’t like or trust. The second was that Trump will not accept the results of the 2020 elections if he loses, and (implied) will not willingly leave office afterwards. No one who voted or chose not to vote in 2016, should ever have thought that the horror that resulted was going to just go away easily.

    • She was superb.

      • The best potential president that I have ever seen.

      • I was in mourning for months after Nov 9, 2016. I was a delegate for her at our state convention in ‘08. In fact I’m still grieving the loss, but I am far from the “triggered lib snowflake” caricature to which the weak and frightened cons cling.
        I admire her intelligence, competence and sense of humor, her humility and courage. We will not see anyone of her caliber in public service for a long time.

  7. She is the best public servant we have. If only those who demeaned and belittled and patronized her would finally come to understand this, I would be gratified. Ah well. If only….

  8. Herstory Repeating’s request already exists. 😛

  9. Love Hirono. She has been excellent in this battle. Calling out on men to do the right thing and the media to do the right thing.

  10. I have not seen any tweet traffic about Hillary’s excellent interview on Maddow. Fuck them!

  11. Oh, he has already shown how he would rule on that. His decision to deny abortion to the immigrant detainee running away from abuse shows what he will do.

  12. Place the blame squarely on the WH for not doing the background check on Kavanaugh in view of new allegations for asking the FBI to do it. Put pressure on the WH. Make that your talking point in every damn fucking interview. If the WH does not do it, it is another strike for the midterms.

  13. Every woman who lived through the Thomas hearings is having flashbacks. “She’s mixed up, she’s confused, she keeps changing her mind” This afternoon some media tool on CNN interviewed former senator John Danforth for his hot take on the Kavanaugh mess. John Danforth!! Dig up the corpse of Arlen Specter and the picture is complete.

  14. I believe our Blogmistress requested this cleaning substance:

  15. I just found this on Imgur a little while ago. I don’t know when it was taken, or how old Ms. Knope is now.

  16. ARRR, me hearties! I fear me mem’ry be scuppered!

    ‘Tis Talk Like A Pirate Day! :mrgreen:


    Batten down the hatches, hoist the mainsails, keelhaul the marlinspikes, and be eatin’ yer citrus fruits so ye WON’T be scurvy swabs, ARRR! 🙂

      • As a young boy, I greatly admired Long John Silver. He was the smartest person in “Treasure Island,” my favorite childhood book, and he had a genial charm most of the time. The first time I went out for trick or treating, my parents bought me a pirate costume complete with plastic sword . I had a little book about pirates, and I read about Henry Morgan, Edward Teach (Blackbeard), and others. My favorite aspect of piracy was looking for buried treasure. I would constantly dig for treasure, in our backyard, or anywhere else I could bring a shovel to. Doubloons! Pieces of Eight! I have not given up!

        P.S. Anyone who likes pirate stories should watch the one season of the show “Crossbones.” It imagined Edward Teach still being alive after his supposed demise, and running an island. It starred John Malkovich, Julian Sands, and Clare Foy. What a cast! And it was written by Neil Cross. It was excellent. But NBC did not support it, as usual, and it only lasted the one season. Excellent piracy, though. Far better than the long-running “Black Sails,” from what I gather, but that’s always the way, it seems.

    • Why do pirates all sound like Newfoundlanders?

  17. In my case, more like “A Pirate Looks At Forty IN THE REAR-VIEW MIRROR”.

    In Jimmy’s case, too, for that matter.

  18. :mrgreen: 😛 😆

  19. Sent my letters to my State Senator (the Republican one), Grassley, and McConnell to vote NO Kavanaugh.

  20. So why don’t the Republicans want an FBI investigation. Dr. Ford is asking for the more serious response to this and is willing to subject herself to it. Why won’t Kavanaugh? What is he afraid of? What are the despicable Rs afraid of? It is her fault not wanting a show trial?

  21. It was creepy in the way the Rs and K used the girls in the hearing. Now we know why, at least one reason why.

  22. Three presidents in one pic! Wow…more so because of the buffoons who took two of those places.

  23. Agree with this. This is it. They will put him there by hook or crook and mostly crook.

    • I hope HWU is right about the Blue Tsunami, but the Treason Party (fka GOP) has, quite deliberately, left our elections wide open to more Russian interference. 😡

      • Our Party needs to send out teams of volunteers across the country, following the Freedom Riders model) to teach our citizens how to vote because states run by the GOP (they’re are too damn many of them) keep changing the rules to make it as confusing and difficult as possible. Many people don’t realize that you can vote for some candidates at the top of the ticket and skip all the judges, etc. and it’s still a valid ballot. We need to offer rides to the polls in the very same buses and help non voters negotiate their first experience. An ombudsmen for every group of votes. The turnout must be overwhelming.

        • Yes, this is imperative! And this should have been worked on since 2016, if not much earlier. I know that there are dedicated people who volunteer to help turn out the vote. But you are so right that the Republicans do everything they can to confuse people or stop them from voting. I recently read that the Cruz campaign was somehow disguising voter information as bills of some sort. They’ve pulled this kind of stuff for a long time, but are even better at it now. This is the most important aspect of all; if people are turned away from the polls illegally, or do not understand the ballot, or are uncertain as to date or hours to vote, the Republicans win every time, and there is no hope for democracy, because the Republican officials who are elected do not fix it, they make it worse. So this is really now or never, particularly with the census coming up. One wonders if Russia will ever again have a free election. Is America going to be in the same situation? Let us intensely hope not, and do whatever we can to get as many people as we can out to vote. Demonstrating in Washington or in the streets will do nothing if people won’t take even ten hours if necessary to stand in line and vote. If we take over various state legislatures and governorships, we can change the voting laws. I am of course hopeful for a Blue wave, but by no means certain of it.

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