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Last week of summer

Good morning, everybody.

Getting to work this morning was a bear. There appears to be a minor landslide on my normal route to work. Downed trees. Did I miss a thunderstorm last night or is the ground around here already saturated beyond its capacity?

The news seems to have picked up in frequency and intensity in the last couple of weeks. Trump is about to compromise national security today by declassifying and releasing the Carter Page FISA application. Selectively, declassify, that is. Whatever makes the warrant look urgent and reasonable will likely not see the light of day; anything that looks exculpatory will be revealed, along with some word smithing.

Now, why would he still be bent out of shape by something that happened two years ago in the early stages of his campaign as nominee? Why is he still obsessing about that? I thought this investigation was all about why he fired Comey, for looking into the Russia allegations or something. Who knows. I’m sure it’s all a big misunderstanding.

Back to Brett: for what it’s worth, Christine Ford’s account of what happened seems very credible. Yes, indeedy. And this whole incident demonstrates conclusively why Kavanaugh should not be a Supreme Court Justice.

A wise man would have said, “I don’t remember the incident but I have no reason to question Ms. Ford’s account. I and my friends routinely drank too much at parties when we were teenagers. There are many things I regret doing when I was young. I’m very sorry if any of my actions have negatively affected anyone’s life and I apologize.”

Yep, that would have done it.

Instead, he doubled down.

That’s exactly what I would have expected from a political operative. Drag the accuser down to the abyss. Stimulate the base. But as a prospective justice, it is a big warning flag. It’s what we always suspected, that he’s a ruthless, arrogant, lying opportunist who suits the person who nominated him.

He may still get rammed through, though the podcasts I listened to yesterday seem to think that’s increasingly unlikely, not because of the infraction but because the lying is so obvious. This is not over in any case. The GOP is determined. We shouldn’t underestimate them and their bench of right wing, originalist, reactionaries is deep.


Fall starts soon but I will miss the summer.

Walk to work music:

24 Responses

  1. They will lose the women if they push him. If they do do that, women should work toward impeaching both Thomas and this guy after we impeach the Orange.

  2. Senate should call the third person in that room, Mark Judge to the hearings as well.

  3. The ultimate “irony” which is not being mentioned, is that for 18 months we heard about “Hillary’s emails,” which was just a catchphrase, but somehow was supposed to imply that CLASSIFIED INFORMATION was lost or leaked! Of course it was not. But Trump declassifies crucial information which will severely cripple the FBI, and may will continue the frightening path of discouraging people abroad from helping it fight terrorism.

    Trump is of course doing it for two reasons: He thinks it will help him fight the probe, and give his American collaborators valuable knowledge to help them thwart it. And he is doing it because Russia told him to; McCabe, Strzok, Ohr, are people who fought and uncovered Russian spies and mafia. Russia wants them out, and has gotten two of them out, and will destroy Ohr’s ability to do his work. That is what Trump is doing. And as important as Kavanaugh is, and all the rest of his depredations, this is the story which should be on every front page.

  4. It is probably true that if Kavanaugh had issued some sententious apology, it would have put this to rest; but what a shame that is. He lied to the Judiciary Committee; he passed stolen Democratic information to his Republican friends. He is the ultimate exemplification of why the Supreme Court is ruined as an institution. He is not put there to weigh competing arguments, he is there to vote the exact Federalist Society way in every case. He is like a programmed bot. Take someone like Breyer,, who is on the “liberal side,” but who occasionally might disappoint us. I have no doubt that Breyer considers each case carefully. As did Souter and Powell and other centrist justices. If you imagined 100 different cases before the Court, you would know exactly how Kavanaugh would vote on all of them.

    The Republicans’ goal is to turn the Supreme Court into some version of the British Star Chamber, where the hearings were a sham, and the decision was whatever the king wanted. Russia has something like that, a fake court which rubber stamps Putin every time. With people like Kavanaugh on it, it should not even be called a Supreme Court. It is an installation wherein 35% of the country further imposes and mandates its will upon the other 65%. Polls show that about 70% of the populace wants Roe maintained as law; the Supreme Court will overturn it. A sizeable majority wants ACA; the Court will invalidate it. People want clean air and water; the Court will say that any restrictions on pollution are an unreasonable taking. and invalid. People are showing more support for unions; the Court will destroy unions.

    This is a 50-year program of the Radical Right to impose its will on the majority of Americans by putting in judges whose views are outside of an 80-year tradition of Constitutional theory, and are anti-people, pro-corporation, pro-evangelical. Wait until they validate required Christian prayers in public schools. Outside of Democrats adding ten or so Justices if they can possibly take control of both Houses and the Presidency, the only other option might be for states to simply ignore the Court’s decisions and see what happens. I shudder to think of the impact of Trump’s judges on all levels of our now broken court system. Republicans made this so obvious, when they blocked dozens of Obama appointees. It’s not just the court system which is broken, it is our entire political system, destroyed by a radical faction, while the decent side kept imagining that it was reasonable and could be capitulated to for the short term.

    • A radical faction of McDucks, and their hired brains and other henchmen, which seeks to impose a de facto plutocracy on this country, to the point that they are now willing to commit treason, becoming servants of Vladimir Putin, to keep their unrighteously gained wealth and power. 👿

      The asteroid of demographics can’t wipe out the dinosaur culture of the pitiful pale dupes who vote for them soon enough.

  5. The Republicans have two goals: to control every branch of government; and in in service of that,, to turn every issue into a political win for them. So right now they are deciding how best to “win” the Kavanaugh situation. They wanted him rammed through, but that is not happening. So they now may decide that if he sorrowfully withdraws from consideration, he and they can blame it all on the liberals, on the media, and try to galvanize angry right-wingers to vote more of themselves in. They’ll still get a far-right Justice confirmed, and they can play their favorite card, the one they used for 50 years after Roe was passed. They would consider that a win-win, and that is all they are about. Get the far right justice on the court to control the majority, while meanwhile blaming liberals for denigrating such a wonderful, honorable man as Kavanaugh. That would be my current prediction.

  6. Oh, put a sock in it, motherfucker!

  7. I find Judge Kavanaugh to be very credible. I can’t say the same for Ms. Ford because she has not testified publicly and been cross-examined.

    I find his reaction to the allegations to be consistent with that of a decent and honorable man who has been falsely accused.

    • Charlie Pierce, like only he can… Read this


      “Brett Kavanaugh Was Involved in 3 Different Crises of Democracy

      All of which he used to benefit himself.”

      • There were three crises in democracy immediately prior to the current one, and all of them benefitted Kavanaugh’s political mentors and helped him build his career: the Great Penis Hunt, the burglary of the 2000 election, and the Bush administration’s descent into the dark side. Brett Kavanaugh was involved in all three of them. That would be a no, then, on his nomination.

      • Kavanaugh pursued the Foster inquiry at Starr’s request, even though he and others in the office soon came to believe that Foster killed himself, according to two people who worked with him at the time. Ultimately, Kavanaugh’s report in October 1997 affirmed earlier findings of suicide.

        He was given an assignment and he did his job. Like I said before, “a decent and honorable man.”

  8. THIS IS ABOUT CHARACTER, not anything else. Kavanaugh has shown he is a liar, he is a racist (see his abortion decision for the poor immigrant detainee), he maybe a misogynist considering his hyper-sexual tendencies and perversion, and he is just an all around creep. The fact he comes from money and DC connections should not obscure any of it.

    • Hillary clearly explained that it is the WH that needs to request the FBI to investigate this. If the WH does not do it, you know whom to blame now and in November. VOTE THE ENABLERS OUT!

  9. Hillary on Maddow tonight!


    Don’t know what to feel right now, sad, angry, disgust,…

  11. Those last two lines are so odd. Why would you if you believe you are doing the right thing in your life would think “… as a boss, as a friend, and as a human being I was proud that I have never had such an allegation leveled against me..”

    Come on, you sit there and think, thank God, I have never been accused of these crimes,… it is ludicrous. It is a tell.

  12. I guess Brett Kavanaugh and Ms. Ford won’t get to meet face to face after all. Was it the very real possibility of going to prison for perjury, the fear of being exposed as a liar in front of the whole country, or was it just her conscience bothering her?

    I’m going to be generous and assume it was the latter. When she realized the real pain and injury she was causing Kavanaugh and his family she just couldn’t go thru with it. Maybe she had been watching the hearings and realized she was about to trash the life and career of a good and decent man with lies, rather than stopping the caricature the Democrats have falsely portrayed Kavanaugh to be.

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