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Break the Glass

Who is the bigger threat to democracy right now?

Donald Trump

The Republican Senate

The Resistance in the White House

This is a tough question. Let’s start with the Republican Senate that is trying to ram Brett Kavanaugh down our throats as quickly as possible. Witness this exchange between Kamala Harris (D-CA) and Judge Kavanaugh:

This guy is compromised already. And we aren’t even talking about his views on net neutrality, mergers, the consumer financial protection bureau, AR-15s and abortion. He’s even been the recipient of stolen files that were hacked off the Democrat’s congressional server back in 2005ish. (Says he didn’t know where they came from, he tells Patrick Leahy, one of the senators whose files were hacked and used against the Democrats. 🙄)

In any case that Kavanaugh is going to be asked to rule in matters of importance to the daily lives of the average voter, he is guaranteed to vote for the big, powerful and wealthy. He’s also pretty likely to vote to let the president do whatever the f*ck he wants. And he knows enough about the Mueller investigation through Trump’s lawyers that he really should recuse himself. Right now. I doubt that he will.

In every way possible, he is the very worst candidate for the Supreme Court at this time, especially with the Anonymous Op/Ed in the NYTimes revealing that there are unelected right wingers in charge at the White House, guarding us from the President’s worst instincts.

Take that in. The Muslim ban, child separation policy, the deaths of thousands of Puerto Ricans and months of darkness in the wake of a hurricane, all that happened when they were intervening. How much worse could it have been?

We are the world’s greatest superpower and we are on the verge of losing it as a nation to devolve into something like a Venezuela or worse. We have no idea what Trump’s worst instincts are. Let your imagination go wild. Why not round up the press, protestors, bloggers and internet giants and make sure we never hear a negative word from them again. I’ve heard that ICE is scanning the voter rolls in North Carolina. What are they looking for? You can’t register if you’re not a citizen. I’ve heard of bank accounts being frozen, US citizens having their passports revoked.

And here we have anonymous telling us how great the tax cuts and deregulation efforts are. Are they serious?? Take your wins and be content, guys. Don’t ruin the best country that ever was in order to install yourselves permanently. You can see how it is tearing us apart and will crush any unique American spirit we have if you let this insanity go on.

Just break the glass.

Do it now.

If you wait until after Kavanaugh is confirmed, no amount of op/Ed’s will ever be able to fix what you allowed to be broken.


The news is going to make it hard for me to relax.

I got a blast from the past this morning to remind me of vacation coming up in 48 hours.

99 Responses

  1. This was my exact reaction when I read the editorial.

    And here we have anonymous telling us how great the tax cuts and deregulation efforts are

    Why is this not being shouted from all the roof tops. This guy (assumption here) is not just Anonymous he is Treasonous.

  2. Wow ran over here to share that video and you beat me to it! Kamala schooled him and exposed him for the piece of garbage he is. This man is beyond dishonest and dangerous and we must stop him!

  3. What gets me is the republican senators laughing over protesters. You just can’t make this sh*t up folks. It’s like the 1960’s all over again… but now they just openly laugh at the disenfranchised.

  4. RD, I linked this on the previous thread. Harris has something more on this Mueller connection. Even Neal Katyal is saying there is something fishy here. And then there is nothing about his personal finances and huge debt from baseball tickets that magically disappeared that nobody is discussing.

  5. ‘Nothing new here’, that is the GOP mfer’s mantra. This is where the media and the general public has to step in to say enough (or ‘break the glass’). Corker says there is nothing new or surprising. Don’t let them get away with this. I say I am unimpressed but only to the extent that the guy/gal is not doing enough with the danger they perceive. But the GOP saying nothing new here is a way for them to pass the buck. let us not let them get away with it.

  6. yes! my thoughts exactly.

  7. Wow, Booker is falling on his sword for this. Bravo!

  8. The stench coming out of the Kavanaugh hearings on the Republican side have nothing to do with the dysfunction of trump, the person. This, they totally own it and are using trump as their puppet to get their agenda through. They are as dangerous as trump is at this moment for the country and her people.

  9. The Republican Party as a whole is the biggest danger to this country. They are desperate to hold on to their white male patriarcal power and paycheck. And they obviously have and will do what ever to stop the loss.

    • I doubt the GOP GAF about white guys and their paychecks.
      They’re interested in reaping the benefits of this country without any responsibility.

  10. I am enjoying reading the comments on Twitter following this clip. My favorite, “I’d hate to be one of Sen. Kamala’s kids and try to get away with anything” She is laser focused and she has the goods. Even for the corrupt, venal Republicans this is still almost unbelievable…that they would trot out such a poor, obviously compromised candidate for SCOTUS and expect no one would notice.

    • She does not have any kids. She married late too. Her mom is Indian and was a well known scientist and her dad I think was from Jamaica. They were divorced early on and she was raised by mostly her mom. Pretty groundbreaking for her mom (Tamil) to come here from India at that time, I think 60s? and establish herself with a solid career in science. ‘Kamala’ is an Indian name, means lotus. She has a sister, Maya Harris who was Hillary’s advisor during 2016 campaign.

    • Kamala is so so impressive

  11. I agree. The question is what can the Democrats do to stop Kavanaugh? It appears that every Republican will vote for him, no matter what. This is not a deliberative body, it is a rubber stamp for the Republican executive> Why it has become that, is worth several books; but books aren’t read by enough people. It is like we have become something out of the Middle Ages, where every hearing and trial is just a sham and a show, with the result, whatever the king wants, being completely predetermined.

    It seems very clear that Kavanaugh, whose face tells me that he is an immensely arrogant, partisan force of evil, had the effrontery to discuss the Mueller probe with Trump’s lawyers. That is because they are all in cahoots together, just like all the Republicans who conspired with Russia; stole money from taxpayers; lie about everything, including people’s taxes and health care. They seem to know that even when they are found out, nothing happens to them or their agenda. Stack the Supreme Court, and they have cemented their evil plans for the next 40 years. And nothing that Kavanaugh says or lies about is going to stop them from doing this.

    The person who wrote that op-ed on Trump stands for the idea that, well, Trump is erratic, but the general things he is doing are good. It read like an advertisement for right-wing policies, maybe that’s why the NYT ran it, as a mixed message. This entire group is soulless and so dangerous to our rights. The only thing I can think of the Democrats doing, is to take their allotted time to tell the nation over and over what Kavanaugh has done and is trying to do. Maybe that will cause such a tidal wave of reaction, that it will scare a couple of Republican senators. But I think that those Republicans would rather lose their seats, than turn away from their appointed end game, which is to confirm Kavanaugh. Just like they voted for the 20% popular tax cut, because their puppetmasters, the Kochs and Mercers, demanded it. If Democrats somehow take over the Presidency and both Houses by 2020, they should add four seats to the Supreme Court, fill them with liberals; and ignore the media’s horrified outcries.. Might as well do something heroic to save the democracy. If one side ignores and tramples all norms, your side trying to follow them, becomes futile and pathetic.

  12. RD, I liked “Beach Baby,” one of the few pop hits of the early ’70’s that I did like. A song in a similar vein which you might like, if you can find it, is “Every Summer’s Day,” by the L.A. group The Last, from about 1979 or so. Not wholly upbeat, but that’s what makes it so good.

  13. Remember when lizard McConnell told trump not to nominate Kavanaugh and that he was vulnerable because there were far too many documents out there. Now the Rs are hiding these docs from the American public and rushing his hearings through.

  14. I like everything you’ve said, and almost always do, but please don’t bring poor Venezuela into it. We Americans whose government has constantly intervened to stop popular movements in the Americas have no right to persecute, judge, or use as a comparison any of these countries.

  15. Grassley and Republicans made up this “committee confidential” designation, in a transparent attempt to hide the documents. According to the eminent Lawrence Tribe, this is not within any Senate rule, and Booker is simply exposing the facade> Republicans make up the rules, and virtually always get away with it.

    • Yes, it is made up and it is a farce. Bravo for Booker and everyone else, Hirono, Durbin for going along with exposing it.

  16. Him and Thomas…

    • Senate Majority Leader Mitchell would not let Democrats filibuster Thomas. A couple of years ago he was interviewed, I think by O’Donnell or Matthews, and Mitchell said how proud he was that he and Minority Leader Dole managed to give Thomas a fair hearing and vote. Had Democrats filibustered, it is likely that GW Bush would not have gotten a nominee, and Clinton would have gotten it. That was during an election year, too. Mitchell is a very decent man, but sanctimonious. And we see how much good that fairness has done the Democrats and the country. Republicans count on it.

    • Actually, pm317, we’re having a thorough test of karma as far as the “if it’s done to women[1], it doesn’t matter” rule of American law goes. Clarence Thomas was known, relatively soon after his confirmation, to have committed perjury and was therefore overwhelmingly likely to have been guilty *while chair of women’s only shot as employment fairness, the EEOC* of the discrimination Hill and other said he was.

      This article lays it out yet again, and also illustrates how little this mattered once exposed, because -shrug- only women, ya know. But it does establish precedent, if Kavanaugh gets confirmed and the folks who couldn’t have cared less what happened to 51% of citizens want to back -that- mistake out.

      * (like police enabled murder, crippling job discrimination, restaurants and other establishments based explicitly on sexism (e.g. Hooter’s vs. Sambo’s), deadly religious bigotry (all of them vs. the Mormons & Baptists retracting explicit racism, but not of course sexism), etc. etc. etc.)

      • Sorry, here’s the link:


        (also, duh, that should be “Hill and others”.)

      • Perjury is a crime only if Democrats do it. They impeach a president for lying about consensual sex. God, sick of this. All this can change only if the power structure changes which is by voting for Democrats. Even now, I had to turn the channel when fucker Morning Joe started saying trump looked good in polls against Hillary and he does not have her now in the picture. Some version of the same on CNN. Who made that lie about Hillary and propped trump all through the campaign for people to think that?

        • “Perjury for thee but not for me”. Absolutely, pm317.

          I’m so glad to see Feinstein & Booker do unto rThugs as they do unto others, protocol be damned.

  17. I was thinking about this about the op-ed that it is not even written well, that it is kind of juvenileish. But Rs are not known for deep intellect.

  18. Any native Alaskans reading this here?

    • No but I left messages at her offices anyway. Their decision will affect us all and they need to hear from everyone regardless of where you’re from

  19. Kavanaugh’s explanation for his memo about Roe v. Wade not necessarily being precedent, is that, well, the Supreme Court can always overturn a prior decision; so that he was just making a vague theoretical comment. If that is true, then does he believe that Brown v. Board of Education is not precedent, that it only remains law because five justices have not chosen to overturn it? I wish that someone would ask him about this. Unfortunately, it does not matter much what he says, because he is going to be confirmed, and he and the other four right-wing justices are going to directly overturn, or effectively disembody Roe v. Wade, which was the plan all along, and which is what Kavanaugh wants to do, along with overturning or eviscerating many other past Supreme Court decisions.

    And then next time some right-wing idiot intones, “We want judges who interpret the law, not make the law,” you might point out that these very far Right judges being appointed by Trump and approved by the Federalist Society, are the most radical judges imaginable. Their have novel interpretations of the Constitution, they arrogantly insist that they are right; and they intend to impose their weird interpretations on the American people. “Corporations have the same rights as people” was not making law?

  20. I vaguely remember regional language magazine having a page on sex-related questions and there was a section for same sex sex. I even remember the term for it reading it there in my native language. I didn’t particularly pay attention to it because I was a nerd and I knew it wasn’t for me (yet). This magazine was a regular magazine that ran news, fictional series, other articles and not some porn mag. My husband and I still talk about the liberal aspect of it. But gay/lesbian lifestyle was not openly accepted but hopefully it will be now.

  21. How can they vote for this guy? Lying under oath = perjury. (I hear the fuckers on the right screaming, Bill Clinton lied under oath, lied under oath).

  22. TWO minutes!

  23. Cory Booker should lobby Tim Scott for a no vote on Kavanaugh.

  24. I hope senators not on SJC are watching Maddow. Paging Murkowski, Scott, and maybe that traitor to women, Collins.

  25. The Rs and this nominee are using his daughters and their friends. There is a picture from this afternoon. Creepy. Kind of handmaid’s tales. And there is this:

  26. Harris is coy about what information she has about Kavanaugh consulting with trump’s lawyer firm people. I think if it is substantial, the Dems may use it to make him recuse later. But it will be relevant to a perjury charge also because Harris extracted a firm No from him.

    • If Harris has concrete information about this, she should use it now, not be coy about it. Once Kavanaugh is confirmed, it is too late, and no one is going to impeach him three years from now. So my guess is that Harris may have heard something, but has no way to prove it, and is just trying to score a point or two. Kavanaugh couldn’t answer the question yesterday, but today firmly said he did not talk to anyone at that firm about Mueller, which means that someone told him that there were no records, no eyewitnesses, no proof. I doubt that we will hear any more about this. I didn’t watch too much of the hearings, but I feel more comfortable with Amy Klobuchar than I do with Harris. Franken would have been indispensable, which is why the Republicans got rid of him, with the Democrats’ compliance.

      • I disagree, William. Harris has proven to be an excellent lawyer and every good lawyer knows that you don’t show your entire hand when you are dealing with someone like kavanaugh. You first entrap the person in lies and then use the information when it can do the most damage and subsequently, make it impossible for Kavanaugh to recover. She’s fighting a republican majority who have and will continue to do everything to protect Kavanaugh and push his nomination through.

        I don’t believe she would have been so persistent in getting Kavanaugh to finally give a firm no to her question if she didn’t have something of substance she could use against him at a more strategic time. She doesn’t seem to be the bluffing type.

        However, corey booker, definitely is a bluffer! Talk about a showboat! acting like he was falling on his sword for the greater good (good clip to use for his campaign for president) when the emails had already been released. What up with that? Harris comported herself like a Senator should. Booker, not so much. The last thing we need is another male politician who is self-aggrandizing to the max.

        • He has a best buddy in that law firm, McNally? But he pretended he heard the law firm name for the very first time when Harris asked him. Fucker!

        • I like them both.

          • Among all the other concerns about the fate of this country that have me waking up in the middle of the night on occasion, I know that I have to inure myself to the fact that the Democratic candidate in 2020 is going to be someone I like a good deal less than Hillary. Many seem to be plumping for Harris, and I am not sure why, other than her personal story. She’s been in the Senate for a few years, like Obama. Now, of course any Democrat, virtually any sentient being, would be better than Trump. But of course our candidate has to win, or it’s a six-month exercise in gratification, followed by defeat, and “the hideous dropping of the veil,” as Poe once put it. Could Harris actually win a national election, where we have to win states like Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin?

            I will say one thing for Harris: she probably would be more likely than most to break protocol and norms, which will be necessary; as we desperately need a Democratic president and Congress to add seats to the Supreme Court, even if many will say that this will destroy the institution of the Court. The Republicans have already destroyed it; it is purely intended as a rubber stamp for a unitary executive who is Republican. Bush v. Gore destroyed it. Blocking Garland destroyed it. Pushing Kavanaugh through while hiding his documents, is the finishing stroke. Might as well make it completely political, add six seats, fill them with liberals, and get a bunch of good decisions before Republicans ever take over again. Or alternatively, just sit through 40 years of horrific decisions which take away the rights of every non-billionaire or corporation, and say, “Darn, we must be patient.” Obama had the chance to save the Court, but demurred.

          • You can count me in as pulling for Harris 2020. She is effective and whip smart… doesn’t miss a beat! Doesn’t get intimidated in a room full of racist, lying fogeys.

        • Why are we beating on Booker? He is standing up against these psychos and is one of the loudest & boldest voices we have. We need to be criticizing republicans and democrats who are too afraid to call them out on their sh*t

          • Seagirl,

            Not beating on Booker, just pointing out his making a big deal about releasing confidential emails and was willing to lose his job to do it was much ado about nothing. These emails he was talking about had already been cleared for release several hours before the hearing. That makes him look foolish and self-serving. That is not an effective way to deal with the republicans. That’s probably why we haven’t heard a word from Booker regarding his “Spartacus” moment.\ today. I like Booker, But he could have handled this moment with a lot more finesse and foresight.. It appears that Harris has a better understanding in what we are dealing with and how best to effectively undermine the republicans’ efforts to ram Kavanaugh through the process.

            In the military, when you have a much more powerful enemy, the element of surprise is your best strategy to overcome them. I don’t know if you saw the movie “Troy” but in a scene at the beginning of the film, the goliath sized soldier who was going to fight Brad Pitts’ character, Achilles”. was acting all macho and alpha male in anticipation of destroying Achilles. His side was so certain that Achilles was toast, but when he finally shows up for the confrontation, Achilles runs right at the goliath guy and kills him with one strategic stab in the shoulder and killed him without breaking a sweat. We need an Achilles on our team against these amoral, corrupt republicans..

            Now is not the time to play tough, now is the time be smart in how you use your toughness and when. Harris did. Booker did not..

      • Franken has been sorely missed the last three days.

        • Franken seemed like the one person who could methodically go through a line of questioning which would trap the witness in major inconsistencies or lies. He’s not a lawyer, but he’s brilliant, and goes about it in a different way than the predictable lawyerly questioning we usually see. I realize that there is nothing much that can be done to stop this sham process from proceeding, but Franken was the best hope to trap Kavanaugh. He is the person who forced Sessions to recuse himself, when no one else could. But of course he perhaps put his arm around some women, so he can’t be in the Senate.

          • William, you know my guy for 2020 is Sherrod Brown (if he’s interested) with maybe Harris or Booker in the Veep slot.

  27. LIAR!

  28. “He’s also pretty likely to vote to let the president do whatever the f*ck he wants. ”

    Well, until the afternoon of January 21, 2021 at any rate. After that, he’ll miraculously discover separation of powers.

    • Don’t wait that long. The time is now. Oppose this regime and administration loudly! Call for impeachment… it’s time. We won’t have another free and fair election if we don’t turn this ship around right now!

  29. This bitch is Kavanaugh’s clerk! She strikes again (from yesterday).

    • Wtf!!! Is that doctored?

      • I don’t think it is doctored. She should be punished in some way for doing this at her boss’s SCOTUS hearings. What is wrong with her?

        • I think she should be arrested just as the protesters were. This is a disruption and a spit in the face to our country and political system. Shame to all republicans.

  30. At last night’s rally, the buffoon could not say ‘anonymous’ and after couple of tries he says, ‘an ominous’. That sounds about right.

  31. We found the anonymous op-ed writer!!

    • Oh this guy turned out to be a disappointment. He was on CNN and said he was Bernie supporter who believes primary was stolen.

  32. I’m not advocating violence but Kavanaugh has the most punchable face since Ted Cruz.

  33. He’s Smugly.

  34. It is the CORRUPTION, stupid!

  35. Obama giving a fine speech about the need to vote. He gives a great speech, very eloquent. However,, what does he think is going to happen when the Supreme Court strikes down any gun restriction, or environment protecting legislation? It would be much different if Garland had been put on the Court; if Obama had either just appointed him, or had at least gone to the country every day and demanded hearings on Garland.

    And then there is the issue that Obama seems to only be able to help himself get elected. He did not help Democrats in state races during 2010 or 2014; and I see no evidence that he helped Hillary in any state, though he tried. So I do not know that him going around the country this Fall is going to actually help us. A number of those states were voting against Obama in 2016, although he was not on the ballot.

  36. Harwood is one of the good guys. I want the rest of the media fuckers to come to this conclusion and fess up to their own mistakes.

  37. Hillary is due a massive amount of apologies from the media onwards. Maybe only then can the country begin to heal and reaffirm, as she would say, who we are.

    Okay, okay, wishful thinking.

  38. Kavanaugh perjured himself at least 5 times in the hearings in plain sight. (And he and his evil boss, tried to impeach Bill Clinton for lying about sex!) We can find at least 2 senators on the R side who find that objectionable? in addition to all the other objectionable stuff, of course.

    • One might think so in the abstract. But every bit of observable evidence shows us that Republicans only have end goals in mind. Among their goals are to get rid of abortion and maybe contraceptives, too; to make sure that business wins every time as against labor or consumers; to have no regulations on industry, but many regulations against personal freedom; to install prayers in schools; to make sure that anyone can buy as many assault weapons as they want. These are so important to Republicans, that they will put up with virtually any flaw or crime committed by one of them. People of fake religiosity are like that, as are mafia types and rich businessmen.

      Now, it is true that there are plenty of other radical Right judges whom they could put on the Court if they vote against Kavanaugh. But then they risk losing the Senate before they can get the next one confirmed, which to them is an unacceptable risk. Kavanaugh is not being installed on the Court to be a model of judicial dignity or even intelligence; just someone who will decide every case the way they want. Vote against Kavanaugh, and there is a chance they do not get the seat., which they will never dare to risk.

  39. LOL!!

  40. Watching Serena and Naomi Osaka (Japanese (M), American, Haitian (F)), US Open tennis final. A trump world would not see this happen! Keep America America!

    • wow, as much as I like Serena, I want this kid Naomi to won!! She is playing so well. Serena is fuming that the umpire gave her a coaching warning and the camera and commentators did show her coach gesturing her to go to net and whether she saw it or not, she did go to the net and won points. I am siding with the umpire on this. Whether she saw it or not, umpire needs to do this to stop the coach from doing stuff like that. What other course does the umpire have?

      • Don’t like the celebrity culture in America though.The crowd and Serena made it all about her. I felt bad for Naomi. But she played better and she deserved to win.

      • pm317,

        I thought Naomi deserved to win. She’s a great player. However, the real issue that needs to be brought into the discussion about “coaching” during a game is that it’s going on all the time with the men too and they never get called on it, especially during a grand slam. Nadal is a prime example.

        The umpires turn a blind eye when men slam their rackets into the ground; the men scream at the umpire if they feel they’ve gotten a bad call, nothing happens. men take their shirts off all the time during the game on the court and umpires say nothing. but God forbid that French tennis player took her shirt off because it was on backwards (and had a full covering sports bra underneat) and she gets a penalty for “un-sportsman like conduct”. WTF?

        Unless and until the men are called on these same offenses by umpires, Serena had every reason to be upset and point out the double standard. Any guy would if he were in the same situation and no one would criticize him for acting the same way Serena did. They’d applaude him for standing up for himself and be sympathetic.

        We should stand up to the double standard whenever and whereever it raises its ugly head. Had women been more persistent in calling it out with the same passion, persistence and consistency as the African Americans have done against racism, who knows, maybe women would have a level playing field whether it be in sports or politics or whatever we do in the game of life.

        Sorry Naomi had to deal with this, but I think even she felt bad that Serema was cheated out of a game and a point, which very well may have cost Serena the 2nd set, by a male umpire who certainlh looked like he was determined to put Serena in her place AND would never have reacted the same had this been the men’s final.

        • Sorry, everybody does it (and don’t get caught) is not a good argument for me. Umpires should call on male players also. This (first) warning was in fact not a reflection on her at all. The umpire is warning the coach and as the commentator rightly said the umpire is not even making a judgement that she received it and acted on it. She could have said, she didn’t see it and she didn’t or wouldn’t use it (like she did the first time but she progressively got angry). In fact, she should take it up with her coach. Why does he need to do that if she thinks it hurts her character and enrages her if/when an umpire rightly calls on it. She berated the umpire and if a male player does it, he should be held to account also. The whole crowd was behind her from the start and Naomi played well point for point and ultimately her moment was stolen from Serena because of her overreaction.

  41. Remember thw woman, Kavanaugh’s clerk sitting behind flashing white power symbol during the hearing. This is her husband who is a US attorney in TX and he defended her by saying they don’t even know what the symbol is. But here he is. These people are wretched.

    • This is the second time she did this on the last day of hearing.

    • pm317,

      It’s not about arguing “everybody does it” it’s about the double standard placed on women to follow the rules and men don’t have to. This male umpire was intent on putting her in her place for daring to stand up to what she believed to be was an unfair and uncalled for penalty.

      McEnroe, Connors and many other male players are notorious for smashing their racquets and arguing with the umpire, but they are not penalized. Don’t you wonder why that is? I’m not willing to give it a pass and put all of the onus on Serena for doing what any male player would have done in the same situation with the same stakes.

      It’s never going to change if women are not willing to stand up to it. Why do you think Hillary gets attacked all of the time for being a bitch and all other horrible expletives, while trump got a free ride throughout the campaign?

      If women don’t hold men accountable by speaking out when they are not, nothing is going to change.

      • Sorry, disagree. I am tired of bringing race and gender into everything. So she wants to be another McEnroe. Fine. Don’t assume all the rest of role model shit, then. This umpire has tried to enforce those rules on males also, I read. There is a power differential here. She is a mega star with the whole stadium behind her. He is just a puny little umpire trying to officiate the game. The first warning was legit. The coach admitted it. He coached her to go to net and she coincidentally (or not) went to net and nabbed couple of points. What is the umpire to do? She handled that first warning well at first but then started throwing temper tantrums as the games started going south for her. She is a mega star in addition to being a wealthy person and all that celebrity stuff. So swallow the first warning and show what you are made of. Make sure the umpire knows she didn’t receive it and tell everyone she will take it up with the coach because that is not how she rolls — she could have left it there. Instead, she went on to screw the umpire, as if saying ‘don’t you know who I am?’ and going after his job and questioning his integrity by calling him a ‘thief’ and he said fuck you! I don’t care what happened with the other males because that would require saying umpires should not do their job. She has everything going for her and more. She should be able to handle these situations better. Now I am sitting here thinking may be she threw that fit because things were not going well for her and maybe she wanted to intimidate the umpire and Naomi. But that didn’t work on either. Naomi should have been the talk of the town but this woman and the scapegoated umpire are instead. That is not cool.

      • Oh I also don’t want to generalize this to Hillary, women and other issues. This was very specific to what happened in that game and let us look at it from that perspective. Of course, Serena is making it out be something bigger because that will work for her but it is not. If she wants to be a McEnroe, fine start acting like that in every game and leave a trail. Let us what happens. Don’t misbehave in one game when legitimately called on it and then start arguing over double standard while also trying to make a case that you are a good role model.

  42. pm317,

    I don’t know if you are male or female, but you sound like a guy in your response. Your argument is totally one sided in that you are putting all of the onus on Serena, which is precisely what a guy would do. If you are a woman, then you are one of those women who continue to enable the double standard behavior, which is far worse.

    I’m not alone in my argument, Billie Jean King tweeted:

    Billie Jean King @BillieJeanKing

    (1/2) Several things went very wrong during the @usopen Women’s Finals today. Coaching on every point should be allowed in tennis. It isn’t, and as a result, a player was penalized for the actions of her coach. This should not happen.

    (2/2) When a woman is emotional, she’s “hysterical” and she’s penalized for it. When a man does the same, he’s “outspoken” & and there are no repercussions. Thank you, @serenawilliams, for calling out this double standard. More voices are needed to do the same.

    The Huffington Post wrote an article calling out the double standard:

    CBS did too: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/serena-williams-u-s-open-loss-may-be-the-grossest-example-of-sports-sexism-yet/:

    The CBS article also includes videos showing the extreme behavior on the court displayed by men, which clearly is far worse than Serena.

    The article says in part:

    “No matter how you think professional athletes should behave, Williams is right to be angry. Male players are often excused — celebrated, even — for putting their emotions on display in the heat of the moment. In fact, Ramos — the very same umpire who penalized Williams a game for calling him a “thief” and accusing him of lying — has tolerated similar, and arguably worse, outbursts from male players on numerous occasions.

    “At the 2016 French Open, Australian player Nick Kyrgios blew up at Ramos after he was given a warning for raising his voice at a ballboy. “That’s bulls**t. Are you kidding?” Kyrgios shouted at the official. “Bulls**t, f***ing bulls**t.” He was given neither a point penalty, nor a game penalty.

    “At the 2017 French Open, former world No. 1 Rafael Nadal threatened Ramos, “Give me the warnings you can, because you will not referee me anymore,” he said. Nadal referenced his comments in a post-match press conference. No penalties were given.

    “That same tournament, defending champion Novak Djokovic got into an impassioned argument with Ramos, approaching the chair to tell him, “You’re losing your mind.” The skirmish came after Djokovic was docked a first serve for taking too long in the fourth set. He glowered at Ramos, motioned with his racket while uttering something in Serbian, then approached the chair to call the official’s sanity into question.
    While Djokovic was issued a warning for unsportsmanlike conduct, he was never officially penalized and ultimately went on to stage a five-set comeback. Perhaps Ramos considered Djokovic and Nadal’s outbursts as somehow less offensive than that of Serena Williams. Perhaps there is some sort of subconscious bias at play. But these sort of double standards extend far beyond a single chair umpire. They have been rampant for decades.”

    The evidence is there for those who are willing to see and acknowledge it. Whether you bare male or female, you cannot continue to close your eyes and your mind to the DOUBLE STANDARD which exists and must be called out.

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