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Scenes from Bob Woodward’s book.

Trump meets with his advisors regarding military targets:

Trump discusses North Korea with his intelligence sources:

Trump understands the nature of a threat. (Bonus scene where Woodward analyzes the close affection and loyalty to Trump among his inner circle):

Somebody needs a nap.


Three more days til I hit the beach!!

20 Responses

  1. The book’s title is derived from a remark that then-candidate Trump made in an interview with Woodward and Post political reporter Robert Costa in 2016. Trump said, “Real power is, I don’t even want to use the word, ‘Fear.’ ”

    We understand this is what he is doing, fearmongering but his own utterance here should be the headline in every press/media outlet and every panelist must quote it and say how wrong it is for our country. This is also what Cambridge Analytica said was its strategy. Fear = blackmail; Fear = demonizing non-whites/minorities/muslims; Fear = …..This is not how a good leader governs a healthy country/democracy. They elected a mental midget with dangerous views.

    • I think what he really means is that the general public lives with constant anxiety. We are all fearful of what will happen to us from law enforcement, economic upheaval, invasions of our personal privacy, etc. it’s meant to terrify us into not stepping out of line or challenging. That’s real power. But it’s usually the way despotic dictators operate.
      It’s not normal for the USA and the majority of us didn’t sign up for it.

      • He used fear in his campaign (Muslims are dangerous, brown people are illegal, women are … blacks are …) and he has tried to use fear in the last two years of governing, ICE/deportations/family separation/… I bet he is using fear/blackmail on people like Graham and most of Rs where they are complicit with Russia or other. He wants people to fear him and then he can have his way because he is incompetent and can’t achieve it any other reasonable way.

        • He’s a bully. He was a bully when he was a child, and he hasn’t changed a bit since.

  2. This is exactly what NRA and Rs want. He is paying back his overlords.

    • His “harden” is a contemporary political statement and not even rooted in the constitution and such other “deep” principle. Even Scalia thought better of it.

      • This isn’t even a hint, it is in a large letters. Kavanaugh and the rest of the far Right Court will overturn every single gun control bill passed by any legislative body. The only Amendment which they hold as absolute, is the 2nd. It is nightmarish. The 2nd Amendment is the only one which has a preface; about a well-regulated militia. The Founders specifically wrote that preface to indicate what kind of right to bear arms was intended;; otherwise why say it? Any person with reasonable intelligence can discern that. But the NRA is so anxious to sell killing weapons to everyone, and has bought most of the legislatures, that now we are going to have a Supreme Court which will not put up one impediment to everyone having an assault weapon. The goal is to have the Court hear many cases as quickly as possible, and to make decisions which will be hard to overturn later. One of these many awful decisions will be that no restrictions on the right to have weapons is constitutional. Any person who says that assault weapons are used in self-defense is a stupid, brainwashed, evil fool, no matter where he went to law school. You saw how Kavanaugh ran away from Mr. Guttenberg like he was of a lower social order. He even got him thrown out of the hearing, just like he plans to do to the rest of the country that wants sensible gun control. “Harden the schools,” that is a NRA propaganda term which Trump is fond of using.

  3. wow!

  4. This shows newer voter turnout might always be against the incumbent of the same party or the other party. Should bode well for the Dems in Nov.

  5. It was occurring to me that in general, Democrats and Republicans are virtually different entities, like something out of a science fiction novel. Republicans, at least the activist ones, have spent most of their waking hours for the last 50 years, trying to find the flaws and holes in the political system, so that they can obtain and keep power. There are many Far Right organizations which hold regular meetings, plot and scheme. Of course there is the Federalist Society and the Heritage Foundation. There are no liberal counterpart to these, never have been. There are grass roots organizations where people might come to encourage each other and help get out the vote, but there is nothing like this immensely funded right-wing organizations which are meant to permeate the judiciary, to create a cadre of clones who hold radical ideas about he Constitution, and whose end goal is to completely rewrite it so as to ensure a permanent ruling class which holds all the levers of power at all levels, and a permanent subservient class which has no ability to influence anything, on any level.

    These forces on the radical right never sleep. Democrats are more inclined to want to live balanced lives. Many of them vote, but certainly not all. They would rather get some fresh air, read books, go to concerts. They favor independent thought, not groupthink or rigid orthodoxy. The ultimate result over the decades is that the single-minded Republicans find ways to game every aspect of the system, and to win, even when polls always show that their positions are supported by a distinct minority. People want gun control, but we will have none.. People want clean air and water, but we will not have them. People want abortion to stay legal, nope. People do not want massive tax cuts fro the wealthy, but there they are. Mere numbers will not change this, even if people vote more. Hillary got three million more votes. Obama won two elections, but was not allowed to have hearings on his Supreme court nomination. In sports terms, one might say that “the Republicans want it more.” Or that “they will do anything to win.” How this ever gets changed is a very sobering question, and unless some very intelligent and dedicated people are busy working on the answer, it will never happen. We had better figure out ways to add Supreme Court seats, and to control most of the state legislatures, or the far right will cement their power to an unassailable extent. And as I type this, their far right think tanks are plotting an even greater takeover, while our side debates ideology, and takes some small solace from primary victories in very Blue districts by minority candidates; which is admirable, but does not move the levers of power more than a tiny bit.

  6. haha… but there will always be complicit, perhaps blackmailed southern politicians. But voters beware.

  7. Why can’t an enterprising journalist get to the bottom of this? Once he is exposed, others will fall like dominoes and threat of blackmail is weakened.

  8. Sorry, not going to read this NYT piece. But judging by the title, it is the GOP trying to clean up before the midterms (after Woodward’s bombshell book) — “We just tolerate him and even prevent him from doing very bad things but he will help us do the (moderately) bad things we want him to do, so we will keep him around.”

    • * Voters did not want to vote for the sane, after she and everyone else who knew her warned the voters.
      * Media motherfuckers pretended to be oblivious.
      * People in power (Obama and Congress) didn’t want to nip this nightmare in the bud exercising their constitutional authority.
      * Electoral college the cowards tat they were, didn’t want to execute their constitutional authority.
      * now this anonymous motherfucker thinks he/she is a hero for saving us by leaking this bit in a fucking op-ed in NYT. Yeah, that will save our republic.

      COWARDS everywhere but one brave woman who warned us all (and who rightly thought that they won’t vote for him, will they? that can’t be)!

    • You should read it. Assuming it’s not a fake, it’s very unsettling. Yeah, these are right wingers, but they are sane right wingers. (Not an oxymoron, just that they know what they’re doing). But they are dealing with a completely out of control guy with his finger on the nuclear button and they seem really scared. Like 25th amendment scared. The question is, will they do the right thing right now during the Kavanaugh hearings or will they let him get confirmed because that’s what right wingers do?

      • Scared! So much courage lacking everywhere. Why? The least this person could do is to go to press/media outlets, the Democrats… (if not the Rs in Congress) there is so much that can be done, much more than this fucking op-ed.

    • He is echoing my sentiments.

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