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I laughed, I cried, I wanted to hurt someone.

The first thing I read this morning was the review of Bob Woodward’s book, Fear, in the Washington Post. Let’s hope he’s being cheeky with the title, I thought. But the picture he paints of the White House under Trump is horrifying so score one for Bob.

It’s not like we didn’t know. It’s just that I am even more disgusted by the media’s bad attitude in 2016. I’m not giving them a benefit of a doubt now. I think they actively wanted Clinton to lose. That would have reinvigorated their careers because they could count on Trump to be entertaining and outrageous. Maybe they didn’t count on him being quite so incompetent and dangerous though.

Trumpers might continue to cling to him. I won’t use the metaphor that instantly came to mind when thinking of clinging things. I don’t know what they expected of him in the first place that didn’t involve screwing a lot of people in the worst way imaginable. Were they going to be content with that? Hard to say. They should give up on any greater ambitions with Trump. He was born wealthy and he used that wealth and connections to make more wealth, with some bankruptcies on the way, which just goes to show that if you’re from the right socio economic group, you can get away with anything. Trumpers are not from that group.


I listened to a little bit of the hearings at lunch. The Republicans are going to ram Kavanaugh through. You can just tell. That’s the plan.

Lindsay Graham was reprehensible, chastising the Democrats for losing the election. Oh really, Lindsay? You know for sure we lost? Because I don’t know that with any certainty. Actually, the whole premise is despicable. The Democrats held the White House when Scalia died. Where was all that laudable civility when Merrick Garland couldn’t even get a meet and greet?


The document dump was typical of the Republicans disrespect for the other side. Then they made little speeches on civility. And that we shouldn’t expect Supreme Court justices to do our legislation. That was a meme. Several senators brought it up. It has that faint tang of “a pox on both our houses because the lot of us can’t write legislation”. It would have been really helpful if Democrats had brought that up but they were so busy being lofty that they failed to score any points. This is not all that hard, guys. When someone rolls out a new game plan in the middle of the first set, ditch the family stories and take it on before it catches fire.

I have no doubt that Kavanaugh will be every bit as bad as we suspect. It’s not about abortion. It’s about voting rights, workers rights, justice for all, accountability. It’s really too bad Lindsay had the last word because we could have talked about Citizens United, Union dues, Hobby Lobby, the gutting of the voting rights act. The Roberts court is not shy about taking on controversy and usually, their decisions go against the average guy.

Kavanaugh is going to carry out that tradition. That’s what he’s been groomed for. Kamala and Cory missed their opportunity to say what is really at stake. And this is why the Republicans were willing to lie, cheat and steal in 2016. They want to take us back to a time when life was brutal and short.

Why should they care more about a Trumpers’ difficult life when the Trumper doesn’t seem to care?

Then there was this: Fred Gutenberg, whose daughter, Jaime, was shot in the spine and died on Valentine’s Day in Parkland, Florida, tried to introduce himself to Kavanaugh. I’m guessing he was trying to put a human face on the abstract concept of guns being capable of killing people.

But Brett refused Gutenberg’s hand and just turned and walked away.

Maybe he was hungry. Or preoccupied. I suppose we must imagine all the things going through Brett’s head of executive hair.

But that picture of the 2nd amendment crusader for unlimited gun rights blowing off the father who lost his dancer daughter to a semi-automatic rifle speaks volumes more than Kavanaugh’s lengthy compendium of dumped documents ever will.

By the way, see that seated woman with long dark hair in the middle? Her name is Zina Bash. She used to work for Kavanaugh. She was on Trump’s transition team. And it appears she was giving the white power sign while she was sitting behind him.

It might be an accident or unintentional or maybe it’s photoshopped. But if it’s not, then than was pretty stupid. Or staged to provoke controversy. Who knows with this crew. They’re awful.


3 business days before vacation. Debating whether to go digital blackout. Just when we are either headed for disaster or denouement.

Sent to me early this morning to remind me it won’t be long now:

20 Responses

  1. Kavanaaugh’s cold response to Mr. Guttenberg exposes who Kavanaugh REALLY is. Any person being considered for the highest court in the country should never act this way towards an American citizen, especially one who had been through what Mr. Guttenberg had been.

    Senator Whitehouse’s opening remarks were right on target in describing who Kavanaugh really is: https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4746953/senator-whitehouses-opening-remarks-supreme-court-hearing

    • He stood there full face looking at the dad and listened to him, all he had to do was shake this man’s hand and say ‘sorry for your loss’. That is it. The fact that he lacked compassion and decency for that natural response or looked scared or disgusted or disdainful should be cause for a no vote.

    • If any Democrat dare vote to confirm this scum bag, I will actively campaign to make sure it’s their last term. I really hope they hold tight and don’t confirm this psycho!

  2. RD, that bitch and her signaling white power symbol was no accident. Watch this video:

    • And the fact is that she did it during DiFI’s gun control statement. BTW. her TX US Atty husband is tweeting defending her. What I want to know is what was his responsibility in putting babies in cages.

    • this bitch is back!

  3. This is so true. Rs get away with their agenda every time because of this.

    Why should they care more about a Trumpers’ difficult life when the Trumper doesn’t seem to care?

  4. Kamala and Cory missed their opportunity to say what is really at stake.

    RD, why would you say this? In fact, all Democrats fought and said things that ought to have shamed the Rs and even Kavanaugh to accept this nomination done this way.

    • I think they need to burn their prepared statements and go for the throat.
      If I were Democrats, I’d demand an apology from Lindsay Graham about the “win election” remark. Remind him of Merrick Garland and his legitimate nomination that was nullified. Then ask him if “winner takes all”? Does that mean the party that “won” can just blow off the rest of the country and ram through a man who doesn’t represent them to a life time appointment.
      Then point out that Zina Bash appears to have intentionally flashed the white power hand signal. Ask Kavanaugh to explain how he allows that kind of behavior from one of his employees or supporters. What does that say about his own judgment.
      There is no other choice. The sentimental schlock I heard today is to ineffective.

      • Then point out that Zina Bash appears to have intentionally flashed the white power hand signal. Ask Kavanaugh to explain how he allows that kind of behavior from one of his employees or supporters.

        Agree, but don’t know how they could have done it and yes. I would like one of them to ask this. But they will challenge if we can read her mind/intent and we come up empty. This is how they take advantage of us. I don’t know what the solution is other than to keep the sick Zina Bashs, Kavanaughs and Grahams away from getting the power in the first place.

      • I think the signal was absolutely intentional… scary times

  5. It is hard to know how we will ever get the democracy back, at least in terms of returning to a time where there were middle class programs, and protected rights for people who are not billionaires.

    The problem seems to be inherent in the system; the electoral college, and the congressional allocation which gives small states as many senators as large ones, so that there is not one person, one vote. This has allowed a bunch of small red states and their citizenry to control the government, as the cheating and power-above-all gamesmanship of the Republicans gives them victory after victory. The only example one needs is that Obama won the election; there was a vacancy on the Supreme Court during his term; and yet somehow the seat is filled by Trump, elected illegitimately; and the Republicans not only get the crucial swing seat, but they get to accuse the Democrats of obstruction, and lecture them that “if they want to get judges, they need to win elections.” I guess that 2012 did not count as an election,to them.

    So if their party will do anything to win; change the rules, flout all historical norms; while our party tries to do things in an honorable way, how does this come out well for us? Democrats are not going to win the next eight elections. If every time we win, we play it fair, while they try to block all of our judicial appointments; and when they win, they ram theirs through, won’t they ultimately end up with most of the judges at all levels? We are seeing that. So unless we find a way to so marginalize the Republicans that they never win anything, which is very unlikely, we will keep trading short terms, where they keep gaining more power in their terms than we do in ours. What is the formula for somehow altering this for the long term? Democrats must be as ruthless as Republicans, cheat the same way? We recoil at that, but what else is there? Yes, the media wanted Trump to win, because they found him more entertaining than Hillary, whom they had generally hated for being a woman, for being sincere, and smarter than they are. And the media always wants the Democrats to not go too far, not play like the Republicans; be the hard-trying losers who are outmaneuvered by the clever but charming bad boy Republicans. Until it finally comes to roost for the media, but by then, there will no one left to stand up for them. The Gorsuch-Kavanaugh Court will likely spell the end to the entire last century of progress–unless somehow the four moderates can stay there, and somehow one of the far-right Justices retires during a Democrat’s term. A longshot, but it’s about all we’ve got, outside of adding Court seats.

  6. And Kavanaugh turning away from Mr. Gutenberg, with a look of disgust on his face, and then actually trying to get him thrown out of the room, tells us so vividly what these people are. They are the Marquis St. Evremonde in Dickens’ “A Tale of Two Cities,” whose carriage runs over a poor child; he stops the carriage, tells the weeping father that his son should not have gotten into his way by running into the street, and tosses him a coin, before ordering the carriage to drive on. These are people without souls. Kavanaugh did everything he could to keep a 15-year old girl from being able to get a legal abortion, before the deadline to get it ran out, and she would be forced to have the child. He may love his children, but some very evil people have loved their offspring. He will make laws which take away health care rights, clean air and water, voting rights,abortion rights, by hiding behind a cloak of diffuse legal arguments which disguise the real contempt and disdain he has for others outside his Federalist Society cloister. He is the embodiment of what the Far Right has been plotting to do for the last 50 years.

  7. 38 fucking %,

    • I’m glad of that. But we know that if it were 10%, they’d still ram him through. This is not about the population, it is about their own agenda. 20% favored the tax cut for the wealthy. 71% want Roe v. Wade to stand. About 80% want stricter gun laws. This does not matter at all to Republicans,.Kavanaugh and Gorsuch are going to be the majority which rules that every single gun law passed by any state, or Congress, is unconstitutional; that is even a law which says that insane people cannot have more than fifty machine guns,; and that while they can take them to restaurants and baseball games, they cannot take them to a ballet, is unconstitutional. This thought is horrifying to me, and to most people. But the Republicans work for the NRA, not the people. And Gorsuch works for both. And Hillary could have prevented all of this, if only a few more people had felt it important enough to have voted for her.

      • The GOP and the NRA both work for Mommie Dearest Russia. 👿

        The McDucks, and their hired brains, spent years and godzillions of dollars [a “godzillion” is a number the size of Godzilla 😉 ] building an army of infinitely reprogrammable meatheads (h/t Driftglass), only to see a foreign despot hijack their Orc-hordes by running an asset of his who won the fervent loyalty of the Orcs by the simple, if amoral, expedient of just swapping the dog whistle for a bullhorn, on the r@c!$m which has been an indispensable pillar of the Rethuglican grand strategy since 1968, if not earlier.

        BTW, if the GOP had the Dems’ superdelegate system, much maligned by the Purity Ponies, I doubt Benedict Donald could have won their nomination.

        I wonder how many of the McDucks are smart enough to recognize that even they, the former Masters Of The Universe, are now just Putin’s b!tc#es?

        h/t Melissa of Shakesville:

  8. I don’t see/hear enough vocal outcry over what is going on. I think people are really afraid of Trump and his supporters. Please, speak up! Speak even if your voice shakes – it’s absolutely necessary for us to be 2x louder than they are right now. Start passing around information so the stranger next to you can hear it/know they’re not alone. Start praising women, maybe it’s an activist or your boss, talk about how powerful and smart SHE is… gotta start changing the narrative however we can.

  9. I care about those things you mentioned. But the thing keeping me up at night is Kavanaugh’s absolute refusal to answer questions about whether or not the POTUS is above the law, can be subpoenaed, etc.

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