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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on This part is interesting…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d hate to be this DOJ lawyer…
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Labor Day 2018: To the Barricades.

One of the reasons I’m so burned out lately is because 1.) I haven’t had a vacation in seven years and 2.) I work for a pretty good company that’s a bit stingy with time off, at least for people at my level. I get 15 days of vacation, which is roughly what I had in 1993. So, I’ve lost two weeks since my lab days. And I get no sick days, which is something I’ve always had throughout my career but I guess we don’t need those things anymore? IDK.

Clearly, something has gone awry.

The freedom to work to death is apparently something the right feels strongly about. But you gotta wonder how much better tourism would be and how much less stressful everyday life would be if we just had the time to enjoy it.

But Brett Kavanaugh hearings start this week and federal workers are looking forward to a year without a COLA increase. And health insurance is about to become more expensive for millions on Obamacare. Kavanaugh could be confirmed without Democrats’ assistance depending on who replaces McCain. Republican court appointees have never really been about abortion. They’ve been about something else altogether. And Labor is feeling it.

Get your canvassing shoes ready.


Thank you to those of you who responded to the Blogger Vacation Fund Appeal. Your contributions have made it possible to rent bikes and umbrellas for the week, buy the gas for the long ride and plenty of sunblock. The blogger will send you hand typed letters from her location so you can see how well your generous contributions have been working to make a difference in her life.

Vacation begins next Saturday. Destination: Outer Banks, North Carolina.

Four business days. Not that I’m counting or anything.


49 Responses

  1. Vacation begins next Saturday. Destination: Outer Banks, North Carolina.

    Have a great vacation! Don’t miss Ocracoke Island. The ferry is run by the State DOT. We took it one holiday weekend when almost everything else was closed and told the guy how happy I was they were running it and he said he was happy that he has a job because of us.

  2. They are all motherfuckers made of the same Republican mold. Bush was a smoother mfer than the current rogue one we have in the WH. Watch how both Bush and Trump are concealing Kavanaugh’s papers.

    • As RD says Roe may not be the main target for Rs here; Roe will be spared (because it is toxic to touch it and even they know it) and they will use that as argument for ‘see, we are nice people too’ while they gut everything else.

      • Roe will be spared because it’s too useful as a fundraising tool. If they actually did anything about it, they wouldn’t be able to use it as a wedge issue anymore. They’ve had the votes to overturn it for years, but they’ve never even tried.

        Destroying the economic rights of workers is a *much* higher priority.

  3. Republican party that is now in trump’s corner is owned by Russia in more ways than one, small and big corruption and skullduggery. Will Mueller or FBI get to the bottom of all this to save the country? Rs who want no part of this are the never-trumpers. Where are the whistle blowers and journalists like Carryrou to expose these people?

  4. Why would they still support him? Because they are fools! In doing so, they are also preventing finding alternative means for workers to ear livelihoods from dead or dying industries.

  5. The Republicans have been going after Labor for decades, as soon as Reagan was elected. As soon as they could get a majority on the Supreme Court, decisions started coming down which were uniformly anti-Labor and pro-Big Business. They now are on the verge of a Court which will strike down any pro-worker legislation of a someday more liberal Congress, just like the Court struck down all of FDR’s pro-worker bills in the early ’30’s, saying that it violated “the freedom to contract,” which “freedom” was of course a myth.

    The goal is of course to get us back to the Gilded Age, where people were forced to work 80 hours a week under miserable conditions, lest they die of starvation. Maybe they are hoping to get back to the debtors’ prisons of Dickens’ times. Get rid of Medicare and Social Security, and they will have what they want, as millions will not be able to take care of themselves. This is the underside of the evil Republican agenda, the one which does not get nearly enough coverage, as it is subsumed below more hot button issues such as abortion.

    • I think they’ll go for a two-fer on SS and Medicare: they won’t get rid of it, they’ll *privatize* it. If you look at Trump’s top contributors, you’ll see that nearly all of them were investment firms of one sort or another (with the exception of, God help me, the WWE which was number 2 IIRC). This has been coming for a long time (and some Democrats will probably back it, too). The Crash of 2008 forced them to delay that effort, but the current artificial bubble in the stock indexes will be used to justify it as being “good for workers”. Just wait.

  6. They’re talking about Kavanaugh, and Pete Williams says that “because of a change in the rules,” the Republicans can get him through without any Democratic votes. That “change” was McConnell getting rid of the filibuster with regard to Supreme Court nominees. The way Williams said it, it sounded like the two parties agreed to change the rules.

    And a few will say that Reid got rid of the filibuster with regard to lower court nominees. But that was because the Republicans were blocking almost all of Obama’s nominees, and leaving the courts dangerously vacant. And had Reid not done that, they would have continued blocking them, and then immediately have gotten rid of the filibuster once they had gotten power. If there is one thing we have seen proven absolutely, it is that Republicans will use every means at their disposal to control the government; whether it is threatening to shut it down by not passing a budget, when their only power lies in the House; or refusing to hold hearings on a Supreme Court nominee made by a Democrat, when they control the Senate. They cheat, they do not have any intention of being fair or consistent. They demanded millions of documents on Kagan, but have held back and selectively chosen the documents on Kavanaugh. They are a complete menace to democracy, and this needs to be repeated daily by the Democrats.

    • Reid should have *let* them filibuster, the way LBJ did with the Dixiecrats back in1957 – only this time live and on C-Span. Bring in cots, lock the Senate in chambers, and let them babble on national TV until they couldn’t babble anymore. Then hold the vote. Repeat as necessary. If that paralyzes the Senate, it would be perfectly obvious who’s at fault.

      When he took the easy way out with a rules change, it should have been obvious that the precedent would come back to haunt the Democrats.

      As the old Jewish proverb goes, “If you give a pig a chair, soon he’ll be on the table.”

      • I don’t think that the Republicans needed Reid to get rid of the filibuster for lower court judges, to do it themselves, and make it for Supreme Court Justices, too. They were always going to do that. Who ever heard of not holding a hearing on a Court nominee? They do what they want. This just gives them cover, saying “Oh Reid did it.” Anything the Republicans can do, they do.

        I don’t know when the rule changed on filibusters, where you could just wave your hand, and you have filibustered.. Yes, the original filibuster method would ultimately have backfired, but the Republicans got the right to avoid looking stupid doing it. So they filibustered everything under Clinton and Obama. Clinton was elected by a strong EV majority; and the first thing he tried to do was pass a modest stimulus package, and Dole filibustered it. Republicans never cooperate unless they are absolutely forced to, by massive Democratic majorities. 80% of the people did not want their tax plan, but they passed it anyway. They are not for the majority, they are for themselves, a small cadre of wealthy loyalists who have found a way to get elected, and then shut everyone else out of decision making.

  7. RD, I feel a bit guilty about not having helped fund your vacation, because I do not have PayPal. But again, if you wanted to send me some sort of safe address for you, to my email at ####@###.###I would be able to chip in. In any case, I hope you have a very relaxing and salubrious time.

    • Awwww, you’re so thoughtful. Thank you. But it’s not necessary. I’m going to edit your comment to conceal the address.

      • Made a late contribution to the vacay fund – I seem to have missed the fundraiser message (and the donations page still says it’s for the November 2011 OWS Day of Action, BTW).


  8. Baby trump among others, protesters carrying these days. I think this was en route to his golf course in Sterling VA. Yesterday we drove on Rt. 50 to go to Cape May via the Ferry and people had gathered on the bridges and it took me a minute to figure out that they were waiting for McCain’s motorcade driving to Annapolis.

  9. No, that is not it. They were ready for you when you (thinking you will be never caught) colluded with Pootie.

    • There is no such quote in the article itself.

  10. I hate sneakers and don’t wear them. But if you do, consider buying Nike.

    • I am not at all a fan of Kaepernick. During the election, he said that Hillary Clinton should be in jail. I believe that he also said that he never voted,. I don’t care much if he votes or not, but his comment about Hillary betokens his complete ignorance, which is bad enough, but he compounds it by talking about the subject he is ignorant about. He fancies himself some brave hero, but when he could have made a difference, by urging his supporters to vote for Hillary and against the fascist, he instead gave them countenance not to vote, and to regard Hillary as a criminal.

      • What! yeah, fuck him! I don’t promote people who are not respectful of Hillary and Bill Clinton. This is what he said…looks like he fell for the Russian propaganda.

        “To me, it was embarrassing to watch that these are our two candidates,” Kaepernick said, via Yamiche Alcindor of the New York Times. “Both are proven liars, and it almost seems like they’re trying to debate who’s less racist. And at this point, talking with one of my friends, it was, you have to pick the lesser of two evils, but in the end, it’s still evil.” and

        “You have Hillary, who’s called black teens or black kids ‘superpredators.’ You have Donald Trump, who’s openly racist,” Kaepernick said, per Richardson. “We have a presidential candidate who has deleted emails and done things illegally. … That doesn’t make sense to me because if that was any other person, you’d be in prison. So what is this country really standing for?”

        • I should say, Russian AND MEDIA propaganda (about Hillary). Not an effective protest leader if he can’t figure out the truth.

  11. Who is the bitch on camera sitting behind Kavanaugh with a smirk on her face? Is she so happy that she is selling her soul for the country that she wants everyone to see it?

  12. Grassley should be put out to pasture.

  13. He is talking about the bulk of his supporters: “dumb southerner”, “mentally retarded” because of the way they speak with that accent?

    • If I were Sessions I would pull a John Dean and fess up to Mueller and put this SOB out to pasture (but there is no grass in prison).

      • Many are thinking what I am thinking. There is no country before party for these mfers.

    • I hope this gets out into the mainstream, though the Southerners who would be offended by knowing what Trump really thinks of them, will not read the papers or follow anything but Fox news. And then we’ve got the hearings which are essentially a sham, because all the Republicans have already agreed to vote for Kavanaugh, and that makes 51. They’d vote for him if he admitted that his goal will be to destroy every vestige of the New Deal, plus abortion rights. This used to be a somewhat deliberative body, but not know, it is a rubber stamp for a Far Right agenda supported by about 35% of the populace.

  14. Durbin was good. He made an impassioned plea to do the right thing TO Kavannaugh. To ask to release the documents and have a hearing befitting the office aspires for.

  15. Why is WAPO releasing Woodward book excerpts now? during Kavanaugh hearing? to force multiply? I hope that is the effect, intended or not.

  16. JOn Kyl to take McCain’s seat.

  17. Oh, POTUS is a moron strategy. Welcome to the leader of the first world, people!

  18. I suppose he is made of the same ugly cloth that all trumpers are made of. He could not shake hands with a dad who had lost his child to gun violence. Just this one incident shows he lacks the character to sit on the highest court of this country.

  19. This Kavanaugh guy looks scared, out of place, without depth, without gravitas… I am unimpressed!

  20. So Condi Rice (another traitor to her heritage during Bush (and trump) regime) replaced the other nameless brown woman. Well done, Bush people, protecting this fucker and putting him on the SCOTUS. Country be damned!

    • Now trump looks like a genius for nominating this weasel whom the Bush people have to protect and defend. They are all mfers.

  21. I watched very little of this depressing spectacle, but I did see Lindsay Graham tell the Democrats in the Senate, “If you want to appoint judges, you have to win elections.” I had thought that the Democrats won the election of 2012, and thus would have had the mandate to have filled the Scalia seat, but the Republican Majority Leader would not allow Garland even a hearing. And the smug smirk on Graham’s face as he said this, shows us the face of Republicans, people who are playing a rigged poker game, changing the rules as the game goes along, so that they are always guaranteed to sweep up the chips.

    Democrats won the popular vote in 2000, and almost certainly the electoral vote, if the votes had been counted; but a Supreme Court filled with Republican appointees made up a one of a kind rule to prevent the recount. And then we were told, that “elections have consequences.” We won the popular vote by several million in 2012, but the consequences were that a hearing was blocked on Garland. In 2016, we won the popular vote by three million; there is clear evidence of major Russian interference, with which the Republican nominee conspired. The President is an unindicted co-conspirator in a Special Counsel probe. And yet he gets to pick two Supreme Court Justices. There should be a big sign hanging in the Senate, saying “First rule of this Chamber: Anything that Republicans do is valid, nothing Democrats do is valid, even if they are the same exact thing. Rules are always subject to change by the Republicans at their wish. We can debate here for show, but Republicans are always going to get their way at the end. Thank you for participating.”

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