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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on White lady says Happy Jun…
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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on White lady says Happy Jun…
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The Canadians are watching

Why does the GOP want Kavanaugh so badly? And what will they be willing to do to force him on us?

Saturday Night

Everybody likes beer, so says Brett Kavanaugh. Get comfortable, grab a beer, put on some AC/DC …

Mother of All Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings

The Anita Hill- Clarence Thomas hearings were noteworthy for introducing us to pubic hairs on coke cans and letting us know just how deep the bench of clueless, sexist male senators was on *both* sides of the aisle.

But yesterday, that was epic. And I don’t say that with any sense of satisfaction. I mean that Dr. Ford was steady by clearly unnerved. Brett Kavanaugh was completely unhinged.

It looked to me like he was personally coached by Donald Trump. Yep, if Donald Trump were ever nominated to the Supreme Court, this is exactly how he would behave. He’d cite his high school GPA, talk about team meetings at Timmy’s house, rage about how “disgraceful” all of this was, and get up into Amy Klobuchar’s grill about HER drinking habits.

I can’t imagine a candidate ever doing this at a job interview and getting hired. It boggles my imagination.

You know, I get it that he’s upset that his reputation is now in question. It must be very difficult for his family. But he didn’t have to go this route and have all of his past misdeeds laid out for all the world to see. All he had to do is ask the president to reopen his FBI background check and let the professionals investigate and take statements. Then, if there was something he didn’t want to get out, he could have withdrawn quietly with some kind of statement like, “I would like to spare my family the trouble and stress of a protracted hearing and confirmation process. I have informed the president that I am withdrawing my name from consideration.”

Instead, he doubled down, went into a partisan rant and disgraced himself better than any Democrat on the committee could have done.

But I don’t think he was ambushed at all. In fact, I think the Republicans knew all along that Brett had allegations of sexual misconduct. That’s why the statement from 65 female high school contemporaries of Kavanaugh coming out the very first day looked so weird. And all that BS about coaching the girls’ basketball team was intended to be his buffer from the very start. If you bring up his past, you risk making him look like a sexual predator of all these girls. Do you really want to go there, Senator Booker?? Really??

He was problematic from the beginning. Sooner or later the truth will come out. Nicole Wallace said the other day that she’s known the Kavanaughs for 20 years and they are pillars of the community. But I suspect that the people who met with him during the 90s know a much different Brett Kavanaugh. You know, the political operative who met with the elves and planned how they were going to take down Bill Clinton. That guy, I’ll bet he was quite a different person at work or in the bars and restaurants where the Starr investigation met to go over strategy.

We saw that part of him yesterday.

I don’t want him on the bench specifically because of the way he went on the attack yesterday. He has shown that he can’t be a fair or impartial judge on the court. And while I know that the idea of a non-partisan court is a fantasy, Brett Kavanaugh is going to be particularly notable because he will be the critical 5th vote. So every opinion he writes or joins is going to be filtered through the specter of what we witnessed yesterday. That right there is alarming.

Last year, Rebecca Traister said there would come a day when the #metoo movement faced a backlash and it would be horrific. After this confirmation process, I almost believe that it was the Democrats who were set up. Kavanaugh was specifically chosen to shut the movement down or at least stop it in its tracks. The Republicans picked a guy who they knew had issues that happened a long time ago and the Democrats took the bait.

The roots of misogyny run very deep in this country and the president appears to hate women with a passion. It’s a theme that runs through his supporters as well. They picked Trump, an ugly, ignorant, cowardly, temper tantrum throwing bully because they hated Hillary Clinton. And now the monsters of hatred of all sorts are allowed to run amuck and drag us all down with them.

There is a reason why the world is laughing at us but after yesterday, they must be looking at us not with pity and amusement but horror and shock. It could happen anywhere. The barriers between us and the rest of the world are going to go up.

We might be the country that faces sanctions in the near future. The only thing we can do at this point is vote. But I predict that this November, it will be women who get challenged at the polls. Women change their names throughout their lives and poll watchers are going to be looking for any opportunity to get rid of any threat to their minority party dominance.

And Brett Kavanaugh is their guy.

Before we get into what happened yesterday…

Let’s have a few moments to unwind. This is the Paris Opera Ballet’s rendition of The Concert, choreographed by Jerome Robbins.

It’s not what you think. The best part starts at about the 11:00 minute mark. Enjoy:

It just occurred to me…

… that the reason Brett Kavanaugh thinks he can claim that he didn’t lose his virginity in high school or for years after that is because he was counting on his “partners” to not realize what was happening to them. He’d have a reputation if he slept with someone close to home. But a beach babe not from his caste that he and his friends had a turn with? What are the chances that she’s going to want to challenge his version of how he lost his virginity?

Oh, yeah, that’s clever all right. Diabolical even.

And the guy most likely to be able to resolve any of this is holed up in Bethany Beach like a terrified chicken.

What happened to Julie…

It wasn’t rare. Maybe it’s still not.

When I was a student, I went to a few frat parties during the 80s. My friends warned me not to drink anything with grain alcohol in it because there were rumors that it was spiked. I didn’t.

I met a nice guy who was a member of a frat and went out with him for about a month. One night, he told me that he’d been part of a “train”. He was number 3… and number 14. I was disgusted. Oh, he said, she was completely willing.

Was she really drunk, I asked?

Of course, he said.

Then she couldn’t give consent, I said. It didn’t matter that she was a townie.

Also, we’re done. Sorry (not sorry).

So, my point is, we know these things happened to people. We know that the drinks were frequently spiked.

The question remains, can we show with some kind of certainty that Kavanaugh was involved? That would require a bona fide, good faith investigation and statements from witnesses under penalty of perjury. Julie Swetnick has given such a statement and has undergone background checks for her jobs in the intervening years.

What it all comes down to is this: one of these people went on to become a trusted governmental employee. The other is lying.

I know Brett Kavanaugh has lied before about other things, like using stolen emails and being a choir boy in high school when so many people who knew him remembered him as a frequently belligerent drunk.

Until Kavanaugh and the Republican lead judiciary committee agree to an investigation and hearing from witnesses, I’m inclined to believe Julie.

Regardless of his youth at the time these things happened, trying to rush this nomination through sends a dangerous message to all women and girls. It says, we excuse men who do this. We won’t hold them accountable. We will think of them as good and decent because they cleaned up their act (allegedly) and their accusers are trying to ruin their lives. The lives of the targets? Well, they are of no consequence.

Do Republicans really want to send that message to voters with daughters, sisters and wives?

We’ll see.


Apparently, they do…

And then they decided to hold a vote on Friday morning!


Pic du Jour

Diane Feinstein LBJ’s Lisa Murkowski

The $64000000 question

After Senate Republicans put up a sham hearing and determine to vote for Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court, at the behest of a president who wants to double down against women who have legitimate complaints of sexual harassment, leaving millions of American women with little recourse when accusing men of sexual misconduct (we aren’t going to believe you, we’re not concerned with how YOUR life has been ruined by coming forward and we’re going to vote any way we damn well please because you are of no concern to us), why would ANY woman of sound mind vote for a Republican ever again?

I only ask.


Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) was heard saying that he didn’t want the Republicans to look like a party of “creepy old men”.

Too late. That ship sailed when Trump was “elected”.

Today is National Voter Registration day.

Are you ready?

Check here for events:

National Voter Registration Day

If you are already registered, or you just want to make sure, go to I Will Vote.

Walk to work music

Portugal the Man:

Republicans #notallRepublicans are evil.

Now comes the accusations of Kavanaugh exposing himself to someone and another of him either orchestrating or participating in a “train”. I hope you haven’t been eating breakfast.

It remains to be seen if either accusation is true. I’ll believe it when Jane Meyer and Ronan Farrow write about it in the New Yorker or multiple witnesses can confirm. For what it’s worth, I know these things occurred in the 80s on campuses (not from personal experience but from someone who was at one) so it shouldn’t be that difficult to track down witnesses. That might be why Grassley was so determined to ram Kavanaugh through the confirmation process and not get the FBI involved.

Meanwhile, there have been multiple Republican Senators on the record pretty much mocking the Democrats about how they’re going to vote Kavanaugh in because they can. Senators like Lindsay Graham, Mitch McConnell, Dean Heller and Jeff Flake.

They have the votes. They can do it even if it turns out Kavanaugh is a well known sexual harasser and former train engineer. I’ll bet they’ve all known for quite some time what’s in Kavanaugh’s dossier. For all we know that’s the real reason Trump chose him. For sure they know he lied about using stolen Democratic documents. We know that he was a Clinton “elf” in the 90s and made a list of prying and humiliating questions for Clinton to answer about his sex life. Kavanaugh has always been a very conservative, Republican political operative who for years didn’t even try to hide his partisan bias. His decisions aren’t motivated by any principle but from Catholic Kavanaugh making himself an instrument of his party.

If I were a Senator, the thing that would have turned me off of Kavanaugh was that incident with him and Fred Gutenberg where Kavanaugh looked at him coldly and hautily and then turned away without shaking hands. It’s like a perfect tableau that sums up all you needed to know about the man. Here is a privileged man of influence, connections and power dismissing a citizen who has had his life turned upside-down by Republican policy. That’s what we can all expect from him if he gets on the US Supreme Court. He’ll literally be looking down on us and acting like our concerns are of no importance to him.

And before the accusations even came up, Republican Senators were only too happy to confirm him. They’ll all line up behind Mitch McConnell and do whatever they want to us because we were on the losing end of a hacked election.

We’re the witnesses. We know who they are now. We see their true natures. None of us should have felt any expectation that the ones who say they can’t stand Trump for principled reasons would have thought twice about taking their turn screwing us when the time comes.

It remains to be seen whether the new revelations will change that. But once you see the ugliness in someone it’s hard to unsee it.