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    • The Flynn Pardon Is The Right Thing To Do + Mishandling Russia
      So, Michael Flynn has been pardoned by Trump. His crime was lying to the FBI about talking to the Russians before Trump was inaugurated. Even a man like Trump can do the right thing occasionally, usually for the wrong reasons. It is entirely reasonable and routine for a President-elect’s advisors to talk to foreign governments. […]
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All hell breaks loose?

It’s 5 business days to vacation. Will I make it? Going 7 years without a vacation is like running a super iron man triathlon and dragging my sorry ass over the finish line.

In the meantime, Methodical Mueller is taking his time organizing all the felonies into one larger talking indictment, or whatever the hell they’re called. I have to admit that even I’m getting impatient. It seems like it’s taking too long. But when I compare it to the Whitewater investigation, I realize my impatience is due to the complete absence of leaks. All we see is the panic and tension in the hierarchy of players as Mueller’s investigation homes in on his target(s).

Anyone want to guess what that breach is between Trump and Sessions? I don’t think Lindsay Graham was necessarily throwing Sessions under the bus. Maybe he was just stating the obvious. Sessions isn’t protecting Trump and he wants a different AG. Sounds to me like Graham is saying that by the time Trump appoints someone more to his liking, the damage will be done. Maybe Sessions got a Senator to sign off on getting Trump’s tax returns. Or maybe Sessions told him about the discoveries of all Trump’s organized crime connections. That would explain why Trump is flipping out over Bruce Ohr. It’s not his wife’s connections to GPS Fusion. It’s that Ohr understands how the Russian Mafia works.

Whatever is actually going on, there’s a slight possibility that Mueller is going to make a revelation today. Slight because I don’t think he’s going to do anything before it’s time. In fact, I don’t think Trump is safe from this typical timeline. He’s not on the ballot. And Republicans who aren’t implicated in any of his crimes can safely denounce him when the truth comes out.

No, I don’t think there will be any big revelations today. If Mueller is the kind of prosecutor I think he is, he’s going to continue the investigation right through October and let Trump and his droogs twist in the wind waiting for the final report.

I wouldn’t put it past him to indict if it’s serious enough.

It’s probably that serious.

update: Amy Siskind made the observation that Trump hasn’t tweeted once today. Of course, this doesn’t mean he’s worried or anything. He might be off to some stupid Trump hotel for Labor Day weekend. Still, presidenting has never stopped him from tweeting so what’s going on?

Any news? Rumors? Idle speculation?


29 Responses

  1. Yay! Vacation…maybe he will get impeached before you come back. The latest poll numbers are bad maybe why he is talking about impeachment, “no impeachment, no impeachment…”

  2. Keep this in mind, you, old trump women as you read Russian or Republican nonsense on FB.

  3. It does seem to be taking forever but when you compare it to other investigations it’s not that long.

  4. Yes! Say it again, and again. Force the media to acknowledge the majority.

  5. I heard one Congress-Rat slip the other day and say it’s immigration that has forced the break. How can that be? Sessions is doing exactly what he is told to do by IQ45. Oh, wait one minute. 500 kids have been permanently orphaned by Trump/Sessions and that is going to be used often in the mid-terms. Guess who needs someone to be run over by his bus?

    • IQ45, lol I like that. I think you’re right and if he wants distance himself from family separation ugliness, he should fire that little weasel, Miller. But they are all doing exactly what they think their base wants.

  6. It’s another insult to everyone that we keep hearing this narrative about “Well, there should not be anything said or done 60 days before an election, that is the policy.” Except when it wasn’t, of course, and Comey wrote a misleading letter to right-wing Congressmen a week before the national election, the letter being directly about the national candidate. So it’s a rule when it’s for our side, no rule if for their side. And of course it is the evil Giuliani, the one who was publishing leaks from his buddies in SDNY FBI, right before the election, who pontificates about the “rule.” Reminds me of a joke my father told me once about this guy playing in a poker game for the first time; having a great hand, laying his cards down, only to be told by another player that he loses, because another player has something the game calls a “Special,” a nine of clubs and four of diamonds.’ The man is very unhappy, but keeps playing. Late in the game, he gets the nine of clubs and four of diamonds. He bets all his money, and when called, lays down his hand triumphantly. “Oh,’ the other player says, “didn’t you know that a ‘Special’ is only good once a night in this game?”

  7. As we know, Mueller only has one shot, and it’s got to include everything, and it has to be tied up into one encompassing narrative. Actually, the encompassing narrative is likely so large and horrifying that it may never be told. The new book, ‘House of Putin, House of Trump,” which I have not read yet, might capture much of the story, of a Russian Intelligence plot which began in the mid-’80’s, where Trump was identified, cultivated, and turned, not through ideological argument, but by putting him in thrall to the Russian oligarchs and mafia, through massive loans and money laundering. When Trump talked about running for president at least a decade ago, I thought it was quite strange, why would he think he could run? Of course he is a deluded narcissist, but it’s more than that; he was told that he would have help. I don’t know if Mueller will tell this story; probably not, though it does provide the overarching background.

    It’s pretty clear that the stories we are getting secondhand through leaks not from Mueller, or just connecting the dots, are not enough to get Trump impeached, even though they should be. They are subject to “alternative facts,” or rationalizations. Someone was smart enough to suggest some kind of deniability, even if not plausible. Trump didn’t attend the Trump Tower meeting; the call from his son on the day of the meeting was to a blocked number; there may never have been any conversation between Trump and Wikileaks. The real story is much deeper than those things the media keeps focusing on, about whether Trump broke election laws by paying off his mistresses, or whether Trump told Russia to hack the emails and disseminate them. Russian ran this, not Trump, who just went along.

    The story needs a novelist narrator like Le Carre, to set the stage and connect the threads, but we can’t get that in this report. Hopefully, Mueller has firsthand evidence of conversations and even documents, implicating Trump in this plot. And (this seems essential, but is likely unrealistic), the story of how Congressional Republicans were part of this; how the NRA was part of it, are so significant for the future of our country. In my opinion, the Republican Party has become a criminal organization which has conspired with a foreign power to control the election process. That story would probably destroy the careers of Ryan, McConnell, McCarthy, Nunes, and so many more–but will it be told? I don’t see how Mueller could put all that in; and of course he has not interviewed Congressional Republicans. This plot against America is far worse than Watergate, it is deep-seated, with many collaborators. And it continues. I wish Mueller had five years to put all of this together, but the Republicans won’t let him. Starr had five years to investigate trivialities.

  8. Changing my screen name from DejaVu to HerstoryRepeating. Link to interesting development.
    Robert Mueller got another cooperator – Vox

    • Yeah, his name is Bruce Ohr, the same guy trump is tweeting about and trying to push out. Ohr is a Russia organized crime expert.

  9. The dumbest thing a prosecutor can do is bring a case to trial prematurely (double jeopardy). Mueller is patient, meticulous, and very thorough – he’ll move if and when he’s sure he has enough evidence to convict. In the meantime, enjoy your vacation.

  10. Who is watching McCain’s funeral? Saw Bill and Hillary and Hillary looked good. Some guy (Brinkley) on CNN said Bill and the current WH squatter were the two left out and next thing we see on the screen BC chatting with Gore and Hillary talking to others. McCain should have asked Hillary to give eulogy.

    • The thing is maybe McCain and Bill weren’t close. It’s not like he told Bill and Hillary NOT to come to his funeral like he did Trump. McCain wanted Obama and Bush to speak and that’s fine. It’s his funeral.

      • That guy Brinkley went back to it again in another segment saying there was no funeral in the world where Bill was not asked to speak. Not sure why this guy making such a big deal of it. I don’t think BC minded any of it. Bush and Obama have more immediate connection to McCain and two presidents is fine and one more may have been one too many. But it was Brinkley making a big deal of nothing.

      • The only woman to give a eulogy was McCain’s daughter. Yes, it is his funeral, but they were all saying what a fair, great man he was throughout, Also he was lionized as a maverick throughout his life, which is why I was surprised he didn’t ask Hillary instead of Bush or Barack. Not only would that have been a huge “rebuke” to trump but to the entire republican party for the way they treated Hillary throughout the campaign. That would have been the penultimate action for a maverick to do after his death. Besides, Mccain and Hillary had been such good friends in the Senate and even after she became SOS. He never had a relationship like that with bush or obama. Moreover, I also do not understand why Mccain chose the lackluster Joe Lieberman to speak about him instead of Hillary. Again, an extraordinary woman takes a back seat to a mediocre man.

        Maybe mccain wasn’t the maverick everybody claimed him to be because he took the safer choice of choosing only men to speak for him at his funeral. Yes, that’s his right, but he could have done an extraordinary act of exquisite fair play for which he was known had he chosen Hillary instead of joe lieberman.

    • Bush and Obama were asked to speak because McCain ran against them. It wasn’t a slap against Bill. Besides, who cares? Bill Clinton “killed” at the far more interesting and entertaining funeral service on Friday.

  11. Gore and Hillary in the first row who should have been presidents (instead of Bush and Obama) and both of whom won the popular vote — Hillary won the popular vote in 2008 primary and again in 2016… It pains me to write this. McCain is not so subtle.

  12. Obama and maybe others today invoked the idea embedded in American culture — “all men are created equal” in their speeches.

    But this is what Orange toddler thinks of that:

  13. Hemingway must have known about Dynamic Programming, 😉 j/k…I always thought DP was a great metaphor for life.

  14. I just finished reading a story the NY Times posted a few hours ago concerning how the FBI tried to get Oleg Deripaska to become an informant. It also touches on the contacts between Christopher Steele and Bruce Ohr.

  15. Susan Glasser’s (love her!) excellent piece.

  16. Off topic: :mrgreen:

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