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    • The Flynn Pardon Is The Right Thing To Do + Mishandling Russia
      So, Michael Flynn has been pardoned by Trump. His crime was lying to the FBI about talking to the Russians before Trump was inaugurated. Even a man like Trump can do the right thing occasionally, usually for the wrong reasons. It is entirely reasonable and routine for a President-elect’s advisors to talk to foreign governments. […]
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  2. Watching Morning Joe in the bed before waking up. They were talking about trump’s tweet about Hillary’s email server being hacked by the Chinese (which emptywheel suspects he got from his friend pootie) and FBI refuting that. Mika, that bitch, tees it up for the two republicans on the panel as trump going back to emails as a ploy because it works and it works because Hillary was a weak candidate. A weak candidate who got more than 3+ mil popular vote. Fuck her and her ilk! She is not bright, at all. How did she get her job? I know, I know.

  3. Can you say voter suppression? This trump breed of Rs is more evil and malicious than ever before.

  4. This is crazy! What do you do with the President who tweeted this morning that the media are the “enemy of the people”?

  5. Media, always the muckraker! They do not have the best interests of the country.

    • I read that Hillary had Gillum on a list of possible VP choices. That would have been interesting. I think that the one mistake Hillary made in her campaign was picking Kaine, although I understood the reasons. And she would have won by 5 million votes had there not been the voter purging.

      Sanders could well cost the Democrats another election. I took a look at some comments to Jonathan Alter’s citing of O’Donnell’s comment. Some agreed, and despise Sanders; some complain that Hillary “was MIA” in this campaign. Of course she did not come in to support Gillum, there were two other strong Democrats in this race, and she was not going to pick sides. Sanders, always looking for publicity, popped in three weeks before the primary to see if he could get credit if Gillum won. He’s been doing that since 2016. I am not confident that Gillum will win; and if he is associated with Sanders, he surely will not win in Florida, where Hillary got about 65% of the primary vote against Sanders. It is a real shame, because though Gwen Graham may not have run a powerful primary campaign, I think she would have beaten the far-Right Republican in the general. We need Democratic governors, and it does not much matter exactly where they fit on the spectrum, as long as they are honorable and follow basic Democratic positions. A loss in the general in Florida will mean that a right-wing nut Republican will run that important state, and will of course suppress votes just the way that Jeb Bush and Rick Scott did, which leads to Republicans winning all those electoral votes. When it comes to running a state, a moderate Democrat will do every bit as well as a more leftish Democrat, since it is an executive position. Gillum is fine, but can he win? There are people out there who don’t seem to care much if we win, just want the excitement of feeling politically pure.

      • Gillum really is not a Bernie apostle despite the media pushing him as one. Gillum said that Bernie asked if he could come down to Florida and campaign for him. Gillum said sure. Gillum more or less has rolled Bernie under the bus saying he’s not a socialist, he was a Hillary Clinton delegate and a Hillary surrogate. This is typical Bernie though to come in and just have a rally and go home. Gillum apparently realizes that Bernie is political poison and probably won’t have anything else to do with him.

        • Bernie is a know it all. He truly believes he did everyone a favor by ‘conceding’ the race.

      • Kaine in that VP debate was infuriating. He had ample opportunity to expose Pence’s hate and bIgotry and extremist world views and he played it totally safe. I don’t think it would’ve made much a difference who was VP. Hillary fits a major archetype, like Obama, it didn’t really matter who the VP was they were voting for the top of the ticket…

        • I didn’t like Kaine. He got angry in that debate as Pence, the mfer he is, lied through his teeth all the while smiling.

  6. This has been my suspicion all along. His base is NOT large or significant. Media must stop talking about his base as some strong entity that will derail the Republican party. The R party is taking cover in inflating the base effect to hide their complicity.

      • My husband made the right comment yesterday when he said that we no longer can talk about southern states versus north when it comes to racism or backwardness, but it is mostly about cities/urban areas versus the boondocks. I was telling him about how a black elected official in Vermont was no longer running because of death threats and other harassment she was receiving (in Vermont!).

        • educated versus the uneducated, in the broadest reasonable interpretation of the term, not just college or this or other degree educated.

          • The link you have above shows that Trump’s base really is white evangelicals which are probably more prevalent in rural areas though i have to say I live in an exurban area where there are a lot of evangelical churches.

          • replying to Ga6thDem… yes and it really is around 30% if that, that is it. Imagine these so called Christians supporting a serial adulterer, thrice married who may even have children or abortions from/for his mistresses and who appears more and more a crime boss. Deplorable.

          • PM, none of this surprises me. I live around these people and they don’t really care about those issues for the most part. The abortion thing is about controlling women because they are extremely authoritarian. The reason Trump gets support from evangelicals is because of his authoritarianism and his racism. That is exactly what evangelical Christianity is all about. The rest of us Christians need to get a louder voice to shout these idiots down.

        • Actually, IIRC, the majority of Trump’s Chumps live in the suburbs and exurbs, not small towns and rural areas, although many of them do live in those areas.

          It’s more like the cities themselves, versus the suburbs and exurbs and everyone else.

  7. Today is the day to screw federal employees… because he can.

    • Says the guy that spent 100 million golfing.

    • The not even disguised goal is to give all the money to the very wealthy, and take it away from the middle class. And people, even media types like Chris Matthews, liked to believe that Trump was really a populist, despite the absurdity of this..The strength of America has long been the middle class. Reduce them to bare subsistence, and we will have an oligarchy in which no one else has any economic or political power. The existential question for the country is whether the middle class will wake up in time to throw all of the Republicans out, or whether they either do not understand, or prefer to vote on the social issues which Republicans always bring out, like players kneeling for the anthem, or Hollywood people speaking out. The difficult part is that most of the country’s economic power resides in urban areas, but the electoral college, the Senate, and the state gerrymandering, is in control. It may be that the only hope is for the people in cities to use whatever economic power they have left, to punish the economies of the rural areas.

      • Majority of federal workers don’t get paid well and to say he is saving any significant money doing this is a lie. It is all about punishing little people. Maybe he made it easier for Rs to lose VA. MD is already Democrats strong hold as is DC.

      • Or he is trying to purge good talent from the government further weakening institutions.

      • Today’s Republican party is a disgrace… I can’t think of any Republican that can be trusted to “Do the right thing for the USA”. Can you?

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