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      So, here we have it: On Hugh Hewitt’s show, McConnell says it’s “highly unlikely” he’d allow Biden to fill a Supreme Court vacancy in 2024 if he’s majority leader. He also doesn’t commit to allowing a vote on a nominee if a seat opened up in *2023*. “Well, we’d have to wait and see what happens.” This is the new normal. Republicans get all of their Supreme C […]
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John McCain (1936-2018)

John McCain has died. He was a complex human being who defied the odds by being defiant. A man who rebelled early and often.

I didn’t like most of his politics but he was the only Republican I had any respect for and would have felt comfortable with having him as president. He was brave and got wiser with age. I think he would have occupied the office with honor.

I am very sorry to see him go.

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  1. “”Death makes angels of us all and gives us wings where we had shoulders smooth as ravens’ claws.” — James Douglas Morrison

    May Senator McCain rest in peace in Raspberry Heaven.

    • I’d never heard that quote before. It definitely apply to McCain who was a temperamental raven when he was younger.

  2. Also, this: 😡

  3. Has trump said anything graceful and befitting his office about McCain yet? I saw that one lame tweet (which probably was not written by him).

  4. The clusterfuckery of our times at its most significant…a non-elected at least by the majority POTUS nominating a lifetime appointment pushed over the edge by a non-elected replacement…

    • Meh, Kavanaugh is a modern Rethug. He must have something evil in his past which could be used to remove him once we get power back.

      And with that, I must leave. Sayonara.

      • See you later.

      • I like that attitude! Bring it on and we will bring you down. Let us get that power back like yesterday. There are those baseball or some other tickets to start with.

    • Without McCain or his replacement, it’s still 50-49, assuming no Democratic (pseudo-Democratic?) defections. I expect the Republicans to unanimously support Kavanaugh.

  5. I do not regret voting for him in 2008.

    If Obama had even a portion of McCain’s strength to have accomplished more by sticking his neck out and if people felt their lives and finances had improved, we would not have an orange Cheeto in the Oval Office.

    I’m still a PUMA and still a Democrat-in Exile.

    • Yep, same here… Had he won I doubt we could be in any worse shape than we are today.

      • Ironically enough, we pretty much ended up with McCain’s healthcare proposal – only without the tax credits.

    • Don’t feel lonely, I’m actually proud I voted for him in 2008. He will be missed.

      After the dimocrats and Obama cheated the primary from our Hillary; McCain was a better candidate than “The Messiah”.

      Also, I agree with all you said.

      I’m still a Puma and a Hillary democrat.

    • Agreed. The only republican I’ve ever supported and there was definitely a reason for that. He was tolerant of different views and of different voters. He had honor. I have to admit I didn’t feel included when I supported him but it was a protest vote and I couldn’t endorse what I witnessed in the 08 primaries. I may have softened on Obama since but I was sick to my stomach at how Hillary was treated. Even Palin initially governed moderately until she became Cheeto cheerleader and tea party queen. I would never have supported a Ted Cruz type… I don’t regret it. McCain was a good man. He refused to go down the “Obama is a Muslim” route and refused to play dirty to win.

      • I don’t regret voting for him either. I disagreed pretty vehemently with a lot of his policy proposals, but at least I knew who he was and what he stood for – and I never doubted for a single minute that he had the best interests of the country at heart.

  6. I voted for Obama in 2008, but was far from enthused. Actually, since the economy had collapsed, it is likely that had McCain won, he would have lost to Hillary in 2012. He would not have run a scorched earth campaign against her. We might be in the middle of Hillary’s second term. Of course, that is just speculation. You never want to lose an election just in hopes of winning the next one. But we lost the Congress and most of the governorships in from 2009-2015, and here we are.

    Yes, Kavanaugh will now surely go through. The Republicans stole the Supreme Court seat, and pay no price, it’s not even brought up now. There are so many Republican governors that almost all vacancies are filled by them. Stupid people voted Republican almost reflexively in every state election, based on some red herring issue like illegal immigration or standing for the anthem; and now we and they will have most of our rights taken away by Kavanaugh and Gorsuch and the Bush appointeee. It is a tragedy.

    McCain was better than most of the Republicans, but that isn’t saying much now. He didn’t hate, and he cared about the country. He voted with the Republicans about 90% of the time at least, and of course supported Trump. He was a conservative Republican from Arizona. He was very brave as a prisoner of war. Amy Klobuchar said the other day that when there were various senatorial trips to foreign countries, he always helped mentor the other senators; and made sure that she got to speak after him, as he pointed out that she was ranking member on a committee. Those were gracious things. On the other side, he mocked Chelsea Clinton’s looks when she was 13 or so, and he vowed that Hillary would never get to appoint a Supreme Court Justice, that they would be blocked. He was never really the political maverick that the media desperately wanted to make him. But he was essentially a decent man who probably would have been a better president than GW Bush, though we might have fought the same Middle East wars. He was the media’s favorite political figure for 30 years or more, that is what the media wants Americans to elect every time, a conservative Republican with at least some ethics and decency. He was the person who was entrusted by Christopher Steele to take the dossier to the FBI, and that may have been his greatest gift to the country.

    • I should actually add that ironically, 2008 was really the only time that the media reallly wanted the Democrat to win, and that was because he was Obama, with his metaphorical significance.

      • And O was the one Wall St. supported with financial donations by almost 90% over the Republican. Curious.

  7. I notice that some Trumpster over on Instapundit opined that Trump is ‘10,000 times the man that John McCain was”. Really – I wonder how many seconds Cadet Bone Spurs would have lasted at the Hanoi Hilton.

    What a thuggish and ungracious lot they are!

    • One of the ungracious thugs showed up on the previous thread.

      The preferred term for them around here is “cr@wd@ds”. 😉

    • Also, you misspelled “Instacracker”. 😛

  8. Of course, RIP, but I remember McCain as the smug prick who told the “Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?” joke at a GOP fund raiser. Oh and thanks for bringing you know who to national prominence.

    • He was nobody’s saint, but still a far better man than Benedict Donald.

      • Absolutely. I admire him for a lot of reasons. But I hate hagiography and we’ll never hear another word about the long suffering wife he left to play around until he met rich, gorgeous Cindy, or the Keating Five, or how he drifted ever batshit rightward to keep his seat in Arizona. The answer to McCain’s joke about teenaged Chelsea’s supposed ugliness was “Janet Reno Is her father.” Ha. See, it’s a twofer: you call a kid ugly and you imply that her mother is a lesbian. Yes, I’m a crusty sob with a long, long memory.

        • I have a long memory as well; and my parents did; they had lists in their heads about people in politics or Hollywood who had done or said bad or insulting things in a political or social sense; and they never forgot, which I admired, and try to emulate.

          The only two children of Presidents whom I ever heard mocked for their looks, were Amy Carter (a bit) and Chelsea Clinton (often). And of course Chelsea’s parents are quite attractive, and it was likely that she would grow into it as well; but what fun it was for some people to get at the Clintons through their innocent daughter. Republicans have this sense of entitlement through being monied, they actually believe that they are superior people, when the truth is that they are basically devoid of knowledge about history, the social sciences, the arts, and anything else that might give them perspective or empathy, things which they scorn out of their own ignorance. I guess that the ultimate blame must fall upon the people who are so foolish, duped, or stupid, that they actually keep voting for them. If only the people who would actually benefit from Republican policies, voted for them, they would get about 2% of the vote. Decades ago, Gore Vidal mused about how remarkable it was that the aristocracy of wealth had been able to control the world for 400 years, and had always found a way to convince the rest of the populace that they should keep them in power.

  9. Since I brought up the Doors earlier, this is one of my favorite album tracks of theirs, from their second album. Strange Days. 8)

    • The phrase “Television Skies” might well baffle younger listeners, as it refers to the forest of TV antennas which once sprouted from the roofs of houses and other buildings. :mrgreen:

    • One of these days, I will learn how to link things. My favorite Doors song is “Summer’s Almost Gone.” It was actually a song that they played in concert early in their career, but I still liked to hear the lyrics and melody as evoking the end of the dreams of the ’60’s. I do think that “Strange Days” was their greatest album, with an unforgettable cover as well.

      • YouTube videos are easy to link.

        Go to the address bar near the top, right-click, choose “Copy” unless “Copy” is grayed out, in which case choose “Select All” and THEN choose “Copy”–then open a comment window here and right-click and choose “Paste”.

  10. Wow, what a picture! I revel in looking for odd compositions while taking pictures and I am not a photographer and this one is really good.

  11. I did not know this about McCain.

  12. He killed NAFTA… no, he didn’t and he couldn’t but he finally got his Mexican counterpart on the phone! You can see him gravel with Enrique here.

  13. It is quite interesting nobody in the media or elsewhere has connected trump’s hatred of McCain to McCain being the republican architect of Magnitsky act. Cardin was the Democrat for it.

  14. Can’t even get the simple things right. Malevolent incompetence, like in everything else they do, small and big, family separation for instance, where children have been tortured.

  15. I came across this item this morning and thought I would pass it along.


    The most interesting points, from a PUMA point of view, are in paragraphs 7, 24, 25 and 28. It’s a rather short piece and the paragraphs are short. It’s interesting because it expresses what we felt about Obama in 2008.

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