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I’m think today will be a very bad day for Devin Nunes, Donald Trump and Republicans in general.

Stay Tuned with Preet features Steve Schmidt, John McCain’s campaign advisor. Schmidt tells us why he left the Republican Party. He’s right on almost everything. I’ll let you guess where he was wrong. Great interview. Highly recommended, especially for Republicans who are waking up to wonder how the hell they got here and how they get back their souls.

And now a word from our sponsor, Plato:

And this we may truly affirm to be a great proof that a man is just, not willingly or because he thinks that justice is any good to him individually, but of necessity, for wherever any one thinks that he can safely be unjust, there he is unjust. For all men believe in their hearts that injustice is far more profitable to the individual than justice, and he who argues as I have been supposing, will say that they are right. If you could imagine any one obtaining this power of becoming invisible, and never doing any wrong or touching what was another’s, he would be thought by the lookers-on to be a most wretched idiot, although they would praise him to one another’s faces, and keep up appearances with one another from a fear that they too might suffer injustice. Enough of this. Now, if we are to form a real judgment of the life of the just and un- just, we must isolate them; there is no other way; and how is the isolation to be effected?

I answer: Let the unjust man be entirely unjust, and the just man entirely just; nothing is to be taken away from either of them, and both are to be perfectly furnished for the work of their respective lives. First, let the unjust be like other distinguished masters of craft; like the skilful pilot or physician, who knows intuitively his own powers and keeps within their limits, and who, if he fails at any point, is able to recover himself. So let the unjust make his unjust attempts in the right way, and lie hidden if he means to be great in his injustice (he who is found out is nobody): for the highest reach of injustice is: to be deemed just when you are not. Therefore I say that in the perfectly unjust man we must assume the most perfect injustice; there is to be no deduction, but we must allow him, while doing the most

unjust acts, to have acquired the greatest reputation for justice. If he have taken a false step he must be able to recover himself; he must be one who can speak with effect, if any of his deeds come to light, and who can force his way where force is required his courage and strength, and command of money and friends.

And at his side let us place the just man in his nobleness and simplicity, wishing, as Aeschylus says, to be and not to seem good. There must be no seeming, for if he seem to be just he will be honoured and rewarded, and then we shall not know whether he is just for the sake of justice or for the sake of honours and rewards; therefore, let him be clothed in justice only, and have no other covering; and he must be imagined in a state of life the opposite of the former. Let him be the best of men, and let him be thought the worst; then he will have been put to the proof; and we shall see whether he will be affected by the fear of infamy and its consequences. And let him continue thus to the hour of death; being just and seeming to be unjust.

When both have reached the uttermost extreme, the one of justice and the other of injustice, let judgment be given which of them is the happier of the two.

Or, as Jennifer Palmieri, Clinton’s campaign advisor said to Kellyanne Conway:

“If providing a platform for white supremacists makes me a brilliant tactician, I am more proud to have lost.I would rather lose than win the way you guys did.”

All in all, we are the happier people.


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21 Responses

  1. I agree that there is a satisfaction being on the right side, doing the right thing etc. in life.

  2. I don’t understand why there is no uprising to oust Nunes. I hate that reporters act like stenographers tweeting the ridiculous things that Gooliani says without context and without saying there is no such rule or he is lying. Don’t just repeat their fucking words. Giving context or saying what is fact to put the lies they want to spread in context does not make you biased. Be smart!

    • Case in point. Say there is no such rule, put it in context if you are going to tweet his lie.

  3. OMG… there are protests every night now going on.

    • It is as though all CROOKS are on the Republican side. Then they train their sons and daughters to carry on the torch (like Don Jr. Flynn Jr. and even Collins Jr.) It is like they know they can’t eke out an honest living with just who they are.

  4. I can’t believe Steve Schmidt left the Republican party, I remember thinking he seemed like the typical conservative chauvinist… my how times have changed

  5. Let me guess. Schmidt thinks that Hillary Clinton was a poor candidate who had too much baggage?

    • Basically. he said that she was the weakest candidate since Dukakis. I have seen increasing comments from talking heads about how the Republicans were so lucky to have run against Hillary. Schmidt, who at least is courageous in blasting Trump every day, said today that Republicans need to be restored to the party of Reagan and Bush. So we should not ever think that the “Never Trumpers” have anything in mind other than returning to the days when Republicans did not conspire with Russia, did not have a president who was insane; but simply could concentrate on their goals of getting rid of Social Security, Medicare, abortion rights, and the middle class. Watch John Kasich be elevated to a noble figure in this manner.

      Hillary won by three million votes. About two million Democratic votes were taken off the rolls by the Crosscheck scam. The VRA not being in place for the first time in fifty years, cost her more votes. The Russians made an all-out effort to plant fake stories all over the social media; stole her campaign’s emails, sent them to wikileaks and to Cambridge Analytics, to be targeted at specific voters. Nothing like this had every happened before; imagine if Obama had to face all of this. And still she did better in terms of percentage of popular vote, than Gore and Kerry. And the only reason Obama did better is that the economy collapsed right before the election, and then he ran as an incumbent.

      The narrative that Hillary ran a terrible campaign, and is to blame, is the one which pleases the Bernies, the Republicans, and the media. And Hillary cannot do anything to refute that, because she does not want to be the center of attention. If the Democrats try to run to the left of the liberal Hillary, whom they like to tar as a neoliberal, they will get a very unpleasant surprise, because left of Hillary does not win in America, outside of a few districts in NY, and a few states on the East and West Coasts.. Blaming Hillary is a satisfying game for some, but it is not only very unfair, but it is also a major self-indulgent misreading of the political landscape. In 1972, many wanted to think that 1968 proved that if only a very liberal person were nominated in 1972, we would surely take back the presidency. Instead, we lost four of the next five presidential elections, the only win being with the conservative Southerner Carter, who took over the party after the destruction of 1972. Does anyone think that the country is more liberal than it was in 1972? Ah, but it is all Hillary’s fault, they like to think.

      • Today I laugh at the Bernouts because even the media is picking up on the fact that they are losers. For too long the media has carried their water and encouraged their whiny victimization just like they do with the Republicans. They will never admit that Hillary wasn’t a bad candidate and that’s why they constantly downplay the Russian involvement in the election. When this all comes out, it’s not only the GOP that is going to get scorched. The Bernouts are all going to get blistered too.

        • Thread:

  6. Thanks, William, I figured that would be his spiel–not interested. As you know, Hillary was not only an historic pick for our Party, she was also the most qualified and prepared candidate in modern history.

    So we should not ever think that the “Never Trumpers” have anything in mind other than returning to the days when Republicans did not conspire with Russia, did not have a president who was insane; but simply could concentrate on their goals of getting rid of Social Security, Medicare, abortion rights, and the middle class. Watch John Kasich be elevated to a noble figure in this manner.

    Absolutely true, true of Schmidt and Nicole Wallace, too. Let’s stop being grateful for crumbs. Kasich? At the last moment he endorsed Danny O’Connor’s rival, Troy Balderson. Not only is Balderson a true Trumper, he’s dumb as shit. Pardon my “French, ” William, I know you’re a gentleman.

    • I agree all these male never trumpers were never going to vote for Hillary which shows their true colors. I think Nicole Wallace voted for Hillary (there is a MSNBC video somewhere where she says it).

      I found this article looking for that video:


    • I will never understand anyone saying she was a bad candidate… do they see who she ran against? That’s a bad candidate. It’s so sick and twisted to say a woman who worked hard her entire life for change was a “terrible candidate” what is WRONG with people?!

      • They are saying she was boring (to them). They want to be entertained. It is all a game. These people are not serious. They made a scandal out of her emails just because, since there was nothing else. They talked about his salacious stuff and racism with excitement that people forgot how unfit and deplorable he was.

        • Hell, I would probably find her political speeches boring, just like I find nearly all other speeches, by anyone, boring.

          That does not matter. I was voting for a president, not a favorite entertainer.

          It’s called being an adult. Wingnuts should try it sometime.

  7. Imagine when this happens in the near future with trump.

  8. There’s so much garbage content on that site, I can’t read the story. It just jams up my computer. What was the gist?

    • Yeah, Daily Beast and Raw Story are both bad about such crap. I might visit them both more often if not for that.

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