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    • Kicking them when they’re down
      When I was working on the mayoral campaign here, I was shocked to discover how many people were in jail for months and even years, simply because they couldn’t pay a $100 fine. That’s insane.
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    • Bernie Sanders vs. Elizabeth Warren
      Many supporters of Sanders or Warren have become rather vicious to each other. The claim from the Warren supporters is that their candidate is the candidate of ideas, having put out tons of policy proposals. (Sanders has 25 last time I looked, so he’s not shy on this.) She’s younger, and it’s important to some […]
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Walk to Work Music

Good Morning, oh best beloveds. It’s a warm, sticky cloudy day in the burgh. Lots to do today. But I’ll be listening to the Manafort trial if I can. I think we’re getting hints of why Donald Trump doesn’t want to release his tax returns.

Get the popcorn. With extra butter.

Father John Misty:


9 Responses

  1. Judge Ellis in the Manafort trial is making news for being nasty and intrusive.

  2. They (Republicans) are all crooks. Corruption with these mfers is breathtaking.

  3. Bernie is not much of an influencer let alone being a game changer. He should realize that and go off into the sunset instead of MEDDLING with the Democratic party.

  4. The only thing which really worries me about November is Mommie Dearest Russia.

    The Rethugs know they can’t keep the Congress unless Russia hacks the elections, so they are deliberately leaving our country wide open to such hacking.

    There’s a word for that–7 letters, starts with “T”… 😡

    • I remember vaguely reading somewhere that Hillary’s camp was worried about the buffoon’s voter fraud thing and not accepting election results, that they tried to get the highest popular vote margin which they did (and they perhaps thought that the electoral college was safe and they were right but for shenanigans we don’t know yet about considering such a slim margin in 3 states). That is what we have to do in every election in November — drown them with our votes that their cheating will not work.

      • And down the road, once we finally take our country back–the name “Russia” must go down in history next to the name “Carthage”.

        Russia delenda est.

  5. Re-posting from last thread:

  6. I would guess that there are literally billions of dollars being made by Trump and cronies due to insider trading. All those early morning tweets about companies in the morning, or the jobs reports, and the stocks immediately drop or rise, and the profits are made. This is a consortium of crooks and grifters who hit the jackpot when Trump got installed. This is making the Harding administration look like a model of probity. It is stunning to realize that 40% of the country still either does not understand this, or suddenly does not care that these denizens are robbing the country, and of course the pockets of average citizens. And the grifters love to preach about morality, while they are stealing. Yelling “drain the swamp!” while they are busily filling up their bags with money.

  7. Collins cannot be taken off the ballot, but I bet that the Floridians will vote for him, because the likely Republican governor will appoint someone else to replace him. Morality is not important to Republicans, unless used a a phony talking point.

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