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Reputations and Water Towers.

Whew! I needed a break, guys. The news is too much these days. I don’t even know where to start.

The Trump Experience is starting to resemble one of those novels where the climax involves a parent sacrificing the child for his or her own benefit or material gain. Oh, that book hasn’t been written yet? Are you sure? Was there anything in The Godfather or Sopranos that was like that? I read The Godfather decades ago and can’t remember much about it. Is Don Jr like Fredo or is he only half as smart? A semifreddo, if you will.

So, Trump is shocked to learn that Don Jr lied to him when he needed that letter to the FBI. He was colluding after all. This must come as a great disappointment to Trump. He raised him better than that. What am I saying?? No he didn’t. Trump looks like the worst parent on earth.

Anyway, Trump is freaking out now. I think he’s more afraid of Rick Gates’ testimony than anything else. Rick knows a lot. He was with the campaign right through the transition. I have no idea what it is that he knows but I won’t be surprised if there are a few testimonial bombs left to drop.

The Trumpers are the only ones left who can’t figure this out. The rest of us have watched this drip, drip, drip of information coming out. It’s a freaking lake now. There’s so much corruption. And it’s not like Trump has had anything to do with the economy. He hasn’t helped wages go up and the prices of everyday goods manufactured with tariff heavy materials are going to start having a real effect on people’s wallets pretty soon. There may be a lull for a few more months. But it’s going to bite eventually. There’s no question about that, especially with interest rates going up and the national debt ballooning since the big tax giveaway of 2018.

And the only way to hold Trump accountable is for a Republican Congress to take this seriously. Which they ain’t. So, assuming that the individual states can actually run legit elections this year, there’s a good chance Republicans are going to get creamed. Expect them to try to save their own skins after Labor Day.

Say what you want about Hillary but her level of corruption doesn’t come anywhere near this. I don’t really have much more to add than that. I’m riveted in the same way I was during the hot summer of Watergate. Something big is coming.

On another topic, I get why Brian Stetler and Jim Acosta and Maggie Haberman are upset to be tagged with “Enemy of the People”. The free press is not supposed to be our enemy. We need to protect it. It would be horrific if we started knocking off Journalists like the do in Russia and Turkey just because we don’t like what they say.

That being said, I am sick to death of carrying a paint bucket to the top of the water tower to defend the media’s honor. Forget for a moment that they still haven’t apologized for what they did to Hillary. They also gave us the Iraq War, told Al Gore to stop fighting for his duly elected presidential office and shoved Barack Obama down our throat in 2008. But it goes farther than that. I can’t remember any paper of record reporting on the collapse of the research industry on the Northeast corridor. No, instead, it parroted the line that what the country really needs is more STEM professionals at a time when PhDs in medicinal chemistry were taking jobs as adjunct professors and contracts with no benefits. It’s a big huge story but the media couldn’t be bothered. It ran stories about the unemployed complete with pictures that made us look past our sell-by date, brassy blonde hair, nodding off over our keyboards in the biggest pair of sweatpants we own. Those kinds of images stick with employers. The NY Times was especially vicious with this type of article.

So, yeah, the media hasn’t always been good or innocent. There are particularly egregious offenders, like Fox News, but for a few notable exceptions, their “talent” can’t be taken seriously. The rest of them did get taken seriously and the media let us down badly as it whored for ratings in 2016. It knows what it did and it’s been defensive ever since. But it’s culpable in helping rob the majority of us who did not vote for Trump of what could have been a responsible, forward thinking president who wasn’t going to make the rest of the world pissed at us or deprive even one child of his or her parents.

We’ll defend you but thanks for nothing. The least you can do is act contrite. I know, it’s too much to ask.

Thank god for the blogosphere.


It’s late summer. Listen to the cicadas, drink your wine on the back patio, hike your skirts and dance in the grass. The summer storm is coming:

36 Responses

  1. Hey!! Welcome back!

    We’ll defend you but thanks for nothing. The least you can do is act contrite. I know, it’s too much to ask.

    Rosie O on Ari Melber yesterday called out media’s culpability in hoisting this nightmare on us. My sense is that the people who book guests for these panels don’t book people who will hold media accountable. Tom Rogers on Mourning Joe was another who was calling out media’s behavior. But there are so very few.

  2. A 1999 60 Minutes Interview of the buffoon has surfaced where he says McCain is not a hero, same thing he said in the campaign. Were the media reporters so lazy, so incompetent that they could not unearth this piece of garbage during the campaign?

  3. wow… little Ricky knows where all the skeletons are.

  4. Numbers don’t lie.

  5. On Twitter yesterday, NYCSouthpaw demonstrated how this worked by noting that in his email asking Don Jr for a meeting Rob Goldstone had laid out “all the essential elements of the relevant criminal statute so clearly.” NYCSouthpaw highlighted the words, “This is obviously very high level and sensitive information but is part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr Trump,” which show that in accepting the meeting, Don Jr was accepting something of value from a foreigner.

    Remarkably, Goldstone liked that NYCSouthpaw’s tweet.


    • Related and throw in the video of the squatter calling for Russi’a help (“Russia, if you are listening…”):

      • Put 2 and 2 together. Junior and the rest thought they would get the emails AT the meeting (which is why they keep insisting nothing came of that meeting) but also note that they have said the Russian lawyer brought up adoptions (aka sanctions). So she dangled the carrot but wanted in return something — can you say, quid pro quo? I wonder if the Russians made these fools think it was Hillary’s emails instead of the DNC hacked emails. But didn’t Mueller’s indictment said that the Russians for the first time that night (TT meeting), tried to hack Hillary’s server(?).

    • Here is Southpaw’s tweet. There are some very smart people on twitter (just not among our media people on TV etc.)

  6. I vaguely remember reading some Asbestos connection to Russia (seriously). Dig it up, media fuckers!

  7. I was trying to find an old VHS tape, so I could tape a program (yes, I still do that), and I found one with a “500 Questions” show, that was a stimulating quiz show, short-lived. So I didn’t want to tape over that, and then next on the tape was a clip of Hillary speaking after winning a bunch of primaries in 2016. And there she is, talking in a sincere way about creating jobs, helping with college tuition. It was moving and depressing to see this again. I think that Hillary has always been a very decent person, always caring. I don’t think she ever did anything corrupt in her life. She was Senator from New York for eight years; and if you are in NY, they find out everything about you, whether you are Spitzer or D’Amato. And there wasn’t a whiff of a scandal regarding Hillary, and she was about 70% in favorables there. And she was a popular Secretary of State, as long as the Republicans were not worrying about her running for President again. But then of course the right-wing machine which has been dominating this country since the late ’60’s, got back into action, and they created this ludicrous demonization of Hillary, as evil, corrupt, some combination of the worst aspects of Medea and the Witch of the West. And it is all false, all a projection.

    This is why Bannon came up with the phrase “Crooked Hillary,” so that people would make the word association, as if you called someone “Ugly Sam,” or “Retarded Pete.” There are people today, even on the liberal side, who seem to think that Hillary is this terribly flawed person whose major attribute is that she was better than Trump. In my opinion, Hillary was the best potential President since FDR. So of course the Republicans had to do everything to make sure that she didn’t run the country. They accused her of murder back in ’93, for heaven’s sake. The fact that the media allowed this, would shake their heads and say, “Hillary has a trust issue ” (Andrea Mitchell’s catchphrase), was lazy and despicable. Hillary never lied about a policy position, or political action in her life. And yet the power of right-wing hate amplified by a compliant media, has caused her to have high unfavorables. The Right destroyed Stevenson, McGovern, Mondale, Dukakis, Gore, Kerry. They couldn’t destroy either Clinton, but they damaged them severely. They hated FDR, bankers danced in the streets when he died. They will do anything to “win,” which for them is making billions without interference. The only reason they didn’t destroy Obama, something which you have pointed out, is that they were somewhat afraid of the racism charge. I liked Hillary as a candidate more than any of the recent Democrats. The candidate we get in 2020 will not be nearly as capable, but we will have to support him or her, because it is our only chance to save the country. The prospect of Joe Biden going around lecturing everyone about how to behave, is not appealing, but we’re stuck with trying to find someone whom the media will let us have, such as Obama. The end result of such people is not too much of what we want, just better than the horror of the other side holding power.

    • I don’t think she ever did anything corrupt in her life.

      Now, THIS is how you do satire. I laughed so hard I need to change my underwear. Thanks for making my day.

      • And yet, she’s not under investigation for conspiracy, defrauding the government over an election with the help of a foreign power, violations of the emoluments clause, campaign finance violations, money laundering, bank fraud and obstruction of justice. All Hillary had was one piddling private email server. You can look and look and look and you will never find anything on her that would send her to jail. People have tried for over 25 years and they go nothin’.
        It took the Trump White House only a couple months before Flynn resigned and was indicted for making deals with the Russian ambassador.
        But it’s no use arguing with you. You will believe whatever convoluted thing you want to believe. The problem is us Non-Trumpers outnumber you. We always have. And now there are more of us. When we take back Congress, you’re going to feel as stupid as you sound and we’ll all be watching to make sure you don’t step out of line. We know you now.

        • And her private email server was more secure than the State or the DNC; they tried to hack and but didn’t succeed.

          Let us not forget that the two criminals, Manafort and Gates were running the show during the campaign until found out (well, Gates was not until later).

        • And then once we take back our country’s government, Fascist Russia will pay for its crimes, one way or another.

          Russia delenda est.

      • The Nazi propaganda master from Cambridge Analytica: It doesn’t matter if it is factual. it only matters if people believe it. Thanks for proving their point.

  8. I agree that the economy will ultimately fail badly under Trump. Siphoning all the money to the ultra-rich, and taking it from the shrinking middle class, cannot ever work, it is banana republic territory. The plan is to distract the lower orders with racial or cultural issues, while you condemn them to thankless, low-paying jobs. And wait until robotization takes greater effect, they won’t even have jobs. But they will have their hate, and they will be told to blame minorities and elites. Come to think of it, it is pretty much like the world of Orwelll’s “1984,” where the “two minutes of hate” was a daily ritual.

    The bankers and brokers are propping up the stock market, both to help their side, and because there are no more regulations on anything. The media keeps saying “booming economy,” but as you note, real wages are not going up at all. And wait until the gutting of the ACA by Republicans forces insurance prices way up; and when gas prices shoot up as well. Is that the idea behind Trump sanctioning Iran again; to create a great market for Russian oil? The major question now is whether the oligarchs here can prop up the economy past November. If the Republicans hold the House, Trump has no worries, no one can do anything to him; he will fire Mueller; he does not care if liberals march around and yell at him. Today’s special election in OH will be a tense affair. I still cannot get over Ohio turning so Red last election. How foolish can people be? By the time Trump and his cronies finish with them, they’ll think it was 1931.

    As to the conspiracy aspects, of course Trump and Russia have been conspiring, probably for years. They owned him financially, they saved him from financial collapse in the ‘2000’s. People who keep looking for some document which says “I hereby agree to conspire with your leaders; you will help me get elected, and I will take away all the sanctions, and help destroy Europe,” are being absurd. There is no such thing, there is just all the immense circumstantial evidence. How did all these Russian allies get into this campaign and administration? What are the odds that this was just coincidence? The existential question is, whether people have watched too many crime shows, and think that unless there is a tape, or a video, there is not enough evidence. This is the worst scandal in American history, right in front of our eyes, with a cast of players, and a wealth of connections. Another existential question is, are people now so brainwashed into thinking that winning is everything, that they now can say, “Well, what’s so bad about enlisting the help of another country to win an election?” What’s so bad about it, is: 1)The other country has its own goals, and they are probably inimical to the needs of the United States; 2) The other country expects a payback; 3) They can blackmail the President by threatening to reveal the conspiracy, thus making our leader a pawn of their leaders; 4) If all the candidates have conspiracy deals in place with various foreign countries, you have both a debacle, and the equivalent of 1912 Europe, which inevitably ended in World War I, as all the realpolitik treaty and alliance chips were ultimately called in. It would be helpful if the media pointed this out, rather than just reporting that “the Trump base feels that working with another country to stop Hillary from winning, was a worthwhile thing.”

  9. At the risk of blasphemy, i find myself beginning to despair of the masses’ being truly fit to govern themselves.

    • My mother and I used to agree in a lighthearted way, that maybe Plato’s idea of philosopher kings was the best system. Obviously, there are problems with that, not the least of which are the disenfranchisement of most, and the danger that the philosopher king might be flawed. That was also the problem with monarchies: sometimes you got a good and wise one, but then his heir was often incompetent. However, it does seem pretty clear now that the average person is woefully unsophisticated about history, politics, economics; and has no good idea of what the candidates’ positions will mean to their lives, or to the country. If people did understand that, the only votes Republicans would ever get would be from billionaires, would-be billionaires, and some people for whom racism is more important than their economic welfare.

      • Yeah, I was wrong above. We just need to find someone way to marginalize the Cavalier and Borderer cultures into political impotence (easier said than done, I know).

        • *sigh* “some way”.

          I hate TurdPress for not letting me edit my own mistakes. 😡

  10. Cuteness break.


  11. You folks need to pace yourselves. You’re not going to have anything left in the tank for Trump’s second term. Of course, things will be slower then because there won’t be much left for Trump to fix.

    • You are outnumbered. Your group is shrinking by the day. People are taking off their MAGA hats and trump bumper stickers. Even if they still slave for him, they don’t want to admit it. And that’s the nail in Trump’s coffin. He needs a rowdy mob propping him up. But if they’re too self conscious to identify with him, then it’s over.
      And you know it.
      There’s safety in numbers. All by yourself? It ain’t so much fun anymore.

    • Niles must be counting heavily on Putin to rig the elections again, though he may be accurate in doing so.

  12. Riverdaughter – What a pleasure to hear your response to MAGA Niles. Thank you.

  13. Oh but of course. Silly me.

  14. In trump era, some white youngish men are way too stupid. They should know better but they are way too stupid. Overheard at dinner, the older couple at the next table were talking about their younger (than them) immigrant doctors who were from India. They said they liked their doctor. The late 30s looking white male at the table is heard repeatedly saying that he would prefer American trained doctors. The older man said they go through internships. I know for a fact there are exams they have to pass to get good internships and then internships are rigorous. Also, medical admission and such are for the cream of the crop and expensive at least back home and are very competitive; if any rich guys/gals paid money to get that education there, they won’t survive the rigor of exams and internship here. That guy at the table was ignorant with prejudice.

  15. Interesting article. Indian origin doctor in North Carolina wants to provide MRI services for less money but he can’t because of a law that helps hospitals monopolize such services costing patients more.


  16. Ascended Madoka forgive me, but at this point, I would rejoice to see the fate of Carthage visited upon Russia.

    • For that matter, I am starting to wish the Cavalier and Borderer cultures would join the worshippers of Baal in oblivion.

    • Though Russia probably would not be so nasty without the centuries of the Mongol/Tatar yoke. Madoka-damned troublemaking horse nomads…

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