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Reputations and Water Towers.

Whew! I needed a break, guys. The news is too much these days. I don’t even know where to start.

The Trump Experience is starting to resemble one of those novels where the climax involves a parent sacrificing the child for his or her own benefit or material gain. Oh, that book hasn’t been written yet? Are you sure? Was there anything in The Godfather or Sopranos that was like that? I read The Godfather decades ago and can’t remember much about it. Is Don Jr like Fredo or is he only half as smart? A semifreddo, if you will.

So, Trump is shocked to learn that Don Jr lied to him when he needed that letter to the FBI. He was colluding after all. This must come as a great disappointment to Trump. He raised him better than that. What am I saying?? No he didn’t. Trump looks like the worst parent on earth.

Anyway, Trump is freaking out now. I think he’s more afraid of Rick Gates’ testimony than anything else. Rick knows a lot. He was with the campaign right through the transition. I have no idea what it is that he knows but I won’t be surprised if there are a few testimonial bombs left to drop.

The Trumpers are the only ones left who can’t figure this out. The rest of us have watched this drip, drip, drip of information coming out. It’s a freaking lake now. There’s so much corruption. And it’s not like Trump has had anything to do with the economy. He hasn’t helped wages go up and the prices of everyday goods manufactured with tariff heavy materials are going to start having a real effect on people’s wallets pretty soon. There may be a lull for a few more months. But it’s going to bite eventually. There’s no question about that, especially with interest rates going up and the national debt ballooning since the big tax giveaway of 2018.

And the only way to hold Trump accountable is for a Republican Congress to take this seriously. Which they ain’t. So, assuming that the individual states can actually run legit elections this year, there’s a good chance Republicans are going to get creamed. Expect them to try to save their own skins after Labor Day.

Say what you want about Hillary but her level of corruption doesn’t come anywhere near this. I don’t really have much more to add than that. I’m riveted in the same way I was during the hot summer of Watergate. Something big is coming.

On another topic, I get why Brian Stetler and Jim Acosta and Maggie Haberman are upset to be tagged with “Enemy of the People”. The free press is not supposed to be our enemy. We need to protect it. It would be horrific if we started knocking off Journalists like the do in Russia and Turkey just because we don’t like what they say.

That being said, I am sick to death of carrying a paint bucket to the top of the water tower to defend the media’s honor. Forget for a moment that they still haven’t apologized for what they did to Hillary. They also gave us the Iraq War, told Al Gore to stop fighting for his duly elected presidential office and shoved Barack Obama down our throat in 2008. But it goes farther than that. I can’t remember any paper of record reporting on the collapse of the research industry on the Northeast corridor. No, instead, it parroted the line that what the country really needs is more STEM professionals at a time when PhDs in medicinal chemistry were taking jobs as adjunct professors and contracts with no benefits. It’s a big huge story but the media couldn’t be bothered. It ran stories about the unemployed complete with pictures that made us look past our sell-by date, brassy blonde hair, nodding off over our keyboards in the biggest pair of sweatpants we own. Those kinds of images stick with employers. The NY Times was especially vicious with this type of article.

So, yeah, the media hasn’t always been good or innocent. There are particularly egregious offenders, like Fox News, but for a few notable exceptions, their “talent” can’t be taken seriously. The rest of them did get taken seriously and the media let us down badly as it whored for ratings in 2016. It knows what it did and it’s been defensive ever since. But it’s culpable in helping rob the majority of us who did not vote for Trump of what could have been a responsible, forward thinking president who wasn’t going to make the rest of the world pissed at us or deprive even one child of his or her parents.

We’ll defend you but thanks for nothing. The least you can do is act contrite. I know, it’s too much to ask.

Thank god for the blogosphere.


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