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Good summary

You really can’t argue with numbers.

There is one good way to end the investigation. All Trump has to do is go talk to Mueller and tell the truth.

So simple.


110 Responses

  1. Whataboutism Ken Starr …
    Btw, most of the indictments are fake and will never go to trial. Putin offered Muller to come interrogate his suspects in Russia, and Muller is not interested.

    • Knowing Putin, he’d have Mueller assassinated while he was over there.

      Once we take this country back from your minions, Vlad, we’re coming for you. Same way as last time. Force you into an economic competition your shithole country can’t win.

    • Funny you should mention Ken Starr, who managed to stretch an authorization to investigate the Whitewater nothingburger into an Inquisition into consensual blowjobs. Does this mean you adhere to Ann Coulter’s definition of High Crimes (https://archive.nytimes.com/www.nytimes.com/books/first/c/coulter-crimes.html?_r=2&oref=login&oref=slogin) where she asserts that lying by the President is an impeachable offense – because I’m not sure you really want to go there given the President’s rather loose standard of veracity. Or does that standard only apply to Democrats?

    • Seriously dude? You think that Putin wouldn’t give Mueller polonium tea? You need to read up on the British who took that offer from Putin, came back to the UK sick thinking they were poisoned and when they got home they found out that Putin had someone steal all the evidence they had amassed while there.

  2. Wishful thinking mixed with major butthurt and a healthy sprinkling of panic is unseemly. But it is entertaining as hell to read 🤣

    • Why is the term “butthurt” regularly used by people on the Far Right?

      • If I ever get to the far right, I’ll ask for you

        • Your culture, Anthony, is a dinosaur.

          An asteroid named Demographic Change is coming to destroy it.

          I have completed 55 solar orbits, so perhaps I will live long enough to enjoy it.

          BTW, I am a non-elite white male native-born American citizen, and you cr@wd@ds do NOT speak for me.

          • If that’s the case, I’ll just say GFY and assume you’ll obediently comply as you’ve been trained to. You know nothing about me.

          • Who would want to know anything about you? 😈

          • Oh, and whom have I been trained to obey? I thought you right-wingers were the authoritarians.

        • *Anthony denies that his politics are far right*

      • Is it only the wingnuts? I’ve been known to use it, too.

        Special delivery for Anthony and Blizzy!

  3. OoOoo! Somebody is very uncomfortable.

    • Lol, no …
      What does it say that the headline trial of the Trump-Russia hoax has nothing to do with either Trump or Russia.

  4. I briefly look at the faces of the people at the Trump rallies, and I see a bunch of angry and unhappy individuals whose only pleasure comes from what they think of as “winning.” They don’t get enough of this vicarious pleasure through following their favorite football team, because only a very few teams win titles.Now they have a team whose leader says that he always wins, is always right about everything. More than that, he gives them opponents to hate. Mostly, it is “the libs,’ that vague group of people who seem to be more intelligent, more successful, more articulate than they are. “Beating the libs!” is what gives them a focus. “Liberal tears!” “Suck on that, libs!” “Trump will be president for six more years, libs!” But the list of things and people upon whom to project their own anger and sense of hopelessness, also includes the media. Blacks, Jews, Hispanics, Moslems, Democrats, people with college degrees, the entertainment industry,feminists, professors.

    Their own lives do not get better in any tangible sense. Jobs no better, real earnings probably less; cost of medical payments and insurance up; roads worse, air worse, water worse, heat much worse. But if they can believe that “the libs” are upset or sad about things, then they feel gratified. I read a saying once, that “An American looks across the fence and sees his neighbor with a cow, and he says to himself, ‘I want to do well enough to be able to have a cow, too.’ A Russian looks across the fence, sees his neighbor with a cow, and is determined to kill the cow, so that his neighbor will be as badly off as he is.” Apparently the latter approach has become the vogue here now. If it’s 110 degrees in liberal California, and the air is so dry and hot that wildfires cannot be stopped, then for Trump supporters, that makes up for the record temperatures in the South and Midwest, and all the hurricanes which are coming for the Southeast coast. Trying to fix any of this does not fit into their psychology.

    • Interesting point, William. The wingnuts do seem to have developed a surprising fondness for Russia, so perhaps it is not surprising that they have begun to think in stereotypically Russian fashion.

    • William, these are people that embrace pedophilia because it makes liberals mad. They are just a bunch of knee jerk morons with horrible lives. I would feel sorry for them except their stupidity is causing a lot of pain to a lot of Americans these days.

      • Well put, Ga6thDem, that is exactly it, they seem to accept anything, including a fascist state, as long as they know it upsets liberals.,

    • Well said, William.

  5. Hmm, where’s Niles?

    And between Anthony, Blizzy, and Niles, which one is Larry, which one is Curly, and which one is Moe? 😛

  6. We have an ignorant, incompetent mfer in the WH. There is much evidence already for obstruction of justice but this mentally challenged nincompoop tweeted this morning that Sessions should fire Mueller and his so called attorneys had to clean up after him. So, what will be his defense? That, he is too stupid to understand that this country is rooted in rule of law and that no one, even a stupid mfer who does not understand law, is above the law.

    • He doesn’t understand anything about following laws. He’s been running his own little mafia thing for quite a while in NYC and getting away with it. Now that the national spotlight is on him, he’s actually going to pay for the scams he’s been running for decades.

  7. BORK him!?

  8. America is more powerful than Turkey to deal with our turkey, right? Right?

  9. From 2014, this man is seriously crazy. It is beyond racism, something more pernicious.

  10. “Heeeeere’s your sign.” 😈

  11. This is disturbing as it is scary. Every face in a trump rally bears witness to what trump and his far right are creating in America and some are active participants. Something needs to be done to stop this because this is a suicidal/homicidal mission for America and something needs to happen to save these people from their enablers, chief among them right now is unsurprisingly Trump.

    • Do these people look healthy to you? I am really worried for them.

    • There’s a *lot* of crazy going around these days – and it’s on all sides of the political spectrum. Yeah, this guy was a dangerous lunatic – but so is the guy who shot Steve Scalise, Antifa, the guy who’ve tried to shoot up Comet Ping Pong, and the guy who shot up Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs.

      • No. Not on all sides. Saying things like this makes people unaccountable and the situation worse. Democrats are not holding rallies where people are incited like trump is doing. The misinformation/disinformation conspiracy cottage industry monetizing such is all on the R side. Start with Hannity/Fox//Jones and the rest of those motherfuckers. We need to call them out and hold them accountable (and not say it is on all sides).

        • Exactly. The left-wing nuts are isolated nuts. The right-wing nuts are well organized, and very well funded, by imprudent McDucks who think they can control the nuts, just like their fellow McDucks in 1930s Germany thought they could control You Know Whom.

          The “mainstream” media–owned by McDucks, just like the openly right-wing media–will scream “Both Sides!” as long as some left-wing college student somewhere speaks rudely to a petty right-wing authority figure, as if the two crazy wings were actually equal in size, funding, and political power.

  12. And yet the facts and numbers listed above will mean not a thing to the Trump base. I’ve attempted to have conversations with them–they never fail to respond with emotion and name-calling (or they’ll change the subject).

    • Sure, because they’re emotionally invested. Try pointing out that Obama wasn’t a very good President in some circles and you’ll get a similar reaction. Once you’ve bought into a cult of personality it’s very difficult to pry yourself out of it. Hell, there are still people in Russia who miss Stalin.

      To quote an friend of mine at one of the three-letter agencies: “In general, people are morons.” Once you accept that unfortunate fact, much of human behavior will cease to be inexplicable.

      • But Obama was not dangerous to America like trump is. trump is a 70+ year old man tweeting about Crooked Hillary everyday among other things. If that is not cause for concern or shame, what is? Dismissing people who fall for it as everybody does it, does not address how different this current situation is.

  13. trump, Russia, social media platforms, individuals trying to make money off of the most egregious things on these platforms… People were wearing QAnon Ts and holding signs in trump’s rally in Tampa. Imagine that. Williams had Clint Watson on last night talking about this. People need to take this seriously.

  14. Media made Gore sighing a crime and robbed him of the presidency. They humiliated Hillary and raked her over coals for something innocuous as emails and now they don’t know what to do with this bully in the WH wrecking havoc on the country and the rest of the world. Get your act together, media!

    • The media lackeys won’t “get their act together”, if they want to keep their jobs, because the media owners want the Rethugs to stay in power, so the owners’ taxes will remain ridiculously low.

      The “mainstream” media owners are no different from Murdoch and his ilk in that respect.

      • It’s more than just taxes – the wealthy have always had an abundance of loopholes to take care of that, after all. The media are in the infotainment business, not the news business. Trump drives viewership and increases ad revenue – he’s turned public policy into a cross between a reality TV show and professional wrestling (no wonder the holding company that owns the WWE was his second-largest donor (and Disney was, I think, his third) – look it up). As an entertainment property, he’s second to none.

  15. I have said this here a few times. Pootie’s kompromat on trump is the “collusion” with him during the campaign. There maybe others but this has to be what he is holding over trump. He may still let us in on it to screw with trump and with America at some point when it is no good, that is if Mueller does not beat him to it.

  16. LOL… they won’t go far in life and they have a long life. Good luck!

  17. “Here is a reminder from the American Medical Association: Don’t pour sulfuric acid on your genitals.” — George Carlin 😆

  18. I managed to overlook that yesterday was the 37th anniversary of the premiere of MTV.

    This was the first song it played.

  19. Why the fuck Princess talk like that?! I can’t even listen to her one sentence and moreover, she sounds so stupid. Apparently she has political ambitions, god forbid. This is the case where you say ‘yes, woman but not THAT woman’.

    • She has that dreadful Kardashian vocal fry.

      • It is horrible. I have heard others use that, vocal fry, and can’t understand why it is popular. I don’t want to complain about women’s natural voice but this thing is so contrived, and why does anyone think it is normal?

        • You got me. I think it’s derived from Valley Girl speech popular in the 1980s. Young women must think it’s cool. Sort of a vocal, “I’m too cool to really give a shit about anything.’ The verbal equivalent of Melania’s “I don’t really care” jacket.

  20. It is surreal to see all the respected intelligence and other national security people at the WH briefing talking about Russia active measures and interference and then we have the buffoon in the evening (first of all, how weird is it that he was not there at that briefing, right?) calling it a hoax and that it is a good thing to get along with pootie. I feel extreme disgust for the people in that rally for letting their sovereignity go because of their stupidity. If they understood what is at stake for their country they will turn around.

    • Oh God, Wilkes-Barre. No wonder I couldn’t wait to shake the dust off my shoes from that shithole.

  21. Any Trump supporter could tell you that we are nothing like the bigoted stereotypes portrayed in the media and repeated endlessly wherever Democrats gather. (like this blog.)

    I don’t expect anyone here to admit you’re wrong. You have built up an entire narrative based on lies. If you acknowledge those foundational lies the whole edifice begins to crumble.

    Once you realize that you have been lied to for years and follow that truth to its logical conclusions the scales fall from your eyes and you begin to see. Trump supporters call that experience “getting red-pilled.”

    People on this blog chose the blue pill.

    • Oh, put a sock in it! We don’t need any academic studies to see the deranged people in those rallies STILL chanting lock her up (the first time I heard it was a shock and is still a shock) and screaming at the press pen (because those press people are put in a PEN). You chose the wrong guy who is turning this country into something that the majority does not recognize. Your guy/people are not what America is all about.

    • Sheesh, if you want to debate that find a reliable source instead of a website that hires reporters from Breitbart and the Drudge Report. No one in their right mind would claim those people are legitimate journalists. You only have to watch Trump’s rallies, what he says and what his supporters say to make a decision on racism.

    • Actually, Benedict Donald is only the middleman. The real buyer is Tsar Vladimir. 😡

    • This is what you all have chosen.

      • it is a thread.

  22. Campus Reform,

    There are other studies about the trump supporters besides yours:


    Why do you think you can paint such a broad brush for all of us who did not support trump by accusing us of taking the “blue pill”. I am a huge fan of the Matrix message and I assure you I would choose the “red pill” because I refuse to live in the alternative reality that trump is living in and by association, expect his followers to live in as well in order to believe every lie that comes out of his mouth.

    The question of the two pills lies in the decision between consciousness and comatose, between living a meaningful life or droning through life dead inside, oblivious of the potential of the world around you, oblivious to the potential inside you. In order to support such a person like trump, you have to be able to live with and accept a cognitive dissonance type of life which trump personifies. Hardly a “red pill” type existence by any stretch of the imagination.

  23. Princess said something about family separation happened because this was illegal immigration. Lawrence last night showed how her own mother(!) was an illegal immigrant working illegally in Vermont (or one of those NE states). They were anchor babies because she didn’t become a US citizen until after they were 10 or 12. The arrogance and cruelty of trump and his children and everyone else surrounding him is breathtaking.

  24. What a low, low, low life!! he is your president, the guy you picked.

  25. Podcast with Jeremy Bash is great (I am a fan). He is very measured.


  26. This is key. I think the Niles’ on this forum, and other mfers who show up here know trump is wrong for the country, they know what he is doing/saying is wrong but they go along with it because it serves their purpose whatever it is. Angry hillbillies in the rallies are a different breed — some of them drink up the sewage that QAnon and others spew because they are stupid but others are there to enrich themselves by selling it to the stupid mfers, like drugs, Trump chief among them.

    What is the antidote? Never lose sight of the facts, truth and reality. Southpaw has it absolutely right: “This soul-sick bad faith is sui generis to the Republican Party.”

  27. This is for the mfers who show up here defending their guy trump.

  28. I had not heard of the ‘Indians’ thing…

  29. Finally!!

  30. Off topic: Mama merganser leads 76 ducklings (not all of them are her own):


  31. I feel incredibly sad for America as I am looking at Aaron Rupar’s twitter feed from the buffoon’s OH speech. These people at the rally are fucking stupid! No other words. Really.

  32. He is lying through his teeth on everything, EVERYTHING!

  33. If you are not following Molly, you should.

  34. A/C fails on sweltering night right before Benedict Donald rally. 😆

  35. What the fuck is he talking about? Did he slip, let the cat out of the bag about what his pootie will do in the midterms?

  36. This is at the crux of it all! He should have been impeached long ago. We are all rule and law bound but the crook and the criminal that he is, he conducts daylight robbery, but we still can’t apprehend him.

  37. Chuckie Todd is a high school drop out and not a lawyer and it shows. This is what is the problem with the media people these days.

  38. BORK the motherfucker!

  39. No collusion, no collusion, no collusion…collusion is not a crime…

    • THIS! Russian State Intelligence, key phrase.

  40. Hope Hicks on AF1 yesterday makes more sense now, doesn’t it? Call it what it is, witness tampering by trump.

  41. LOL, what could go wrong!

  42. Off topic: Cat vs. Toe Funk. 😆


  43. More off topic: Good dog! :mrgreen:

    [video src="https://i.imgur.com/ZYuj77s.mp4" /]

  44. Sometimes I wish I could be a news anchor or talking head just for a few days. It is better than wanting to yell at the ones on TV, as to why they keep missing the key questions. They say, well, Trump and his people are claiming that the Russians were “offering dirt on Hillary Clinton,, but they didn’t have anything.” Now, if that is true, why would the Russians send one of their top operatives over here for the meeting? Seriously? They got all the Trump people in a room, and then said, oh, we weer just kidding around?

    Obviously, they wanted the meeting, of itself. As I suggested the other day, once the Trump people agree to meet, they are essentially agreeing to collude or conspire. And also obviously, things were discussed, such as, “we will get the emails for you, you just need to publicly ask for them.” Also, why did Trump go to a rally a couple of days before the meeting, and promise a special statement about Hillary, and then cancel it? That has been talked about. But why do even decent media people say things like, “Well, Trump will be claiming that since there was nothing passed along at that meeting, he did nothing wrong; although just meeting is problematical”?

    If one simply put the dots together, it makes no earthly sense that: 1) The Russians asked for a meeting, but, oops, had nothing. 2) Trump didn’t know about the meeting, but had announced two days earlier that in a few days, he would discuss many things about Hillary Clinton, that “you will find them very interesting.” And then he canceled this. But somehow he knew nothing about the meeting occurring.. It is so patently obvious that the connections between Trump and Russia were long-standing, and that this meeting was just another part of this. That the Russians did offer something, likely the ability to hack Clinton campaign emails. That this is why Trump soon thereafter asked for them to do it, and they did it that same night. This does not take brilliance to put together, but somehow the media takes each dot as a separate entity. Again, there is no way that the Russians would set up this meeting, send a top Kremlin connected attorney, and have nothing to offer or discuss. It more than strains credulity.

  45. 73 years ago: 😦

  46. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atomic_bombings_of_Hiroshima_and_Nagasaki

    I wish these horrors had not been necessary.

    A coalition of nations went mad, and the rest of us found ourselves obligated to work what amounted to satanic miracles to put the madmen down for the count.

    Now madmen rule our country.

    We must take it back from them.

  47. On a lighter note:

    Tolkien meets the Pythons. 😛


  48. Tonight at Kremlin Annex! Day 22 of protests.

  49. Hey RD, where are you? Anyway, it is late now but maybe make an appearance tomorrow, OK…

  50. Rosie called out the media for how they propped trump up during the campaign. In this clip, too what she says is right on the money; trump is a coward and he picks on people who can’t defend themselves. For some strange reason (duh), media has enabled him over the decades and more so during the campaign and now here we are.

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