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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d hate to be this DOJ lawyer…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d hate to be this DOJ lawyer…
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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on This part is interesting…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d hate to be this DOJ lawyer…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d hate to be this DOJ lawyer…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d hate to be this DOJ lawyer…
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It’s got to be something big

That’s what journalists are saying about what it is that Donald Trump must be hiding. How else do you explain the tweetstorm he wrote this weekend?

Does anyone want to speculate?


Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager, goes on trial today. Jury selection begins. The charges against him today appear to be auxiliary to the suggestions of conspiracy against the United States to interfere with a national election with the help of a foreign adversary (I’m sure that’s coming) Nevertheless, this is an impressive list. Paul has been a very busy guy:


Walk to work music:


22 Responses

  1. Toaday’s tweets against the Koch Bros. are also kind of wild. I know there was no love lost between them, but you would think he would not try to alienate them further. But, since he did I say it has to be GOOD, hopefully this is another bad news week for Trump

  2. “no collusion, no collusion, no collusion”

  3. Things you find on twitter…

  4. Something big… called conspiracy with foreign adversaries to win an election and then play puppet to them while looting your own country to enrich yourself.

  5. EDVA today…

  6. verisimilitude — not a word I have heard since my GRE tests… 🙂 but good job using it.

  7. Well, I think that he was fully aware of the efforts being made by Russia to get him elected. There may not be a document signed in blood, which apparently some people think we need to have before there is “proof,” but there is a wealth of circumstantial evidence. And to me, the “Russia, if you’re listening…find the emails and you will be richly rewarded,” is devastating. He did not need to say that on TV, he and his cabal had all sorts of regular contacts with Russian officials, I think that he was told by Russia to make this sign on national TV. Likely that Russian leaders did this to inculpate him, just in case that would prove useful. So he says the code phrase, and he says that you will be richly rewarded, but then says “by the media,.” This phrase, so unlike Trump;s usual locution, stands out. Trump does not talk like that, “richly rewarded.” That was a signal that Trump was completely on board. And of course, that very night, there was hacking.

    In any world where truth was not being relentlessly obscured by smoke, fog, and projection, this would be the crucial piece of evidence, along with Trump’s promise a couple of days before the Trump Tower meeting, to have a major speech on Hillary a couple of days later; that speech being canceled when the Russian info was not provided. Incidentally, I do not think that the Russians ever had any info; this was a ploy to get Trump to play. That is what spies do: just get their target to commit, and they are yours. It’s like the old joke, “You’ve already shown me what you are, now we are just haggling about the price.” The media keeps saying, “dirt on Hillary,” but there was none, there never has been; it was just a ploy to draw Trump in. And of course for years, Trump had been involved with Russian oligarchs, this was just the next and most momentous step in him becoming a full-fledged agent of Russia.

    So I think that what Trump has to hide is the general truth that he was always well aware of what Russia was going to do for him, and what they wanted from him. Cohen likely has evidence of various conversations which Trump and his circle were having about such things. Thus the intense efforts to destroy Cohen’s reputation, by leaking whatever evidence they procured, either from Manafort’s legal team, or evidence turned over to Cohen’s team by the SDNY attorneys. Talk about it, attack it, attack Cohen, attack Mueller and his team, attack Democrats, Hillary, Obama. Mueller is not talking, so it is a one-sided propaganda war, enabled by the media which lets Giuliani show up on TV every day. The idea is that whatever Cohen has, will be considered old news by then. It is grimly amusing that two months ago, Giuliani said on TV that Cohen was an honest and honorable man, and now he says that he is a pathological lying scumbag. And as Joyce Vance accurately explains, it is very surprising that the Bar Association does not condemn or even punish Giuliani for his wild attacks on other attorneys; e.g, calling Andrew Weissman “a scoundrel.” The tactics are Hitlerian; call your opponents that which you are, while trying to make reality simply a matter of opinion.

    • “…The media keeps saying, “dirt on Hillary,” but there was none…”

      Nor was there any dirt in the stolen DNC emails. The DNC supporting
      the only democrat in the democratic primary is not the least bit embarrassing or nefarious. But the media always characterizes those emails as revealing something dirty.

  8. After 55 years of observing human stupidity, I would think it could no longer amaze me.

    But some people still use this stuff AS A DIET AID. 😮



  10. We say fuck the media because media really screwed (and still screwing) Hillary voters with propping up trump and his minions every step of the way. But here they are, stupid motherfuckers who won because of the media among other things, threatening its existence. These people are dumb and they are scary. These are the dregs of a civil society.

    • Politically shrewd, no time for that. She was warning everyone!

      • I see three reasons Hillary lost the electoral vote: Russia, Russia, and, oh yeah, Russia.

        For that matter, if the GOP had the Dems’ “superdelegate” system, I doubt Benedict Donald would have won the GOP nomination.

        • But then, nothing Russia, or the GOP, or the wingnut media, or the so-called “mainstream” media, or anyone else did would have mattered if so many of my fellow non-elite white Americans were not such mucking forons.

          • The “poster” forgets to mention the voluntary non-voters. I actually put more blame on them than on either the Trump Chumps or the Purity Ponies.

      • “Dark Carnival” was Ray Bradbury’s first collection of stories, more horror than his later science fiction. It feels pretty much like that now. Trump has unleashed all of the creeping, crawling forces which had to hide away for the last 70 years. Of all the evil that he is doing, this may be the worst: emboldening and protecting Nazis, KKKers,, conspiracy wackos with guns, various depraved people who project their own insanity onto others. To mix artistic metaphors, I feel as if I am viewing a canvas by Hieronymous Bosch come to life.

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