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Two things

1.) There is an old saying that “it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission”.

That doesn’t apply to any conspiracy that Trump may have engaged in with the Russians to win the election. I have no doubt that the Republican Party will try to say that it’s all water under the bridge, you can’t roll back time and we just have to go forward from here.

I think we should resist that bs.

The 2016 election will go down in history as the most consequential election in a century. I don’t even want to think about the lives Trump has ruined, the tax money stolen from us, the judges who will have the final say over women, gay people, immigrants, working class people for decades and decades to come.

They have committed violence to the country. They have been extremely aggressive in pushing through their pro-fossil fuel industry, anti-environment, anti-science agenda. Trump has enriched himself at the risk of damaging our national security.

We can’t forgive. We have to demand that no effort is spared to make things right again once it is proven that Trump and the Republicans stole the election and they are illegitimately running the country into the ground. All of their actions need to be reversed ASAP.

We should plug our ears when they start trying to move on.

2.) The reason we are in this mess to begin with is that a succession of institutions and people in power let it happen because it was entertaining or because they had a spine made of jello. That includes the GOP who didn’t take him out early, the media who thought it was all so fun. President “lifeguard in chief” Obama who went to McConnell asking for a bipartisan statement and promptly threw up his hands when he didn’t get one (oh dear! what could I dooooo???). Then there was the electoral college who was SUPPOSED to be a backstop but turned out to be a rubber stamp.

All of these individuals had an opportunity to stop the madness and didn’t. My French colleague told me that Americans are way too optimistic. We force positivism on each other. It’s all going to turn out right. Lots of smiles all around.

That’s because we haven’t lived through world wars fought on our soil. We didn’t know what it was like to deal with a repressive regime before. But you don’t have to experience something directly to understand the danger of a dangerous thing. You don’t need to stick your hand in a furnace to know it’s hot. You can read or listen to the experiences of others. So, really, there was absolutely no excuse for what has happened to us. There were books written and studies available. Our imaginations were all that was required to figure this out.

That being said, if it turns out that there is sufficient proof to charge Trump and Co with treason, then it is inexcusable that we abide by some arcane rule that a sitting president prevents us from arresting and indicting him. Impeachment means removing him from office. Arrest him first, THEN impeach his ass.

I’m tired of pulling the fire alarm only to have the fireman not take the inferno seriously.

If it’s treason, he has to go. Immediately. To protect our national security. I don’t care how it’s done. Just do it.

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  1. Immigrants who have experienced poverty , oppression, discrimination, destitution appreciated America more than Americans. They understood what was achieved here not because they benefited directly from it but because America kept the corruption of mind and deed at bay unlike their origin country and they did it with words, ideas and rule of law. Now it feels like handing a diamond to a monkey and his ilk who doesn’t understand any of it let alone cherish and preserve it.

    • No mercy given to the people who hoisted this nightmare on us. VOTE THEM OUT! Banish them from public service.

    • Vlad, you’re assuming we won’t take this country back from your puppet and his Orc-horde of Stupid White Folks.

      We will.

      And then your country will find out what happens to cocky half-civilized industrial nations who sucker-punch us.

      A southeastern neighbor of yours tried it, Vlad.


      You think we forgot where we put the knife? 😈

  2. Time out for cr@wd@d repellent!

    From left: Natsumi, Hotaru, Komari, and Renge of Non Non Biyori.

    Festival time! :mrgreen: (BIG pic if opened in a window of its own.)

  3. “Hallelujah, Friday’s here”

    “Williams Avenue” is the final track off Quarterflash’s 1981 debut album.

  4. Very eloquently put, RD.

    I strongly agree. Obviously, one could write a book just about this imbalance; but to simplify, much of it is the doing of the corporate media. I I well remember reasonably decent people like David Broder and Jeff Greenfield, always exhorting the Democrats to compromise, always take the noble route. Gore was mocked during his entire campaign, and then suddenly widely praised when he bowed out after the cheating and stalling in Florida, and the awful Supreme Court decision. I have read that had it gone the other way, Republicans were actively planning for a massive mobilization; of what kind, who can say? But Democrats were told to concede, get past it, work for the common good. Then Cheney told his people to govern as if the had won 70% of the vote , and they ran roughshod over the Democrats in Congress.

    And the media did not like Hillary, so they kept pushing for her to leave the race against Obama, even though she may have had more delegates. Then Obama got elected, and he started out by saying that there are no red states, no blue states, and the media liked that. A few steps later, we have Trump; as you suggest, largely because the media acted as if it were grand entertainment, plus they got to belittle Hillary. Now this horror show of an administration. And yet I am certain that if the Democrats actually win both Houses, the entire media will warn them that they must work with Trump, not against him, and not to get too excited about their success. And I am already seeing suggestions that the Democrats put a Republican as VP candidate on their ticket in 2020. That may be an extreme, but there are many urging Democrats to be more conservative, whatever that means. In other words, when Republicans run things, they are supposed to play to their base; but when when Democrats ever win, they are supposed to mollify Republicans. The imbalance is sickening, and it never changes.

    So Democrats would have to go right into the teeth of the media gale which will try to force them to act like John Kasich. We have almost never seen a Democratic president act remotely as partisan as Reagan, Bush, and Trump are. LBJ might be the exception, but he had massive majorities in House and Senate. To me, this is one of the most frustrating things about really caring about and participating in politics. Our side rarely wins, and when they do, they are immediately chastened, and told to work with the other side, until that group gets back in again. I don’t think Democrats can win nationally by running to the Warren Left. But I surely do understand many Democrats desperately wanting to have people in office who fight as hard as Republicans do. And absolutely, there will be so much work to do , that we need LBJ-type majorities, which we of course will never get. We need to do everything we can to combat global warming. We need to add seats to the Supreme Court,; the hell with what the media says We need to fire all the Trump stooges put in the various institutions. We must raise the tax rate on the upper class. And we have to save Social Security by raising the cap, and fund Medicare by raising those taxes. Voters must be made to understand what the Republicans have done to this country., and what drastic steps must be made to try to fix it. We have to fight the Republicans, the media , the corporations, the social darwinists, and 40% of more of our own populace to do that.

    One final point, or analogy: It is like we are engaged in a football game; the opposing team drives down to our 20 yard line. We stop them, get the ball back, play cautiously, trying not to make a mistake; end up at our own 40, and punt. The opposition drives down to our 10. We stave them off short of the end zone, playing very carefully, and get to the 20, and punt. They get the ball, and drive toward the end zone again. Obviously, the ball keeps getting closer and closer to our goal line, as we keep ceding ground.

    • but there are many urging Democrats to be more conservative, whatever that means

      If it means being fiscally conservative, unlike the current crop of republicans who are anything but, then I am all for it. There is no way the current crop of Rs are fiscally conservative. The only money they care about is that of the 1%, they certainly care nothing about the bulk of Americans. Their ‘cut the deficit’ bullshit only applies to polices that help most Americans, the fact that this is not screamed in headlines baffles me. I would say that what in the old days (think Rockefeller Republican) would have played for conservative in the republican party no longer exists.

  5. There’s nothing baffling about it.

    The “mainstream” media (also known, hilariously, as the “liberal” media) corporations are owned by McDucks, just like the more blatantly reactionary media.

    The “mainstream” McDucks do not want their employees to tell the full, horrid truth about the Rethuglicans, because if they do, then enough angry citizens might vote Democratic to throw the Rethugs out of both houses in 2018 and the White House in 2020, and then the McDucks might lose their “preciousssss” tax cuts.

    The McDucks will kowtow to Putin, so they can escape paying a socially responsible level of taxes. It’s that simple. 😡

    • Afterthought: Also, it is always possible that Putin holds kompromat on some of the media barons and/or their employees, too.

      Some of them may have evaded their taxes, for example (there’s that tax-dodging again).

      Also, rich men sometimes like to engage in criminal forms of sexual behavior just to prove that they don’t have to answer to the same rules as we peasants do. Putin may hold proof of some of these criminal activities.

  6. This is what Trump Chumps support:

    A 6-year-old girl was raped, and told it was her fault.

    The “neo-Confederate” culture, for lack of a better term, must be re-educated out of existence.

  7. Could Tsar Putin be preparing to dump Benedict Donald?


  8. I am afraid that there are all sorts of things which Trump can still provide to Putin. Putin could invade Eastern Europe, and Trump will not do a thing. Trump will not support NATO; he will keep criticizing the EU leaders. Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post wrote an article which I could not read because of the paywall, but she apparently suggested mob ties of Trump. The extension is that the Russian mafia, which has taken over much of NY crime, has been working with Trump for years. There are many indications that Trump has been mob-tied for decades. Russians were funneling money to Trump by buying some of his hotels at vastly inflated rates and then selling them. The Russian oligarchs and the U.S. oligarchs may well be closely related. Getting Trump “elected” was just another step in this unholy alliance. I think that the biggest threat is a worldwide alliance of oligarchs. I think that if Mueller only had the time and the resources and enough international law enforcement behind him, he would uncover a horrifying web of connections .These people think that they are beyond the law, and may be. America’s faux religious Right are the vehicles which vote their cronies into office here.

    • “Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post wrote an article which I could not read because of the paywall, but she apparently suggested mob ties of Trump”

      I think that this is by *far* the most likely scenario. I think we’re going to find that Trump is a garden-variety crook, with some very sleazy associations – like a lot of New York/New Jersey real estate developers (including the Kushners). My bet is that these associations date back to when he first got into business for himself (or at least until his first bankruptcy). In fact, given his business history, I’d be astonished if he *weren’t* mobbed up.

      • He is a small time (?) crook from NYC caught up in the big leagues now and not measuring up. He can’t even crook strong and smart.

  9. It is as if other nations/people are learning from our big mistake. But we have a buffoon for a president who is giving away the farm but enriching himself in the process.

    • Good catch – the Chinese have been acquiring infrastructure and real estate all over the place (Asia, Africa, Europe (the Piraeus, for example), and Canada). There are only two reasons to take Russia seriously as a world power:

      1) Their nuclear arsenal, and
      2) Their stranglehold on natural gas supplies to much of Europe

      Other than that, they’re a minor, regional power.

      Although China is headed for a big-time financial crisis in the not-too-distant future, they’re still the second largest economy on the planet (about 8 times the size of Russia) and they’re not the least bit shy about their expansionist agenda.

      • Other than that, they’re a minor, regional power.

        Agree, but they operate by threats of nerve agents and such in our own countries, blackmail, and blatant interference to install their candidates and muck up political systems. They should be shunned outright and the rest of the world should put them in a box. Instead, world’s biggest counter force is a puppet to them. Masterfully executed on their part while the 30% of USA is oblivious to what is happening. Inadequate and incompetent Media is not helping in educating that 30%.

        China has positioned itself to loot treasures from Africa for a while now and Africa’s interests are secondary. Modern day colonization.

      • For a little perspective: 3 US *states* have bigger GDPs than Russia.

  10. What a story!

    • Ooops… link:

    • When I was a kid, a stray cat I used to occasionally feed got inside the house and in a trunk underneath the bed and when the housekeeper tried to get it out, it shrieked and lo behold, it was a new mom!

  11. Good graphic about the hillbillies who support trump.

    • Yes, but lest we forget, the majority of Trump Chumps are neither poor nor rural.

      • There are those who really believe what he or his minions say and then there are those others for whom it is convenient to pretend to believe what he says or just spread it because it helps their cause.

      • And quite a few of them aren’t “chumps”, either – they just place their economic advantage above the welfare of the country.

  12. More hush money? The corruption with these people and trump is mind boggling. It is like living in a third world but these fuckers have enough to live a good life and they live here. Greed. Nothing matters to these mfers.

  13. I don’t remember if I posted this one yet or not.

  14. MAGA Maggie hits it out of the park again!!! (NOT)

  15. Because he is a crooked bully without brains…thrown into the big leagues.

  16. Hey, what happened to Walter Shaub on twitter? He seems to have deleted all his tweets but one which says he is going to take twitter break.

  17. 😉

  18. drive thru ur doing it rong 😆

  19. MAGA Maggie is a legacy hire (as Sweet Sue notes). She can’t recognize nepotism without acknowledging her own. She is a COMPROMISED journalist. She should recuse herself from reporting on trump.

  20. Have you all checked Kellyanne Conway’s husband George Conway’s twitter feed? It is fascinating how disjoint their lives are.

  21. Virginia Hefferman echos RD.

    • We need to talk about a forbidden subject: the legitimacy of the current president.

      And, most chilling of all, with a massive assist from the Russian military, which not only hacked the Democrats, but also hacked voting software and a voting-system manufacturer.

      Some people were motivated to vote for Trump because they believed Russian lies about Hillary Clinton’s health or email. But at least they got to cast their votes, and have them counted.

      Others, many who planned to vote against Trump, were kept from the ballot entirely. In Wisconsin, as Mother Jones has reported, discriminatory ID laws prevented 45,000 eligible voters from participating in the election, including 23,000 in two heavily Democratic counties. Trump won Wisconsin by 22,000 votes.

      The attorney general of Wisconsin, Brad Schimel, even boasted recently that Trump won Wisconsin chiefly because tens of thousands of eligible voters were turned away.


  22. No Gooliani is talking about Michael C. doctoring tapes. What happened to tapes exculpating trump?

  23. Apparently Gooliani tweeted a stupid tweet that got ratio’ed.

  24. Benedict Donald and his Rethuglicans are leaving us open, deliberately, to an “asymmetric” Russian attack.


    Lemme see, I used to know a word for that–it’s on the tip of my tongue–I think it has seven letters and starts with “T”… 😡

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