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So, he was onboard from the beginning.

Trump knew about the meeting with Veselnitskaya in Trump Tower and he knew it wasn’t about orphans. Can we all agree with that?

So? So what? Is that illegal??

If the discussion centered around getting illgotten booty that was hacked from the DNC by a foreign government, yeah, I think so.

Maybe it was a package deal. It came with hacked emails and Russian social media trolls. The Cambridge Analytica data mining was extra. Trump had to pull Steve Bannon onto his team for that.

I’m just waiting for the money part to come out. Was Michael Cohen involved in that too? Was Roger Stone the bag man? Curiouser and curiouser.

You know, Trumpers, we get why you are mad. Most of it is irrational and self destructive and nauseates us but we get it. That’s still no excuse to saddle the country with this ignorant, stupid, criminal guy as our president. And we get it that you really didn’t like Hillary. 🙄 By that I mean that you have said it over and over again so it must be true but we still have no idea why you can’t see what’s really going on here.

In any case, why does your crazy hatred carry more weight than what the majority of the country wants? You can use that electoral college bullshit until you’re blue in the face but it’s like winning a Super Bowl on a bad ref call. Everyone can see that your team didn’t deserve to win, especially when the other team scored a lot more points.

Now that we know that he couldn’t have won the presidency on his own, you’re going to have to put up with our fury. Because as bad as Trump is, the full impact of his ineptitude and the not so secret agenda of the Republicans is not going to be felt until they’re out of office and it’s going to affect all of us, even those of us who pleaded with you not to cut off our body parts and disfigure us in front of the whole world.

And who always cleans up after the Republicans ruin the economy? That’s right. The Democrats.

But don’t think we’ll ever forget how you shoved this monster down our throats when we could have had a grown up whose only sin was her email address.


I think this tweet summarizes how the world sees us.

Hey, Lady, it’s just a FLAG. A piece of cloth. It is a thing. And I haven’t seen any foreigner disrespect a striped and spangled piece of cloth. I don’t even know how you do that. A piece of cloth has no feelings.

The American people do. And the only American people who are being consistently disrespected are the ones who didn’t vote for Trump. Are we saying we can give him a pass for all the other awful things he does because he hugs a piece of cloth?

That makes sense… how, exactly?


You people are always Gentle on my Mind😘:

21 Responses

  1. That’s still no excuse to saddle the country with this ignorant, stupid, criminal guy as our president.

    Oh RD, RD, you just missed the reporter Yamiche (I forget her last name) breathlessly reporting on Morning Joe’s how she met a farmer in Iowa who was still happy with trump and how trump promised economy is doing so well with steel jobs coming back. She was giddy relaying that on national TV. Fuck her! As long as we have these fucking reporters as mouthpieces to ignorant, stupid, and criminal guy and his supporters, we are doomed.

  2. Please someone aggregate everything he said and tweeted around the time of trump tower meeting.Diaper Don would not do anything campaign related without his dad knowing. Period.

  3. The President of the USA… the woman in that video above fits the bill for his supporter. Loud and obnoxious but nothing going on between her ears.

  4. Ron Reagan believes people in Trump’s base are so partisan that they would vote for Vladimir Putin to be America’s president before any American Democrat.

  5. It is not impossible that the Trump cabal made up this “leak,” to discredit Cohen. Cohen’s people did not put out this story, so who did? Put out a fake story, discredit it, and they gain a big victory. I think of Willie Stark in Robert Penn Warren’s “All The King’s Men,” that was his last-ditch ploy to save his governorship. Hopefully that is not what is going on here. Again, I think that at least 95% of the so-called leaks come from Trump, and thus he has a motive. Maybe here it is just to get ahead of the story.

    If Cohen is indeed claiming Trump’s knowledge of the meeting, then it definitely would be a crime: conspiracy to collude with a foreign government to influence an election. I have long thought that the Russia-Trump conspiracy is long-standing, began at least as early as 2013, probably before that. There is no other coherent reason for Trump running, than that he knew that Russia was prepared to fix the election for him. All his talk of “rigging” was probably thought of for him by Russia, a propaganda technique. The convenient availability of Cambridge Analytics data did not just pop up. I think that Julia Ioffe had it right the other day. The “compromising information” Putin has on Trump is that they both know that Russia got him “elected” (Quotes around that word, because there is increasing evidence that Russia may have changed the vote totals).

  6. I am a recent but avid visitor to this blog. But I do want to say I share what everyone is saying, and particularly william. Thank you.

    • Yep, William and pm always are on the ball.

      • I appreciate it. This is a nice forum, a good place to share complex ideas. The high intelligence of the person whose blog it is, is an added major plus.

    • Thank you, lucyk.

    • BTW, we always like new commenters here. This is the place where it is ok to defy consensus reality, even when it’s coming from our own side.

  7. At the very least it’s an in-kind campaign contribution. Accepting a campaign contribution (whether cash or in-kind) from a foreign entity is a violation of federal law.

    • This really is over the top. It’s not an “asking for forgiveness not permission” kind of thing. The Russian interference has real life consequences for every one of us for decades to come.
      If he’s impeached, and I can’t see any way that he isn’t, everything he’s done must be undone ASAP.

      • The question, of course, is the same as it was for Nixon: what did DJT know and when did he know it? Does Cohen have actual evidence of his involvement and complicity or is this opinion and/or hearsay?

  8. Thank you for the nice welcome. I will do my best!
    I mean that part about “defying consensus reality”.

  9. I actually woke up at 7AM (I do not have to, I do not want to!) this morning, because I was so upset about the impending GDP news. The polls I saw yesterday were so favorable, that I was beginning to expect a major wave election. This economic news might dampen that, and we cannot afford it. The facts which have to get out there, are that the major cause of the higher GDP was that American companies bought goods in advance of the tariffs kicking in. Also, real wages (wages adjusted for inflation) are not moving up at all, and it will get worse when the ACA costs go up in a couple of months. The economy will surely collapse under Trump; it is just a question as to whether he gets away with this through the midterms, which would be disastrous.

  10. Thank you again. I was trying to be humorous if maybe a little lame in my rejoinder. Ah well. No matter. Certainly nice to be here.

  11. Off topic:

    Poster in a doctor’s office. The crunchy-granola gang won’t like it. 😈

  12. THIS JUST IN: It looks like we now know who vandalized Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame: 😈

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