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I don’t want to alarm anyone but…

…I read some disturbing Tweets yesterday from people all across the country who report that their voter registrations have been cancelled. These are voters who have voted in recent elections. They are located in Georgia and Ohio but, let’s face it, you could be located anywhere. Most notably, they are not POC. They just happen to be Democrats.

Pretty soon, registration to vote in your state may be over. Make sure you haven’t been dropped. And this is especially important pif you are a woman living in a voter ID state. If your name has been changed due to marriage or unmarriage, make sure you have your marriage license or divorce decree with the page authorizing the use of your current name before you vote. I wouldn’t put it past the Trumpers in hardass states to challenge women at the polls.

And if all else fails, register as a Republican for the general. Try to not throw up. On New Year’s day, reregister as a Democrat.

53 Responses

  1. This would not be surprising. Republicans have abandoned any pretense of playing fair. In some states, they might just be blatantly purging Democrats from the voter rolls. Most unfortunately, many of those affected are not necessarily those who follow the news, and they may have no idea until it is too late. I can only hope that Democratic officials and volunteers are trying to inform everyone, and even calling people to tell them to check their registration. If not, we will have several million disenfranchised people, just like in 2016. Republicans know that nothing they do in this area ever has consequences; even if it is discovered after the election, they will just shrug, deny, and congratulate each other on their victories.

  2. I think Vice did a story on this a few months ago. Apparently some districts are sending out “registration confirmation” postcards to some voters in some precincts and dropping the registrations of people who don’t reply, under the guise of “address verification”. The cards are pretty nondescript and easy to miss, so check your mail (particularly if you’re in a red state).

    • If we had a representative Supreme Court, this would be found unconstitutional. If you voted in the last election, you should be automatically registered. You should not be required to keep confirming your registration. This is redolent of the Jim Crow South, with the poll taxes, grandfather clauses, and literacy tests, all used to disenfranchise Black people.

      • And if the Horseshoe Left had not thrown tantrums in 2000 and 2016, we would have a representative Supreme Court. 😡

        • Absolutely true. But they can never see past their own sense of self-importance. The Court was worth a hundred of their stupid quibbles about the margins of policy.

      • https://www.npr.org/2018/06/11/618870982/supreme-court-upholds-controversial-ohio-voter-purge-law

        Ohio of course. Indiana’s law is still being challenged.

      • Not A Lawyer, but I’m not sure there are grounds to find this unconstitutional. The Constitution leaves voter qualification largely up to the states, which is why the 15th, 19th, 24th and 26th Amendments were necessary. You might be able to make a 14th Amendment (Equal Protection or Privileges and Immunities clause) or 15th Amendment case, but you’d have to prove bias in the selection or the postcard procedure itself. That’s harder than one might think. The difficulty of doing that in the case of the poll tax is why the 24th was passed, after all.

        I think it would be a stretch.

  3. I just check at my county recorder website. Not only am I registered, they include my voting history going back to when I moved here.

  4. I saw something on this a short time ago and they had this link to a site where you can check your registration. It definitely worked for me, I am in PA, so I don’t know about other states.

  5. I checked mine, and I’m registered.

    However, I’m a cis-het white male churchgoing Southerner, so the bad guys probably assume I vote Rethuglican. 😉

    • I find it amusing the way I’ve suddenly become a target for Republican fundraising snail mail since I turned 60. I think their demographic analysis needs a little fine-tuning – my precinct is >90% Democratic (I know this from being a precinct captain, county vice-chair, and state executive committee member).

  6. I heard this morning of a voter forced to cast a provisional ballot as his name had been dropped from the voter roll even though he voted in the May primary and there have been no changes in address since. I’m sure there are others. I’m alarmed. We still do not have paper ballots in Georgia and our gubernatorial candidates have a history re voter registration.

    • This is a real problem in GA. We have had Kemp let the Russians into our voter rolls and which of course he did nothing about. There were a number of complaints in my indivisible group of this happening and another Facebook group I am a part of. The SOS says there is nothing they can do about it when you call. I am telling everybody to make sure that your voter registration is up to date by checking regularly.

  7. What motherfuckers these republicans are! This is an awful lot of anxiety on millions of people who care, be they in a red state or blue state.

  8. Russia is NOT our ally! Maybe we should deport all these white christian folks who think it is, to Russia.

    • Where they couldn’t practice their own brands of Christianity in peace, because the Russian Orthodox Church still engages in old-fashioned repression of other kinds of Christians.

  9. My registration is good and I live in an overwhelmingly blue state.

    What happens if they purge after the registration deadline? Or can they not do that?

  10. Where is MAGA Maggie on this? She got so excited about Clinton Cash and bashing Clinton Foundation.

  11. He screwed up with EU tariffs and walking it back today.

    • I wonder where he got the spine to say this.

      Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) didn’t hold back when describing the White House’s plan to provide $12 billion to farmers hurt by retaliatory tariffs.

      “This is becoming more and more like a Soviet-type of economy here: Commissars deciding who’s going to be granted waivers, commissars in the administration figuring out how they’re going to sprinkle around benefits,” Johnson told Politico on Tuesday.

      “I’m very exasperated. This is serious.”


    • “Now, farmers are getting the full Stormy Daniels treatment – Trump screwed them and now he’s paying them off.”

    • Editorial in today’s times

      The gist is that the tariffs will cause older farmers to sell out, giving the Trump supporting agri-businesses even more control over our food supply. Another feature of the Trump tariffs.

      • There it is!! You can always, ALWAYS expect skullduggery where trump and his corrupt administration is concerned.

      • Either that or (if they’re within commuting distance to a major city like Chicago) they’ll sell to real estate developers – thereby taking farmland out of production forever.

        • This, by the way, is a catastrophe. Really good farmland (and the farmland in the Midwestern US is some of the best on the planet) is a priceless and irreplaceable resource. Paving it over to put up McMansions is criminal.

    • “He screwed up with EU tariffs and walking it back today. ”

      The right-wing sites, of course, are painting this as the EU caving before Trump’s mighty negotiating prowess.

      • Have they seen this?

  12. I had not seen this article. Yes, whole GOP is corrupt and traitorous. VOTE THEM OUT!

  13. This is insane!

    • Look who are leading this charge! Vote these mfers out.

      • Meadows is the gerrymandered, election-proof “representative” of the district I just exhausted every resource I had in order to leave (and made it! Yay!).

        He’s a former restaurant owner and real estate developer who has no interest whatsoever in representing the interests of NC citizens. The few feeble minded idiots who were all that were required to vote him in will keep right on doing it.

        This latest stunt is just another corrupt NC Rethug doing the minimum to keep those same reality challenged idiots happy, no matter how much Rethugs screw them over in reality. Meadows couldn’t care less about the law, impeachment or any other issue of actual governance.

        • Ah, North Carolina! When I lived there, Jesse Helms was still railing against the Civil Rights movement on WRAL. Sounds like things haven’t changed much in the last 5 decades.

    • Insane and futile. It’ll never come up for a vote in the House. Even if it did and passed through some miraculous intervention by a malevolent deity, they don’t have the votes to convict in the Senate.

    • You know there were those of us who said this day was coming back in the 90’s when we had an impeachment over a BJ.

  14. ROFL… love twitter for this!

    • Kind of interesting all these fake Christians are only on one side of the political spectrum. Predators prey on those who are stupid and easy.

      • The thing is evangelicals are easy prey for con men like Donald because con men are the norm in evangelical churches. So they basically don’t see anything wrong what Donald is doing.

  15. Mimi Rocca said this already on last night’s show (B. Williams I think).

    • Mimi Rocah, Jill Winebanks, Joyce Vance, Barbara McVaid, Maya Wiley… some of my favorite lawyers on TV panels.

  16. VOTE these mfers OUT! 11 dumbest mfers.

  17. What should be the national gameplan for Democrats? It seems like choosing the best of a lot of unappetizing choices. As much as it should be the case, there is no way that we are going to get a rescinding of the last election; Hillary being President, and the Supreme Court picks tossed out. We’ve got another two and a half years of a right-wing Republican as president, even if it is not Trump. It is desperately important to at least win the House in this election; if we don’t, I think that looking for another place to live seems rational. If we do, then we have a start, and some protection.

    Trying to impeach Trump is a bad idea, at least before the election. It would not be accomplished, and might cost public support and votes. After that, it depends on the Mueller report. But again, unless you can convict in the Senate, it could backfire, make Trump look like a victim. And even if it somehow succeeds, we get Pence, who will appoint another awful person as VP. The Republicans would love to get out from under Trump; say, “well he was corrupt, but now we are ready to all move forward as a nation.” Gerald Ford, albeit more respected than Pence, very nearly won the 1976 election, two years after the Watergate revelations.

    Again, not an appetizing choice, but the best one may be to win the House now, and then put all our ammunition into winning the Senate and Presidency in 2020. I don’t think Trump will run, even if he is still in office. Of course, if he is getting high ratings then, we are lost as a country. Assuming he is not, it may not be easy for Republicans to put someone else in, and act like it is a fresh start for them. Putting up with Trump for another two years, is an awful thought. The key here is to inextricably tie Trump to the rest of the Republican Party, so that they cannot just unmoor themselves, and still get the heartland votes which we desperately need to win elections. Trump is incalculably awful, but so is the Republican Party which nominated him; and even if Trump goes, the party is still there, ready to do more terrible things, unless we can make the voters realize that Republican agendas are uniformly awful.

  18. “Trying to impeach Trump is a bad idea, at least before the election. It would not be accomplished, and might cost public support and votes. ”

    It’s probably a bad idea after the 2018 election, too. There aren’t enough Republican Senate seats up for election this year to give Democrats sufficient votes to convict, even if the Republicans lose every single election. The impeachment case would have to be so compelling that it would cause a number of Republican senators to cross the aisle and vote for conviction (as they would have in Nixon’s case). I just don’t see that happening. A failed impeachment attempt would be disastrous: this is one of those “if you strike the King” situations.

    We’re probably stuck with him at least until Wednesday January 20, 2021 – and that’s assuming the Democrats can run a competent and persuasive campaign next time around. Not writing off half the country as not worthy of attention would probably be a good start.

    • Well, if you are implying that Hillary did not run a competent campaign, I strongly disagree. She ran a better campaign than Mondale, Dukakis, Gore, Kerry, McCain. Romney, and both Bushes. She ran as competent a campaign as Obama both times, except that she did not have the VRA in effect; Obama did not face massive Russian interference and voter suppression; and Obama got the great benefit of the economy collapsing two months before the election, or he may well have lost. Hillary faced more headwinds than any Democratic candidate I have seen, and somehow she won by 3 million votes. Oh, and what Democrat ever had to face a spiteful primary opponent,, quite possibly being used by or colluding with Russia, who kept attacking her for months after he had no chance of winning the nomination? Or had a fourth party opponent, definitely in the employ of Russia, telling people that the insane Republican opponent was better than she was? Even Nader didn’t go that far.

      • And all the Democrats you listed *lost*. So did all the Republicans except the Bushes. I don’t blame her for this (at least not very much), but her campaign spent way too much time in New York and California trying to run up the popular vote, based on (flawed) statistical projections that showed her winning the electoral college. That’s what she was paying Penn and Podesta to take care of, and they blew it. She should ask for her money back.

        They were also really insensitive to optics. Those $50,000/plate dinners in LA, Silicon Valley, and the Hamptons (breathlessly reported in the national media) went over like a lead balloon in the Rust Belt – as did the Goldman speeches. It turns out she really needed the Rust Belt. It’s very hard to persuade someone you’re on their side when you’re partying with the people who sent their jobs to Mexico and then foreclosed on their houses. When you’re trying to scrape up enough money to keep the heat on, you don’t really care what George Clooney thinks.

        Basically, these guys gave her the same crappy advice they gave her early in the 2008 nomination campaign: “You’ve got it locked up. Play it safe.”

        Maybe the campaign was different on the coasts, but here in thoroughly purple Colorado the campaign was all but non-existent. Boulder, Denver, and Pueblo are the big Democratic strongholds here. Turnout in those three cities is vital for any Democrat who wants to win this state, so GOTV is really important. I saw exactly *one* rather lackadaisical literature drop here in Boulder the entire campaign. Hardly any yard signs. And no television ads until like a week before the election (when lots of people had already voted – the polls are open for 2-3 weeks before “election day” here and most people vote early if they can). It’s a freaking miracle she carried this state – if the Republicans had nominated anyone who wasn’t a certifiable lunatic she might well have lost.

        • The Goldman speeches did nothing. I’m telling you from my experience here in GA the worst thing that happened was Bernie Sanders running. He did so much damage that she could not overcome it. It allowed the entire party to be tagged with the socialist label. Socialism is only supported by 35% of the country. So Republicans who even loathed Trump could show up and vote for him because they were going to “stop socialism”.

          • I don’t think she had much of a chance in Georgia anyway, since IIRC the last time the state went Democratic was for Bill in ’92 (but not ’96). Of course, the New York Times disagreed with that: https://www.nytimes.com/2016/08/22/opinion/campaign-stops/why-hillary-clinton-might-win-georgia.html

            You would know better of course, being on the ground. Local expertise beats armchair hypothesizing any day of the week.

            As for the whole Goldman thing: I think that resonated a lot more with the union people I know than the general public. They’re pretty important in Democratic campaigns in many areas (particularly in the Rust Belt). Obviously not so much in the South. The big fundraisers probably hurt a lot more: they played into the whole “elitist, out-of-touch politician” trope that’s so popular on the Right (because who could be more in touch with ordinary people than a guy with his own 757?).

            I think it’s fascinating that Trump pushed the “socialism” button in Georgia – we didn’t hear a peep about that out here (at least no more than usual in the thoroughly Red portions of the state). Certainly not as much as we did about Obama. I loathe Conway, but she really did a hell of a job considering what she had to work with.

            Thanks for the correction about Penn – I don’t know why I was under the impression that she’d retainded him again in 2016.

          • It’s not just about Georgia. It’s about how Americans don’t like socialism. It’s just toxic in most places. And it became a rallying point for conservatives. I think one of Hillary’s biggest mistakes was just not taking Bernie out from the beginning and being too nice to him. She should have been running ads talking about how he took his honeymoon in Russia, his love of authoritarian dictators etc.

        • How many times do I have to tell you that Mark Penn did not work for Hillary in 2016.

  19. “Gerald Ford, albeit more respected than Pence, very nearly won the 1976 election, two years after the Watergate revelations.”

    And would have, too, had he not made that horrible gaffe during the debate. Carter was pretty far behind in the polls up until then.

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