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How can we miss you if you won’t go away?

Maggie Haberman wrote a “good-by cruel world” op/ed piece in the NYTimes the other day explaining why she is leaving Twitter.

The evening before, I had complained to a close friend that I hated being on Twitter. It was distorting discourse, I said. I couldn’t turn off the noise. She asked what was the worst that could happen if I stepped away from it.

Twitter has stopped being a place where I could learn things I didn’t know, glean information that was free from errors about a breaking news story or engage in a discussion and be reasonably confident that people’s criticisms were in good faith.

I confess, I might have been one of those people who criticized poor Maggie. I asked her to atone in the last tweet I sent her. I hope it was my tweet that made her take a break. I got very annoyed that she continued to pop up on my feed when I wasn’t following her. I could have blocked her but then I would have missed out on the strange sense of exhilaration I felt when others scolded her for her 2016 election coverage.

But wait! There’s more:

The viciousness, toxic partisan anger, intellectual dishonesty, motive-questioning and sexism are at all-time highs, with no end in sight. It is a place where people who are understandably upset about any number of things go to feed their anger, where the underbelly of free speech is at its most bilious.

Twitter is now an anger video game for many users. It is the only platform on which people feel free to say things they’d never say to someone’s face. For me, it had become an enormous and pointless drain on my time and mental energy.

That sounds bad.

But imagine what it was like running for president and having a paper’s worth of flying monkeys emanating from Maureen Dowd’s butt attacking you day after day.

She shouldn’t have used a private email server.

She should apologize for using the email server.

She apologized but it wasn’t sincere.

She should read our minds about how we want her to address the email server and to grovel so we can humiliate her more.

She’s unlikeable.

Nobody likes her.

Her supporters aren’t enthusiastic.

Why is she running?

She is associated with the Clinton Foundation.

She is associated with Bill Clinton

She’s MARRIED to Bill Clinton.

WHY is she married to Bill Clinton??

She gave a paid speech to Goldman Sachs.

She won’t tell us what’s in the speech.

That means she sold out her voters. Her voters have a right to know what she sold them for.

Why doesn’t she ever talk about what she wants to do as president? She never talks about policy.

Everyone likes Bernie more.

Everyone likes Trump even more than Bernie.

Trump! Trump! Trump! He’s appalling but GOSH, People really like him!

Look! Trump can say anything he wants and we are in awe!

Why can’t Hillary do that?

And why doesn’t she talk about important things? Like her email server? Did you see Matt Lauer go after her on her email server?

She got so mad. She has no right to be mad. She’s running for President. We can beat her up as much as we want.

Maggie can’t understand why people on Twitter are so angry with her. For some strange reason, Maggie does not seem to join cause and effect. Maggie’s writing and the writings of the other members of her clique on The Paper of Record helped to reduce what should have been Hillary’s insurmountable lead to almost nothing.

Hillary and her campaign volunteers faced an uphill battle against gale force winds with chains around their legs all election season. We got NOWHERE with a very high number of undecided voters who told us again and again that they were primed to expect something bad on Hillary’s emails just before the election. Now, how did that email thing get to be such a big deal?

What Maggie has shown us is that a woman running for president can never be too perfect even if the worst thing she has ever done pales in comparison to the least corrupt thing her male opponent has ever done. Maggie shows us how to make a Mt. Everest in a blizzard out of the littlest thing and how she can normalize a man who is the most unfit for president. Maggie is a master of confirmation bias and only saw what she wanted to see, ignoring the 65 million people who voted for Hillary.

But isn’t that the point? The NYTimes has no interest in the great crowd of average Americans who just want stability and competence. Where’s the story in that?? Besides, the real target audience is the finance industry just down the road a spell. They think of themselves as too enlightened for Trump but they needed to send Hillary a message in case she decided to crack down on them. The message was “we will make your administration a living nightmare”. And Maggie was one of theirs.

Maggie doesn’t see the average Americans who are going to suffer under this presidency because she is paid not to see. To her, Clinton supporters are unenthusiastic, if they exist at all.

Except they do exist on Twitter. Lots of them. And they told Maggie exactly what they thought of her. I don’t think the comments were particularly sexist. At least she hasn’t had to put up with them for 10 years. And anyway, we Hillary supports grew a thick skin. Maggie is only getting a teensy taste of what it’s been like for the rest of us for the last decade. She can dish it out but she can’t take it?

A Pulitzer is not the same as a Nobel. And Maggie has done nothing to improve the human condition.

Buh-bye, Maggie.

Don’t write a book and go on a speaking tour talking about what you’ve learned from the 2016 election.

Just go away.


Oh SNAP! This is going to leave marks (read the whole thread. Devastating.)

56 Responses

  1. OMG! Jake is not even an American and he kept up with MAGA Maggie’s excesses. Time for literacy in America, both for access journalists and their readers (sympathetic to trump like characters).

  2. But isn’t that the point? The NYTimes has no interest in the great crowd of average Americans who just want stability and competence. Where’s the story in that?? Besides, the real target audience is the finance industry just down the road a spell. They think of themselves as too enlightened for Trump but they needed to send Hillary a message in case she decided to crack down on them. The message was “we will make your administration a living nightmare”. And Maggie was one of theirs.

    By the time the finance industry titans, and the other McDucks, wake up and realize that they, EVEN THEY, the proud FORMER Masters of the Universe, have become serfs of Tsar Vladimir, they will be unable to save themselves.

    But then, they’ll just shrug and lick Putin’s taint, happy that at least His Imperial Majesty saves them from paying taxes worthy of their “preciousssss”, ill-gotten wealth. 😡

    • And the Stupid White Peasants (the majority of whom are neither poor nor rural, BTW), whose bigotry and ignorance the McDucks exploited to achieve their current wealth and power, will sing the praises of Tsar Vladimir for putting Those People back in “their place”.

      • There is a video of an altercation between a black guy and a white guy at the Lafayette Park protest last night — it started with the white guy bumping into the black guy and making him spill his coffee on his shirt and then calling him ‘boy’ and the black guy reacting to that. The secret service or police trying to breakup the (verbal) fight and you can hear the officer saying to the white guy ‘get your ass back to Oklahoma or Alabama or wherever the fuck…’

  3. Start writing about how the majority of Americans is feeling, right now, right now! As I suspected, the journos harping on the majority of Rs supporting trump is meaningless. Just look at the numbers, for gods sake.

  4. In view of the all caps tweet last night aimed at Iran (because he did so well with NK), I remember a downtown tourist visit in Santa Cruz in 2008 during the primary, where a bunch of old ladies dressed in black were protesting Hillary and asked why, they said she was going to start a war and bomb Iran. So much disinformation, so much distortion! But now we have this incompetent nincompoop conducting high stakes diplomacy using twitter threatening another country like he is a mob boss.

  5. I can’t think of a rational way to discuss or dispose of what he tweeted and the way he tweeted it last night. US presidency is not a media game! Lives of 300+ mil people and the world at large depend on it.

  6. Excellent essay, RD. I imagine that most know that the “How Can I Miss You…” was a song by the legendary Dan Hicks? I was glad to finally get around to seeing him a few times in his later years, and he was still great. I highly recommend the live album “Where’s The Money,” and “Striking It Rich.”

    As to Maggie, a great thread by Jake. Actually, one of Trump’s “tells” is that when he seems to attack certain media, they areactually on his side. Note that he never attacks MSNBC, because he doesn’t want anyone to watch that. He attacks CNN, where his buddy Jeff Zucker keeps it mostly pro-Trump, and he scorns “the failing NY Times,” where the reporters he uses for stories are situated. I do not know if it is because Carlos Slim is the major shareholder in that company, or if it is the work of the abominable Dean Bacquet, but NYT has been virulently anti-Hillary for two decades. And I think that virtually all of the “reporters’ who keep getting praise for “scoops,” are getting fed stories by Trump. “It has been learned,” or “sources tell us,” are Trump. Always ask yourself, who leaked this, why did they do it? Except for a departed people in the White House, the “leaks,” were just set-up stories Trump gave them, for his own benefit. These are not great investigative reporters, they are shills for Trump. And Maggie is the worst of those.

    Yes, every time I think of the last campaign, I become incensed again. The only thing I can compare it to is a bad high school, where a coterie of students try to make life miserable for someone, just out of jealousy, hatred, and spite. Everything they wear is laughed at; everything they say is mocked. It can ruin someone’s life. At least it is obvious to those not in the coterie that it is all a cruel game, there is no “there” there. But in the campaign, all of this hatred and spite was disguised as legitimate analysis. Hillary would go out day after day and give speeches filled with intelligent policy, and the media would ignore them, and then attack her for never talking about policy. They mocked her clothes, her laugh, her getting pneumonia. Andrea Mitchell never failed to tell us that ‘Hillary has a trust issue,” except that she is very trustworthy, always has been; and the “issue” was created by Andrea Mitchell. The emails were a ludicrous invented red herring, but the media acted as if they were the Nixon tapes. Over and over, day after day. Combine that with the millions of fake stories on Facebook, plus the massive voter suppression, plus no VRMA in effect for the first time since 1964, and Hillary faced more enemies and obstacles than any candidate in a century. But Maggie still insists that Hillary “blew the election,” and it was all her own fault. That either evinces psychological sickness on her part, or it is part of her idee fixe, which is an abiding hatred of Hillary Clinton.

    But Maggie has to even go further, and paint herself as the victim of mean people on Twitter, the vast majority of whom actually care about the country, unlike Maggie. And of course she isn’t actually going away; she and Dowd will continue to blame their bete noir HIllary for everything, while suggesting that Trump is actually a pretty good guy with a tough job. It is almost a religion with these people: the central tenet is “HIllary is the cause of all the evils in the world,” and then everything in this cult springs from that First Cause. And if Hillary had ever spoken up about this, they would have laughed with glee as they burned her at the stake.

  7. NOT just MAGA Maggie, we have MAGA Dowd, of course!

    • I think that the Iraq Resolution passed 76-21 or so.So had Hillary voted against it, the vote would have been 75-22. Kerry voted for it, as did Edwards. If the Bush Administration had not been lying, and if there were WMDs, those who voted against would have been despised through history. Further, the NYT reporter Judith Miller banged the drums for war all year. But as I said above, this cult always brings it back to Hillary. It really is insanity.

  8. Watch this. It’s sooooo satisfying.

  9. We have the “liberal” New York Times” to thank for the ridiculous Whitewater investigation. Then publisher, Howell Raines (Dowd’s lover) hated and despised Bill Clinton and, by association, Hillary. I agree with RD, Legacy Hire Haberman needs to just go away and take Little Jimmy Dickens’ advice: “Take an old, cold tater and wait.”

    • I didn’t know that Raines and Dowd were lovers. What a disgrace to ethical journalism. I don’t remember who was publisher when Dowd got elevated to the position formerly held by John Simon, but she is singularly unqualified for it. I don’t care who likes whom, or who is sleeping with whom, but when it obviously colors one’s journalistic pieces, it has no place at a reputable newspaper. Apparently the NYT caused the five-year ridiculousness that was Whitewater; the “manly” (Dowd’s take) Bush beating the “wimpy” Gore; the lies which fueled the Iraq War;; funding right-wing hit piece book “Clinton Cash”‘; about 500 email stories; the deliberately political headline about “:Clinton campaign jolted by new emails,” (which of course weren’t new, as their buddies in the SDNY FBI could have told them); and the Russian propaganda narrative that Trump was a good guy, the real dove, the person who cared about the common folk. That is some journalistic legacy for the NYT. They should be folding, not the revered NYDN.

    • Oh, that guy Howell Raines recently surfaced on TV during Roy Moore fiasco.

  10. And when we have taken back this country:

    Russia delenda est.

  11. Why? MAGA Maggie said there was ONLY ONE tape!

  12. YES!!! I have wondered why the Buffets, Gates, and others don’t do this? Set up shop in most of local and national markets and do your due diligence on local and national news.

    • I would not disagree with that. The media is being taken over by the Far Right. We have waited for years for some reasonable moderate who cares about the truth, to start or buy a network. Now the papers are all being bought by the Right;.Pretty soon, there will be no place to go for legitimate journalism.. Except for the Washington Post, which Trump is desperately trying to damage. Tom Steyer could much better use his money to fund a media empire. He could even put himself on TV every day, if that is what he wants.

      • As it seemed that the sale of Tribune Media to Sinclair was being finalized, I wondered why George Soros and others had not stepped in to create their own radio and television network. The deal for Sinclair to buy the Tribune stations appears dead as it would have concentrated too many stations in one market. It was just a few months ago that the journalists on Sinclair owned stations were required to read a news release about “fake news.”

        Since I live in the Chicago area, the news about this sale is something I have been following since it was announced.

        The link below has a good synopsis of the deal.


  13. He MAY have high approval numbers among Republicans but what if the overall Rs number is drastically shrinking? We have a saying in my native language, the last man remaining in a ruined village, is the overlord of it. Reporters should also report if it is 70% of 30% R or 70% of 20% R. Reporters these days don’t know math, don’t know law, don’t know technology…

  14. In case anyone needed another reason to love Mark Hamill…

  15. Sign at tonight’s protest: “Agolf Twitter”

  16. What is happening with Rand Paul?

  17. YuruYuri cr@wd@d repellent:

    Tomorrow is Akari Akaza’s birthday.

  18. Whether you are Democrat or Republican or whatever… if this does not anger you, you just don’t care about what is happening to your country. Period. {and at a high school leadership summit? were there young students?}

  19. So the hillbillies devour this stuff in the tweets, right? Right? He is a laughingstock, an embarrassment, an international embarrassment.

    • This is straight out of Goebbels and “1984.” and the Russian propaganda playbook. The belief is that the people are so stupid, that they will believe any lie; and that they are so desperate to hold on to their adoration for the tyrant leader, that they will latch on to any insane story. That someone, Trump or someone else in his circle, wrote that tweet, is actually horrifying. Orwell had his flaws, anti-semitism being the greatest of them, but he indelibly described the power of lies told over and over again until people believed them.

      Actually, the Trump administration is worse than could be imagined. We knew the policies would be awful. But he is not only a would-be dictator, he seems willing to start a real civil war, where his followers have the guns. In a sane country, people would either mock this tweet, or would say it categorically proves that he should be committed,either as mentally deranged, or a traitor to America. What kind of human being would think to write or approve that tweet? And of course no member of the media will be able to question him about it. And most of the media will just consider it as another talking point to debate. “Trump now claims that Russia is interfering with the election to help Democrats. But Democrats say Russia wants to help Trump. Who is right?”

  20. I think I mis-typed what this sign said up thread.

  21. “Michael Cohen was working for Hillary.” “Hillary collaborated with Russia, and Putin wanted her to win, and wrote many fake news stories to help her..” “We are helping the farmers, because unlike the Democrats, we care about their livelihoods. They can pay back the loans in a few months, after they make record profits.” “The reason medical insurance costs are going up is that the Democrats were against the free market setting the prices.” “Democrats are the cause of the air and water being polluted, because they forced corporations to abide by regulations. If they had let them use asbestos, we would be much better off.” “Fake news claim record temperatures in California. This is a Chinese hoax, the temperatures are actually quite cool.”

  22. This needs to happen everywhere… and the media needs to write about it. Not chasing some trump supporter somewhere. His support is not more than 30% and we need to harp on it and reclaim our majority. Media needs to tell the truth to save the country.

  23. So, we have an Attorney General who chants “lock her up” at a high school event. Shall we take a moment to let that sink in? Lock up a citizen who has never been convicted of a crime, high or low.

    • He, trump and their ilk never deserved to win let alone govern a country. They should have been banished from public life long time ago.

    • Of all the disgraceful things they did and still continue to do, I find this chant one of the most galling and uncivilized thing ever. Of course, there is the family separation and putting infants in cages as the lowest of the lows. What have they done?!

  24. I am by nature reticent and have held back too often around certain family and friends, knowing my words would be spoken in vain. But this one made me roar.

  25. Cuteness break. Happy Birthday, Akari-chan!

  26. You all remember this from the Helsinki presser. Seeing the transcript, how can this not be collusion? ‘I help him win the election because he was going make our relations normal, meaning no sanctions at the very least.’

  27. Ha… this is interesting thread and why would (or wouldn’t) Pootie do it? He is having fun.

  28. Maggie “Legacy Hire” Haberman wrote a goodbye, cruel world letter. She folded it, placed it an envelope marked To Whom It May Concern and sealed it but not with a kiss. She put it on the nightstand, breathed deeply, picked up the revolver, cocked it and placed it…

  29. Why did Ghooliani out this tape to NYT last week? Mimi Roca explained it well on I think Brian Williams show last night. Because it would have been given no attorney-client privilege and worse it would have been given a crime-fraud exception and therefore released to the prosecutors. More lawyers on the shows please and less of clueless (and certainly NYT, looking at you, Peters) reporters (reporter Emily Jane Fox was explaining it as trump minions taking away the leverage from Cohen, but it is worse).

  30. Where did the Trump even come from? I ran across a very good comment which offers a very good theory. In this view, Trump could be viewed as yet another gift from the Obamaturd . . . the stink that keeps on stinking. Anyway, here is the comment.

    July 24, 2018 at 7:05 pm
    I like to point out to the committed liberals, they own why Trump ran for president. It began at the 2011 WH correspondents dinner with President Obama filleting Trump and Seth Myers skewering him, “Donald Trump has been saying he will run for president as a republican which is surprising since I assumed he was running as a joke.” Considering the WH correspondents dinner is to roast the president, I would not be surprised that Obama had deliberately invited Trump to taunt him in a public forum hoping that Trump would run as the republican (haha) candidate- seriously who’d vote for The Donald?

    Would Trump have considered running if he wasn’t the late-nite committed liberal celebrities, politicians and media butt of one-liner jokes? It seems they all forgot the Celebrity Apprentice featuring Trump as ‘the best business brain’ whose audience was 7 to 12 million voters over a 7 year period. That was an enormous amount of air time for the audience, uhm- Trump’s middle america voters getting to know him while watching CA in their family rooms every Sunday. Possibly more than any previous candidate had prior to running for an election. Way to go Barry….

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