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      A lot of mistakes come from assuming rationality means “thinks the same way I do” rather than “reasons from premises I might not share.” Left than 1/1000 economists predicted the financial collapse, because they reasoned from assumptions like “the market is self-correcting” or “housing prices never go down.” (Sometimes both at the same time, which is rarely […]
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Talking heads, don’t try to overthink this moment

Are Democrats all going socialist? No. Do we welcome Democratic Socialists into our party. Yes. Did we like Bernie Sanders ideas? Yes. Did we like the way Bernie Sanders let his inner narcissist out in 2016? No.

Do we like Conor Lamb? Yes. Do we like Doug Jones? Yes. Do we like Heidi Heitcamp? Well, her constituents do. We can count on her for some important votes.

We are not all going all “knit your own sandals”. Are some of us going more left and “let’s all go in this together because that way we have more negotiating power and can force bulk discounts”? Yes.

This is the God’s honest truth: there is the Democratic Party and then there is the Nationalist Republican Party. There’s more variety and spirit in the Democratic Party right now. It’s energized, it’s forward thinking and it’s pissed off and taking names.

I personally welcome our democratic socialist overlords as long as they are actual Democrats and want to bring new ideas to the table.

They aren’t going to take over the party but so what if there are more of them if what America really wants is Finnish baby boxes, Medicare for All, affordable higher education and giving working people more ability to control their lives?

That’s a bad thing?

“There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?”

George Bernard Shaw


And now a reminder and Public Service Announcement to those of you who are playing whack-a-mole with those online harassers who want to intimidate you and drown out your voice:

They don’t know you. So what if they think you’re fat, ugly, <fill in the blank>. They only say that sh*t because women, especially, are conditioned to take it personally. So don’t. Because…

The internet is the great equalizer. You can say whatever you like and express any political opinion and get your own blog and no one can shut you up. You control the horizontal and the vertical. If some asshole troll starts to harass you, you can block them or vote them off the island or…

Play with them before you eat them. The great thing about the Internet is you have a grace period to come back with some devastating, humiliating, witty response that will make them run for their mommies. Double down on it and don’t let up. Channel your inner Michael Avenatti and take the MFers on. They think liberals are soft and squishy. Show them that you’re not and don’t be afraid because…

In the end, we’re all just little black pixels on a display. Their little black pixels cannot hurt you. They don’t have the energy to get off their sofas to come get you so don’t let them get under your skin. You have as much power as they do. Even more. Eat red meat, take some heads, roar, do it again and again and Don’t. Back. Down.

Now, I want each one of you go out there and bring me 100 scalps of some dissed Republican Nazis and Russian Vodka infused Bernie Bros.

Sound good?

(Amnesty to all the Trumpers who are coming out of their psychogenic fugue states and are wondering what the hell just happened to them. Give them some online chocolate and tell them they’ll feel better soon)


I like where Brian is going with this:


42 Responses

  1. I am afraid Bernie and his people will play spoilers again. He didn’t pay any price for the part he played in 2016. Remember the name Tad Devine!

    • Some Bernie supporters may have sat our 2016. Some may have gone Green. But the vast majority ended up voting Democratic (with varying levels of enthusiasm), in spite of the DNC’s stacking of the deck during the primary process. If you think slagging the Left 40-something% of the party is a good way to achieve unity, then I think you’re pretty sorely mistaken. Personally, I found it refreshing to hear a Democratic Presidential candidate who didn’t sound ashamed of the New Deal.

      • I have nothing against his supporters who saw the light and who saw the danger in trump enough to put aside their own feelings and vote for Hillary. But Bernie’s own behavior through out 2016 was abominable and his behavior even now is distasteful. Just go away! Nobody stacked any deck during the primary process. In fact, welcoming him to run on the Democratic party using its resources even as he pronounced he was not a Democrat was quite charitable on the part of the Democrats and they needn’t have done it. We don’t also know anything about the Russian influence to prop him up and pump him up to hurt Hillary. Why was he one of two votes not to support sanctions on Russia?

  2. I dunno, RD, the Republicans are pretty diverse. They’ve got everyone from fairly rational traditional conservatives like Mitt Romney to honest-to-Cthulhu Nazis these days. That’s actually a pretty wide spectrum of opinions.

    • How much voice do the still-somewhat-rational Repubs have in their party any longer?

      • We’ll see – some of them were publicly appalled at Trump’s Neville Chamberlain impression in Helsinki.

        • Appalled enough to tweet… BFD, let me know when any R of national substance does something.

        • A handful spoke out about his love of Putin. The vast majority of Republicans either said nothing or actually praised his Treason Summit.

  3. I like what Hillary says in the video! Boot Bernie bros out of the party if they can’t distinguish between a candidate who won the primaries and then the other one who should never be voted into office.

    • What makes me mad, is that if he was true to his own ideals, Bernie would have understood what a danger trump would be and graciously put all his support behind the only candidate that could stop trump which was Hillary. He didn’t.

      • In possible defense of Bernie, perhaps he simply thought Trump could never win.

        Remember, the Tangerine Traitor’s alleged victory wasn’t a single black swan event; it was a perfect storm of multiple black swan events–most especially including unprecedented interference by a foreign authoritarian kleptocracy.

        • Not going to give him any inch. He acted irresponsibly.

        • As well as some significant missteps on the part of Hillary’s campaign. Spending all her time running up her vote totals in the Northeast and California because her campaign assumed she had the battleground states in the bag was a really bad move. I chalk that up to Mark Penn being every bit as inept in 2016 as he was in 2008. God only knows why she keeps paying him.

          • Mark Penn was not part of her 2016 campaign and she spent the last days campaigning in places like NC not California.

  4. I see bumper stickers ‘FeeltheBern’ and think Feel the Burn?

  5. This is troubling… they have pushed the protesters back to the street curb. The Lafayette park itself looks barricaded. I was there this afternoon and it was all cordoned off and was hoping they may open it up but no. This is their ploy to discourage these protesters. Not liking this at all!

  6. RD, if I link a tweet, say your tweet here in this blog, is there a notification going back to your twitter account?

  7. Surprise! Who knew? Not the Democrats on this blog. Media can make or break any of these female politicians. They rejoice in their power.

  8. Benedict Donald’s HHS is preparing to delete 20 years’ worth of medical guidelines. 👿


    This will further reduce the average quality of health care in the USA, thus reducing general public health in the USA, thus weakening the USA, thus furthering the goals of the true head of the GOP, Vladimir Satanovich Putin.

    Thanks a fucking heap, Mean and Stupid White Folks of Real Amurka. The whole filthy lot of you deserve to be disenfranchised.

  9. There are different rules for Democrats. Democrats are not allowed to have differences of opinion, or to be at different part of the spectrum. Democrats are either too far to the Left, or too far to the Right, at least according to the implicit rules.. I do not care if we have an avowed Democratic Socialist running for Congress in NY. And I do not care if Democrats in deep Red states like WV or ND or IN, have to tack more to the Right. Democrats were always like that. I do not care, as long as they vote with Democrats in the Congress, because that is where laws are made, not om Twitter. I never even minded Sanders, until he ran as a faux Democrat, and spent his time attacking Hillary, who is a classic New Deal Democrat, and can actually accomplish things, unlike Sanders.

    Clearly, the Republicans are going to try to paint the Democrats as both too Left and too Right, depending upon whom they are trying to convince. And we know that the media will jump right in, because they love the “Democrats in disarray,” “Are Democrats blowing the election because they ate going too far?” themes. We cannot afford to have another election where the Left complains about everything, including losing the nomination. I do not want Joe Biden to be the nominee, but we may have to stomach him, if the alternative is someone whom Sanders supports. I am hoping for someone who is a liberal, and whom most can get behind. A real problem is that the Republicans are all the same, have the same agenda. They always fall in line. That’s why they are hard to beat; they have all the money, and will lie about everything to win. Democrats need to get back to a time when they swallowed their differences at election time. And by the way,’neoliiberal” is a ridiculous term, I do not even know that is supposed to mean, other than that it is the Left’s term of dismissal for anyone who is not far to the Left. Hillary ran on the most progressive platform of any Democratic presidential candidate since Dukakis, but the Left hated her because they adored Sanders, who likely was used and supported by Russia.

    • I agree with everything you say. Keep writing.

    • Sanders Russia problem is going to be a real hindrance to the party. He really needs to be kicked to the curb since Trump can continually point to the Russians saying Bernie was “their guy” and the fact that Devine worked with Manafort in the Ukraine and Bernie still has not released his taxes like Trump.

  10. Madoka damn it. 😡

  11. LOCK HIM UP!

  12. I had not seen this tweet from MAGA Maggie and she wonders why she gets the hate.

    • Not only should we bring back the Fairness Doctrine, it should be expanded to other media as well.

    • Legacy Hire Haberman needs to shut the fuck up.

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