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We were warned

This is The Briefing that the Clinton campaign put out before the election in 2016:

I saw this at the time and I had read a lot of different sources to back it up. So, it didn’t seem far fetched or conspiratorial. They were pretty measured in their presentation, citing only the facts they knew and asking questions about things they didn’t know. Maybe they should have gone all crazy hyperbolic like the Republicans were doing. That might have gotten more attention. Probably Maggie Haberman would have written about how the unlikeable Hillary was desperately trying to deflect attention away from her emails or something like that.

I took this seriously but what if you aren’t a political junky?

It’s probably worse than we think. The handler for Mariia Butina laid out the scenario in 2015 assuming pretty confidently that Republicans would win in 2016.

My tin foil antenna were twitching after August 2016 when both Trump and the media tried to pin Hillary down on what she would do if’s she lost Pennsylvania. That was unlikely at the time, so why PA specifically? It made me think that Trump knew that PA was going to go his way so for it to go Hillary’s way would mean she was going to steal it from him. Like hacking the hackers.

More and more, I’m beginning to think that Hillary actually won the election and that vote totals were changed. It would explain the 3 million vote discrepancy. I can see how 2000 happened with Gore. The vote difference was minute. But 3 million more votes for Clinton and she still lost? Let’s just say I am a skeptic. It feels like PA should have gone her way. I’m just waiting for the evidence.

I think it’s out there. It will surface one way or another.

It’s not too late to turn against Trump, oh you lurkers out there. You can call your senator or congressman and express your discomfort. This is the best time to do it. In a few weeks, all the avenues to make your views known might be disabled to you and America as we know it will be no more.

I only wish I were crazy hyperbolic.


And another thing:

Politico posted today about how 68% of Republicans still support and believe Trump after this week’s disasters. Wow, that sounds like a lot, especially to Americans who are as bad at math as I am. Fortunately, this is one problem I can solve.

Approximately 25% of the country’s voters are registered as Republicans. If 68% of them are still supporting Trump, that’s:

.68 x .25 = .17

Or 17% of Americans support Trump.


Nixon resigned when he got to about 25%

The Republicans should have forced him out by now instead of doubling down because these numbers suggest that they’re definitely going to lose complete stranglehold of Congress in November.

Unless they allow the election to be hacked in their favor. That might explain why fixing the system keeps getting voted down by Republicans in the House. They don’t want to fix it because it’s not broken for them.

But think about it. If they retain Congress in November, that means our country will be governed by a tiny minority.

Amnesty, Trump voters, means that we accept you back. But it comes with responsibilities.


Speaking of responsibility, PA Governor Tom Wolf is already on the election issue:

I don’t know how much it would cost and I am skeptical as to whether the Republicans who have a lock on the PA legislature will go along with it but I would like to see the state convert to mail in paper ballots. PA’s voting machines do not currently have a paper trail, making them a tempting target to the Russians in 2016.

31 Responses

  1. so why PA specifically? It made me think that Trump knew that PA was going to go his way so for it to go Hillary’s way would mean she was going to steal it from him.

    Trying to fish out what she or her campaign knew? I think trump and his handler pootie (and the GOP) would have made Hillary’s presidency hell. We have to root this evil out, republican party and everything related, here and now.

  2. So Cohen has secret tapes, surprise! surprise! Maybe that is why trump was not so forthcoming about his pardon for Cohen. In fact, emptyfeel mused on this a few weeks ago, that maybe trump saw CYA material in Cohen’s raided docs and why he was not so eager to defend/protect him.

  3. Did you see this from Amy Siskind this morning?

    “Alexander Torshin from Feb 2016. Imagine what our Justice Dept has!

    “Maria Butina is now in the United States. Writes to me that D. Trump (member of NRA) is really for cooperation with Russia.”

    And here it is in Russian…..
    А.П. Торшин
    Verified account
    Мария Бутина сейчас в США. Пишет мне, что Д.Трамп (член NRA) реально за сотрудничество с Россией. https://twitter.com/lentaruoffici…/status/698738366662234112

    • Omg. Is that the smoking gun??

    • You all have seen the video of Butina asking trump a question at some right wing conference in 2015 and apparently, aides Bannon and Priebus fretted about that video worrying how trump knew to call on her and have a ready answer for her question (about sanctions).

  4. I am pretty well certain that the election was rigged, which is probably why Trump kept saying it, so that Democrats would be compelled to say that it wasn’t, and that they would accept the results. Exactly how it was fixed will never come to light. It could h ave been the two million or so Democratic voters who were taken off the voting rolls. We know that about 300,000 were illegally disenfranchised in Wisconsin, and many more in Pennsylvania. So even if the actual vote totals were not changed, that is still rigging the election. In WI, there was this ID law which their own court said was unconstitutional, and ordered the state to provide these IDs, but Walker and Co. never did it. The media was too invested in snarking at Hillary, and the DOJ apparently did nothing in terms of suing the state. The Republicans’ playbook has always been to cheat, win, and then it is a fait accompli, no matter what is discovered later.

    And vote totals could have been changed as well. About two weeks before the election, Manafort, then ostensibly out of the campaign, wrote “watch PA, WI and MI.” Was he basing that on polling totals? Very unlikely. As to this idiotic, “Why didn’t Hillary campaign in WI,”, every poll had her 4-6 points ahead. About a week before the election, the Loras Poll, the gold standard in WI, had her with that lead. You don’t campaign in states you are sure to win. And why would Manafort mention those three states? I actually had a dream last night, that it was the midterms, and I was watching almost incomprehensible results; Republicans were winning race after race, and the media was talking about how they had done it again. And in my dream I realized that it was all fixed, there was no hope, the voting machines and totals were hacked, and it would always be that way. Just a dream, but we see that the Republicans just voted down a bill to enhance voting security, Maybe we will win this time, but maybe not enough seats; or they will save the major hacking for 2020

    I remember Sam Wang, the Princeton statistician, stating a day or so before the election, that his models, of course based on polls and their extrapolation, gave Hillary something like a 99.99% chance to win. And of course after the election, he was mocked. But he wasn’t wrong; polls are usually very accurate at that point. We saw states (WI, PA) where the voting results were 4-5 points off the last poll numbers. Either that is because the polls did not take into account the massive numbers of people who thought they could vote but had been taken off the rolls, or it is because the vote totals had been changed. I suppose there is this dim possibility that the pollsters were just wrong in all these states, but it would be unprecedented since the advent of advanced modern polling techniques. And afterward, the media did not want to hear anything Hillary had to say about it. This while Trump had been preparing his people to march on Washington with assault weapons had he lost.

    • The polls also didn’t account for people who didn’t bother to vote because they thought a Hillary victory was in the bag.

  5. “Nixon resigned when he got to about 25%”

    The difference, of course, is that impeachment proceedings were already underway. Even then, Nixon didn’t resign until Barry Goldwater visited him at the White House and informed him that his conviction in the Senate was a certainty because only 15 Senators were prepared to vote to acquit if his impeachment went to trial (far short of the 34 he needed to remain in office). A number of other Republican and Southern Democratic senators also pressured him to quit.

    He didn’t quit over the poll numbers. He quit to avoid the shame of being removed from office. I don’t think Trump has any sense of shame, so I don’t think the precedent is relevant.

    • That sounds right.
      Nevertheless, it doesn’t look good for the GOP unless they are blissfully unconcerned about losing the election in November.

      • Personally I think they are very worried about November but they are not going to show it. I think it’s one of the reasons that there was such a hurry to put Kavanaugh on the bench. They know this is their last chance. They couldn’t wait for Kennedy to retire and take the chance of Kennedy retiring next year or after the 2020 elections.

    • He has no sense of shame but I am sure he fears jail and losing his fortune whatever is left of it.

      • It’s premature to be discussing that. There are no impeachment proceedings, Mueller hasn’t revealed anything that directly implicates Trump (although that may certainly be coming), and (although I hate to admit it) jail is pretty unlikely given the Presidential pardon authority. Ford’s pardon of Nixon established the precedent that a President can pardon offenses that haven’t even been charged yet, so it would be easy for President Pence to prevent Trump’s prosecution “for the good of the country”. There are plenty of legal scholars who have noted that there’s no Constitutional prohibition against a President pardoning himself/herself, for that matter. That would probably end up before SCOTUS. I think we all know how that would turn out.

        I don’t think Trump would lose much of his fortune, either. Even under a RICO prosecution or civil asset forfeiture, I think you’d still have to tie specific assets to an ongoing criminal enterprise. I suspect a pardon would short-circuit that – even if it didn’t I would think he’d hold onto a pretty substantial fortune.

        After all, Kushner’s dad went to prison, got released, and walked right back into the C-suite, where he continued business as usual. I don’t think it would be any different for DJT. Justice is different for the wealthy.

        • I think Trump’s only real incarceration risk would be from a state prosecution. The President’s pardon power is limited to Federal offenses.

        • I think that Trump has easily committed enough offenses to be legitimately impeached. Asking Russia to find Hillary’s emails. The Trump Tower meeting and the subsequent lies about it. Ignoring Intelligence assessments and consistently saying that Russia did not interfere with the election. Various illegal emoluments he has taken.Manipulating the stock market.; his friends and cabinet seem to have been profiting off them. Somehow putting a coterie of Russian assets like Flynn, Page,, Manafort, into his inner circle. Obstruction of justice by firing Comey for the”Russiant thing.” Making deals with Putin without informing Congress or anyone else. And there are plenty more. He may have caused the death of our best source in Russia, the one who revealed the order to hack the election. The only way that story was released is that the source is no longer extant. Did Trump reveal this source to Russia so they could kill him? Did he lead to the death of Israeli sources whom he revealed to the Russians in the Oval Office?

          Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about a consensual affair.. That was simply because the Republicans hated him, and had been trying for five years to impeach him. So obviously, impeachment is what the Congress says it is.; the Republicans in the ’90’s set the standard extraordinarily low. Conviction is another matter, it has never happened. Andrew Johnson escaped by one “profile in courage” (based on the JFK book) vote by a senator from Kansas. It is pretty hard to imagine 67 senators voting to convict, but I’m sure that there are going to be horrifying revelations still to come. But I do not think I would impeach in the House, unless I were pretty sure I could convict in the other body of Congress . In the case of Clinton, they knew they could never convict him, they just wanted to embarrass him, impede his governance, and have him go down in history as having been impeached. He left the White House with a 65% approval rating. Democrats might play it differently even if they win the House. And if Pence is the result, then it is a different problem.. I am beginning to think that Trump will not be on the ballot in 2020, one way or another. But I am sure that he has committed impeachable offenses, even with just what we know now.

          • Pence is every bit as dirty as Trump. Remember Manafort is the one that picked Pence to be the VP. However if we have to remove Trump by impeachment then by the time that is done there will be no time to get rid of Pence before the 2020 election. Pence we probably will have to beat at the polls if it comes to that.

          • Even if Trump were to be impeached by the House, the odds of conviction in the Senate are pretty much nil unless Mueller can come up with overwhelming evidence against him. Remember it takes a 2/3 majority in the Senate to convict. The Republicans currently have a 51-49 majority, There are only 8 currently Republican Senate seats up for election this year. Even if the Republicans lose every single Senate election in 2018, the absolute best the Democrats can hope for is 57-43 majority (counting Bernie as a Democrat). That’s 10 votes shy of the number required to convict – which means you’d need to convince a quarter of the Republicans (and *all* of the Democrats) to get a conviction.

            That might happen in Νεφελοκοκκυγία, but it ain’t gonna happen here in the US of A, barring some really stunning revelations from Mueller or Trump doing something incredibly ham-fisted like firing Mueller. The Great Tragedy of Science rears its ugly head yet again.

          • OK, Prop, what is the Greek word and what does it mean, and what is the Great Tragedy Of Science? 😕

          • Oh, wait–nephelokokkugia–Cloud-Cuckoo-Land?

        • Seriously I think he is going to end up incarcerated and frankly we don’t know how much money Trump actually has. He really might have to start selling off properties to pay lawyers. He refuses to release his tax returns. He’s been running a scam in NY for decades. It is going to catch up with him and frankly I think he is going to be put in jail simply as a warning to other people who think they can get away with doing the same thing Trump has done and then skate with a pardon.

          • He’ll only end up incarcerated if some state charges and convicts him under state law, unless of course he loses to a Democrat in 2020 and is subsequently charged. If he’s impeached and removed, Pence will preemptively pardon him (or he’ll pardon himself beforehand, which would set off an honest-to-God constitutional crisis). Ford’s pardon of Nixon will be cited as precedent, everyone inside the Beltway will mouth platitudes about how “the system worked, it was all “for the good of the country”, and how we should be “putting the past behind us”. He’ll go back to playing golf, banging porn actresses, dodging his creditors, and scamming investors.

          • Even if he is incarcerated, it’ll be in Club Fed or the state equivalent thereof (like Kushner, Sr.). It’ll be a vacation. He’ll work on his putting.

  6. Putin cyber-hacked Michigan’s paper ballots. Is there nothing he can’t do?

    • I don’t recall RD, or William, or anyone else claiming he did.

      Besides, the GOP doesn’t need to call its master, Tsar Pooty, to hack paper ballots when they can rig the eligibility laws to exclude likely Democratic voters in a selective fashion.

      But then, you’re quite remarkable at escaping justice yourself, Blizzy–and quite energetic, too, since you still find time to post trash here between your cruises to the playgrounds to find little boys and girls to r@pe.

      Bon appetit, Ratzi.

    • Hi Blizz! I see you are still trying to twist yourself into knots defending Mr. Softy. I’m not surprised he had to enlist the assistance of Russia to get elected since he wasn’t going to be able to do it on his own. That must drive him crazy day after day, knowing he wasn’t good enough, having someone throwing the fact that Hillary was actually more popular and liked.
      That must be why he brings it up at press conferences so much. He “won” (jury is currently out on that”) but not without Vlad’s help. And he knows it but can’t acknowledge it because it makes him look weak and small. Well, we know he’s not small in the height and gut department. Don’t know about his “stamina”.
      I have no idea why you guys hitched your wagon to such a loser. Come to think of it, his rallies are sort of for losers too who have the same kind of self doubts. Not good enough, not as good as Ruiz the landscape architect, can’t get laid. No wonder you guys are in a perpetually bad mood.

      • No money, no sex. No wonder they all want to be like trump. He is one of their own but has money for sex.

  7. Best comment:

    “My daughter is only eight, and if I talked about how great I was for 30 seconds, she’d spend 29 of those seconds rolling her eyes and making fart noises.

    …and I’m not saying she’d be wrong.” 😆

  8. WaPo article, so if you used up all your freebies and can’t or won’t make Jeff McDuck Bezos even richer, you might not be able to read it.

    Paul Waldman has erred, I think, in using the present progressive tense instead of the present perfect tense.

    The entire Republican Party is becoming a Russian asset 👿


  9. Remember when those horrible liberals (moderates, by the standards of other Western countries) were running this country and WE WERE PUTTING MEN ON THE FUCKING MOON?


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