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    • Rationality Is A Process, Not A Conclusion (Nuclear Weapons Edition)
      A lot of mistakes come from assuming rationality means “thinks the same way I do” rather than “reasons from premises I might not share.” Left than 1/1000 economists predicted the financial collapse, because they reasoned from assumptions like “the market is self-correcting” or “housing prices never go down.” (Sometimes both at the same time, which is rarely […]
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A couple of months ago, I took a Gallup Strengths finding survey. It’s 170 questions, 20 minutes and they give you your top 5 strengths according to the Clifton Strengths. Four out of five of mine were in the same Category, which makes me a bit lopsided. The outlier and number one strength was:


Now, some of the dude bros are going to see this as confirming their theory of women being too soft and squishy for STEM professions or some such nonsense. But it actually fits right in with being a geek.

Here’s the detail based on my answers to those questions:



People who are especially talented in the Connectedness theme have faith in the links between all things. They believe there are few coincidences and that almost every event has a reason.


What makes you stand out?

Because of your strengths, you sense every event is somehow the consequence of a series of actions, reactions, or lack of actions. You can accept that which cannot be fully explained using logic. You say there are no accidents. You are confident that things are linked together for a purpose that may or may not be revealed to you. Chances are good that you choose to join groups whose members discuss ethics — that is, issues of right and wrong — philosophy, or the consequences of current events. Give-and-take conversations stimulate your mind. You undoubtedly link together ideas no one else ever considered pairing. It’s very likely that you consider people more important than things. The value you place on humankind guides your decision-making. It also influences what you say and do as well as what you choose not to say and do. Driven by your talents, you sometimes like to help people overcome obstacles that prevent them from linking up with one another. This partially explains why you engage certain newcomers or outsiders in small talk as well as serious discussions. Instinctively, you sense you are not all alone in the world. You probably feel linked with every person and living thing. This openness explains why you invite a vast array of people to participate in conversations, activities, social events, or groups

I gasped when I read that. They should have just said, “best unpaid profession for you is blogger”. But more than that, when I was looking at a protein ligand complex in my previous life, trying to understand why it worked, I used to say to myself that even if I didn’t immediately see it or understand it, the fact that it worked meant that there was an underlying reason and mechanism and if I looked at it long enough, the answer would reveal itself. And it almost always did.


The reason I bring this up is even Trumpsters are part of humanity. I know we tend to think of them as a separate species but it’s true. I have had a lot of very uncharitable thoughts about them lately. But with all of the things Trump has done this week, they’ve got to be feeling uncomfortable.

So maybe we should think of different ways of easing them back into the collective American conscience. I’d like for the more supremacist Trumpsters to read Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond. It should be compulsory. But for right now, I’d just like them to know that it’s ok to turn away from Trump. I’m offering them amnesty for the rest of the month.

Every one of us has a soft spot that’s easy to manipulate. There are no exceptions. It makes us human. Now is the time to wake up. You will never have had so much power as you will when connect with us.

I do not know right now how we can bring ourselves together again but I know that we have been there in the past and if we look and listen intently, the answer will be revealed to us.

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  1. They should have just said, “best unpaid profession for you is blogger”.

    hey, hey, I paid a ‘subscription’ recently, 😉

    I suppose we have to give them an opportunity to save face. My nephew (by marriage) has a brother in CA who voted for trump and I so want to ask my nephew what he thinks now but in the interest of family peace, I won’t.

    • Thank you for your subscription! I go on vacay in September.
      I guess maybe we shouldn’t immediately bite their heads off if they bring up feeling uncomfortable with Trump.
      Or something. Maybe a variation of when they go low, we go high.
      Let me know what works.

    • Oh, I wanted to say about your unpaid profession, you are doing a public service (which is usually a labor of love and not much else) providing safe space for many people to share their thoughts and ideas. I was stranded after this election and I was made to feel unwelcome on another blog and I was thinking that person could have been nice and charitable in difficult times and I very much appreciate that you have provided that space here.

  2. when they go low, we go high

    My issue with this is that over the years they have gone so low, and we tend to just stay static. At some point you would think that they would have gone low enough that at least all the Democrats in congress would call them out. I haven’t seen that yet.

    • You may be right that some of them are unreachable. But we might be able to collect the rest.
      We have to try.

  3. OK, at what point everybody does something about this? Are we just at the stage of identifying the “problem” now?

  4. Related to RD’s sentiments in this post (I generally have a hard time with being gracious like that, 😉 ):

    • This is the context for that comment. How many Republicans are coming to this conclusion, if not that he is a Russian asset, at least that he does not have US interests, he is corrupt and incompetent and will hurt the US?

  5. OMG!! I literally gasped.

  6. It is not just the LYING for a year and half, but covering up for a foreign adversary, aiding and abetting… IT IS THE COVER UP (for a foreign adversary)! I hope the media with its big megaphone assumes different language expressions and priorities in talking about this issue. And don’t forget he talked to the foreign adversary about giving up US citizens and one of them being the ambassador!

    • Bindi, you are a foreign adversary. Russia is foreign, but also a white Christian nation and thus a friend.

      • FWIW, I am not a Christian either.
        And Russia is not America. I don’t think most Americans want to live like Russians. Your vote REALLY wouldn’t count in Russia and it has a dark and horrific history. Yeah, let’s not go there. We don’t have to.

        • Aspiring to be Russia, bankrupt morally and financially. Where did their ‘Christian’ parents go wrong?

      • I do not think “Christian” means what Blizzy thinks it means.

        I suspect Blizzy is one of those people to whom “Christianity” is a mere badge of tribal identity., rather than an effort to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.

      • You came to the wrong place to peddle your tripe.

      • I am supposed to get offended by that? Motherfuckers like you turning this wonderful country into a corrupt third world is more offensive. I have contributed to the growth of this country in my short 30 years than you or your forefathers judging by who you are and what you’re doing now.

      • IIRC, Blizzy is a “furriner” as well.

        One guess what he thinks the important difference is.

      • BTW, Ozzy Osborne deserves a better class of fan.

  7. I will read Guns, Germs and Steel if you read Gregory Clark’s A Farewell to Alms.

    • Fair enough. I’d lend you my copy but I’m not sure how I’d get it to you.
      It’s a fun read.
      I’ll look for the Farewell book.

    • I’d appreciate it if you didn’t refer to pm as bindi.
      This is the Internet. We’re all just little black pixels on a screen.

    • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Farewell_to_Alms

      Meh. It sounds like warmed-over Social Darwinist bullshit to me. I won’t be wasting any of my time reading it.

      As far as I am concerned, egalitarian social democracy is the will and wisdom of God Almighty.

      So I can follow His way, or Blizzy’s way.

      The Almighty offers me an eternal life of joy and peace.

      I rather doubt Blizzy can match or top that.

  8. Scratch a Trump supporter and you’ll find a white supremacist.

    • I’m interested in the lurkers.

      • That makes one of us. I will leave their possible redemption to One Who is far more capable of accomplishing it.

  9. It is hard to argue against compassion, and the optimism that bad people can be redeemed, or maybe are not actually bad, just misguided. But pragmatically, we are looking at a bunch of mostly deranged people who are probably by now impervious to reprogramming. Fox News and the corporate propaganda machine have seen to that. The terrible truth in “1984” was that most people liked the totalitarian system; slavishly followed the totalitarian propaganda; and the few rebels were easily squashed.

    Look at the numbers of Republicans who now like Putin. This is now indeed a cult. Cult deprogramming has worked on individual cases, but I doubt that it works en masse. I suppose that a major Depression that throws a third of the population out of work, might get them to vote Democratic for a few years; but in “1984” and in real-world banana republics or totalitarian states, people are willing shuffle along at menial jobs, too psychologically exhausted and fearful to even think about an alternative.

    Many will not like this, but it is my feeling that the only way to immediately change some of the votes of the Ohioans and Iowans who gave Trump alarming 10% pluralities, is to run a White male from the Rust Belt, a Jason Kander or Conor Lamb type. The reason for this is that then they can convince themselves that it was just Hillary whom they did not like; somewhat in the way that Bill Clinton did not seem like an elite liberal like Mondale or Dukakis, so they connected with him.. I cannot get over the fact that 53% of White women voted against Hillary. What issues were these women voting on? Misogyny? Racism? Religion? I do not think that a friendly discussion about economic issues or Russia taking over the country is going to get through to them.

    I think that the only answer is to somehow get our base out to vote in record numbers, and try to make up in blue states what we can never get back in red states. (The only reason that the Democrats did so well in Congress for decades, was that the South reflexively voted Democratic because of Reconstruction. Once Nixon figured out that these people were classic modern Republicans, they now reflexively vote Republican). I suppose that calling Trumpers names does not help change their minds, but I don’t think any rational argument would, either. Look at the frenzied faces at the Trump rallies., yelling “lock her up!” and wildly cheering when Trump says that the media are the enemy of the people. These are Nazi tropes, and these are eager American Nazis, even if newly minted. Nazis did not repent, they were defeated from without. These people won’t repent. It is possible that their cognitive dissonance would allow them to vote for a Democrat whom they thought shared their values; but that would be a very optimistic take on it

  10. Actually, another way would be to nominate Hillary again, the rightful, prescient, and dispossessed leader, like in the chivalric tales. In case there is any doubt, I would prefer Hillary to any other candidate, and I think she would win. But I am afraid that she is determined not to run. And of course the Purity Left would go berserk. I think that Warren or Harris are significantly lesser versions of Hillary, and I don’t see how they would get more votes. But I hope I am wrong, and that any Democrat nominated would win.

    • I like Ohio’s Sherrod Brown and I think he could win. I’m not biased about Ohio-believe me-it’s my adopted state for now. But Brown is a big union guy who comes from a blue collar background but is whip smart.

      • I’ve always liked Sherrod, he reminds me of an old-time labor firebrand. Do you think he would actually consider running?

        • Sadly, I don’t think so but sitting in the Senate with no power might start to get old. His wife is a Pulitzer Prize winning writer.

  11. Any person who sees a tape of Trump saying, “Why WOULD it be Russia?,” and then believes that he meant to say “wouldn’t,” is beyond rational logic. We have all worked with or encountered people who lie, and we think less of them for it. But usually it is about something relatively trivial. Trump lied about something of the utmost political and social importance. If someone is still going to vote for him, they are beyond help.

    I just saw a poll showing that 79% of Republicans approved of Trump’s handling of summit with Putin. Of course, there are less self-identified Republicans than there were a year ago. But this shows us what their mindset is. How does anyone convince any of them to vote against Republicans?

  12. From The Daily Banter:

    What We Must Fight For: The Total And Utter Destruction Of Trumpism


  13. 79% of Rethugs still support Benedict Donald.


    Kool-Aid is one helluva drug, y’all.

  14. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

    Some Trump Chumps are now saying it was good that Russia interfered in our elections.

    They are a Madoka-damned cult. 👿


  15. Phillippe Reines made this happen, 4th night protesting in front of the WH…

  16. Hillary!!! the buffoon tweeted some video of her saying something about Russia, the same video that the RT or other Russians were tweeting. Imagine that. The president of the USA tweeting some video the Russians were tweeting about Hillary.

  17. Yeah, was there a phone call? I also wondered when I first heard it.

  18. RD, this guy deserves Amnesty!

  19. Interesting!! this place in the video is the main square in Kiev, Ukraine and it is called “Maidan Nezalezhnosti”. Maidan means field or playground in Hindi.

  20. 😈 Love that British English.

  21. 😆

  22. “Rocky Mountain Mike” made both this parody and the one above.

  23. The American Duvaliers.

  24. Would you look at that face! So much winning…

    • Lot of people commenting on ‘body language’ in this photo.

  25. This is what I said a few days ago. Pootie does not need a pee pee tape, all he has to do to blackmail trump is to say that he ‘installed’ him. It will make trump illegitimate and throw US into chaos.

    • If Pootie pulled that stuff on any other leader (like Hillary, for example), she would have said,’ bring it on, mfer. I will see you at the Hague.’

  26. Can anybody tell me why he even had this meeting/summit? Are all other back channels (one would thing there were) closed because of Mueller? This is such a clusterfuck!

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