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    • Rationality Is A Process, Not A Conclusion (Nuclear Weapons Edition)
      A lot of mistakes come from assuming rationality means “thinks the same way I do” rather than “reasons from premises I might not share.” Left than 1/1000 economists predicted the financial collapse, because they reasoned from assumptions like “the market is self-correcting” or “housing prices never go down.” (Sometimes both at the same time, which is rarely […]
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25 Responses

  1. It doesn’t get any clearer than this. Republicans are completely willing to sell out the country if they can hold their power. They don’t want fair elections, they want elections that they are almost certain to win. Russian cyber attacks on our voting system, are just another useful tool in their favor, to go along with vote suppression and gerrymandering.

    We can call them traitors, or greedy people without a soul, it really does not matter. They are against the democratic principles of our country. I do not know what we can do to get rid of them, other than by trying to apply democratic practices like voting, but they will try to eliminate such practices.. They are totalitarians, and they will do anything to be at the top of the pyramid they create.. All the tearful perorating about patriotism and the flag and America the Beautiful which comes from them, is the dissembling of corrupt phonies and demagogues. I suppose that there is another interpretation, that they are just so pathetically uneducated and stupid, that they don’t understand what the word democracy means, and think that the Founders intended to create a religious oligarchy. Either way, they are the enemy within, the greatest internal threat in America’s history.

  2. I am now of the mind that we are engaged in a fight for the very existence of our country. Trump apparently trying to allow the Russians to talk to Ambassador McFaul, breaks down every protection we have afforded our diplomats. Is Trump;’s plan to let the Russians co-run America? Is he that much controlled by Russia, so that we are living in Philip Roth;s novel “The Plot Against America”?

    • Madoka damn it, Mueller, hurry up while we still have a country left.

  3. 😈

  4. McFaul on Maddow. This turn of events truly scares me, personally for McFaul. Fuck trump!

    • More like this please!

  5. 😛

  6. Breaking!! trump knew pootie ordered election hack — he has known it since two weeks before his inauguration. Like Maddow said, can you say COVER UP?

    • I thought that was a given. Of course he knew.

      • yeah, still makes his behavior not just lying but covering up. This is leaked news about exactly what he was told by the intelligence people.

  7. Incompetent mfers like Sanders and of course, trump at the WH.

    Thread on this McFaul thing. People are edgy and anxious and what seems totally absurd in a regular circumstance is definitely not that with trump at the WH. Get the mfer out of there.

  8. What a dumbshit this guy is. He believes pootie saying his guys are too good to be caught. But he does not believe his own country for which he is the CiC has even better people to catch pootie. America first?! right?

    • my comment in reference to this

  9. Even RUSSIAN STATE TV says that Benedict Donald “smells like an agent of the Kremlin”. 😮


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